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Enhancing Your Apple® iBooks®

We're going to just to a few last enhancements to our book, and I think we'll go ahead and use let's just use the ugly template. Why not? We put so much work and effort into this give it an awesome name let's, you know, do something with that. So I want to talk about some of the things that's actually make sure that we have let's actually make sure we have some chapter names in here is well, so we have something to work with. We're going to go into our table of contents is going to be one of them to have two chapters on florence that's not going to work for us, is it? Let's? Do the let's do that? Just the islands? Just forget that nothing, just I would like to say whatever I do, these travel books or anything is samples don't actually use them to get around, you'll get lost just so you know, I have one on the rocky mountain national park and there's a map I created don't use it, I just did it from memory and also right, so don't don't go florence and expect to find anything interesting...

with this book, so we've got the chapter names venice, florence islands I want to make sure we had some stuff in here. And actually the sections let's go ahead and do this to will put art on here just we have some things to look at so we don't have all this untitled this night will be very helpful art and we'll do music here that's fine it's released have some some headings and of course in venice we have to have canals, right? So that's what we call that? All right, so just pretend that the pictures go along with it. We're just working blazing along here. So let's go into a couple of the book enhancements that air here the first one is the cover and actually at the break we were discussing somebody online had a good suggestion for the cover keeping the cover so that you could see it on the ipad mini open. It opens up too quickly to actually maybe put it in the intro media because that's the next thing you see in one of things you can put is an image now keep in mind it's wide where's the cover is tall but you could make an image that is to size you could do ten twenty four seven sixty eight or double that which is double that twenty, forty eight, fifteen, thirty six I believe someday I'll remember the new the new resolutions but you could do that and put black bars down the side you know so that you actually have the nice tall cover if you want or you could make a wide cover why not have it I'll cover when it opens up you know have the wide cover and drop that here so that was a really good suggestion I never would have thought of that so that's really excellent let's go back to the cover again I've got some things already laid out in the cover by doubleclick it's that blue against if you double click and kind of keep clicking until this magic thing pops up it again has stuff that automatically gets filled in here so you could tell it's the book or the current chapter section but the thing is were on the cover page so it doesn't know a current chapter section it's kind of a weird thing so the book is the one that's there by two false so the nice thing is whether I type it here and it it fills in over here or I can type it in over here should use my little spotlight over here and we'll put it in over here so again I can call this instead let's call this a trip to italy let's actually spell it right eric delegate return and then it actually updates there as well we need to come in here for putting in things like the author so or maybe I'll just put in pictures maybe that's like a subtitle instead I would love it instead of the latin if they actually said things like author name so you know, that's kind of what they were thinking with that I guess you know where designers we should figure that out of our own let's just put that in there I'll pretend I wrote this that's great and would probably want to put a different picture in there right now the thing is there isn't a template for the cover because it's just the cover so you take the cover that's there you make the changes to whatever it is and then you're done so let's take this and let's just say well I feel like the islands have been a little neglected let's actually take a picture here I love this picture to see if it works though it's a wide picture we're putting it into a tall frame let's see how it crops doesn't look that bad but it really doesn't scream italy to me if you say you know it's look something else that looks very italian let's come in here oh look canals in venice there we go that looks pretty good and again I could change where everything sits aiken grab everything on this page I drove across everything which included the picture can hold a shift key and dragged across the picture to de selected I just thought maybe in this case maybe because they have all this sky it will just move that up there. I could move this off the page a little to make it a little shorter that looks good. I kind of like that a little bit better, so I'm going to go with that that's my cover so creating the cover is really pretty easy. You may have designed to the whole cover you could design the whole cover in something like photo shop and just place it is one picture. If you want a little bit more than what is offered here as faras thie you know that filled in text things like that so you could have none of this stuff delete all this just have a picture and it's a picture you created in photo shop or something and brought it in the intermediate. We already talked about a little bit, but again we