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Introduction to Digital Publications

So the first couple of things, we're going to talk about it, some terminology and you actually mentioned saying you want to learn the books and I also heard you say riel books and I think hopefully in the next year to will realize these are real books, I understand physical books and all that, but I hear that a lot like these maybe aren't quite so much really books, but they are, and I think, you know, that's where a lot of it is going to read most my books digitally that way, but there's a lot of terminology people don't understand, and and some of it gets confusing when we have things like my books and ibooks author, which are two separate things, but they have sort of the same name, and then we have this term called e books, so I want to start there with e books, so it books is sort of a general umbrella term for any book that you read digitally or electronically on a device, so it might be your computer might be a tablet, my peer smartphone, it might be an actual e reader, you know...

, like the kindle or or the nook or something like that, so anything that you read that way is an e book and actually as designers, I don't know how many people here are designers versus photographers but as a designer I've been making e books for a long time I just don't call them that they're called pdf ce right? So we make pdf ce that may be I'm going to print but they were intended to be puts a on a website that we're going to read without download and read usually on the computer at the time before we got our tablets and our smartphones and all that and so that's in e book it's an electronic, a book and a book is also sort of a misnomer because doesn't actually have to be a book it could be a pamphlet or portfolio or just a just a flyer actually, but it's still an e book it's an electronic book so that's that kind of general term and underneath there there's a couple other sorts of e books that are out there e pub is one you might have heard of and that's not something we're covering today, but just you kind of get an idea when you're thinking about do I want to make it in ibooks author project or were talking earlier about someone earlier thiss morning I was talking about how you know they want to get out there into all the different markets that are out there, so just kind of keep in mind what what can be used in other formats like the pub, so the pub is what you probably do if you downloaded the latest novel is they want to go get hunger games or something and you went either the kindle store the ibooks store that barnes and noble nook store whatever and you want to read it on your on your device on your tablet and that would be in a pub and that's floatable type so that's the kind where the reader the person actually doing the reading you can change the font size and the font itself as a reader I love this as a designer makes my hair stand on them a little bit right because I want control over what it looks like but when I teach the pub classes I tell everybody you got a kind of give and take so the reader has a little more control over what is seen and that's in a pub and that's an actual file format and a lot of people I think sometimes say they want an e book and what they're really thinking is a pub so just kind of keep those two in my pub sort of republic a specific file type and an e book is this generic type one of those things you might have seen her digital magazine it's so inferences on an ipad and you've opened up new stand and you get the latest edition of mac life magazine you open that up and that's a that's a magazine it's a digital magazine and that's a whole different work flow is well, but the nice thing about that is that you have control over what your final product looks like and that's exactly why we're going to end up with ibooks is we have control over what it looks like we're not letting the reader the person reading it, take over that. All right? So keep that in mind as well, and what we're making with ibooks author is what's called a multi touch book, and that just is a fancy way of saying, we're putting interactivity in it, we can touch it and do things to it. We're going to look at one in just a second. We're going actually look at what all is possible inside of my books author so that being said that's, what the final product is, is this multi touch book and we pretty much for the most part, we're going talk about where we get them, we're going to buy them on the ibooks store. I want to talk about distribution later in the afternoon where we can put them, but basically when you make an eye books author project, you create this multi touch book and you can either sell it through apple or give it away through many different avenues that we'll talk about the afternoon, so just kind of keep that in mind. You're going to sell it if there's going to be money, apple is going to be involved. Apple wants their cut and that's ok, because they're going to take care of the heavy lifting for us, right? But they're going to give us the software because the ibooks offer author software is my favorite price it's free or is a friend of mine says free ninety nine my absolute favorite price. All right, so we're going to look at that. We're gonna actually look at a sample in just in just a few minutes just to kind of give you an idea of what's out there. But if you're a designer, this is one of the places where we're going to have to let go a little bit because this kind of software, if your photographer this is going to be great, you're going to love this because you're going to have all your beautiful photos were going to start dropping them into templates, so I think the key word for today, you probably hear me say it a lot. Is that it's template driven and that's a good thing if you're not into designing? If you're into designing, you're going to get a little frustrated, but I'm going to show you some great work grounds in the afternoon, so we're going to do this morning is we're going to look at how to work within the template because the templates are great, they're set up and then in the afternoon we're going to some customizing so