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Using Widgets

Let's play with widgets match going to create a new document again, just so I have some some space to play here and let's, go with we'll go with this one editorial sounds like it has not a lot of pictures, which is good. We want to make spaces for widgets, and I'm just going to add again a blank page, and this is how I get to learn what sort of things look like in certain themes. Again, I'd like to open it up and play with them, play with the widgets and see what's in there before I start, because if I realize that it takes me twenty minutes to change a widget or change everything to look like it. And then I realized that another theme pretty much had exactly what I wanted. It would have really saved me a lot of time to check that first, so get to know the themes that you have, and if you buy more again, just start making sample books with them and you can put them on your ipad and look at him. Whatever you want to do to kind of just get a feel for what's out there, let's, go with widg...

ets, explain what widgets are, witches are the things they're going to give us that interactivity that we had, so the slide shows of images that we had the three dimensional stuff any of that that's all done via widgets and there are a huge amount of widgets that air here when I click on widgets and see these are the things that we can dio so these are the types of options we have for putting interactivity in and again the interactive que no one that I had was actually a keynote application that I built in all the interactivity into that and then put it in here so let me just make sure I'm on the right page here because I know I'm going to skip something there's something ok? I just want to try didn't skip that, okay? So anyway, so I have my widgets here and the first I want to do is we're just going to open up a gallery which it so it just didn't decide what are we doing let's put in a gallery of photos so I was going to click that and it's going to drop in this widget and it's gonna look a specific way and that again is based on the theme and your widget panel opens up your widget inspector and the first thing we do is click over here on the layout tab so I want to go to that so I can kind of get an idea of how this thing is being laid out so I can tell it I want the layout the information to be on the top and the bottom so you know, since his gallery along the top and some fake text and down at the bottom it has a caption with some text in it I can put all that at the top or I could put all of it at the bottom or I can split it the way it wass so you don't have a lot of options for where things actually sit again this is template driven and even when I make changes to it I'm pretty much going to be stuck with them sitting where it is because it needs to kind of be altogether is one sort of in closed package I can choose whether or not to have a title I can turn that off I do that whole thing goes away I can also choose to have this label have his gallery one point one label I can tell it instead it's figure or it's interactive or movie or whatever it is but right now since it knows that I was going to do an image gallery it says all must be gallery but the great thing is I can tell it none I have no labels still have the header that's on there the title but it doesn't say gallery because if he noticed it's going to number him so when I say gallery it puts one point one it's putting chapter one, section one have a little bit of options whether or not it has one point one or just one or continually numbers and threw the book, but it wants to give it a number you don't really have a choice with that, so the best way to get rid of that is just to get rid of it, and if you want the word gallery in there, you could get rid of the label and then type in gallery when you put in the information here, so we're going to put pictures of venice lester's call his, you know, canals of venice guys will be so tired of hearing about venice by the end of the day, so I'm gonna know I'm going to select this and I'm gonna go ahead and put that gallery label back in right now I can also come up with a new label if I don't like the labels that air there, I can come up with a new one so I could choose edit label styles and create a whole new one if I want here let's, call this one step gallery one we're going to call this we'll call this pictures you could say ok, when I do that, I also have to tell it what label formatting I want to see how it always wants to number it, so if I do pictures one and it's relative to the chapter it will just say pictures one pictures to pictures three within that chapter and start the numbering over again on the next chapter or I can tell it relative to the book and then that way will just be a continuous numbering throughout the whole entire book so that's what I do if I have a bunch in the middle you know maybe I just have a chapter that is just all my images I might put that all together so kind of when they put the color pages in the middle of a book you know your photos would be together it's kind of what I'm emulating with that and I can choose a character style so if I have one that I don't like heaven in there that's being used that I don't like I can change it out I could create a new style that maybe didn't have read or I could choose one that's already here I would need to actually create that ahead of time before I get into here so just leave that as figure labels I'll say done and then that's what we'll chooses will choose one this is pictures and so it's going to continuously number it throughout the book the caption could be on or off that stuff at the bottom it automatically gives you these arrows the forward and backward arrows and that's a good thing it gives you the navigation that you need to get through those images I can choose the same caption for all images so I typed that one in here