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Customizing Text

That's always something that has a lot with text in it so let's actually just go with this basic one so again I'm gonna have basic I'm going to hit shoes and I didn't say that earlier because open existing file right from here is well so you can either find the file it's sitting on your desk top or you can choose open existing file and even keeps track of some of the recent ones that we've been all right so I'm going to say click on basic click shoes and I'm gonna go ahead and play with what's here the text that's actually here and again they had a chapter and a section and some text pages the first thing I want to do is I want more text pages well if I just add another text page it's going to be blank because it just says, oh well I don't have any way to connect what was there to the next thing? So what I usually do is I want to put in a lot of text if I want to play with text and even if it's just my placeholder text I don't have my final text get so I do what I said before is I'm go...

ing to go out to my text editor and I have a file in here that's just called placeholder text and I like to use the fall of the house of usher because you know it's cheery it makes me happy have others like dracula and hamlet all sorts of cheery sort of things but I'm gonna use follow house of usher and I like to do this because you know, sometimes I ask people what is this anybody that can name this you know gets a prize but not today sadly today is not your day so I'm gonna go back here I'm gonna go back to the section header and I'm going to just double click and when I double click you notice not only did it grab the section header page but it suddenly goes in to the pages page and that's all text all linked text frames and again that's part of that magic it actually is linked from page two page so even though this was a section it says, oh well then when you had a page you probably want that text to continue on it may or may not happen that way sometimes in the section the text is just here and it doesn't go onto the page you go to the page and it's completely separate extremes that's built into that template again so keep in mind that something to explore when you're looking at templates is you know, does the section continue on or sometimes there's a standalone frame that's in there and we'll look at that we do some customization in the afternoon howto link that up but I can tell what's connected in this case because when I double clicked in here, it's elected all this other text, but there's one other way to tell if things are connected with the text is I'm going toe try and grab just the edge again. If you click in here, it wants just like the text, but let's roll over here and you could see the handles show up and I click and I see this blue bar and that tells me this is connected to this, so the text is going to flow out of the bottom right and full into the top left and it's going to continue on and if I had more text on, we're going to add text in second, I would see that there is well close up these we can actually see the edge of it. I see this little blue arrow that's down here. Hopefully you can see that and it says there's, more text that will flow if I had more pages or add more text. It's going to continue linking that if you don't see those, it may be that they're turned off under the view menu, so if I come down here and I say show and hide where did it go? Hi oh, I'm sorry this is the one place that isn't under the view that in my mind should be going back to format I showed you earlier I can see different formatting things over here text box haider show connection lines that to me should be under view but it's not apple didn't ask my opinion so it's not there so this may be what you see these blue boxes so I can see that they're connected to something but I don't know that this box is actually connected to this box until I go up under format textbooks show connection lines so I can kind of see that's how it's connected and I like to have those on because when I click off the box they're not they're they're not in my way I just put them on there, but I can see that they're connected that way. So that's something that happens when I have text I'm going to double click on this and all that text is selected I want to put that stuff that we copied out we copied out the house of usher stuff I copied it and I'm just going to hit command v and I'm just going to taste it and actually want to see what like sneaky keyboard let's do five now you can actually see what I'm doing when I do command v it's going to paste it in there and if you notice is it added a lot of pages they looked blank there not just hasn't drawn yet, so it added all those pages I had that page here when I put that type in there it added pages and linked all those together that's what that little blue square was and again that's magic you can't link to existing text frames if I put two decks frames on a page I can't length um so that's one of the magic little seeds that's in there and if you want connected text rooms you have to use one that's already there you could delete everything that's in it and copy it, but those connections you can connect ones you can't connect to blank ones but I can say continue this text on somewhere else and we'll look at that in just a little while but that's there in the in the template so I brought in all that type, so I have some actual type to work with and that's good because now when I actually want to select some type, if I double clicked on it, it was that fake placeholder text it was in there it would select everything and assume you want to get rid of it because you're probably not printing with that text, but now I can actually select text and look at that let's actually zoom in a little bit on that basis, some text bigger and like I said, text lives in several different places in this and some of them repeat the information and some of them are just nestled away in little strange places. I think it's because of the way things you know, said we started with like, just the font menu, this is something you'll see all over in any apple product, right? You see that in text that it looks exactly the same, but then we also have the text inspector so that's their lot of different tabs here, and we also have stuff over here font text things like that and those air duplicated, I generally don't do a lot with the menu. I like the way you say that the templates are they I'm sorry, the inspectors kind of a little more visual, and I like the way that looks so I'll open up that and I can actually enter text if I want to write so I could just start typing. I don't like what poll road, so I'm gonna see if I can, you know, come up with something else during the whole no, that doesn't sound right during it was a dark and stormy night that sounds good let's do that, I don't know who wrote that so let's put that in all right, so we'll put that in there, and I could actually enter text if that's what I want to do now, chances are it probably have text elsewhere, but I might not. I might want to actually enter it manually that way, so I can start entering that way. I also, like I said, I could go out to a different program, I just did a copy and come back here and paste it wherever I wanted to be. I also congratulate and drop text files in with mixed results, so let's actually close this section up, I'm gonna create a new section just