could drag in a video that we wanted or just an image, something that we wanted to open it to. If you don't put anything here, it will go from the cover to the table of contents automatically for you so you don't have to have some intra media that's here. Let's look at that table of contents. The table of contents is kind of cool and kind of not for someone who is used to customizing your table of contents really, really well, it pretty much just does what it's supposed to do have a few options, but for the most part you have a table of contents and don't have much control over what goes in there you could tell it what goes in there but you can't not have a table of contents and you can't not indicate your chapters that are inherent your chapters were there, whether you like it or not and it looks very different in the landscape orientation than it does in the portrait orientation. So right now we're in landscape and so they go to table of content you know I have this little black bardem below and these little dots those air my chapters, right? So when we were looking at in the ipad, we could tap on those dots down below so this is emulating that same thing so in here it says this is chapter one so the what I'm looking at is the table of contents four chapter one only and in here I have my section one one named canals that's the first section in chapter one and it's on page number two some of the options that we do have opened up the inspector and I go to the document inspector, which is this very first one I have an option called toc and down the bottom I can choose to show page numbers in the table of contents or not so that's, one of the big choices we have page numbers, no page numbers. This is what we can choose from. I said, not a lot of options in that respect. I also see that I am going it's going to automatically fill in sections that you use using the layouts that's a copyright dedication sometimes these little tips you notice it's kind of stuck there now, it's right in the way of what I wanted to show you. There we go, sometimes they get stuck the section one column, one photo photocopy the one that we made. So any layouts that air using that particular section are showing up in the table of contents. Now I could tell it any time you use this one column photo copy I can delete that hit this little minus sign down here and then it will go away. So any page that used that lay out will not be there. This is what I do if I've got a layout. I don't like a section I don't want to show up in the table of contents I duplicate in the layout I duplicate that lay out and don't make any changes to it, but a sign it I might call it section header. No t o c and then it looks exactly the same, so in the book it looks the same, but it doesn't show up in the table of contents that's the one great way I can get around that so that if there's something, I don't want to show them the table of contents, but it needs the layout that I'm using that does show up in there, because if you delete that from here anything that any of them that uses that won't show up in the table of contents at all. So it's kind of an all or nothing thing? Like I said, I'll duplicate layouts that look exactly the same that have this have a slightly different name and one of them's not included also by default, any paragraph style that is heading one or two is actually included inside the table of contents, and so we didn't talk. We don't go into styles a whole lot more, and I we may or may not have time at the very end to do a couple more things that I was kind of waiting to see if that should go in there. But anything that's styled with headed, heading one or two automatically goes in there, you can delete that. But just by default that's always in there, and if there are other paragraphs tiles that you want to show up, if we decided that objectives, maybe that one that we have that objectives, if we want that to show it on the table of contents, we can add that we just come down here and click on this and say, add paragraph style if we didn't have all these sections selected actually let's believe one so we can see what happens let's do this photocopy and say that one's not showing up, then hit delete now when I say hit ad, I have a choice paragraphs, files or sections so here's my section layouts, this is the only one that isn't currently included in the table of contents going to add that back in then I'm also going to added paragraph styles and let's say, any time we use the paragraph style caption, that would be a lot not really sure would want to do that let's do that anyway, or maybe any time that we have something in author's name let's put that in there as well. So any time that's there it's going to show up now how it shows up in the table of contents is going to be chronologically, how it appears in your book so it's not like you can say there's this, and then we kind of wanted indented, we can't do a lot of hierarchy, and there it automatically builds his own hierarchy. It takes chapters, which you have, this is the chapter here, and you have the sections, and if he had other things like author, whatever it's going to move everything in slowly but surely so it's actually add that all had some some chapter heading that are some paradise now that has author applied to it. So if I look at this, this is just chapter one. The only thing I have is one section called canals, so it's actually add another section? Just we have something else to look at our table of contents, so I'm just going to select this chapter and I'm going to add a new