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Images and Graphics

We're going to talk a little bit more about images, so if you guys were falling along with what we were going to talk about, we're doing it slightly different order I'm going to finish up with image is going to bring some in from I photo this time, we're actually going to get my photo in here, and then we're going to go back and jump and talk about text, so we're going to finish up with what we're talking about, so I'm gonna open up, go back and open up my media inspector that I had open and was empty before and again by magic there suddenly photos in there this is great, this is where the photos live and I'm actually gonna get rid of some of these I'm kind of tired of looking at these pink and red ones, but we'll get those out of the way, so I'm going to bring in some photos and I'm going to make this just a little bit smaller the page I'm going to go back down here and make this fifty percent so it's kind of see everything on the page a little bit better again, it's always about movi...

ng things out of the way so we can see what we're doing, so one of the things that we did was we put a picture in the placeholder text that's here in a fight roll over that it says this image is a place holder and even says dragon new media file here to replace it and that's what we did, we went out to the desktop and we brought it back in, but if we have everything and I photo, we haven't loaded up here's all the albums I was talking about that you could make an eye photo and then I know exactly where I need to be. So if I'm in my venice chapter, all right, so if I'm in here and we're talking about venice history, I'm going to come in here and choose my venice folder and then all the pictures that I need that I've already chosen for my book live neatly inside this photo here, this photo album so I can grab an item that's here let's, just grab this one and drag it on top just like we did. We make sure that it's outlined in blue and we drag it and that puts in that new photo that's there. But maybe we want to actually be on a page and we want to put an image there by itself, and I think I will zoom in just a little bit again on this page. Again it's a matter of moving stuff around all the time and I'm going to take a picture we're going to just drag and drop it right on the page so it's not going into a place holder it's just a image sitting here when I grabbed one of the handles at the corner or the bottom or the side I'm gonna come up here and it's going to drag it in the nice thing is it's going to drag it proportionally so I don't need to hold out my shift kate's going to drag it proportionally we're going to look at that and that's an easy way to get that image in there another way to get an image in there I'm going to delete this one hit the delete key is we can just come out to the desktop like we did before and dragon image that's actually not dragged that one let's take a j pig that's here and again it's not one of the venice ones but aiken go out hit f eleven to get to my desktop f eleven to comeback command tab to the application and drop it right into places well all right so we delete that strike this one back out so we have that so we'll bring that image in if I were to bring that in where I have text I'm going to go into the chapter that has text so just over here on the left hand side with my media panel out of the way, we could make this smaller if we want to, but it's harder to see as many images that way and we've come over here and I'm going to just keep drilling down till I get to some pages. I need some actual pages with text in it so it's added to column page of text and if you notice there isn't any text in here let's actually add one that has text let's come in here thought I had one here and where we go and I want to put an image right in the middle of that page on I want the text to move around it. So when I grab a photo and I drag and drop it on top of text it's going to do a couple different things, this one you notice it's wrapping around and this is by default it's an anchored image somewhere. Look up here. This tells me what kind of image it is it's floating it's in line or it's anchored and what an anchored image is it? You can see this little blue dot that's here, it says it's anchored to that text, so when I dropped it automatically anchored it to the first paragraph in my page. If this paragraph should move, if I add text before it flows to the next page, as soon as it moves to the next page, this image will also go to the next page because it's anchored to that text, but it's also sort of floating you can see as I floated on top, the text moves around it and that's kind of nice, but I wanted to be a floating image. I wanted to be on this page no matter where the text goes, because I want this to be the first image that everybody sees, so I'm going to tell it instead that it's floating, so when I do that that anchor goes away, it still floats around looks pretty much the same, but if that text moves to another page, that image stays here and that's created with text rap, I'm going to close my media panel and open up the inspector panel and I'm going to come over here to the text rap inspector that's here and here again, I can choose the different type of images and even tells you what each one of them is so that's kind of nice moves with the text doesn't move with the text, stays with the anchor so in line moves with text will do that in just a second, we'll make it in line and show you