so I can leave that one kind of alone as it is. So coming here to this section, and I want to go out to that particular file, so I want to go out to my desktop and when close this up, but I'm going to look a text and was going to come down here, and I'm going to grab my placeholder text, and I'm just going to grab that, and I'm going to do the command tab to switch back to my books author and I would drag it, and if you notice it highlights exactly where it thinks it wants me to drop it, so drop it in that way and that's great, that looks all right, it it did all right, it did something where do the font? And sometimes it does really weird things to the point, you know, so it's not the font that I was using, and I want to keep it in that fund because that's part of the template, and so I know all the fonts kind of already set up for me, the styles, which we're going talk about just a few minutes are all there for me. So when I come and put it in like that, it brought it in in the taunt that it was in here, and I don't like that because then it kind of goes outside the template, but maybe you've already done formatting, and this is an art file. You've got the styles here, it will bring them in and style it for you. But again, that's working outside the template. Also, if you have weird things like pictures just sitting there in your article file, it'll bring him in, then they're kind of just messy. You may or may not want to do that. It just depends, so we will not use that chapter at all. So we're gonna close this guy up, we'll go back to this guy where we actually have it styled, so that is one other way to bring text in you can't bring it like an indesign filed away can just drag it in, but you can't do archie files and t x t plain text files that make sense there, buddy okay, so I usually do copy and paste if I have that in there and we're gonna talk about how to bring it in from word and stuff in just a little while let's just go back to the simple the simple text that we're working with so let's, do the text flow a little bit? So we looked at when we add pages if we have that the placeholder text that was there when we add pages, it often adds more text that's there when it when we let's actually start from scratch her let's bring in a new section by bringing this section and I bring in a page blows up so we can see it there's my alarm ipsum it's actually make that seventy five percent when I bring that in and I add a page to that let's, just add a two column page it created the box, but it didn't bring in the text and it's just a weird thing that happens sometimes I haven't really figured out the rhyme reason or if it's built into the theme sometimes and I think it has to do with how this frame is connected to that frame, but I brought in that particular outlined the two column one didn't work sometimes when I bring in three column or whatever it will bring in the extra text that's there and I have not figured out if that's bug or not so but the nice thing is it's still linked I can still look at that I can still see that it's linked which is fine because I'm probably not going to use the alarm if some text anyway I'm going to put my own text in there so as soon as I go out and I copy that and bring it back and paste that in there it is it's in the columns and of course it added pages using the last template that I chose the last land I chose which was one column and it added all of those not going change each page individually and say I actually want this to be a two column and it's going to break that into two column for me but it's still linked text is still linking all the way across again just through the magic of the template that's there so it's actually work with some formatting of the text pull this up a little bit and was going to come over here and I'm going to make some changes this text but I probably wouldn't do this too much because again this style has been set for me so it says when I do this body ted this is the style it should be, and we're gonna look at styles in just a minute. But I want to show you how to how to change text in here, so I'm just going to select some text and I'm gonna work with the text or the character formatting first so you might be working with character for many here might be working with paragraph formatting I seen you probably know the difference maybe who knows? But let's work with the character formatting first. So there's a couple things I could do and bring off my fonts panel here. I can tell it what font I wanted to be. So I could choose that in this font panel here, which I opened over here, or I can open up formatting, and the font and she's choose the different for formatting that's. Here I can also use the formatting bar and I like the formatting bar, because if I click and hold on the menu of the font, I see the font in the actual fund, which is kind of nice. Now it takes a few seconds more toe load and scrolls you could see scrolling takes a little bit. I can always option. Click on that and just get the list. If I know what the name of the font is, I could just do it from there but if I don't hold down the options you can actually see it in the fight on the font that I need so let's actually choose something really, really terrible let's do something like that all my friends were into typography or currently cringing that's all right I just wanted to make a point you know my show I make a point so I'm gonna put it something ugly like that and actually I'm not really going to keep it there that long because I want to be able to play with the typeface so it actually has a lot of didn't know this one has one so this next poll the menu is the different type faces sorry now it's set for regular aiken do bold wide let's do bold wide that really make people's eyes hurt I like it so we put that in there we can change the size of the font I can do that either here in the control panel or in the fonts panel and the fonts panel has said is kind of an apple standard I'm going to close that I like the way this looks better little pull down menu I can open the front panel right from here if I don't like any of these fonts that air here for the sizes aiken doubleclick inside there let's make it really big and obnoxious there we go I can also click the color panel here color lives everywhere it's here it's here you're going to see this little color squares everywhere but the differences on this font panel over the top when I click it I only get sort of this hissed a gram sort of thing of the colors it's weird but I can click the show colors and it opens up the color panel get my crowns back let's make them blue eye so I can do that I can also tell a bold I talic underline if those options were there you know there's no, I tell it click that nothing happens that's because there's not a night alec version of that front loaded so the nice thing is I'm not forcing it I'm not making fake italics and things like that are fake bold it's not their only do it they want to come over here the alignment and the spacing this has to do with the paragraph itself so I can tell it I wanted to be centered and you notice it changed everything not just the text I had selected when I hit centered because that's a paragraph based kind of characteristic so when I changed the spacing it's not going to just do three lines that I have selected and center that it needs to do the entire paragraph but the great thing is when I'm working with paragraph settings I could