section really quickly doesn't matter really what it looks like, let's, just throw that in there a new section and I want to give it a name, and we'll call this food. Parents will look at the food of venice now, let's, go back to the table of contents for that chapter and there it is so tells us some page to page four, and these are section numbering that's on there. So again, we don't have a lot of choices of what that looks like it's just going to automatically label that for us I'm sorry, right? So I can go ahead and make those changes and then I'm gone click down on this little button down here and this is chapter two that's the two sections that we have in chapter two and then we have in chapter three chapter three is not looking so good we're gonna go back to chapter one and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to actually use in here we had that author paragraph tag so it's actually put that in there I'm going to add a page really quickly just that's a page with text and then we're just going to say all right let's just put the author in here let me just click a text box here and we'll just say by me and then I'm going to select that and I wanted to make it in the author style so I need to open the styles drawer and click on that and we need to also move everything over some more bring it in here and I'm going to actually just tell it author so now I've got that style assigned there let's see what that did to our table of contents we come back here and that's in section one and we don't see it in the horn and the landscape orientation that's here so a lot of the stuff that's drilled down more than that first level only shows up in the portrait orientation on a lot of the themes and again it's something that's built into the theme and actually customizing that seems to be a little tricky at least for me someone finds the answer that would be great but what I want is I want to look at what that looks like when we go into that portrait orientation so when I do that get these drill down menu so I've got vanished this here when I look at that canals and food it's actually not showing up in all the author isn't there so I'm going to actually come back and make sure that I have that set up right on the table of contents but here's where we can see what it looks like in the portrait orientation I can see the drill down so it doesn't just show up and if you notice it's all on one page so in the portrait orientation when you look at your table of contents is going to be on one page whereas when we're looking at it on the landscape meant we had each one we could look at each one and see the thumbnails for that particular section and you can go through each one and when you get to the title page of each one then it's going to but the table of contents in between each each page there so it's a little different for each of the set ups again, if you're not using both orientations and it's not really a problem. Let's, go back and see if we can figure out where that author, when told the twos author let's find the page that it appears on rights we have this here we have that paragraphs styling showing up and that is in section two actually let's put that on a section page, maybe that's part of my problem here let's, come in here. I'll put that on this page and now let's see if that actually shows up in the table of contents and it should be right here and it's not so I don't know why it's not showing up, so I have to look at that it's in section one. Sorry it's in section two called food should be there in the drill down let's, try it in the portrait. Go back to the table of contents in this part here should be a drill down menu right here and there's not so I don't know why it's not working that way. We will try one more time and just make sure it's actually showing up it's showing up here in the paragraph, killing us anything would tagged with the paradise style authors should show up and it's not so that is going to be a mystery I don't know why it's not doing that at all was so anyway that's what it should show up it should show up only in the portrait atlanta in portrait orientation and it's not, but we'll save this out and we'll see if it comes back because we've seen a couple weird things that happened not gonna lie it's a little iffy it's I just keep telling people it's not version one anymore at least it's not version one so that's what it's about all I can offer on some of this sometimes you know it's a little quirky but there you go. How much did we pay for it? Free ninety nine that's right? All right, so we can always force that in there if we have to. So anyway it's not working well, skip on on that. So the table of contents like I said it's not there's not a lot of options that you can work with it but again it's taking the information building it for you I think it's kind of cool if you don't really need everything specific now it's something you could do you could create an extra page you could create a preface page that's actually at the beginning would create a whole new chapter called preface and if you wanted to, you could put all that in there as well so I could go chapter let's do a preface here we could actually pull this chapter up and make it first we could manually put a table of contents here and we can use hyperlinks and I don't really talkabout hyperlinks too much but I can show you that well, we could do is we could create a table conference if we wanted to or anything I can have text, go out somewhere to the internet or I can have a jump somewhere specifically within the