what that looks like. But by default, it turned on tech strap and these air nice little images that tells you what's going to happen to the text around the images themselves. So this case I can see that the text is going to flow on all sides and that's exactly what it's doing. I could tell it that I wanted to jump so that it moves like this, but there's never text on the side of the image were put back on that one, and I can tell it how much space is around it. So as I make this bigger and bigger it's actually pushing the text out a little bit more now, you only have the option of having it do the same amount of space on all sides. So unfortunately, it's kind of a pain. Sometimes what I do, if I want to have a little bit more space, I'll make that secret box in the back and put a box that has no phil on it. You don't see it and it's back behind, but then you have to keep the box and the image together. But the box kind of axes the rap. Pushes the text away it's kind of a cheat and it's not always good cause you forget it's back there and then it creates trouble so I try and get something that fits or just try and move this so that it looks kind of nice because what's happening is it has a certain amount of space to the left and right but you also after to deal with lines spacing so of course it's not going to suddenly move it up half a line so it it move it and come down and looks like a lot of space at the top and we've been a little bit more and suddenly that a line can go across so sometimes it's just a matter of fitting the text exactly where I want it I don't like what it's doing down oh here it's kind of making this rounded look to it so sometimes is a matter of trying to fix that or maybe I'll just make the image ever so slightly smaller so it fits a little bit better. So again it's a little bit of just kind of fun eagling it into place so that's a that's a floating graphic and I can also instead tell it it's in line and what that does is it suddenly threw it into the text frame you know, it just kind of did that you're like wow it suddenly on this page two, over here. It's on the second. I really wanted it over here. I can grab that and drag it across and drop it somewhere else. You know? So it keeps on drop. It wants to drop it in between paragraphs. And what happens with that? If I let's undo that and put it back where it wass if I were to add some text here and suddenly just start typing more text in here it's all the text one away. That's placeholder text. Since I started typing, it pulled it backwards. And so that picture is at the end of the paragraphs and it flowed backwards to the page before it. So the in line is kind of nice when I bring in stuff from other places like in design and word and stuff like that. The images are often in line, so it's there, but I tend to take those and pull them out and make them floating just cause I like the freedom that the floating the flooding pictures allows. All right, so I'm going to actually under that as well. Let's, get rid of all this gobbledygook and put our text back here. If we had done this in the right order with text first, we would already known that this was called placeholder text, so kind of keep that in the back your mind when we jump backwards to that placeholder text and it's there by default it's just the faking fake form if some text all right, so it's keeping with images let's, go back to this image over here and I want this to be floating. So click on that and say, floating now I can just do whatever I'm gonna let it sit wherever I wanted the page we're gonna work with something called masks. They're not going to be fancy shmancy masks like you get in photo shop. Basically, we're going to mask with a shape and want to start with a rectangle because, you know it's, a rectangular picture it's closes off a little bit and that's why I put mask up here mask is one of those things that I have don't impact to find can never remember where it is, what I'm trying to like, how is it that we're formatting that? So if you do want to know where that is in the menu but have something selected and I come over to format, I need to find what it is I'm formatting in this case an image here's my mask, all right, but I like the button instead, so what I want to do is I want to crop out part of the picture maybe I wanted this to be a tall picture frame, even though it's a wide picture, I'm just going to crop it so it fits nicely in a tall picture frame, so I'm going to tell it mask and I don't like the way it doesn't just automatically mask it full and let you pull it and suddenly just makes a smaller mask that's kind of a pain all the apple products do that just kind of get used to it, but I congratulate these handles when I did that, when I click mask it suddenly came up with the edit mask feature that's down here, but I can grab these handles and I'm grabbing the edge of the frame and sitting in all right, so I can make this tall do whatever I want to with the shape or the with the sizing on that it's just crop that how I want it actually let's make it a little bit bigger and now I've made the mask larger than the picture, so we need to fix that, so I'm going to click on the image next, but I'm still in masking mode and I'm going to make this bigger first of all and I love that it's transparent back behind so I can see what's being dropped out. And then I can move this around until I get it exactly where I wanted if I want to make it bigger, the other thing I could do is come over here to this little slider and just play