or I can do individual caption for each image so if I have a different image for your different caption preach one I would choose that let's just come in here and choose this and just say some of the canals in venice my one put something a little more descriptive but we can put that in there I wanna grab that again I want to make sure whenever I'm grabbing the widgets I like to drag across it because again you can choose the individual elements of a widget and if you get just kind of click happy and don't really hit where you're trying to hit you might hit the wrong thing so I like to drag across to make sure I have the whole widget and I can also choose a background that's when it clicked background it automatically gave it this color and again this is all changeable stuff we're going to do that in a little while right now we're just going to use what's here would say ok there's a background and how much margin so this is kind of notice it just gives you more of a buffer a little bit of space here we just play with that until looks exactly how we want it within this I can do a few things I can move some of this stuff up and down, we can actually make the text she can't move the text up, I could make changes to the text, but it pretty much sits relative to whatever we've set for the margin and down here is accessibility description. So right now it just says pictures one canals of venice well, this is for readability, so for the sight impaired so that I can put that on there and it will read it if they have the application. Well, it works fine with ibooks author s o the ipad can actually read it and read the description to them so it can tell you what it is that's being shown in this here. So I might put a little bit more descriptive in here and just say these are pictures of the canals and that I might put, you know, one of them looks like this one of them looks like that. Whatever. If I have one description for each, if I've told it individual captions per image, I could put it in individual accessibility description on each as well, and so I'm gonna keep that same caption for all and I just have that little description here coming here to interaction, this is where we actually put the information in this is where we choose what it is we need to put inside the gallery so I'm going to go ahead and just put show thumbnails so I've got a thumbnail and a blank picture, but we need to actually put some pictures in here so I'm gonna open up my media panel again and when we come in here come over here to the venice tab and I'm just going to select a few different pictures and I'm going to do command select that means I can select individual pictures without selecting everything in between so it's like that one that one looks nice this one this one and let's do like a couple more these to look good and one more will do that now I can either drag him into the widget panel here I could drag him into the media panel here are going to drag him right on top of the widget itself. Some of dragged these and just drop him in when I do that it's going to put him in the order that found him in I photo it's going to take a minute because what it's doing is it's optimizing those photos so it's making sure that its optimum it's making a smaller then they are most likely they're going to make sure that it's small a small enough to be a reasonable size but big enough to be enough resolution when we look at it because keep them I want to do that thing where we pinching zoom we're going to blow it up full screen so ideally what you want is something that's the least you know the twenty, forty eight wide, so when you're looking at it on an ipad with retina display, it looks really good and effect on apple's web site in the the ibooks or I'm sorry in the itunes connect so itunes site turns connect on apple dot com has some really good information about how to optimize your photo what's best for the different ipads that are out there and keep in mind there's always new I've heads that are coming out there's always new rules so it's a good place to go a good resource to go and check the best way to have your image is set up for for use all right, so we've got those images we've dropped them and they're like so we can drop him right on the widget we can drop him inside this media the sorry the widget panel that's here and I can rearrange what order those sitting because right now it starts with that one that's fine, maybe I want this one to be at the end so I can grab that and grab this little handle over here on the right hand side and just drag it down and reorder in that way, I can also select one and say I really don't like that one I can add a file, which is nice if I know where it is in my finder, maybe it's, not nine photo, right? So I want to add one that it doesn't live there at all. I can just come over here and say, well, here's, a picture that I wanted to add it's not really one of the canals, we're going to add it anyway, we're going to say, insert so that image gets sent in here is, well, all right, so that's an easy way to add them if you don't know where they are. If they're not, you know, drag a bill from the finder or you don't have them, and I photo, you can actually add them that way as well. And then again, I can choose each one and say, you know, this is whatever cannot let's say, this is the grand canal that's there, and then I could say this is something else, so I have a different description for each picture, so as each one comes up, it will also read that for them as well. So it's a good idea to do that because you don't know it's, not like you're a lot of books you have to make, completely just accessible just has the accessibility. Where's this you don't know and so it's nice to have that in there, that's something you can also put in your description of the book that it's fully tagged for accessibility and that's really kind of a big a big deal for a lot of companies