just have my cursor sitting in a paragraph and make changes I don't have to have the whole thing selected so when it's a paragraph based sitting I just need to have my cursor in it if I'm working with text like I want to change the font, I have to select all the text I actually want to effect that makes sensitivity okay? So I can also tell it where in the frame this sits might not be so obviously this one will widen open another frame in a second I can tell it character spacing this is known as tracking when you're in layout programs it's really ugly and you probably shouldn't play with it much, but with great power comes great responsibility you can do that. I can also play with line spacing and this I find kind of annoying is that you know someone who's into type and design one point two that's like one space one return like a single space plus twenty percent that's kind of annoying, but when you think about one hundred twenty percent is usually what you're letting is if you've worked with font size and letting ten point over twelve point leading this is basically twelve point leading if you had ten points size so it one hundred twenty percent of the line spacing so I can play with that but the great thing is let's say you really into type and you know that you have twenty two point type so you would like twenty four point letting you can come over here to the secret menu says multiple let's just choose this and say exactly when I do that it changes two points so if I know that I wanted to be twenty two over twenty four point I just type that in and now I have that exact sort of line spacing, so if I don't want to just let it go with whatever is built in there say it's one and a half line spaces I can do that, but I can't actually choose that I could say I'd like a double spacing please so now it's forty four point letting their let's actually go back to exactly will make it well fifty one even let's make that a little bit smaller with twenty four point and let's go over here to a paragraph break there's a nice paragraph break I'm going to just put my cursor in this top paragraph and then I want to tell it after the paragraph you knows that, says there's fourteen point space after the paragraph that gives me that extra spacing in between I don't want to do it extra hard, you know, hard carriage return I don't want to do that because what happens is that carriage return is always there and if the type re flows and goes to the top of the page you might have that hard carriage return at the top and you don't want that. So what happens is you tell it, give it a little bit of space after a paragraph, so if they're two paragraphs next to each other, it gives you that buffer. If there aren't two next to each other, that buffer goes away so it's like a smart space. So in this first paragraph, I have my cursor just sitting in there, or I can select text it doesn't matter gets us back here, I can tell it after the paragraph give a little bit more spacing so that's how I control how much space is after the paragraph that keep in mind that's just for that paragraph. What we're going to do later is we're going to create some styles and it's actually built into this style. So it's always said, this is body text and embody ted it's. One of the things we have is fourteen points after the paragraph, so that sort of built in so you don't have to go through each paragraph and tell it the settings were going to build that all into a style, and I'm gonna create a new page just we have something to play with here, and I want to create a blank page. Again, just so we can see everything kind of without this flow of text that's here and again, a lot of moving of panels, a lot of re sizing and zooming in. So I have this blank page, and I just want to create a text box sort of a standalone textbooks, and I pretty much don't use this very often because I want again use the stuff that's built into the template. It has all the magic built in, but I can click on this text box here. Just click once throws a text frame in the middle of your page and it's pretty easy, it says, hey, type to enter text that's great! I'm going to enter some text in here and I might make a sidebar this way, so I might just make something floating off to the side. But if I have text that I want to flow, I'm going to use the frames that we're in the template let's just say this is a sidebar, we have that there, but what I want to show you is if I come down here to the insect margin, we're still in the text, inspector, I can bring in this text and move it in from the side of that frame, which is great if I have let's say, a frame that we actually see I have this frame selected come over to the graphics panel, and I give it that stroke that we had on the other graphics to make it kind of big here, and maybe we even have a colored phil swinging, actually give that a color I said, now we have this nice box. Well, if we come back here to the text inspector, if we didn't have that, it would just be crammed up in the corner, and that doesn't look very good, so I want to move that in fact, I'm going to cheat and grab a little bit more text it's not gonna make a lot of sense. We're just going to grab some and copy that, and I'm going to pace this back in here. So I've got this nice little frame, and as I changed that insect margin, just play with how that looks a little bit. It makes sense, you know, we have this little plus down here that means there's still more text. And because it's not a linked text frame, it doesn't go from this frame to the next frame. It just says, hey, there's, more of the story here. He paced it in too much. Either make your frame bigger, or I can grab this plus he's pulling down until it goes away. So now I know I have a big enough frame that's we could make a standalone frame that way something sense and again that text that's in there when I clicked this is a default text that's built into the actual template I can come in here and I could make changes to it let's go with our fun one that we did what was that when we used after annoy people graphite standard let's use that let's make it bold and wide and we'll make it make it twenty eight point so I can make them decide that's what I want all new text frames to look like when I create a new text frame and it pops up I wanted to come in here and I wanted to be exactly that that that exact those settings so I'm gonna come up under format go back down under advanced until it divine define default textbook style so when I do that don't have to make that change every time again same caveat if that has been used anywhere else in your template and you've just made it it's making that change retroactively so if you already use that text box somewhere else and didn't make any changes to it, you just left it what was there and now he just said this is the new default that default gets sent into those text frames so that could cause some issues as well and one way I do that I make sure that it hasn't changed anything on the template go into my secret panel over here and look, I have friends over here that's a apply changes so there may be something it may be the fact that I threw it on this page but it's probably because I've used that text frame and it says you've made some changes to these but I didn't go in here and change them that means something I did on the defaults actually made that we're going to pretend we didn't see that we're just going to close that backup because we're