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Editing Templates

So I'm going to open up a new document and let's do something fun let's do I really like this photo book one we haven't worked on that enough yet today, so let's do that. We're going to come in here to this photo book and we'll bring it out to seventy five percent so we can actually see it. So again, it's got this chapter section pages all set up, I'm going to create a whole new chapter and let's use the same exact one, same exact a layout that we were using, and then I'm gonna also insert a section after that and let's do something fun like this section with one column photo, and then we'll add some pages as well. I think we should have more photos, I think we can never have too many photos, so we'll do this and I've got some text here, and I want to click on this text and see that it's actually being strong across and it is so I can see that is coming from my section head. Now there isn't anything coming from this frame out click on the edge of that frame. I can see that it's it's no...

t connected to anything else and that's because this is sort of a standalone box, you really wouldn't want to continue it. Into something else so that's why I chose that one because it's going to have a little description of text it's going to fit in that box but it's not going to flow into the next pages and so I'm going to come in here and we're going to the section I can see that this section does flow however, so the section header flows into this and there's mohr and so as I add more pages that will also flow in as well but I want to make some changes to the actual the actual template that's here so the first thing I do is I of course want toe come and pull down this little secret drawer that we had before and unfortunately when I do that I'm kind of limited on space and I suddenly can't see my layout so there's a lot of scrolling up and down so it's just something you have to kind of get used to especially in something like this where we have all these different layouts to choose from that's great except there now we're trying to cram all that into this little space so I kind of get a little cross claustrophobic in here so all right, so I'm going to pull that down and the first thing I want to do I don't want to start making changes to this lay out that's here I want to duplicate that layout because I pretty much want to keep that as especially if I decide I made a mess of it and I want to put it back so I'm admitting that yes, sometimes I make a mess of things so the first thing I would do is right click or I can control click on this layout until it duplicate soma duplicate that it's this chapter introduction copy I might want to call it something else I don't know what I want to call it yet because I don't know what it is I'm changing yet so sometimes I go back and make a change later to the name of that template but for right now that's fine and the great thing as soon as I do that it's now available to me anywhere I could choose that it's already they're available for me right now it looks exactly the same so I want to click on that make sure that I'm working in the copy there so I can start making changes the first thing I could do is tell it I don't like this picture that's in here I don't want this picture showing up every time so I can go ahead and do like we did before it take a new picture well let's go to florence we haven't been in florence hardly all day let's do some something else to look at stuff canals, let'sjust drag and drop that in there so now I have that in there so than any time I create a new doctor, new layout, a chapter layout with that particular template that's the picture I'm going to see that's pretty obvious, but maybe I want to make some changes to these the objects that are actually in here is, well, you know, I might not want something I can believe things I want, but what I don't want to do is I don't want to leak things that have magic applied to them, and one of them that we talked about was this floatable frame nato's this floegel frame does link, it looked like it didn't link, but it doesn't link to the section that links to the second page in the in the chapter heading, so if I have enough text, it will create another page that will still be sitting at the chapter level, right? So it'll create one page that's at the chapter level. So anyway, I can see that that's linked to that if I want, I can unlinked that if I want, if I want the text to end in this frame, I congrats on that text thread where it actually ends up and just kind of drag it off a little bit, and I get that little apple puff of smoke when I let go, poof! If it just gets rid of it so now it's not linked any more? The problem is if I try and link this, I can't link it to that particular frame. You cannot link two existing text frames this is where you ruin the magic I'm afraid so we don't want to do that, so I'm not going to undo that and bring that back. This is why working with a template whips and starting with a template is really important because that magic link is there, but I can't reconnect that link I can't do that know what I can dio if I wanted to, I could get rid of this link and get rid of the frame the text frame that's here I can take a text frame and click and then see where the pluses I can click and drag a new text frame. That's okay, it's just I can't connect to that are already there and I don't know why you just can't. So the magic lives in this little box and you have to grab it, create one and that's the only way you could do it. So in my mind I would rather just keep what's