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Day 1 Pre-Show

Low internet and welcome to creative live. We are here in our san francisco studio, and we are so excited because today is one of our first workshops where we are going to be talking about the world of crafts, the makers, the crafters, in addition to that, anybody out there who creates whether it is a physical product or virtual product, we are going to be learning how to sell that, and we're so excited to have with us. Tara gent, hilly for the art of selling what you make, my name is ken klosterman, and I will be your host today along with joe emery, mill commit and we are going to do about ten minutes of a pre show here. The goal here is just for you to let us know if you can see us and hear us and let us know where you're joining us from. We're going to do some shout outs, but we would love to noah's well, what you make and what your biggest challenge is with selling what you make so let us know in the chat rooms there's a click with live participants chat button there j marie, how ...

are you doing today I feel like a million bucks how do you feel I feel great, I a million too sweet with interest, right? Awesome yes so today is actually actually the next three days is going to be an exciting evolution and I just can't wait to get into the businesses of our students to hear from all of you out on the on the web and really to explore the challenges I'm a small business owner have been there's a lot of challenge in that and you know no matter if you make things products books you know there's always stuff to learn so that you can do that better and sell more and just, you know, have that success that you want absolutely before we introduce our studio audience let's talk a little bit about sunday, okay? Because we are doing the first ever created live indy craft show now the beauty of this is that you could join us craft show from wherever you are in the world because this is a virtual online live this show crap show we have a number of things we have about twenty including our studio audience of artists who are going to be showing us their wares and you have the potential to purchase that those items if you wish a perfect time for your holiday shopping but we're gonna be talking to all of them and also just learning about what they make and what their challenges are as well and what their successes are too right? