10 Adobe® Photoshop® Things


10 Adobe® Photoshop® Things


Class Description

Been using Adobe® Photoshop® for years? Think you know everything that it can do? Jed Taufer would beg to differ! Jed will present approximately 10 things you can do with Adobe® Photoshop® that you may not already know about.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6


Jennee Kahanek

I have a BA in Graphic Design but always need help with Photoshop since we did not cover that much in class. This was so helpful! Now after purchase I can watch again and again and again to help me remember. Thank you so much. Awesome class. I just wish you could use this for another class but just talk about landscapes since that is what I photograph. I have learned a lot.

a Creativelive Student

Jed shows interesting techniques. His rambling delivery and tangential remarks are an acquired tasted and make him approachable. He offers some good business advice. However, his remarks about "interns are free labor" and it's good that they "are scared" of you are offensive and not a good practice. AIGA has some remarks worth reading and considering for all in the design business. : http://www.aiga.org/be-smart-about-student-internships/