there and then if I don't use that, I don't use it that's totally fine, but I liked it because when we start manipulating this because this is so template driven you can do it but you're going to find that some of the things will make you pull your hair a little bit it's just going to be not quite the way you want it to work and so that's why I try and tell people work with the template make changes to the temple it make all the changes you want to color and text and all that stuff but the formatting in the actual structure try and leave that or you will probably drive yourself quite insane so I'm actually going under this and see if I could get all the way back to where I was there we go go so I'm back to where it was at the template let's make some changes to the actual colors and things that air here so I want to make a change to this particular object and I want to move it and I can't let's see if I can zoom in and see if zuma's set upon this machine good so if I zoom in if you notice there's like a little plus little exes that are on here it's really hard to see there's little grey exes and that basically is telling me that that object is locked so I can't do anything with it so I selected it I could come over here to arrange until it unlock so I can unlock it now I've got my handles and I make whatever changes I want to it so let's just say I wanted this to be a little bit smaller I could remember that my numbers sitting up there they just want to be wider but not quite as tall and then maybe I want to make some changes to the color of it so I come over to the inspector the graphic inspector it's a white background but maybe I want to make it a little opaque I said I just want to play with that a little bit now if you notice I don't have that thing that said earlier apply changes sometimes that shows up and sometimes it doesn't if I'm making a change to an existing item that's here it's just basically going to make those updates to all the pages that that template is applied to and I don't have to hit apply the changes so it's kind of a weird thing sometimes if I right click this has reapply lay out two sections sometimes I can force it from there and it just depends on the type of change that you're doing and frankly I'm having a hard time keeping track of why each one is so if it pops up it says apply changes and I've made some changes I apply the changes the problem is if you made some changes then you decided you want to put it all back you can't because there's no undue from all the changes that you made so again thinking that things out ahead of time there's just a few stumbling blocks if you get used to the weird quirkiness itt's pretty decent hopefully there's one of those things version three let's get that put in there so I have to do to make changes but what I can do is I could come down here let's come down to this chapter that I had and I want to change to that new layout the chapter introduction copy that I made. So what changed that if you noticed the picture changes and that's fine and this picture is still a place holder image so even if I decide that's not the picture that I wanted I obviously wanted a different picture and this chapter I could still bring that in its doing a weird thing where it gave me an opacity for the entire thing and I'm not really sure why let's try that I had everything selected for some reason I just wanted this frame to have the capacity in there. So the picture some reason had that so I come over here I realized oh that's still looking a little weird so I can come back here and say reapply layout two chapter I don't want to actually come and reapply this and choose another one and laid on top because sometimes if I've made changes to the text the stuff from the template gets put on top so the best way is to say reapply that lay out to the chapter when I do that now it fixes it let's let's go back into the template chapter introduction copy I want to make sure I move that number down that I had here let's just grab that move that down now you notice the apply changes thing came up so now I'm moving something but even though I moved this before, it didn't care but I moved this and it says a apply that well one of the reasons is this is sort of a specialized text frame that I have this is the thing that's telling me this is the chapter so that's kind of important we're gonna look at that in a second too so I'm just moving some of these things I'm just using my arrow keys to move them down into place a little bit all right? So I could change that and say ok, great, I can put some other text in there if I want and I'm actually going toe use that text box that we created earlier I can have text sitting in here maybe I want this to say, you know, I don't know we'll call this will just say this is florence pictures maybe for whatever reason we want that appear on every page that uses that when we strike it apply changes so when I come down here, I can see that that image is there, but I can't grab it, you notice because that's part of the template, I've just got it sitting there, and I just wanted that to appear on every page, so I can't really do anything with it, but I wanted was to be able to have something in there you didn't have that frame there, but I can keep making changes to the template it's let's do that going to go back to that to the template page, and we have come in here and we select this frame, I'm going under format advanced, and I'm going to say, enable placeholder text authoring, so that means it's a placeholder. So the frame is in the same place that I needed to be on every page, but I can make changes