as well. So that's the, uh the widget we just put in the pictures here and the nice thing is we can see all that interactivity here inside, um, my book's author so we don't have to, like, go out toe actually preview it out to look at we can actually just see it as is that makes sense. Everybody had to start with that widget. All right, let's, grab some of the other widget says here I'm actually going to save that one because we're going to come back to that. Can I add another page? Just another blank page? Actually, and I'm gonna come over here and we're going to add another widget and I'm going to do the media, which it and this is where I would drag and drop audio or video files, and actually I have to see if I have my, uh, one of my stand alone video filed the video file that we had, I think maybe I do let's, make sure here it is this is the video that we looked at the opening video remember that we had here if you notice it's an mpeg file so it's an mp and before file right? So we're going to take this file do the same thing if I had it my movie file it would be accessible from the media, which it but it's not in my movies file just sitting out loose, so I'm going to grab it do the command tab to get backto ibooks author and drop that in there so I could just have that in there same sort of thing layout where do we want our tabs? He knows it's optimizing it's going to take a few minutes we'll maybe twelve seconds it says it's going up so it's it's kind of a tricky one excuse me so yes so I can come in here and I can look at that. I could go ahead and play that right inside, which is pretty cool I have the same layout options exactly the same, so we're not going to go over those at all. Brian come in here and I can also do things like let's pause that I could tell it it's full screen only so when they tap on it it automatically opens to full screen, so if I want to force them to watch it in full scream you will watch in full screen, you can click that so it automatically does that for you. The thing is, I can choose a poster frame. Maybe I don't like that beginning picture aiken slide and scrubbed through this image to find one that I like that's. What I wanted to show when it's sitting there on the page before they tap it to play it. And so I like that I like the way that looks that's. How it's going to look on the page. I can also tell it toe loop if I wanted to keep looping and I can also I have these controls here just for playing so I could check it out. So the nice thing is I can pause that. But that's, what it's gonna look like on the page? Go back to my poster screen, so make sense we could drop that and we could do the same thing with an audio file. I don't have an audio file but looks exactly the same way. Drop it in and we're going to have the same control set up that I think is. It we might want to tell it that we need to click on this to play some people might not know it's ah movie, I tend to do that, obviously says movie up here, but I might put, you know, click, you know, tap on it to play, not click we need to say tap because we're working on a touch touch screen, so I might say, you know, touch to play, pinch to zoom full screen if I haven't forced it to full screen. So I tend to put some instructional stuff in there in my widgets as well, because otherwise everything is going to be looking the same, and you might not realize one's a picture once a three d object, one's a video, things like that. All right, so we want to put that in there, but now I did some changes to that other widget that was here. I have this widget here, and I would like my other widgets toe look the same and actually let's make a little change to this. I don't like how light this color is, so we're going to make this a little bit darker on the background, so I make a few changes to it, and then I want to make sure that the other widgets look the same so I don't have to do this every time for the different, which is something sense ok, so I'm going to take this widget here and I just want the background to be a little different, so I'm going to actually go up to the graphics tab graphic inspector and I'm gonna fill it with a color let's get out of the crowns for a minute will come put something inherent school of orange orange is my favorite colors were going to use that and I make it slightly lighter actually let's just play with it here a little bit little teacher than that all right, we'll play with that, so that looks pretty good it's a little little bright, but now I know you're all the way can you can see it, I'm going to change that there and now I want it to look like that over here and so of course I grab this and there actually isn't anything yet because one of the things we don't have is we don't have the background turned on let's turn on the background. Of course it doesn't look like I wanted it to, so I'm actually gonna come back to the other application over here, the other one, the other widget and I'm going to grab that and the other thing I'm going to do back on the graphics inspector is I'm going to go ahead and tell it give it a stroke I can say I could put a line around it that's fine that's kind of boring but I put a great stroke around that if I wanted to that's not really what I want to do instead of a line I wanted to be a picture frame and then I have a whole bunch of picture frames to choose from let's really get wild and say actually it's a picture frame look at that just like the old pictures and putting our little photo albums that's what I want all my widgets toe look like from now on all right, so I can tell it that that's what? The media which it looks like that's great are the gallery widget so I can select this item just like we did before when we told it what the shape looked like and what that default text looked like. We could do the same thing by grabbing this item and they come up to format advanced and then tell it, do we want to do that