not worried about that right now. So anyway, I have that I've made that my default next time I create a new textbooks that's what it's always is already going to look like some ready to go and that just saves a lot of time all right? Any questions on that so far text anybody anything that's kind of being off for their do you guys have any questions? We have some from the internet actually sure okay quite a few questions regarding embedded fonts and let's see so really cool is wondering how much can you control the font choice is the end user sees and our fonts embedded so that if you yes isn't that at the end user can see it right in my books offered to that was one of them biggest improvements that they made that you can put any of the fonts in there with with exceptions you might the font itself might not allow that, but what? You were limited to the funds that were on your ipad in the earlier version? Now you put them in there, and it's actually embedded him and it's, if I could say this word without tripping over obfuscating them, I like to say a few hiding them, eh? So that when you get the book, they can't pull the fond out, which was the biggest issue is that if I embedded them and then I give you this policy, give it away free and give it to you and you open up the package, you were able to go in there and pull the font out. Now I'm just distributed if onto without having the license to do that, but with version two, you can put it in there and there's no way for them to get that I'm sure there's some way, but there's no reason easy way to get the funds out of there so long as your fun is it set to not allow you to do that? You can put whatever fought you want in here, it embeds them inside there and they see it, they don't have a way to change the font and ibooks author and that's actually one of the cool things about it is that what you design is actually what they get on ly important mode can they change the size but they can't change the actual thought so you do have good control over that excellent but again keep in mind the more funds you put in there bigger size on your book everything you put in there just makes the size bigger, bigger so if you're using fifty different fonts it's going to embed the entire fun because you don't have a choice to embed the whole front orgy just the characters that you've used which is called sub setting so it puts the whole thing in there himself, so keep the fonts and this one certainly exactly and if you're using the system ones, I don't even think it embeds thumb, I think because it's if it's one that exists on the ipad natively I don't believe it even in beds because it knows that it's going to be on the ipad anyway so something that is excellent information to know thank you. I think I just answered most of our ways this another one from really cool. Can you put any limits on hyphenation limits on hyphenation? You're pretty limited you either tell it it's hyphenated or not you don't have a lot of control over it unfortunately, some of the tech stuff I think is a little a little limited in its so yeah, you're pretty limited on the hyphenation. Options were good. All right, number one, actually, one one just swift way. Okay, the last one before we continue erica s with ibooks to don't you need to pay for the rights to use some of the fonts. Got this from another. I'd be a tutorial if you can just touch on that walmart. If you have the right to use it, you have the right to incorporate it into your work. So unless there's some way that they it may be like all the adobe fonts, you're fine, we're gonna put those in because you have the right to incorporate them into your work and your work. Is this digital book it's the right to distribute him and that's where the things were getting really tricky. But some of the bonds actually I've only run in tow one. I remember what it was it's, some weird fund, but it told me that it does not allow embedding so some of actually have that built into the font, and it says, sorry, can't in bed. So you are going to want to check your licenses and that's a whole another oprah, I think on that one because I was trying to figure out trying to navigate that. Through that, but a ce faras technically be able to do it. You're fine, but I would check your licenses and make sure that you have the right to do it. But because it is part of your work and there's, no way for them to pull it out and that's that's huge! Thank you for explaining your detail. Appreciate it. Cool! All right, so we're good. We're going to move on. All right, let's, talk a little bit more about text. We're going talk about stiles second alluding to styles here I'm going to open up the style drawer so there's this little button over here that's the style jar when I do it you think wow, that's! Great! Nothing looks different that's because we have to come down here to the lower right and pull our window back. So now we're losing even more real estate, but there's, this whole style drawer over here actually, I'm going to cheat make it smaller, but not too much that I lose the name of the styles over here. So again, it's trying to find the space for that so I can open up this style george and the styles again those are all built into the templates let's, go back to this text here when I select some text you know it's all these things turned blue that's great so even if I just click inside but I'm gonna actually click select some texts we can see what we're working with so it tells me that I've got a paragraph style of body assigned to it a character style of none and a list style of done what does that mean? Here's my little primer on styles and I find myself telling this to designers that have been designing for years they don't know the difference between paragraph in character styles often here's how I think of it at pretend I know about building houses first that's where we start I liken it to building a house so when you build a house everything in the house has the same foundation right? You've got a foundation and you've got framing on the house that's kind of like paragraph styles so a paragraph so I'm going to say for this paragraph I wanted to be this I wanted to be centered I wanted to be a certain font even though I know font is not a paragraph characteristic right? It's a text characteristic but you're basically saying this whole paragraph should be one font probably with some exceptions but for most well let's say we're going to do what is it we have georgia regular sixteen point so this paragraph is georgia regular sixteen point that's our foundation and then to go back to the house analogy every room kind of has a different look different paint a different texture on all different pictures different a core things that give that room it's character right so that character is sort of the exception to the rule so I might say great this paragraph is body but this word demeanor I want this word to stand out I want something different so I'm going to come over here and tell it let's give it one let's see if we have one called bold we don't have one called emphasis which is bold it may be bigger that's the problem will click on that it's ok good I want that to be bold so it's still body text but it's also got a character style on top of it so this whole paragraph is body text but in this case the character style is bold just for this one word and the reason we want to do that is in this character style the things that it might be defined in