to it so I can come in here and put florence pictures or maybe it's venice pictures or whatever and change out the word that's there. But there's, one more step I have to make, and this is weird. I've just told it to enable the text offering. I also have to come over here to the document lay out to the I'm sorry, the layout inspector, and coming in here to lay out objects. Say editable on pages using this layout well that's kind of what I thought I was telling it when I said enable text offering but apparently not so I can click that I could also a sign a tag we're not going to sign a tag to this kind of a weird thing but if I look at this tag here it says its body so it knows that its body text so that if I suddenly switch themes are not switch seems I switched the layouts that air there it says, oh this was the body and it continued from page to page it knows that when I switch if the body text is somewhere else in that theme and step down here it's over here but it's tagged body it says everything that was in that body frame goes into this body frame when you change the layout that's there does that make sense so that the tag in the tagging is there in the theme it's just when you create a new one like if I wanted to make this body I can't because you can only have one tag one of the same tags on each page and it will tell me that if I say let's add a tag that says body it's going to tell me can only be used once per layout and the layout meaning this is a layout so in the chapter introduction copy once in the chapter copy so the reason I'm telling it that something special let's say I tagged it as section title. Why can't has already have that to let's do chapter number everything's already been taken there's only a few tags that are in there? I can tell it main image, for instance. Well, see, this is the image I can tell it already says it's, the main image, and by doing that by choosing another layout that also has tagged man image it goes, oh, in that lay out, she put that picture of florence in there, so when I changed to a different layout, it will automatically put that picture in there. Otherwise what's going to has put in the blanks stand in picture that's there that's why you want everything tact, but the tagging like I said, it's all in the theme, so if you're starting from another theme and all you're doing is switching out the picture, the tag is still there, so you don't have to worry about adding in those tags. So it's, just something to keep in mind with that. So I'm going to come over here. I want to make sure that the it's editable on the page, if it's not edible on the page, doesn't do me any good, so they apply changes going to go back down here and now I can come in here and say, oh, not only can I change what it says, I can also change where it sits. I probably want to keep it where it is. I could lock it if I wanted to keep it where it is. But in this case I want to move it slightly because it's not showing up in the picture. But now I can make a change and say, oh, this one is venice instead. Does that make sense? So you have to enable it in two different places. It's odd. I know, but that's kind of how it works. So it's, come back in here and I have this chapter text that's here. If I double click on this it's blue in this thing pops up and it says, oh, current chapter or book what is it you wanted to do? So right now what happens in chapter when I give it a name here, let's, give this a name on title will call this florence when I do that, it shows up and that's because it's, that special blue type. And how did we get that? To show you how we got that when I create a text frame. And again, I would just prefer to copy what's here in a theme because I know all this tagging has already been done, but maybe you want to add it somewhere else I can come in here with me this little bigger so we can actually see it so bring that in and what I really want in there is is to the word typed enter text is I want it to be I want to bring in if I can find it let's actually type some text it's placeholder text won't let me do that so let's just type in anything it doesn't matter what, but I need to have that in there and aiken actually, I need to sorry delete the text, have your cursor sitting there and let's insert the section number or the section title so this case let's to section title and it's going to go ahead and put the word chapter in there but maybe instead the chapter I wanted to be the name of the book, so it says book title I apply the changes and I go back to that page now it does say book title, we're going actually moved ahead town so it I could see it it's all supply the changes come back over here and it says book title and that's because the name of our book is still called book title so we don't want to do that right? So let's actually give us a name really quick double clicked on the book title that will call this italy and will spell it properly and we'll come back to this page and now it says italy and it's really hard to see and I'm sorry about that was a poor choice of type that's here so I could come back here and show you that and it will apply those changes again so it's actually make this white type? Maybe that will be helpful, so leave that his book we're going to come over here will make that type white so we can actually see it and then we'll say apply changes and we'll come back down into that chapter head we can actually see that they're so it's pulling the book title from here it's pulling the chapter head from here and we have another special place holder here and what that is if I double click on that is I've told