to find I have too many things grab let's, just grab that. I think I had that images with it there we go define default gallery style so that's great. So when I make a new gallery as soon as I make that hey, look at that, it looks like I expected too, but look how these just keep opening closing just don't mind them but I come in here and decide ok let's do media we're going to put an image in their video in there well, that looks like it did I don't want that I want everything toe look like that so here's, how I get around that grabbed this widget and I'm going to go up under format and choose copy graphic style that I'm going to come over here to the movie and select that actually just when you trick it just the widget selected this is where it gets a little tricky sometimes just the widget go back to format and choose paste graphic style now it looks the same but now I have to tell it this is what I want all future movie widgets to look like their media widgets so again we go back to format advanced default defined the default media style. All right, so now every time I create a new media widget it looks the same that makes sense everybody. So again, if I wanted suddenly aquino one it's not going to look like it, I have to put one in there, copy the graphic style and paste it and then tell it this is what I want all the key knows to look like so this is sort of the beginning of how we start making the theme our own right? And you might do this by keeping the theme the same, but for whatever reason, you think the widgets or ugly and you think this would look much better, so it kind of looks like an old kodak thing, doesn't it? I guess, is kind of the same colors. Yeah, I'm entity that so, yes. So, I mean, you would set up those those defaults that air there that way, so it does take a little bit, especially if you're going to use all the different regions. I don't think I've ever done a life product project where I actually used all the widgets, so I wouldn't really worry about it too much. All right? Does that make sense getting widgets, and they're okay, let's look at some of the other witches that air there now that we've defined that as our standalone let's do the keynote one next, you know, one again, a lot of the same options. I'm not going to worry about that, we would choose the same things. Maybe we're going toe copy and paste graphic stuff. We're not gonna worry about that too much gonna come over here to interaction. And again, I can force it to full screen. I can also show transport controls, so if I want somebody to run a keynote apple keynote presentation, I want to build the tap to the next page and next page and actually see it with the transport controls. So come in here and I can actually see and again, you don't get to see any of it on the keynote until you actually put it on the ipad. So because it's actually drawing from keynote when it creates the file so it's putting it in there, but it's it's kind of tricky the way it sends it over there and gets the information so the transport controls air so that people can actually tap and do the forward and backwards. Otherwise, what happens when you, if you don't have them and you tap it automatically goes to the next building the next transition? There's no way to go backwards! You can't tell it go backwards in your presentation to put the transport controls. Then you have florida backwards or next previous so here's where he choose the keynote file. We can either go grab it and drag it in well, you just click choose let's, go out here and say let's, find our key note this is an interactive one keep in mind so here's my key note this is the one that we had the little the neighborhoods that were there and we could click on each neighborhood have it show up so much say insert that's going to go ahead and uncertain right in there it's loading it up it will tell you if you don't have the proper version of kino installed so we'll come up and actually that's a totally different one that's right? We'll live with that one oh that I just have the first page in there so yes, so it will tell you if you don't have the newest version of keynote so I thought I did for the longest time and then suddenly it stopped working so I think when there was the update to tide book's author I didn't realize that I didn't update keynote as well and again it's a free update so why didn't do it? You know, just really behind on my updating so it shows the kino the transport controls and turn that off if you don't like them so we can see and that's allows us to go backwards or to the very beginning or the very end just kind of nice, so let's do that let's actually hit the next slide that's here and even that won't work until we're in actually in the ipad so that actually let's open up that keynote thing and let's look at what that is let's make sure that that is the one we're expecting to see the venice map in the kino side actually, yeah venice I did glance that's the one that we actually had in there before let's change that going to come here and change that file and do venice at a glance that's when we want at least then the front page will look a little bit more like we're expecting to see it's going to come in here it's going to think about it there it is and does this look like a lion eating a smaller animal to anybody else? It does to me I don't know just something I noticed when I was working on this it just I thought maybe they did that on purpose when they designed venice, who knows? Someone from venice hopefully is out there is listening and I'm living all right, so I put that in there I've got the transport controls but again not able to use them within ibooks author so I don't know if it's because it's pulling the information or one before whatever reason it's ah it's something we can actually view and maybe if we want we could probably go out and look at that into a preview really quick and actually see what that looks