this character style maybe just the fact that it's italicized or bold or whatever it is that we've done to it so I can tell it and be very specific and my character styles I can say I want this character style to just be bold that's it no matter what font we have in the paragraph style we're going to apply bold on top of it and the list style the list is kind of special let's go over here to this this has got a list style assigned to it so if I click in this text here it says its objectives that's the paragraph style that we used and there's no character style applied to anything and then there's this numbered list so I can change to a different list style by clicking on that I now have bullets I have harvard number styling or legal styling or just plain numbers styling lists I can also create new ones based off of that but the nice thing is I can look at and go ok I didn't want it to be numbered these air numbered but maybe this one I want to just be bulleted let's go back to our text over here let's see where we had our text all right well we don't remember what page we're on we're just going to create a new one this is still the same body paragraph style but I can put my cursor in that paragraph and then just change the paragraph style maybe I decided I want to be body justified right now I've got this ragged right you know the right and the paragraph here is kind of raggedy and so what I want is I want to be justified text completely down the right and left side so I can just click this and say that's justified now you notice it on ly change this paragraph because I had my cursor sitting in this paragraph so it didn't change everything if I want to change everything I could put my cursor and there do a command a select everything and then tell you know, it's here it's his body and body justified I want to change it to body justified I want everything to be justified so now all my text is completely justified across there I saw her put back to body all right? So that's how we change the style in the styles are there and built into again this particular template and we're going to do some customization later in the day we're going to start making changes to styles and how to override that. But one thing to keep in mind if I were to take this here you notice this doesn't exactly fit that style, does it? It doesn't look the same sometimes you have to come back and reapply that style, and so I want to revert to the to the defined style that's here. I don't know, I find that difficult to say, but I do so I'm going to revert right there and now it puts it back the way it is by assigning it earlier I mean, from my standpoint, from other programs that I've used in design I expect when I change it to body, it applied for some reason it kind of leaves it behind, so have to remember, just go up there every once in a while and hit that river button so that I make sure everything is back to that body style that we had so I can sit there and go ok, great, I want that instead let's make that that objectives let's see what that looks like if I make it objectives so it's actually find that or not don't have the objective there it is objectives so change that now that paragraph is suddenly looking like this paragraph over here. It's got numbers and maybe I wanted to be bulleted. And when I did that, you notice it went from a numbered list. This little icon that's over here went from being a little black triangle when I tell it let's change it to bulleted it made it red and that's telling me that I haven't override means I've taken a style that's here, but then I've made some changes to the text that is outside of what was defined as that style. So this objective style said we're going to use a numbered list and I said, no, I think we'll use bulleted and it says ok, so it's basically objectives but there's an override so I have a couple different options that I can do I can say revert and it will put it back to the numbers but let's say no I really wanted to be bulleted I can come over here and then I can tell it to redefine the style based on what I have here so I say no, I wanted to be bulleted as soon as I redefined that now the objectives paragraph style has bullets instead of numbers now that means anywhere else I used it is going to change so here's the numbers are the bullets I'm sorry bullets bullets does that make sense that that changes so that's how we make changes to the paragraph style so but for the most part more working with the template they've already set up everything that needs to be here come up here and look and say ok, what is this? We have the section header. I really wish you could see the whole name without having the move this over and move this over. But that's the only way to really get the whole title in there so that's the section title this is the chapter number so they've already set up all these styles for me so again when I'm working within the template I don't want to be changing the styles much I might apply a character style, it might actually decide to create a new character style based on something, so to do that let's say, I decide I wanted one that was called italic because I don't seem to have one just called italic I do, I did not see that before I was looking for bold alright, so have one called emphasis, but let's say we don't have that we wantto make one called bold so I can come in here and I can put some text in here and I'm actually going to something a little more laid back than what's in there. Let's, just go to koshien, will these that and I'll make this fourteen point doesn't really matter because all I want to do is make sure that I haven't bowled and I'm going to create a new character style, you know is it says none, no character style so we could create a character style from my selected text and we'll do that and I get to choose one character styles what I want in there. I don't really want the font in there. I wanted to be bold, but I don't want to be bold coaching, I wanted to be bold, whatever the paragraph style is so that's, the exception to the rule is just the bold so aiken, d select everything and all I really wanted was bold and I'm going to call this style bold so no, no matter what font I have in that paragraph style it will make it bold if there's a bold version of the font available if there's not just ignores it, it's still tags it but it ignores it I started just tell it that's bold and I won't apply this new style on the this text I have selected so say ok now I can come in here and say ok, this is great this is objectives but I have this character style called bold and it bold it but it kept it the same color the same font and everything else that was already there but it added bold on top of it does that make sense? Okay, so I want to make sure that I have that the one thing I don't like is that it still shows as an override it's not really an override because I have a character style applied to it and I think that's also going back to other programs that I use is the whole point is you don't want those overrides and there's really not an override because I've told it its objectives parent of style and I've got bold on top of it, so I know that there's a style applied and the reason I want to do that is so when I make changes that you know, if I suddenly decide I don't like the size of the body text, I don't have to go and find everywhere that that happened I just changed body text in one place and every place it's applied, those