document. So let's say we had that where we said author all right, so let's put that in there. Let's find out what page that's on that's in this chapter one section two called food so I can create a hyperlink. Any text could be created hyperlink you can't create a hyperlink out of a graphic or anything, but you can use text so I'm gonna come over here to the hyperlinks panel come over here and show you where that is it's this little arrow here and I can say enable as a hyperlink I could tell it where it needs to link to it so I can have it go to another page to a bookmark or to a specific figure so I would have to have a figure on that page for to jump too but the cool thing is it's going to jump to the whole page so if you had you know food that's where he wanted it to jump too if you had a figure on that page you would tell it you say ok figure and then of course all the figures styles that are here and I would tell it which one it's a gallery and any place that has a gallery would show up here and so you would link to that particular one of open to that page where you can finagle the table of contents that way if it's super important how it looks that might be worth it for you in search of the entire book whatever just in certain chapters I can also link it somewhere else maybe I want to make it out to a web page I could just go in here and put in a web page so the cool thing is you probably are connected to the web on your ipad you can have someone go out this is a great way to keep information current and you can say this was current as of this date when this is printed or this was created you know if you're up to date information click here so that's a real handy way to do that as well you can also I'll have a go out to an email message and you can set up your subject writes we could go ahead and put in an already has email here for you know replied apple that think they're telling you they'd rather not hear from you why doesn't the table of contents always work email subject I saw you come in here and go ahead and have an email subject so the cool thing is you can have them automatically say hey give me your feedback about this book or you know to set up an appointment for me to shoot your wedding that I just you know made this really awesome book click here and it comes in this is you know, hey wedding photos right? So we put that in and so I'm garment on michael going to get an email that says, hey, this come from came from my book so I know that right away sort of a special email I know exactly where it came from so I can track that I can also just come down here and wipe out every hyperlink that I have but just make it all on inactive there's still there I just make them inactive which is kind of nice I can also set up bookmarks, which I didn't really go to but we can come in here and just create bookmarks that are on the particular page so but we're going to skip over that so those the hyperlinks that's one way to make a table of contents kind of to fake a table of contents and of course it created this lovely hyperlink and if I come over here that's the hyperlink style that's here now always tells it free form that's because I used this text box and it didn't start with one that was already there in the see my created textbooks and this is, oh it's free form so it doesn't really know what kind of style this was. I could have created style first and then hyperlink on top of it, that character style on top of it. So the nice thing is I can have it look like whatever I want with the hyperlink on top of it, and for me, I kind of have this rule about hyperlinks that could be underlined, but they can't be underlining blue because it looks like word and I'm just kind of that way, you know? So my rule is always anything but underline in blue, all right? Let's, jump back over into the doctor let's, go back to this page here actually let's get some text, we don't have much text in here and I'm going to go grab some text that of course makes no sense in italy at all, but we're going to go ahead and use it anyway just to confuse people are going to use more edgar allan poe, we're gonna put him in here and I'm just going to go ahead and select the text here and paste it and it's gonna throw in a bunch of pages, hopefully after it, and because I don't have any pages here ahead of time, it automatically just filled it with the second page of that chapter head that might not be what I wanted, it might have wanted to actually have pages instead, right? So actually know it went ahead and gave the two column photo one and maybe on this one, I wanted to be that one, right? So I could just go ahead and change the template. I've got that text in there that I copied and pasted need to play with my captions make those a little bit better, but I wanted to do is I wanted to create a glossary, so I wanted tio create a glossary of terms that are used throughout my documents, so people understand what I'm talking about, which is often an issue, so we're going to come over here and find where I have some actual text where'd I put that chapter two in florence here and I'm just going to zoom in just a little bit so we could see a little bit better come down here. And ok, how about the word oppressively, we need to explain what oppressively means, something like that? I don't know, we seem to have that, you know, we're going to do oppressively, and I think we'll do gloom and separable, and we'll just do all the tricky terms that are here just make sure but he's awake, all right? So do oppressively, and I want to make sure that I have my