it inserted on the number and I can either do the number only or the prefix in the numbers so that will say chapter one because it's on a chapter page budget in a section it would say section one, does that make sense? So coming here I make sure that I have applied my changes and I come back down to this page and I could see that actually puts that in there we actually tell it to change toe chapter one we did prefix and number and again it there we go there's the update sometimes the updates are a little odd should have come up right away but tells me chapter one and then here's my chapter name as well so it's changed this does that make sense? Everybody how did put that in there so I could do that on any of the pages let's come over here and let's change its let's say this wasn't here and we want to create a text box we're going to come in here and this is where we wanted to say what the chapter is instead in section so I would just insert again we want to make sure we have a cursor in here and say we wanted to be the section number and right now it's his chapter one but maybe we don't want it to be the prefix number just the number so it's just telling me it's chapter one that makes sense if I put it on a section page, it would change to section instead let's come down here to a section layout do the same thing it already has this section tag here we'll do it anyway we'll insert the section number and we'll tell it that we wanted to be just the number only all right so that will tell me what section number that is and whenever I apply that to any of the the section pages it will automatically be in there for me that makes sense for that cool say we'll keep breaks we'll keep questions for a second I want make sure hit the the break in a few minutes here before anybody's head explodes right okay nobody can breathe out for a little bit okay good. All right, so let me we've got the auto updating text there so make sure you get all that cool all right? So let's go to some of the other things that we can do in here so we can start making the changes that again I might give this a new name so we actually can work with it I guess I was making changes too no to that one so I want to make sure that I've reapplied that if this doesn't show up right that looks right to me if it doesn't show up down here as reapply it should be auto updated occasionally I've not I've got it where it hasn't updated so I'll apply another chapter layout to it or different layout to it and then we apply the other one like I said, if you've moved things insider like here it lets me move where the text actually sits so if I moved that and I apply this chapter to it and then I come back I could see sometimes that I've got two different text friends likely it didn't that time sometimes it re applies the text from if I've done something to the text frame and and then reapply on top of it, I've now got to text from sitting in the same place so that's something to keep in mind as well so again, having a clear idea of what you're going to change and what you need to change it to is really, really helpful all right? So let's, go back here and we'll go ahead and add you asked about, you know, if you want to flip things from one side to the other let's do something like that let's come down here to this section tab and I have this information here I'm going to just move this over it's going to be back behind, but we'll just worry about that later and then I'm going to grab this image and just move it over. Of course I've hidden my page number here and we'll move this over so you can actually see her page numbers I've never understood on these books why we would have right and left page numbers because each one is its own standalone page I like my page numbers right in the middle or always on the right hand side it's just one of those visual things for me anyway but I can change that and I can see apply changes and when I do that you know sit change down here did I not move it all the way over? I did that's very odd look at that it just kind of threw that in the middle there I'm not really sure why it did that very odd let's try reapplying it already replied that's a very strange I'm not sure why it didn't move it all the way over but it didn't just one of those weird, quirky things I guess so anyway what I made a change to that I flip flopped it now I did it to that exact that layout I didn't do what I said he always do first is duplicated because now I'm stuck I don't have that original one that was here without me just undoing it and hoping I can go backwards and get back to exactly where I was there that looks good so what I would do is actually take that lay out first right click on it duplicated and suddenly have that there does that make sense everybody ok cool so I would actually work with it here see if I can actually get better luck with it if I since I duplicated it let's move this over and move this image back over here and then let's grab that page number down below and make the changes it doesn't didn't even apply it all I'll check that out very interesting one column photo because I did it toe no one column photo I'm going to try dragging this and just applying this let's say one column photo copy boom it did it find why didn't do before? I don't know, but again it's just one of those things that happens sometimes all right, so that makes sense how to make changes to those particular things that air here. So I usually take something that actually exists and copy it and paste it just because, like I say, the set of his already there. If I decided I was going to create a whole new layout completely