with that so that's kind of nicest of having to make it bigger and move it, especially because once I did that, my handles air flying off the page and that would be I have to come back here and make it really small so it fits into the page, but I like being able to use the slider I don't have to really worry about it, so I just make a bigger that way and then I was crop it how I want and then I clicked off of it somewhere when I clicked off of it sure let's click off over here then or not let's just click way over there and we'll come back luckily, we have scroll bars to do that with all right, so coming here and now I have that image as is so I'm not unmasking mode anymore. I can grab that image and that's just how it is, I can grab it and also size it down I don't know why it's not letting me do that because I'm sitting at his frame is in my way I'm going to click the text frame that's behind it and deleted. Just kind of in my way. Yeah, it's so not letting me grab it. There we go. You have to be a little more articulate with the mouse that's. All right, so I'm just going to grab that. Move it now, if you notice as I'm moving it. It's changing the size of the mask is well, or the size of the image inside the mask. All right, so I have the shape that I want now it can do whatever I want to. If I could make it floating, I could make it in line. I could make it anchored. Whatever it is I need to do with that. So the mask is kind of cool. One of the other cool things I really like is the alfa tool. So I'm actually going to bring up my media inspector again. I'm going to come down here and let's try. I actually have one that I like. Yeah, let's, come over here to venice. And I just want to get rid of some of the background that's here. So I need to make this a little bit bigger. So I could see my image is a little bit better cia two side by side and let's find one here, this is good one. What I want to do is I want a mask out part of the picture that's there and I want to use this thing called easy alfa so I think to make it really obvious what I'm doing is I'm going to take a shape of course we have this lovely pink frame that's back there, I'm glad we made that our default all right? So I'm going to take this and I want to send it back behind the picture because what I'm going to do is get rid of part of the picture and I want that lovely fuchsia to come through and that's what I want the sky to look like, so I'm actually going to drag this down and I want to send that item to the back so to do that we go to the arrangement you anybody's he's pretty much anything is used to the arrangement you and I want to send it all the way to the back or backwards. All right? So if I send it backwards, I said it too far back let's not send it that far back send backwards there we go, so I sent it back one layer just right behind the picture let's grab the picture and we use this magic alfa tool and it even tells you what to do with it, so I'm going to start clicking on the sky and I'm just going to click and I'm going to start dragging ever so slowly and it says oh now that's not the pink fromthe shape behind I realize that's pretty much the same color what it's going to it's going to always show you and pink so what you want to do is kind of keeping ideas you keep dragging it it's going out further and further but you do want to do is if I drag it too much it's going to start getting rid of casey like right above the bridge down here so we don't get rid of that much so anything is turning pink so we'll just come back a little bit till okay that works that gets rid of most of the skylights under that I'll just let go and then I'm going to grab this little bit over here and drag it out also and let go and then let's take with this little bit of white space it's left and drag down to there now when I let go of that and click off that picture there's the picture and it's cropped out that's pretty good when I just use the little magic tool food right and did it that way so it does a pretty good job when you've got since a white background her sky is really nice if you especially you have a sky that doesn't have clouds in it clouds actually can't be done it just takes a lot longer, so I just click and I keep dragging until it gets and starts leaking into something I don't want it to be in and then I kind of back off a little and then I can always say like there's a little piece down here that I've missed a little teeny bit of a sky down here and I'm just going toe drag out on that and see what happens, but you've got to be careful. It doesn't poke holes in the the image that's there, but I really like that so it's a really quick way to put something back here let's actually change the color of this because that's pretty awful we're gonna go back to crowns here I don't know let's make it a nice at least green or something like that that's pretty bright as well really wants everything to be bright today, doesn't it? We'll just do that, and of course you can see the darker I can see the edge a little bit more so for dealing with some lighter colors, it might not be quite so bad you're thinking what is that thing with her and pink let's not do pink today there we go let's just do great because that's what the sky looks like anyway, half the time down there we'll do that so I can actually see what's back behind there but it's pretty cool kind of gives it a three d look and if you were to take it and put a drop shadow on it it would also do the drop shadow around that particular spot so let's do that as