like if you want so although I know I already looked at what it looks like, but this is a point where I would say ok, I can't see that I don't want to assume that that looks good and then set up twenty more that also don't work, so at this point I would open up my ipad so I'm going to see if I can actually get hooked up really quickly to this should be able to give them enough time to switch things around I have smearing turned on hopefully they can get that switched around and what I'm going to do is I'm just going to keep that there for a second I'm going to hit the preview button, I'm just letting you know because you can't see it anymore, so I'm going toe make sure that my books is open on my ipad, so I'm going to do that never got ibooks open that up and I'll go out to the library and I tell it okay and it's just going to send a preview of that entire the entire document actually need to show you how you choose what it is you're previewing so well actually look at this first there's are kino that's there, so in this case I would say ok, let's, open this up and let's make sure it works how we expect when I click a button absolutely looks good were advancing all right, so I would make sure that that works before I started laying out a ton of them like that also to make sure that I like the way the widget look x when I had the widget opened, we could just click that so I like the way it looks. It doesn't have our background that we had added things like that, but that's one of the points where I wouldn't send it out to preview really quickly. So I am done with my ipad's, we could switch that back over. So yes, so that's one of the places I would do that, and I want to show you something that I didn't show you in the very beginning, one of the preferences for previewing and this will save you a lot of time with our previous all I wanted to his preview that keynote slide, but it just sent my entire book over there, which isn't necessarily what I needed it to do, so I'm going to go up on her ibooks author and go under preferences. I didn't really talk about preferences very much that's probably as good a time as any to mention that, but when previewing preview the entire book or just the current section, so if you have a really big book and you just want a preview one thing like that come in here and change that to just the current section that's the only thing that will be sent out to there the thing is new documents minds will show you while I'm in here when I create a new document, it will either come up with the template chooser like we have been doing or I could tell it what template to always use so if you're using the same temple it all the time, go ahead and set it up ahead of time cancel out of that we would just choose which one you want to do from there when actually close that up. All right let's do a little bit more with widgets then so we've got our kino widget and again I could do copy and paste style but already copied the style so I could just come in and say pace graphic style boom now we've got the keynote set up exactly as well again I could set that is the default so all new keynote widgets open up that way all right let's look at a couple more widgets that we have in here let's do that interactive image this one I like the way it looks is the one where we tapped on it, zoomed into the picture and zoom back out and everything I like it but it's the most difficult one for me to actually work with and there's a reason for it will show you why in a second let's actually coming here will grab describe some of those colorful houses like we had before drop that in you know what I'm doing it's putting it in there and then it's kind of like shrink it down and why it takes so long to do that I don't know but it does so it automatically has these two tabs in here right? So these two images and I think I'm over here and drag them where I want to since I do, it zooms in because this is oh you must want to zoom into one hundred sixty percent so I have to zoom out to get it how we wanted to look when I hit that particular box when they tap on this box that's where it's going to zoom into that's great that when I come over here I have to also adjust it and tell it to set the view to that size so let's just do that and say ok let's, move this here all right, I'm gonna come over I want to open up let's close my media panel let's go back to my widget panel and here's my two items that I have on here so I can click one and say what I'm in this one this is what it looks like so my view came in great but I lost that that box again and this is I think the one I spend the most time scratching my head it actually is pretty cool when it's done but it's like okay let's set that view that's what I wanted to look like let's go to number one say ok that looks good and then let's go out to the default view and that looks pretty good but unfortunately some of these moves sometimes and I don't like the way they sit in the full view so sometimes I just sit there and play with him play with it but the nice thing is it looked pretty decent came through I can also show the descriptions in a sidebar instead and I can also show the transport controls which gives me the option to click on these items here now you notice what happened here selected the box and it put it in a sidebar but it kind of did this kind of default transparency on top of it we're going to actually turn that off I don't really like the way that looks but that controls air nice that way we won't have to try and tap on the square for it to come up it's just kind of difficult I can add a third one of course assumes I do it just randomly throws it somewhere and I can move it and change where this actually points to which is great but again trying to get that to fit in the view so actually I think we didn't do too poorly to see if I change it here let's actually grabbed this dude here and change it move it so it looks