changes will ripple down does that make sense? Ok, cool so yeah that's style styles or kind of kind of a nice thing I like that the list styles are broken out, you can also build those into paragraphs styles if I'm in paragraph styles and I start telling it it's, we're going to do bulleted or numbered list or whatever we're doing it will automatically billed that style or if it matches one of the current list styles, it was just a sign that style form me, so if you're used to other programs, you just have character in paragraph styles usually build the bullets and numbering into a paragraph style, so it is kind of built in it's just kind of separated out, which is nice and I like that they're already there. I don't have to build a numbered list from scratch it's just already there for me. So any questions on the styles? Any questions on styles from the web? Nothing on style and styles this kind of a quick thing I know, so I just wanna make sure that everybody's good on styles if you see one holler out um, yeah, we do have one of shen a photo and she's asking, is there difference between body justified in paragraph styles and using the justification justification in the inspector? Is there any difference? No, because when you use it in the inspector, if you change it in the inspector, it will show you that you haven't override in your style so there's no there's, no change to it just you haven't made the change to the style, so you have to remember though this one was body and then I just fight in the inspector and but I didn't change it should actually change the style it may or may not. If you don't have that style, I would create a new one and that's what I do if I have a body style and then I decide like this one has bullet and justified, I might have one that has a little bit indented margins or line separating or something a little special, I would create a whole new one so that you know, sometimes you might have your first paragraph, it might be body, but it has a drop cap or something like that it has something different on it, so it come in here and say, ok, this one is my first paragraph, but maybe the first paragraph for some reason I wanted to be centered so let's, open up the inspector and, well, center it or we'll do justify, because that was her example. So let's justify that first one, I get that override, I could create a whole new one so created progressed out on there, and I would create it from here, and I would call this body justify, which were you have both called flooding just all right, so then that is a different style than this style, so it's no different is just that once you make that override is it says, hey, this doesn't fit that style anymore if you're going to use it again, even if you're not, you're just going to the one place I would always recommend making a style port. It creates a lot of styles, I know, but then when you say, oh, the first paragraph be called first paragraph, this one's regular, and for whatever reason, this one has shorter margins everything has a style apply to in that way. I know that the amount of margin on that chapter is the same as the amount of margin on the other chapter, because I've used a style for that that answer that question. Yeah good excellent great right so we will keep going on so we talked about having the custom fonts and I said you could put your fonts inside there one thing I didn't mention is that they have to be open type fonts or true type fonts you cannot in bed post group fonts but most your fonts probably open type fonts these days I was recommending people are buying fonts that they should buy open type fonts just because of the versatility of them so but they do have to be open type or true type freedom in bed the special funds and I'm assuming that's because the ipad can't read postscript fonts so all right so let's go on a little bit about pouring in some stuff from other places and I'm actually going to take these three sections and each one separately apparently I'm going to hit delete it's going tell me it wants to delete all those pages that's fine I just want to delete some of these samples because we're going to bring in ah whole new section from other other programs that we have so I'm gonna jump out really quick so we can look at what's there we're going to bring in chapters or sections from a pages file we do it in design file if it works for us and we're going to do a word file so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna launch some programs in the background here while we're talking when open up pages and I'm gonna open aboard and just kind of jump out and do both of those let those work in the background. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to bring in these files that I haven't other file formats or another applications. So I have a pages file with a chapter that I want to bring into my book now, here's, where the bit gets a little tricky, you already have to have them separated into sections or chapters. So let's say you had your book all laid out in in design really long all your entire book here it's going to want to bring it into one section in here. This might not save you any time, because then you have to copy and paste to break it out into the different sections. So if you have it all let's say you had all your images and you had them in line like we did the online images here, or you've got him anchored, you've done all that in design. You can bring all that in, and it might save you time to not have to import fifty pictures and anchor them where you want to, so might actually be quicker to bring him in. Then have to break him out into sections in ibooks author so kind of think of it that way I think is this saving me any time you know or maybe I'm never going to work it in design again? I'm just going to work in here so maybe I will just bring it in start fresh that's the other thing when you bring it in there might be a little weird things that are in there that you're now introducing maybe you want to just start fresh and clear so what? Something yelling at me let's see pages says, yelling at me all right? And I have some mornings when I opened that up that's fine, so I have this chapter and it's just text and images and I do have to image is sitting there in line so I have this in pages I'm in apple pages and let's say I laid this out or at least got started apple pages now I might do all the layout here and when I bring in my books, author might not look exactly how I wanted to look. And so again, that might not be worth the time to do but here's what I think if I'm goingto send this out to somebody in pages or maybe I've done all the text editing and pages on I've dropped the pictures sort of where they go so the author could maybe look at it taking it from here into my book's author makes sense to me because I've got the images where I need them to be with the text already done when it comes to in design because in design doesn't really flow in, we have to kind of do some step around. I might start out and ibooks author, but I don't want to have to take the text from my book's author and copy and paste that too and design so I might actually start just by throwing everything in in design just so I have the text and images where I need him to be I'm gonna bring it die books author and work separately, and then I'm gonna work with the indesign file completely on two separate tracks. So again, that goes back to thinking about your work flow that's