well we'll just add a drop shadow and then I'm going to play with the angle and move it up top so we can see it on so that looks kind of cool right kind of put that on top of things so by doing that youre mask out exactly what's there you're able to do it's basically doing a clipping path or a mask and then we can add the shadow that way as well I love the out the instant alfa two I think it's pretty cool it's been in kino for a really long time and I just love that weaken make these adjustments to it right inside our layout program that I think we could do is we can selected image and actually do some editing that's there so let's actually go ahead and do that come over to format image and we want to actually sorry about that we want to see if I can do it here view well what coming here to just image one of those things that eludes me where it is in the menu sometimes so I can actually do some image adjustment here you guys are photographers like a save your stuff is beautiful it's already good and ready to go right? But for me I'm going to bring in my photo on going on it doesn't look so good I've bought some you know stock photo that I just want to really freak out a little bit and just make it really, really awful because that seems to be what I do is I just let's blow this out let's make it really bright and we'll make it real contrast e so just play with the sliders the nice thing is once I messed this up because I invariably will because I'll play with my sliders I realize what did I do again there's that pink right? Why did I do that? Make it a little colder a little hotter right? I could just come down here and say reset that image let's just go back to that image that we had before so I can reset that brings it back as is but it also has this enhance button this should say magic button this is the magic button right here let's click that and it just make some enhancements to that's not so magic well, you know, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't let's hit reset image but then I see is a lot of times and I think maybe I blew it up as well so it kind of freaked out a little bit, but enhance often times gives you a just a nicer picture to it, and so I like to play with that. Sometimes I just dumb. The problem is, when you're doing that, you're just sing it for your monitor, of course, and then you're going to put an ipad and some of the ipads. The newer ones have kind of a yellow or tent to him than the other ones. So I pretty much if I knew it was a good picture start with if it was stock photo it's probably good image to start with, so I'm going to leave it most likely because I could probably do more harm than good. So that's, one of the places I don't venture into very often is enhancing the images that way, that makes sense, everybody, some of things that we can do with images, how to bring images in, we can bring him in from the finder, we can bring them in, dragging and dropping them across into the page we could we could copy and paste him if we want it's not usually an issue. I just from my print days, I just try to steer people away from copying out of one program and pasty and the other because it doesn't remember all the information by doing it this way it has a nice little link, but the nice thing is when I'm placing that in there, especially when I do it from my photo is its optimizing it. So if it's this really huge image like some of these air, you know, over twenty, four hundred pixels wide, you don't need it that big on here and it's going to optimize it for the ipad and it's probably optimizing it for the retina haven't really been able to figure that information out because of its optimizing for the red nets twenty forty eight wind, you know, had a picture full screen twenty eight, forty eight, twenty, forty eight wide would be the ideal size, but that would be twice as big as I need for my my non retina ipads, so I believe it's probably doing it for the red no, though just because that's the newer thing that's out there so it does optimize it in so it dumbs it down, it gets rid of stuff, it won't mean stuff that will never show up on the ipad. It make sure that that information isn't there because we're going to see later that there are limits to the sizes of the books that you can have, so keep that in mind even though we don't we're not going to talk about the actual limitations but just keep in mind you're putting stuff inside this file you're making a big file and now you're having people downloaded to a device that might only have let's sixteen gig on it, which sounds like a lot, but when you have a lot of books and you've downloaded all these pretty books with all these photos in there, they're going take up everything and there'll be no one for angry birds so you know, you got it, you have that kind of balance in your life so that's the images there we were on a break and image across the page, so we had that one word it slid across the page. How do we do that? All right, let's, add some empty pages really quick. I actually have a page to go across I still have two pages to blank pages side by side and I want my image to span both of those pages so let's, grab an image. I'm going to go to the media panel and let's open up one that we haven't used yet maybe let's going toe it's going to the islands. Actually, this island called bereano if he ever go down there was amazingly beautiful because all the houses look like that and it was cool and everybody has umbrellas hanging out of their windows and it was just pretty cool so I