decent here but maybe it doesn't look so good in the default view that's where I just I've kept it to two or three get too many of them and trying to fit it in all the different it's just one of those things so anyway sometimes they pay off though that doesn't look too bad I'm going actually paste that graphic style again and let's do that all right it doesn't look so good with that doesn't let's do that let's undo that all right so that's how we do the interactive image that's here same pretty much pretty much the same stuff that's here layout where you want the tags to go do you want titles? Captions anything like that so one thing to keep in mind when we're looking at just plain images I'm just going to put a plane image in here there's a good point to talk about those labels those titles that air here if I put this image here or even if let's see let's actually put it in with some text I'm gonna come over here and I'm gonna put an image in here I'll just put an image that I've placed in here it's not one of my placeholder images or anything like that. I'm going to put the image in here and they were gonna look at it in portrait layout that's going a portrait orientation and I look and if you notice, get over to my scrolls again, that picture is gone. That picture isn't showing up and there's a reason for it is that it's not a placeholder image placeholder images automatically show up as do widgets those the only things that show up on the side. So if I put that image in there because again, the focus on the portrait is for the text, so if you have just a lot of images placed all around there's probably no reason for if it's in a place holder it's going to show up sometimes at the top sometimes in this image here, but if it's a figure they figure well, this is important enough. We've called it out, we're going to put it in an image gallery, things like that, so it doesn't show up, but there is a way to make them show up, so I'm going to go back to the landscape going to come over here and I'm going to turn this into a widget so it turning into a witch, click on the widget and tell it title so I want the title to show up, but I can tell it that the title is none there's no label and then I can select the text and deleted there's actually nothing there, but it sees it as a widget, so now when I put it in that orientation, it actually shows up they want to come into that orientation I can still do lay out in this orientation, I tend not to do much of it because it tends to sometimes feed back into the landscape orientation and most of the stuff that I've been designing has been the landscape we're kind of focusing on that, so but I can move this wherever it says, but you know, I can't move it right and left it's pretty much sitting in the margin that's what it wants to do with those images, but keep in mind you have to have a label even though the label might be nothing I think I don't like is that I now have this bigger text from that kind of sits in my way, but as long as it's see through, it doesn't really matter does that make sense to put the images there? And so it kind of turned the image into a widget in a way let's go back to this one it will delete this and look at a couple more widgets that we have all right, so here's, two new ones the's air new in version two. I really like these actually there's three d. I don't know. I think I have the three d model again. It's going to work the same way that we've been working. Choose a file, go out and shoes file that fits. So I have this one let's. See, if I have the venice model is the one I'm looking for. And I have a file in here called model that d a the d a is a colada file. I know it's like, what is that? If you use google, sketch up it all one of the things you can say it is a lot of filer d e file that's the extension so it has to be that particular file type for it to work. So if you go out to google, sketch up there's some galleries out there, you can look at what other people have made. And if you feel like making three d things you can otherwise you can probably purchase them from some right never actually bought one from anywhere. Just there's a lot of stuff on the google sketch up gallery that's out there so that's what this is I'm going to certain that and just insert that model in there. And I have a couple different options. I can either free rotate it. So that's, what I did was moving around all directions or can move it just horizontally or just vertically. So we've already looked at that in the in the preview. We won't look at that again. So that's, how you put it? A three d model in there? You put it in there to d a file. We drop it in there. Same options is all the other widgets. Really? Let's play a couple of the new ones that are here scrolling sidebar and pop over. So the scrolling sidebars pretty cool. It even tells you gives you a little frame asses double clicked. Add text. You can also put images in there so let's actually go and get some text ongoing. Use our sample text that we've had and come back in here. And we could just double click and add that text. And what it did is it created this box with the scroll on the side. So this is kind of cool if you want, say, a scrolling sidebar exactly as it is will make this teeny tiny cz sidebar it's over to the side. It limits it on the whip for some reason, not really sure why, but doesn't want you to make it any skinnier than that says getting as we could go we'll go back to the widget panel, the widget inspector and look at that and say ok there's not much new for lay out because the layout is already done we're going to put a frame we're going toe put the scrolling text inside there I could do the same thing titles and all that but because it's a scrolling side by are pretty much don't I'm going to make this shorter though so I have lots of text to scroll through we can play with the background again we could make this you know we could make