here or you might just have this stuff inward, so I just opened it pages just to look at it, I don't have to have pages, I don't have to open it and look at it someone might have sent me this page is filed because that's what they have and they're like, great now I want this in ibooks author so I don't have to have it open don't even worry about it let's close that up and I'm going to come over here it's not review that either. It opened up twice. I don't know why it was so good, it opened it twice. All right, so I come over here and I'm in my book's author and I want to go ahead and create a new chapter again. I don't like to use the chapter that's there, I'm going to use a new one from scratch I'm just going to tell it insert, and I'm going to come down here and I have this choice chapter from pages or word document, so it recognizes those two types, so I'm just gonna say, insert one of those, I'm gonna go out and find it and I'm coming here to my pages document and say insert when I do that it's going to ask me if I want to insert a chapter or a section? So these are my choices now, it's going to flow into pages as well, it's going to add pages so I can either start with a chapter or I could just start with section so if I wanted to be part of chapter one, I can say start with a section. If I say started the chapter, it will start chapter two for me and again because I like to keep chapter one that was there, I just want to leave that alone. It's a chapter one and if I had more chapter layouts, I could choose that so it's a chapter one and just say, choose when I do that it's going to throw in a new chapter and it doesn't have a section header because I didn't choose section. If I wanted section matter, I would create the chapter, then it's important as a section so went right from the chapter you notice it did this. This is what it decided to call it so that's kind of a pain. So if you already had that, we might want to just change this let's spell it right? So now it's changed to that and flowed right in and here's our image. Click on that image it's an inline image that's what it was in pages we had said is in line. So this is where I'm saying, if you have a lot of photos that are already there, they're in line or the anchor. The nice thing is, is that it's there and I don't have to worry about placing him and making him in line again, especially because it automatically wants to make them anchored objects. And so the fact that thirty in line when it comes in from pages is already there, and we also have this one as well, and that once an inline graphic we can change it any time maybe we wanted them all floating but they have to be in line in pages for them to show up actually no in pages it's fine it's floating if you bring it in from word or we go the indesign route which has to go through word to actually get it in they have to be in line or it doesn't bring it along for the ride so we need to make sure that's in line all right, so I have that I can click on these images here and I could make those floating images or anchored images whatever I want to do once I bring that in here it's floating it's not pushing the text around you notice so we want to open up that inspector and go back to the rap inspector until it yes, it causes rap and let's give it let's give it a nice twelve point offset. All right, so I have that and now that image is all set for me and bring this right in here and drop it in here so that's one of the reasons I might want to come in from pages or word I want to bring in all my images all together I can do everything else to this I already have and it's good to go I want to bring in another section even though I don't have a section here this is sort of the preface I guess we have just pages but maybe after this page I wanted to be a new section and pages and I'm going to bring those in from a word file so let's say insert chapter from pages or word document and I don't over here you know it's it's the docs x file it doesn't seem to work with the d o c files but that's an older version of word the doc files so do we got x insert that same choice but I don't want it to be a new chapter I want to be part of this chapter so I need to choose a section heading I've got to I've got this one with this this box that's here but I really like that I know it's just gonna be text so let's start with this one so just plain text we'll say choose is going to throw it out here it's going to stick it out and to make it into a chapter all right so it has a chapter heading here and again it does this weird faint takes the name of your file and it makes that the chapter section header for this section header so I might want to change that and I actually had it here and I was smart enough to put it in the same font and everything in my pages of my daughter right and word file someone copy that actually actually gonna cut that it's cut that out and just pasted in here so actually have the name of that and it thinks it needs to be longer for some reason not sure what I I have an extra return and I wantto just believe that and so there I have that text frame and again it's it's a little messy sometimes how it brings it in a little bit of reformatting is always helpful when you bring that in but the nice thing is it's all linked there brought it in exactly as I expected to be on all my pictures or they're ready to use so I usually is that if I have a lot of pictures of its text I'm probably just going to go out to the text file and copy it and paste it in it just seems a lot easier you can copy and paste the pictures but I've had really weird issues with that so I like bring it in that way but again makes a bit of a mess over here a little bit of cleanup but if you had fifty or a hundred pictures in there totally worth it I think that makes sense everybody ok all right well let's some make sure I got that the indesign follow just want to show in design really quickly if you are coming from in design and actually I can take a question or two well, I'm because designs going take a minute to launch so we've got some of those red okay let's start with this one this is from rebecca ruiz photography she asked is there a way to tell if, um if a type is true font face or open from my book's author itself? Not from my book's author there's not a way to tell I don't believe I think even in well hold on the option key yet doesn't well some of them will have it in the name apparently if you have a pro after that tends to be an open type fun just because the adobe plants are all named pro it's not a guarantee so there's really no way to tell that you have to go out and look at it in the finder if you have in design and I will tell you in the menu what type it is so that's kind of nice to give to the icon next to it so but not for my book's author good question ok I have been designed open so let's open that up really quick I'm just gonna open up and in design document that I have same document we had before same chapter going to open that up and I have images there in line they look exactly the same they just happened to be in in design problem is, you can't place in in design file and ibooks author, so I have to do a kind of work around, so if you are working and design, you can either use the built in script that exports stories, but it exports each story, which is each linked text frame thread that's their individually, but I use a plug in that is called text exporter I think it's twenty nine dollars