that those of you that want to break out of the temple it can't those of you that just want to put a book together really quickly, you guys are into photography, you're going to love this, you're going to start just throwing things in there and making beautiful things and you might want to do some customization for the most part, you might stick with the template, so we're going to that in the morning. So it's template driven the temperature there. It's easy it's an apple product if anybody's used keynote or pages, kino is going to look exactly like it so much like it that I was trying to do something I books author earlier, and it was actually chemo, and so my brain wasn't flipping between the do they look so familiar, right? So if your views those products, if you're working in the apple ecosystem you're going, you're gonna love it that you're going to be used to it, so when we publish this we make our final multi touch book the one big thing to keep in mind is the only place you can look at it is on an ipad, you can't even put it on an iphone, right? So there is no way to view these multi touch books on an iphone so you can buy it. You think you're going to get it on your phone and it's not going to go on your phones, so keep that in mind ipad on lee and we'll talk about some of the more specific requirements in a minute, but just keep that in mind. So if where you're publishing this, if the people that you want to get this to don't have ipads, you're spinning your wheels, so just keep that in mind and that's something I always try to keep tell people to keep in the forefront of their mind is any time you're producing anything digitally right now, and I think it's probably going to be this way for quite some time, you kind of have to know the work flow and the distribution channels and whose rating it same thing. If you're doing digital magazines, you have to know where you are you publishing it for android or for the apple, ios, or both? And then there's two different roads you have to take, so you're always going to be thinking it's not like in print if you're used to printing your photo books or any other books that you've designed, where you printed it's on paper, pretty much everybody knows what to do with a piece of paper, and we could go buy a piece of paper and look at it, whereas now were distributed digitally and we have to kind of know who the end users are and what they have, right? So kind of keep that in mind. So ipad on lee for that and against free distribution anywhere if you want to charge for it, we go through apple so let's actually do a little bit of show and tell in the great thing about this, what I like is that you get all this interactivity and you get an interactive app for your ipad without any coding how many people love coding? I'm sure we all look good no good, I've been dabbling in coding and I love that I could do some stuff encoding, but I really don't like it. I like it to a point and then my head explodes and then I go back to making pretty pictures, so yes, so we don't that's what I like to do, so I'm going to actually show you on the ipad we're going to actually look at a sample of this because I want to kind of show this is I always tell people this is not a home improvement show, we're going to build up for the commercial breaks all day to the big reveal at the end of the show, right? We're going to the big reveal first because there's nothing more frustrating than saying here's, how you do this stuff for the whole time, like, I'm not really sure what are we doing? What are we making so let's, look at what we get as an end result and they will go back and start breaking it down and figure out how to get there. So I'm going to make sure I'm actually on I believe I m on my ipad, hopefully is going to show here, and I'm just going to open up one of the samples that I have, and actually we're good on that, and the first thing it opens up too is a video which is kind of nice, so I have this video that's in here so we can drop video in and see, you know, just kind of an intro video, we can stop that at any time, just tapping on the screen. I'm going to get done and it automatically goes to the first page in my book, so all I'm going to do is open up some pages we're just going to look at the sorts of things that that we put into this particular sample. All right? So I'm just gonna look, we've got some pictures here, obviously I'm just going to swipe just to change the page look through it, some of the text that's in here and first thing I see is this map and what this map is the's air widgets we're going to learn about widgets later in the day as well, this is where we take all this interactivity and apple made it easy widgets drop it in tell a kind it is dropped the assets in there, some photos, videos, whatever we're doing and it makes it and you know how it doesn't it doesn't through magic, so I just wanted but you know that that will be the other key word today, it's just magic. All right, so dropped this keynote in here, and this is actually from keynote created it in keynote it's an interactive keynote file that's there and I can put it in here and I maintain all the interactivity, so I'm just gonna actually tap it, and I've got the names of the neighborhoods down below so there's a map of venice, and so these are the different neighborhoods and I could tap down below. I'm going to just tap on the door subdural that's where I stayed that nice little quiet neighborhood when I tap on it, it changed because it's again, it's interactivity, that's built into keynote and it maintains itself when we drop it into high books, I so I could just come in here, I'm using the right and left arrow keys now just scroll through so if we want something that's interactive like that, we can't necessarily do that right in my books author, but we can build in kino and drop that in if you have a kino presentation, you can have it so that itself runs, we tap it in ibooks author, and it just runs that kino and that's really great because they have things like animation that's in there and you could drop video and audio and things like that in there as well put all that together in a keynote, drop it in here is aquino