from scratch I would take one and I would duplicate it even though I might be getting rid of everything and I might even just select everything that's here and deleted. We should get rid of that one and delete all that it's going to delete the links a cz well, because I had that link text frame and I might just come over here and then pick and choose what I want. I realized this already has the chapter laid out let's copy that, bring it over here and hit paste it should paste in the same place it's what it's supposed to dio but I would just pick and choose what I needed out of here because I know that the the magic is already there it's really built in now and didn't put in the same place too that even grabbed the right thing so sometimes I do I just copy and paste that way let's see if it actually shows up it's not going to pace that one at all so that's why I usually use something that's there and just make changes and modify it from there any questions on the sort of it that way getting the temples that we're going to save it in just a second we'll save a temple it says we get to that if there's any questions from them yeah there's actually a lot of people wondering a question about the cover would have a couple of rush in and rob barnes and reno hopes keys we end see designed full uh can we extend the time that the cover stays on the screen when someone opens the book? No and that to me is the most frustrating thing because you take all this time to design this cover and if your ipads really fast it opens the cover and opens up. There is no way to keep that on there and that to me is one of the most frustrating things unless there is a secret that I have not been able to find the answer to on the internet but I have not been able to figure that out because yeah create these great covers and then it opens the book and you could get back to the video and everywhere else but you can't get to the cover and so that's just really annoying I think so yeah we've got about three minutes left okay time for another question one question they'll show to save this out this one I'll give you an easy one how about that is there a way to change the colors of the page numbers at the bottom page yeah absolutely let's talk about page numbers really quick let me getting the spot where it has a page number so actually this this one is difficult it's let's actually be in my lay out instead of the page here and if I come down here I could just select the text one on the layout page then I go ahead and do just like I would with anything else I'm gonna come in here and I'm gonna tell it text I'm a change of the color to something else and it's done and I can change anything else I can change the size so it may actually make that just a little bit bigger so you can actually see and I'll move this page number up so it's just really easy to see I saw on the layout and how I got that page number in there actually pulled us down there that really big page number is I created a text frame and I come in here, this text and I'm going to insert page number and that throws the page number on there. And then I could say, I guess, a page number of and then insert page count and that's the total page count in the book. But because it's on mine lay all page, if I apply the changes and come back down to that page this using it, come down in here and there's my big page number, and also tells me it's, page five of six so it's going to keep a running count if I put that every page that uses that section head of will, we'll have that so of course I have to do it on the section and the pages that come after to make it work. But if I create a whole new section right after that using the same exact layout there's one on the left here I can come over here and there's my page seven of seven, this is six of seven and five seven so it's going to keep that in there and there's a lot of different numbering stuff that you would actually set up on the page itself. So I come in here I can actually work with once I select this information, if I go to the inspector and I open up the open up the wrong thing here by open up the page numbering I could find that there we go it's on the layout inspector under numbering I can choose how you want the pages to look at when they're on the actual individual pages I can choose on whether it's relative to the chapter of the book and that's what keeps the page counts going in there so we can talk about that too later flew honor just looking to more the page number but you absolutely page numbers they're totally customizable cool so let's say about this theme really quick I know it's an ugly fame and we you know, we kind of just messed with it and made it made a big mess of it it's kind of what I like to do put it, mess it up, break it see what I can do to it but now we decided ok, I like all the stuff that's here I want to use this again we've put in our own pictures let's just pretend we went and put in those those place holders and actually I didn't really discuss the place holders I guess I should do that really quick we ok, we got like five minutes three minutes over okay, okay, we'll make for a shorter afternoon, right, so I can take something if I want on my my layout page and I can put an image in there, which is what we've had we've just put an image here but any moment I could say ok, I want a picture to always be on this particular page so I'm going to actually actually let me delete that let me come over here to this one which just has a plane page that's what I really want so I can come in here I'm drag a picture in here we can set it up however we want and then