I'm not sure it's from rural, he co common spelling, as we like to say, and then we have to explain how to spell it. R o r o h I ko and I like this because I can take my text and hit export and choose what order I want the text stories to go in if I don't have one long text frame, so I have a lot of things to choose from, not going to go over all the options that are here, but one thing you want to make sure you do is that you export anchored text frames, so if you have text frames that are anchored, they go with and you wanna make sure that your images there in line, in design and I wanted to be rich text format, so say ok, and then what I'm going to do is it's going to export it out is a rich text document and I can get out of there and I can open up this rich text document inward eye so let's actually open it up inward which I thought I had running but apparently I don't so let me see if it's in here if I don't have word then we won't worry about it but what you would do is you open it up in word let's see if I have microsoft word I do not all right so you would open up inward that's why I didn't open it before my word document I opened opened in pages that would explain why was like that but what I look like you open it up you opened up a word and you save it as the docs x file format and then we do just like we did before we come backto ibooks author and we insert and we find the word document this is what it would make and we would open that do the same exact thing that we just did as a chapter or a section heading so just going have to do that extra step for you exported to rich text and then save it is a word document so that ibooks author will actually recognize that file and drop it in so if you're working that way it's it's an extra step but it's really worth it I do that all the time so all right a couple more questions if you've got him from yes, I sure do and just want to let you know where about ten minutes away excellent break so I just want a lot of questions and we're going toe take a break okay great there was one question in the tab that I wanted to ask you and it is from designs central can you make every page based on the chapter ten play for the cookbook like no pages so it just has that chest to the chapter ones you you could you could do chapter never add any extra pages in there but if your text flows past it it's going to add extra pages but if you're doing it but manually you're typing it in or you're out movie and small bits of text would be fine if you could absolutely all the chapters that aaron there michael thanks sure we've got another one from christa, she asks in pages doesn't make most sense of save chapter separately as different documents as opposed to having one long document with all the chapters within that document it does make sense to do that way because it wants to bring it in it's one chapter or one section and that's what I'm saying what if you don't really have a broken toe actually break it take the time to break it and pages or in design or whatever you have might not be worth the time and effort if you've got things already laid out in all those pictures, like I said in line, it may be worth it, but because it wants to bring it in his one things, if you had all eighteen chapters of your book and your pages file, and you brought it in it's going to put it in in one chapter in here, and then to break it out, you have to do copy and paste and ad pages and move things around, so absolutely broken down is the best way to do it already, okay, cam is wondering if does importing the text from word keep text formatting setup inward does keep it set up in word or in ibooks ofrecen word, he said, and where I think you might have met and I was author, you actually get to choose what happens when you bring that in, so you could tell it to maintain the formatting, so bring in the styles that you have, so we'll bring that in preserved document paragraph styles on import. So if you have styles in your your we're document or your pages document will actually bring those in, I don't know what it does with conflict, so because if it sees the same name, it probably takes the ibooks author as the dominant one, so if we had one called body, it would bring it in and say, oh, you have body and the incoming document let's bring in but your body and your ibooks author one it should take precedence over that, but it will bring in the styling. So that's the one of the great points about bringing in the word one or the rich text document is that do that and you get this a lot is that you have this pond here there's, missing fonts and substituted for so it's gonna be a lot of fun issues when I bring it in, I almost always expect to have to go back and choose the text and reapply the style so it matches the template so you can find him bring in styles and it really I want to do that. Usually I want to match it to something that matches the template. All right, we've got another one from and studio, and she asked what was the way to export from indesign without the plug in without the plug in? Okay, right, so if you're in design and you don't have that plug in, you can go up to scripts, sinuses in design would jump out for just a second. I'll show you really quickly under view extras scrips sure where we let's go window utilities scripts not designed mode yet right to bring that in and under the application you have a file called samples and then you have apple script and javascript or vbs and jobs script depending what version you're actually in and I come down here and there's one called export all stories so you just double click that and tell it artie f and exported out wherever you need it what happens is if you have separate text stories it's goingto sport individual stories here so I have two things to important after probably reattach them inward before you bring them back in so unless again you have a lot of photos they want to come in it's probably not worth the time and effort to go out and do that so great do one more thinker okay you got a couple yes how about from stephen it's one and can you split a section into sections or would you have to create a new section and kind of helped create the new section so that's one of the I think one of the biggest drawbacks is that certain things you can't do like you can't take this page you know sort of slipped this page it selects the full section I can't move this page above that page I want to but I can't and that's because I have global text but even if I didn't the text pages kind of go where they want to go so there's no way to take this section and say take these first half and bring it into a new section. The most you can do is rearrange where sections sit. I could move sections around inside the chapter there in, and I can rearrange chapters and that's about it. So, yeah, the whole splitting out. You have to copy and paste and fake it.

Class Description

Learn digital publication with this tutorial of Apple® iBooks® Author! Apple® iBooks® Author gives the publisher a simple way to create stunning multi-gesture books. Apple® iBooks® Author is a creator of digital textbooks, but the software can be used to assemble a variety of visually-rich interactive publications formatted for the iPad. 

This class teaches you how to:
  • Choose a theme
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  • Create interactivity with the built-in widgets
  • Add videos and sounds
  • Publish your finished masterpiece.