widget and we can go from there was going to scroll to the right, and I have here just a gallery of images and I have little thumbnails along the bottom I can tap on those and see the different images that air here or I can swipe across the images the other thing is I might want to see this full screen so I can just do the pinch to zoom somewhere pinch to zoom and I suddenly have it full screen if I tap my background goes away and I have just the beautiful images that air here now I'm just going to scroll through here and just look at the images that way you have a question yeah question showing you put a slide show in here to like would you be able to have a slide show on that one screen or a slide show an actual self playing slide show I know you can actually you could do that through keynote as well though yeah this one is it's a manually advanced slide show is well that's exactly what I have is just a slide show here I just have to manually tap each one to get it to happen and again if you have something that fills up this whole page one thing you have to keep in mind I'm tryingto swipe left and right on the page but sometimes you accidentally swipe left to right on the image itself which is kind of annoying sometimes so if you have your your gallery take up the whole paid just be where you need to leave a little bit of room for people actually advanced the pages for you and you might even want to put something in the beginning how to navigate through your your books now keep in mind because it's my book's author if anybody else has had an eye books author a multi touch book they're probably familiar with how to move it but sometimes they might not be like I know when I get like digital magazines sometimes I don't realize oh if I had swiped up on this there was more and I was missing in it and I was joke that, you know, with a book we never had to explain to turn the page grabbed the lower right hand corner and gently move over this way, right? So we kind of just not to do that, so people need a little guidance with this, you know, the new books and how to how to move these things around to keep that in mind when you're creating something that you leave room for people toe swipe and move for instance, here I have an image that you will only see the right hand side when I swiped a move that it continues across the page, so we're going to look at that how we can have images go across entire pages now if you see that this is pretty much what we call a landscape layout is a landscape layout, we also khun do a portrait layout because keep in mind we're on an ipad were on a device here that if I turn it let's hope it plays nicely there we go we're now in this kind of flowing text knows my pictures are gone a lot of things air share overall from the left hand margin so they assume that when you're working in the portrait orientation that you're pretty much focused on the text and here's something different that you get on the text is well bye tap on that up in the upper right hand corner I have the little font sizes that looks a lot like my books when I'm reading any pub or I can make the type bigger or smaller so as a reader I have a little bit more control over in this layout this is more focused on the text, whereas the other way is more focused on the layout and the look of the photos. So if you're doing a photo book, you're probably going to work in the landscape orientation let's get back to this one that I had here if I want to bring up the table of contents, I can do that I'm tapping on the screen and up in the upper left I have a little table of contents lines that are here and it may it may go right to table of contents or you might get this table of contents and glossary there's a glossary included you get that little menu otherwise what you'll get is table contents and you'll get the little thumbnails along the bottom so I could scroll a wrong those long those and see everything that's in this section got little dots down at the bottom by tap on those I can see the next section and the next section let's let's, go back to the venice one. I want to find this last page. I just tapped on it and I have a three d model in here. I'm gonna pinch to zoom so it fills the screen and then I'm just gonna tap on it and hold and drag around. So about three d modeling that's in here. So originally, when apple came out with this, this was for textbooks, when they're that been awesome. Toler in your textbooks, back in school with this, I would have read a lot more. I saw one that had a dna, you know that the helix and just I just could not stop spinning that thing. I'm just watching it, you know, come apart and everything. It was great. So yes. So you've got three d models that are in here. That's one of the widgets that you can do. And again, it's a matter of just having those assets and dragging him into a widget, we're gonna look at how to customize all that. So I just want to kind of show you some of the things that are in here so basically it's photos we also have this one two I'm gonna pinch to zoom just to bring it up full screen and I have two little tags that are on here and I can click on one and it zooms in a little bit and then it shows you some information about that I can tap to go back on this little dot so brings it back full screen again and tap on the next one and consumes in and shows me that information so that's an interactive image, so if you have something you want to point out, all sorts of things in your image is let's say you were doing a photography workbook or something like that you could point out the parts of the camera or whatever something like that that would be great, so I'm gonna tap on it to get the x in the upper left hand corner and I'm going to click to close that I'm going to tap somewhere off everything that's on the page again you want to leave some space it's a good design idea anyway, but you definitely want to leave some space for people to be able to tap on the screen, so when I tap on the screen I can click library and that brings me back to my bookshelf and again that's where my books will end up you know some of them say proof some of them say new we're going to look at proofs throughout