I decide that that's the place holder for all the new documents that I create with that particular layout on it. So I need to tell it it's an image placeholder so that's back up into that format menu under advanced and I tell it to define his media placeholder so I do that now the other thing is if I do that again this is one of those things annoying tony changes let's come down here if I put that on there the other thing I have to do is not on lee tell it it's the place holder but I also have to make sure that placeholder text offering is on there and it's set up to be used in that lay out so under that inspector menu like before I go to the document layout and tell it that we want sorry coming here and going to lay out and tell it editable on pages using this layout so of course it seems weird I told it it's a placeholder it should just know it's a placeholder but I also have to tell it it's also editable which means I could drag a picture into it so if you don't have that and you go ahead and try and drag a picture on top of anything using that lay out it's going to just keep dropping the picture on the page instead of into that place holder which is what we want so we need to create a new section that we have actually what did I do that is chapter section I forgot where I just put that do we know which one we just did that on? Sorry I got sidetracked here what is this? This is called chapter introduction copy to so good so it's an introduction we're coming here chapter introduction copy too now if I opened my media panel and I want to drag another picture onto it let's try something definitely different will drag this on top you can see that the picture is being highlighted that made that way I know that it's a place holder and it's working and I haven't set up if you go to dragon it doesn't highlight that picture and it just drops it on the page it's because you forgot to enable editing on that page it's like I said it's a weird extra step but at least it's there so that's how we define that place holder so we know that we can drag things on top of it so if you don't really have one on your page on your layout page you can add one like like I said I'm going to use one that's already here and just change the picture but if you need to create one from scratch ok, so now we have this beautiful layout and keep in mind that whatever we have over here all the pages we have will become part of that template so if we say this is a template when someone opens this template all those pages already there that that could be a good thing I mean it's it's just a simple temple you want to make for somebody you might want to make sure you don't have all those pages there duplicate the file and get rid of the pages you don't need but in this case let's say you're laying out a book and then the next person's going come along and they don't want to lay out all the sections and the pages again you've already done that make that part of your template and then distributed that way so we're going to distribute it and we're going to tell it opened a file menu and say save his template it's really pretty easy save his template automatically is going to save it out into my templates and I'm going to show you where that is because that's important if you want to actually share these with anybody so when pulled on this menu here and it's going to tell me it's in my users so whatever your specific user is in the library application support ibooks author templates my templates so that I think is when you save templates you can do this and take a screen shot so you can remember where it lives that's kind of handy and then we'll just call this let's call this ugly template because I kind of like the way it's looking a little ugly when I say save and then I'm actually going to jump out and show you where that is so if you come out here and you go to your user or your hard drive your users which one was that the instructor you could tell some of the little house and then you look for library and you notice library isn't there where is the library? Apple changed the library it's hidden so you can hold on the option key and shoes go tow library for local the option key library disappears they don't want you in there but yet they put their temple it's in there so go figure so I'm gonna say live very good so there's my library and then application support ibooks author templates my templates that you could save it out to the desktop. If you know you're just going to save it out and send it off, and you don't have to go find it, you could save it to the desktop. That's just fine. But this is the way I books author knows where to grab it from, so I can take this and we can copy this out. And then I can email that off to everybody in my department that needs to use the same template. And then when I come back into my book's author, next time to create a new document, I could come down here. Scroll down to the bottom and my templates and there's the ugly template right there, ready to use when I say choose, it opens up and there's all the layout, so he did as well. So that's already laid out for me. So that's, how we save a template out to use again and again.

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Learn digital publication with this tutorial of Apple® iBooks® Author! Apple® iBooks® Author gives the publisher a simple way to create stunning multi-gesture books. Apple® iBooks® Author is a creator of digital textbooks, but the software can be used to assemble a variety of visually-rich interactive publications formatted for the iPad. 

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