this white and we could make it transparent which is kind of nice so if we do that it's on top of an image so it's actually put an image in there drag him just drop him right here and then we want to send him a little bit to the back send backwards so when I do that I know have this nice scrolling text frame here and again I can play with the margins it's actually make this a little bit wider I can come in here back to the widget and let's play with the margin that's here, right? So automate it gives me a margin and play with that and now I have a nice scrolling text bar on top of my image that's there some sensitivity with scrolling in which the scrolling sidebars pretty cool that's new in version two and I really like that all right let's get rid of that and the last one that will talk about right now is the pop over this is cool just a little bit of pop up so it's kind of those pop up videos we used to watch you nobody remembers music videos that's right? I'm going to come here and drag and drop a picture in here and I just dragged dragged a picture on top of that little icon that's there I could make changes to this doesn't have to be that small picture on why starts out that way but the cool thing is there's a pop appear that I totally lost it's awesome I don't know what happened to it let's try this again talking about music videos let's put this pop up in here let's add some text I think it just didn't like that it did any text here check this out we can just put that in there coming here will drag this guy on top there now we have the pop up where did it go so it's just not showing up for me this is awesome all right, I have it in here it knows it's here yeah, I don't know where that went at all you should be able to see that and it should not disappear it's not one of those that you have to wait until yep it's just totally gone the pop up is there let's do this free form all right, well I'm going to leave that we're going to see what happens that maybe I can check that at the break and see what happened um but I couldn't go ahead and tell it where the where I want the label to be I have a little bit more layout with where it goes I go ahead I was I was just going to say that when I double clicked on the image it came back the doubleclick came out alright let's double click it because mine disappear to double clicked it and then double clicked it so it's a double double click I don't know why I wasn't doing that seriously I don't know why double clicking it and double clicking it works thank you also know why double clicking wasn't working but apparently have to double click all right mouse failure hand failure I hand coordination all right so anyway there it is we can still see what's on there so when I click our tap on that image in on the ipad it will pop up and show me something interesting about it so it's kind of cool that you can see these pop overs that air here and again, you can have the different labels and I do like that you have all these different setups that air here and the great thing is is that you can you could do that and then not put anything in that pop up and so you could just have these nice labels off to the side it gives you that extra that extra kind of control over where the labels going like the labels thrown off to the side or whatever and actually some of the some of the templates use widgets that you don't really recognize is being widgets and so the cool thing is that, um I can actually add that I'm trying to think of one of the ones that are on here this my clock is dying just, you know, um anyway, uh trying think which one has this set up it's the photo book one here and if I come in here and change one of these pages and this was actually fun because for the longest time, I couldn't figure out how this thing was built and then I realized it's a widget. So I have this picture here and I have this caption off to the side and I was trying to figure out can change the caption I can do whatever I want to the caption, but I couldn't move the caption I thought, oh, it's it's grouped and I'd go up here into a range on group is great out which means it's not grouped the longest time it configured out so come overto widget I realize it's a picture with a caption off to the side so here's the thing I could hide the caption show the caption of course I lose the caption because it was a custom place where was placed but so something to keep in mind is on the templates they may have eased widgets that don't look like widgets that does not look like a widget to me and it took the longest time for me to figure out that actually was a widget that makes sense everybody so you can use the widgets even though it's not really widget you're putting one picture in there so it's a gallery widget with a cap ction and that's it no title anything else like that and just fits nicely in there and then I also can add things like the accessibility so that's really nice a cz well someone switched back over to my other document that's here we have the pop up like I said that's here there's also html five widgets I don't have any examples of that at all so if you have it you know dashboard on the map where you can bring up the dashboard to have the little widgets for the temperature in the time and all that stuff you can create those in magic software that I don't use at all, you can create those and created dot w deed g t filing dot widget while a dashboard file, and you can drop those in there as well. So let's say you had one, you know, let's say you have one that can hook into the internet into the weather database, you might make a little weather whether which it put it in there say, that time times fast, whether widget put it inside there, and then when you're on your own head and it's connected to the internet, you can actually it'll draw that in and actually display the temperature inside your book. So that's kind of cool, I just don't have the, you