would make this pretty wide because what I wanted to do is to be on either side of the page that's there, but I don't want to take up that much room I wanted to be kind of narrower, so the first thing I'm going to do is actually mask it so I just want to kind of a narrow picture let's just mask like we just did pull this in and let's just actually move where this image sits inside that mask and if you want, you can hold on the shift key and that should keep it moving fairly straight so you don't get this jumping around inside the mask and all these depends on how much you know caffeine you've had during the day, so let's actually move that mass down a little bit, but the image up all right, so that looks pretty good, I like that want to click off of it and say, ok, that looks good and I'm going to get a little bit bigger, so I clicked out, but I'm not editing the mask and clicking the image and pulling the image and the mask together. If I'm in mask mode, I have to choose one or the other I'm not mask mode, it pulls everything together, so what I want to do is I want to move this over to where I wanted to be in order disappears behind the page as I'm going to drop this item right here and I wanted to continue across the next part of the page so when I click on this I want to hold on the option key which is going to duplicate it and I'm just going to drag it so I'm now dragging a duplicate of that and as soon as I hit the other page just right across the page now it kind of locks in you could see it kind of jumps and locks into place up and down I still have to move it side by side so that's kind of a pain, so I'm just going to move this, but the nice thing is it kind of knows when I get close it starts getting jumpy sit just kind of click into place I don't know how it knows, but it knows right here's where I said having that line down the middle is kind of a pain if I wanted to I'm not going to worry about jumping out to the ipad, but at this point I would probably make sure or if I did a few of these maybe I know I have ten of them to do we'll do mall and then I'm going to hit preview we're going to jump out and look at it on the ipad I wanna make sure that they actually are lined up it seems to be I can zoom in and check that but again I'm still going to have that great line down the middle so it's going to be kind of affecting what I'm looking at but I can kind of get an idea and say that looks pretty good and then I like I said I do the squint thing and try to make that gray light disappear a little bit but it looks pretty good to me it looks like it lined up and it's looking at the image and it's snapping that into place for you so that's all you need to do to get that image across there's if you had a really nice image that was super long just to bring up one of the samples that I talked about earlier was the d k books have one that has a transports rex I think I don't know it's whatever dinosaur but it goes across three pages so it's his head and that is body and his talent as you're scrolling just kind of gives this you know, kind of glowing image thing to it so you could do some really cool things with putting images across spreads that way so it's pretty easy to do put it there if you had text on either side it would wrap around each side of the image that's there I tend to keep those as floating images if I'm doing it around text trying to anchor it and split it I think is an accident waiting to happen because then if the text moves ever so slightly your images will move so by doing it floating it's sitting where you put it and that's where it's going to stay does that make sense to everybody? Good. Okay, all right then we're going to go on from images we'll see let's take some questions see if anybody's questions about images before we move on to text lots of questions. Okay let's, take some questions let's start with this one. This one comes from really cool when it's a great name are the images link so can I make changes and photo shop and then update? Or do I have to keep dragging? Are they linked their not like stop so you when you bring it in it's re creating it in there and it's optimizing it? Yes. So it's actually taking the information, putting it all in, which is why you have bigger files as opposed to something like in design, which sounds like a problem where they're coming from something like that were links and you're not actually putting the image in the file you are putting the image in the file and then it it has no back link, so if you change the photo you would have to replace it in my books off absolutely okay and this might you might have already covered this but if you could please go over this one more time if it was possible to bring an eye photo books into the book's author and I felt like a whole book that they've laid out and I photo no but I think you could make a pdf and my books are my photo I think if you could you could place that as an image but yeah, you can't take like the whole I think can you save him? Is j pegs I think the individual pages I'm not really sure I haven't made a nice photo book since e made them and I never did I think you can save it is a j picks so there's probably an image file that you can save it as and then you could place that image file in here so if you've already done that with all the greats yeah, it would just create damage in here absolutely we've got another get one from really cool um they're asking can objects be groups so if you make a picture box what can you group that with another group images yeah