the day that's something that we need to do as we go along we need to keep checking because some of the things we can see an eye books author and some of them we can't we have to actually like the keynote one have to actually have it on the ipad to see all that interactivity so having an ipad is crucial so I'm going to take that off middle back to my desktop here so I want to talk about some of the work flow considerations so I know says we haven't started diving in yet to the really good stuff how do we make this stuff? But this is stuff you need to think about ahead of time and I think it's very obvious in ibooks author because I books author again here's our word template driven because it's template driven it you really do have to have an outline of how you want to put the book together because it doesn't allow for a lot of rearranging afterwards it seems you kind of have something either written or you've got all your images or something like that we're just putting it all together in ibooks office so we want to keep that in mind on some of those so if you are a designer your workflow may already be that you have your book in some other format, you might have it in design or something like that, and you're working in the adobe workspace. Well, this is the apple work space, you know? And now the twain shall meet, right? We just, you know, kind of their kind of walled off a little bit there's some good work arounds that I've come up with that because I do ended everything in in design, and a lot of my clients are actually have everything in and designed for print, or maybe they've gone to eat public pds or something in the past, and we're trying to incorporate ibooks author into that, so we'll look at some of those later as well, some of the little work arounds we have to do with that, but it is possible you might be starting in ibooks author, but also want to do a print version later so you may be needing to go out to some of those other programs. So a designer I could say you may be working in the in design photoshopped illustrator workflow think about how this throughout the day be thinking about how this will fit into that work for if you are starting from scratch, that's great, because you're going to just make it in here, your photographer, you already have some text in your head you want to do, or maybe you've got it in a text file or something like that, you're just going to be gathering up your assets and putting it together, and that will be great if you're a publisher and author, you may be working in something like word or apple pages, and of course, apple pages is a great way to do it because it's, part of the apple ecosystem and it's easy to bring that in. They've also made it pretty easy to bring in stuff from word it's not always pretty, but that's all right, where we're used to that so what? We'll bring that in, and we can actually get this stuff from word and bring it into my book's author as well. So least apple is realized that aa lot of authors probably a writing inward, so it's a good idea to have that interactivity with that as well, so just kind of keep keep that in mind. You also might be using standalone aps you might have been making things in, like the three d model is something that you can make in a google sketch up. And so that's something that we could make him there we might be working in an image editing software that is not photo shop you know, abusing well my views and photoshopped elements we might be using light room we might be using I do a lot of on screen stuff in keynote actually if I just wanted j peg I'll just go into keynote because it's just easy drag and drop put it together exported as a j peg and now I have it either for other thine own applications or something as I take that and put it on my website it's just a easy way and I tell a lot of people that don't have photo I have photoshopped but you know it's just easier sometimes and I tell people to use kino because it's inexpensive or they might already have it on their back and it's a nice image editing software if you're going just toe on screen obviously printing is a whole nother animal so you might have all these applications as well and then you want to gather your assets so again kind of an outline either for the work flow and an outline for how you want your book toe look and so kind of keep that in mind this is all before we get into the prettiness that is ibooks author right? So it's kind of the administrative stuff we have to do ahead of time so then gather up our assets, so we want to make sure we have other photos that were going to use in this particular this particular project, we may have them sitting in a folder, which is great, we could put him on a folder, but it incorporates really well with I photo, right? Because it's, an apple product, and there's a nice widget right inside. Teo, open up and see all your albums that you've made in I photo so even if I have them in a folder I've been putting him into I photo, and then I just make a special album in I photo that has the breakdown, so you might even put chapter one venice chapter to florence and actually have them broken down. Otherwise you're trying to scroll through, and we're going to see that we have a lot of pallets open by the end of the day, and so I was trying to find those screen real estate to fit them all in is a little tricky, so by having a broken down into albums, at least you're not scrolling through like I have, I think four hundred pictures of a little, you know, I don't have to scroll through all those, so I break them down have already chosen the ones. That I thought went well in the book, and I've made an album just for those who don't have to go through all the ones that maybe didn't look so good that I took on my iphone, something like that. Go ahead, yeah, that's, that's, actually, you know, I was telling you earlier that I started playing around with my book's author program last night, and I was like, ok, well, I'm going to start laying some stuff out, and then I realized very quickly that wait a minute, I kind of need an outline I need to, like, think about this and figure out my organization and and what topics I even want to put in here