glossary toolbar, which I don't have. I'm going to go up under view and say show glossary toolbar, so I do that I get this glass rachel bar up here, I'm actually close the style drawer just to get a bit more space, all right? So when I have something selected, it automatically threw it in there, you know, that even capitalized it so that's kind of nice it's not capitalize here, but in gloucester would be nice to have it capitalized, and all you need to do is tell it ad term, but you know what it did, it made it bold, and that does it by default and that's kind of a good thing because you're saying, you know, hey, this is something to click on, otherwise you won't know, and the other thing is, if you don't see it, bold it in here you might click on the click on it and wants to open up your glossary and you're just trying to work and you accidentally clicked it so it's nice that it makes it bold but I don't like that it makes it hold this sort of thing it kind of changes the design of it a little bit so you can actually while that selected I tend to like click the little bold button up here and turn it off but it's still there it's still active but there's no real way to know that it's bold so the other thing I do sometimes I might have my style door open which I went in closed and I need to open it again but let's kit in here and grab it there we go so you might have a style set up that you want to use for that so maybe you know would be bolder here's glossary primary we can have that right there that's just the bold but maybe I wanted to be a whole different looking style or a different color or something like that so I could create a style here's one that's his blue let's just make it blue I saw it come back over here it didn't make it blue let's actually jumped back see that's what happens you click it and then it actually takes you to that spot and that's not what I wanted to do let's try another one let's get back over to where we had the word oppressively not enough screen space let's come in over here having to pictures that are same is also a little slowing me down a little right so let's grab oppressively but I want to make sure I don't actually click it actually I'm going to grab another one because once I clicked it it's very hard to not select it and jumped to the to the glossary so I'm going to grab that I'm going toe ad that term and then I'm gonna tell it make it blue all right so now I can visually see that I like it better that it's not bold again once you have done that if I try and click that it just wants to go to the glossary so doing it as soon as you assigned the term is the best way to do otherwise you might pull your hair out there are ways to do it they have to be very careful with your cursor is selected but not actually click on it so let's see what it did with that I'm actually going to click on it now and it goes to the glossary and there's are two terms that we had in the glossary to have melon holly and we have to add a definition so let's just add I don't what the definition of you know it's sad you know it's blue that's. Why? It's in blue anyways? So I put whatever it is I need to put here. The other thing I can do is I can do like related terms, scrunched this up a little bit here so I can drag other related terms so oppressively kind of is related. So I can actually grab that and dragged that down here and now they can seek other terms that are related. So we can look at all the sad terms that we have here. Right? So we put the definition in here. This is how much I feel like putting into that definition don't know what the definition is. But now we have a nice glossary of terms throughout, and then we can keep dragging in any other terms that we have in here. We can also find other instances of the same word, and then we can index that so it actually puts it in there, and we'll jump and show you all the different instances of that same word that's in here. So it's actually find a place where we have some more text and oh, dreary that one's good, too. Well, he likes happy. Where is disney? Let's actually put this word and I know I had the word melancholy and also oppressively let's put that in there and then I can double click on that if you notice this is index linked for I've got two words that are already here I can choose for oppressively I can add an index link and that way it gives me more listings of the same occurrence of the same word so I can see all the different places that it's used throughout I haven't used the index links very much at all just because that to me any time there's an index there's someone whose job is just to make indexes and I would rather go here you go I haven't I haven't sent a digital book book after them yet but whatever I do in the next for a printed book I'm like your index or that's what you enjoy doing here you go because that is just like a whole nother holder issue there all right so anyway we can set up the links for that but the nice thing is any time you grab something let's do dull why not dull and we're at a term so since we do that it's added again make the style changes quickly can otherwise it'll be hard to do and then we can just jump out to that link it any time and work with the glossary that's there if you don't have a glossary it just won't show up so that's a really great thing about that all right so let's actually look I think that's all the book enhancements that I wanted to do on to make sure we get those in there got a table of contents that's pretty ugly that's fine we'll look at that and intermediate we wanted again