know, the knowledge to actually do that, but if you can find some of that air out that that's pretty cool as well, and the last one is tests and reviews, everybody likes tests tell him right, so I'm going to come look at this really quickly and grab this again, grabbing it moving in so I have some choices for the different types of questions that are inherit automatically throws one in here for you. I can come in here and give it a question, you know what city has canals? I don't know let's name three so we can come in here and weaken putting the answers just double click what the answers are. We could also come over here and tell you how many answers we actually want there to be. I say we can do that and we can click the one that is the proper answer. Well, coming here and we'll say, it's venice, there you go. So we can have that. And we can add another question as we go along. So just come in here and say, out of question let's, add a new one. That's ah, multiple choice with pictures. There we go so that we can have one that has pictures. So again, if this is a textbook that's great or what? If you were just trying to learn, say, a foreign language or something, we could come in here and dragged these across and just dragged the images in that we need, right? So coming here dragged those boom. All right, so we have that and say, oh, this is the proper answer to whatever the question was, and we're good to go. So now it could look and see all the different questions that I have inside my text that pretty cool and so even I think they'll be something fun even in the photo one you know, just put the photo pictures something like that or you know which picture did I say? You know, I took you know, in this place or, you know, something like that just something fun to put in there so the text though again they're thinking textbooks and that's where they're heading with all this stuff, so those were kind of the widgets that air there that's how we add the interactivity, so any question on widgets and we had it kind of a boy doing oh, goody bags were coming in and you're answering them before, so I asked them, so my recipe is working? Um let's see here, let's start with this one, susan says love the class you said it's that the movie will play when you turn the page at full screen without tapping the screen. She does like to know if the movie could close, then automatically load the next page when it's finished no and no ok, yes, oh, you can't be san tell it you can't tell it toe tow auto launch auto play ok all right question from colby is wondering if you can have a widget of sore for, say, a twitter hashtag search or google maps you have live content that requires an internet connection I don't see why not because the widget that's what it which it does is pull information from the web and puts it in html so I don't see why not but I don't know for a fact but I think that sounds like an interesting thing to just have your book or something like that and just have twitter hashtag has been pulled in that would be pretty cool so we'll probably but I don't know for sure mary wants to know when adding video keynotes or sorry or kino ibooks author is optimized them import is there we'll wait to prepare the media so that you can avoid this time so to prepare ahead of times right waiting for it I don't think that there is because it doesn't really take all that much time then that's a pretty big interactive t no one that I put in there and it took like ten seconds to put in there they're probably a smaller pictures would probably do it but I don't know if it still has to look at all the pictures anyway and optimize that even though it's not actually doing anything, it still has to think about it so that's a good question I don't know ok that's a good question for apple all right um let's see here there's so many of them I like way already answered all right don crossland is wondering if you can nest widgets like putting a scrolling text frame and a pop over putting a scrolling freeman detective popular? I have no idea we can try that at the end, if you wantto, like, remind me on that, maybe we could try that at the end set that up unless you want to try it now, I just I mean, can I just don't know if you could I don't think you can because you actually have to be able to pull it from somewhere else, so I would say probably not because you have to put him from the media tablet or from the choosing of file you can't like, drag a picture that's there on top of it and make it work, but we can try it later if you want. Okay, I set that up if you remind me of the brake on, see if I can set it up this one's going to be like one more? Yeah, this is doing what we should be pretty easy actually thought this one's from angela and you may have already answered this related to this answer earlier, but she asked he dragged a photo from finder into my book author what optimizes images the same way as when you yes it's, optimizing all the images when it puts it in there? Absolutely, and one of the things I I don't think I showed because some stuff that happened earlier this morning, the other way to bring things in is just used the insert menu and she's choose. So that just brings up the finder. Just as as we're used to before. We could bring images in that way. And you can also bring in multiple images as well. So that's, kind of a quick break.

Class Description

Learn digital publication with this tutorial of Apple® iBooks® Author! Apple® iBooks® Author gives the publisher a simple way to create stunning multi-gesture books. Apple® iBooks® Author is a creator of digital textbooks, but the software can be used to assemble a variety of visually-rich interactive publications formatted for the iPad. 

This class teaches you how to:
  • Choose a theme
  • Import existing text and images
  • Create interactivity with the built-in widgets
  • Add videos and sounds
  • Publish your finished masterpiece.