to start with, right? Exactly. And I think having that laid out is a really, really good idea you haven't outlining software that would be excellent as well, to kind of just put your put your thoughts in order because, like I said, sometimes once you start putting it in order, we're going to look at how, when we rearrange things and ibooks, sometimes it doesn't work, especially if you're used to working with something like even even word, actually or pages or in design you're used to saying, I don't want this page here, let's, move this page, and I must offices you put it there, it's it's kind of there and you can copy and paste is a little bit of work around. So again, having a good game plan is really, really a good idea, so yeah, definitely an outline is good getting all your assets together. I like putting life saying photo in eye photos so I have my albums, things like that all ready to go. So the other thing is you want to do is probably get any of your text files together that you have if you already got text living somewhere else, we're going to look at bringing in text from different places, but pretty much any text you have, we can copy and paste we're going to look at that as well. So rich text files, plain text files, word files even if you have been designed files, you can copy and paste between those as well if you want to. So you already got it somewhere else. You can bring that in that way, and then any other layouts that you might have, you might have it in and design you might haven't pages gathered those all oppa's well. We're going to look at some of the limitations to that how it has to be set up and again it's one of those bumpy things where it's like I need to get the indesign stuff in here and I don't want to duplicate my work it's not always pretty but it saves me having to replace images throughout the day in my books author so we'll look at that so I gather up everything I think is going to go into this book and then I'm ready to go so now let's talk about the requirements for the system the system requirements all the good stuff and as I like to say these are accurate as of last night probably but you know to quote fares bueller life moves pretty fast and if you don't check your which version of software you have you might miss something I might be phrasing a little bit but but you know it's it's current now always go toe apple in check and the great thing is when we go to publish this later it's going tell you oh you need this do you have this click here if you don't have it's going to go you need the new version and sometimes I know that it's like I was ready to publish and you just keep stepping backwards I need this I need the new version of this I need okay so right now as of last night what you need you need ibooks author to now here's the great part is free I told you that you get that on the mac app store so and I didn't say at the beginning this is a mac only program I just probably figure most people that try to put it on the pc probably figured that out but sorry about that it is a mac only program so you need a mac you need toe have lion ten point seven so if you don't have lying you will have to upgrade to that you go into the mac app store which probably lives in your doc let's see they don't have it down here on my dock but years probably lives in your dog gets the mac app store let's go to apple dot com and get that and look for ibooks often and it's going to be there and it's free like I said you download it it's going to tell you if you don't have the right system you'll be set so we install that so we need to have that to create the book ox and actually if that's all we're going to do is create the books and distributed via email to our friends were fine for most of the stuff so some of the other things that you need is you'll need itunes producer if you want to publish and you're also going to need you need keynote nine, but oh nine but its version five point two if you want to use any of the keynote widgets, so it hooks into keynote in a strange and magical way when you put a kino, which it in if you don't have keynote on your machine and you don't have the right version, it won't let you do that something it's odd. I don't believe it did that in version one if you guys are using version one version one came out a year ago and version two of my books author came out in october and they made some great improvements, and since it's free, I really don't understand why you wouldn't want to upgrade, so go ahead, upgrade to that we need to have kino for that, the eye pro tunes producer, and I will talk about this when we go to actually published later, but the itunes producer is the thing that sort of handles taking the book and sending it to the guy bookstore in the sky, right? So that's, how it handles that you're going to need a couple other things, you're going to need an apple I d so you probably have won if you thought anything on itunes ever, so you have an apple I d we're going talk about again, and when we published later, the different types of of ideas that are there in the different types of accounts that will need but to get started we need apple ibooks author to honor machine ready to go keynote if we're going to use that and you might want image editing software if you don't already have something light room photoshopped photo shop elements any of those something on their toe work with the images and there are some image editing affect so we can do inside ibooks author's well, so even if you have a photo that's there and it doesn't look great, you can tweak it someone but you guys being photographers I'm going assume your pictures look great already, right? We'll have to worry about that at all and the other thing that you really need is an ipad, right? So if you don't have an ipad, you can work with it and produce whatever you want. But there's no way to tell that what you're producing on here is actually how it's supposed to look and you're going to need to sink cable, which you probably have because well, you have an ipad and it should have come with one. So you need that because we need to send proofs over to our ipad throughout the day is we're working on this and see