group anything together? Yes so if I have a text box let's actually just come over here and place this in here yeah it's just a matter of just taking him grabbing what's here so I'm just going to select the edge so sometimes it's hard to wants to select all the text of the very edge and then hold on you're fifty and hit the other thing that you want or you can drag across everything and they would go up under a range and then she's group and it's not like because I have this's placeholder text froma will let me do that actually two images here so I've to images with the same thing hold on the shift team grab both of those going to arrange and then hit group. You can also add group to your little widgets at the top here if you want. Yeah, so then that's grouped and so when I move that together, everything moves together. You don't wanna let me do the textbooks because it's part of the template that's there and that would confuse it. I guess so designed central is wondering if from north ben right here outside of seattle, wondering if you could explain this little further not understanding the difference between anchored and floating image anchored in floating. Ok, so if I have an image that's actually coming here, I need some text and because I didn't show texture just pay no attention to the man behind the curtain here and I'm just gonna open up some text it's gonna grab this text from the desktop really quickly all right, so I'm gonna grab some checks, and I have a placeholder text, and I'll talk about this in a minute when I actually get to text, so I'm gonna put some actual text to them because sometimes trying to work with it, anchoring and all that we can't really do that with a placeholder text, because once I start typing, it assumes you're typing something entirely new. So it's actually find where I plopped that in so here's, some actual text, and I'm going to put a return after this paragraph here, and I want my image to sit in there, and I wanted to be in line, so in line, what happens when I put a picture in let's? Take him, and we're just going to put him in here. I don't want to be shorter, smaller here, I just want to take up so much space I'ma tell him it's in line and where I want him to be. I'm grabbing it, but as I do that, you can see that I actually have a cursor. I hope you can see that behind the image at the end of that paragraph that ends in s iowa and the little orphan at the top there, I'm actually telling it where I wanted to sit, so I'm going to actually put drop that they're so it's actually sitting at the end of that paragraph. So if this text I just put my cursor in the line up above if I start hitting returns and move that text down, the image is moving with it because it's actually part of that line and I'm actually going toe hit a return al after this period so it's actually sitting on its own line, right? So as I add or subtract text from here, that image moves with it and that's in lines actually sitting in the frame. Whereas an anchored object, I can have it sitting anchored and aiken it's anchored to the first paragraph. Or it could move this let's actually move this little anchor here. If I can grab it, I want to move it and we're gonna anchor it let's say to this text down here so it's anchored there I can move it wherever so maybe it's it's here on the page but it's still anchored here. If this text goes to the next page, that image will still be anchored to the lower right of the page, but it will be anchored to the lower right of the next page that it goes to so see if I can actually force return all these, so nothing happens it's sitting anchored right where it is until that text jumps to the next page and when it jumped to the next page the image jumped with it so I told it anchored to the lower right portion of the page and connected to this text so it will keep moving from page to page as it happens, where is in line it's sitting in the frame and it will move up and down so it's it's more in relation to the text as opposed to the page itself I hope that clears that up a little bit and floating just sits on them top and does whatever it wants s so hopefully that clear that I'm from excellent examples thank you go time for more stealing thiss ones from rob barnes he's asking are all books lands get format or can we create vertical or portrait ship books? Yes maybe missed the beginning there that's the when we started a new one we had a choice this one's landscape with portrait they're both here and in version two this is first of two of my books author they came out with ones that are just portrait only but what you can do is you could decide great out like this and I laid this out landscape I don't want that portrait is the portrait was more about the text and less about the pictures so I can come in here to my inspector to the document inspector until it disabled portrait orientation so, as soon as I do that down here in the bottom, there is no portrait orientation. So that means when they see the book, they're going to see it like this and that's it. So I think, if it's the rob barns that I know he's, a photographer, and he wants to his nice, big photo books that are here and that's, actually, what I suggest for most photographers, because, again, you've probably got your photos exactly how you want him. You don't want to see all the text and your teeny tiny photos. The whole thing is about the photos. So yet by disabling that, you don't get that portrait, orientation and all.

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