we already did that we did it with a video earlier looking just dragon image as well so maybe the images the first thing that you want to see instead of a video doesn't have to have a video in the video takes up more space and as that person suggested we could make a quick cover that way as well so where did the questions and reviews on theirs on the outline I know but that would kind of did that with the widgets you also khun d'oh flash cards which is really nice you can choose flash cards of things that are on there but it's something the reader does on their end they could do like no tate different sections and I believe you can share them now online I think that is part of the new thing you khun highlight things and you can share a little clips from the book as well so we don't have the internet access and all that to do that but well we could look at some of the other things that are there so any questions on the enhancement on before we get to the publishing is there anything you excellent I have a question on the table of contents when you're looking at it on the ipad can when you can when you click on a header does that take you to that section? Yes when you're on the table clamp is yes, this good thing I should have mentioned intention when you tap on the actual name it actually jumps you to that particular perfect because I was curious I figured it did that yet I figured I would ask exactly cool is their questions from yes all right outside question strangely cages asked question we're like well, wait let's see here this one comes from really cool can you have a title if the cover is on ly art with no text can you have a title? You could have a title? Well, I would you have to actually have it on there he wants to fill it actually, no, I don't think it does have felt let me back pedal on that one let me just great here and if we don't have anything on the cover so let's actually go into that shouldn't actually need it. So if I come in here and I just it's like everything that's here we're just going toe delete it, delete everything that's here and we give it a name it's perfectly fine shows up and there's no and if you just dragged a picture might my other option was to say drag a picture and put the text and everything behind it so you just didn't see it, but it looks like it's fine without it you don't need it because it's actually it's feeding back and forth so it doesn't matter that that that's there I don't know what happens if you put in there you fill it in and then deleted it might go away and have to re type it in the book cover. Speaking of cover, lauren lauren originals dot com is wondering if you're having a designer created cover what are the size specifications for an optimal cover size? And I know you've spoken about this already, but yeah, the exercise because the cover that it's grabbing from is actually ten twenty four, seven, sixty eight or double that so that would be my guess would be to be double so that if it was on the retina display, you'd be able to see it again that's something that apple covers on their best practices page I would look that up, but that would be my guess too do it because it's going toe fit the right proportions when we drag it in so long as it's proportional to that we should be fine bigger is better because you don't want to try sizing it up because at some point you'll notice the resolution loss so one more sure, we've got one from j l d imagery from local baath washington he's excellent on dh, they're asking, can you use the glossary linked to input other information, like a what to bring to your session or pricing information? That's a good question? I don't see why not. Well, you'd have to have it somewhere on your page, but you could have it somewhere off the page or in white text. So the question is whether or not you could, you know, get some other information beside, you know, what's in your text, you absolutely could grab it let's just say we had this year and we said, I don't know let's do pricing, just like he said pricing info and let's make that text, we'll just make that white so we can actually see it and I would probably throw it down on the page somewhere out of the way or whatever, but actually before I do that, I probably should have made that let's do that ad that term and then let's make that white my colors go, here we go, it's make that white and go away so we don't see it, but if we go into the glossary let's do that, it didn't have it, says it's added. Well, let me do it let's. Just go to the glossary and see where we go pricing info to put all the info in here, that's a really good use for that like that. So you could do that in there, and then you could probably have things like scheduling or whatever else is your related terms. You could probably of a whole page that you just have hidden stuff on making a blank page at the end of the pages there. Or you could have a page where you don't have a graphic that's, a full page, hide all that back behind or whatever. Now they will be able to actually linked to it. I believe they can jump to it. Maybe not. I thought they could jump to it from here. I think they can jump to when they look at it in the glossary, though, so they may be up to actually jump where it is. But if you had it hidden on a page that maybe even had your pricing info as a graphic, you could do that as well. So there's, I think, some good ideas and there I like it. This is going in my tips and tricks for getting created exactly, I like the way people are making.

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