that so you want to have that so you can constantly check make sure that because there's no other way to really tell what things look like and we'll see that as we like when we did the picture across the page one of those two come together there's a gray line and it kind of bothers me that there's no ac aiken squint a little bit sometimes to get rid of that but if I throw it on the ipad I could make sure that everything's lined up beautifully and it's a pretty quick process to do that does that make sense? Everybody good on that? Getting everything ready makes sense any quick questions? Any questions from out on the internet anywhere about anything we have some of those okay great let's do those now this is actually a really good question I think this is gonna be one that a lot of people are wondering about and that's about just the rights that apple has. So if you this is from the rainy day store and they ask if I create an ibook does apple have the rights? Can I move it to another type? The book? Okay, yeah, I was going to cover that afternoon, but I noticed that that was on the discussions yesterday as well. Apple doesn't own anything that you make if you make the ibooks form it, so we're making that touch the multi touch version you can on ly sell it on the these are the restrictions you can only sell it through apple you can give it away wherever you want you can give away or sell or do whatever you want in any of the other formats that you could make so directly from my book's author you could make a pdf or you could make plain text and apple doesn't care what you do with them where you sell them or anything the actual content copy paste, whatever that's yours you can do whatever so it's on lee when you create that dot ibooks file, which is the multi touch format for the ibook store that they care if you're making money and if you don't make money, they still don't care about what you do with it. So I know there was confusion in the very beginning and I think that's still stuck in people's and so yes, you absolutely own everything. And if you're selling in the dot ibook format for money, apple wants you to do it through them. Great all right question from julie and underscore enzi julianne from new zealand can you have certain pages in the ibook that could be printable, for example, like a worksheet or an image that your friends can print out? You could save it out as a pdf, the entire book as a pdf and it's not going to be print quality because it's optimizing it always for the digital output it's optimizing it for your ipad so keep that in mind if you start putting you've got some high resolution photos, we put them in its gonna optimize it and when we print it it's not going to look great, it could be fined for handouts or something like that but it's not going to be high quality print, so yeah, you actually but you have to do it is a pdf. Yes, absolutely. Um we've got a couple questions once from canon ones from brennan he's rude related, though they're wondering if the books that you create with my book's author work on all the different ipads, including the first generation they do not, they recommend not on an ipad one I know I was running mind why I've had one when I first got it, but I had didn't have version two yet, so I believe version two it does say you needed ipad to our higher it works great on minnie's as well as the many has the same resolution as thie other the same same resolution as that I've had too on the three and four are twice the resolution so it's still the same proportions. So yeah, absolutely any of the ipad that are out there? Not the one really question from beauty of the lake is wondering what is the basic difference? Ethan between an interactive pdf e book and an ibook difference between them the interactive pdf you are limited on some of the interactivity that's there and most pdf southmost pdf acts that are on the ipad actually can't handle the interactivity it and I'm not really sure why you do things like you know have next page in previous page but if you had some animation or something like that in there it does not translate does not work on most of the ipad or the pdf reading aps on the ipad so they books author ones of course give you all that interactivity now if you're making a pdf for the computer with interactivity it's it's pretty similar there's different things that it does but they chap interactivity I think where the east comes in with ibooks authors that it's widgets drag and drop and the air activity you don't have to build its just there you just drop it in goes so we've got some questions about itunes producer designed central loans to the afternoon I think you get that yeah I think we want to wait till we get something to actually look at then we'll talk about all the ins and outs of the actual producing it because I'm gonna walk through the steps of actually doing that it's well so take that for later good um we want more yeah let's do one more this is actually a good question to you this is from nick you seven one eight one and they would like to know, does ibooks integrate with other non apple products like power points or slide rocket, as faras using those, I'm guessing this war is just the dragon drop drag, astronomy's, you're you're pretty much you're limited to keynote as faras the interactive. Now you could take your power point, and you could open that pitino, and you could say that as a cue. Don't file and drop it in. So if you have something in there, you can actually it's a couple extra steps, but you can get it into kino. Keynote actually takes a lot of different files, a swell, ok, fantastic file formats.

Class Description

Learn digital publication with this tutorial of Apple® iBooks® Author! Apple® iBooks® Author gives the publisher a simple way to create stunning multi-gesture books. Apple® iBooks® Author is a creator of digital textbooks, but the software can be used to assemble a variety of visually-rich interactive publications formatted for the iPad. 

This class teaches you how to:
  • Choose a theme
  • Import existing text and images
  • Create interactivity with the built-in widgets
  • Add videos and sounds
  • Publish your finished masterpiece.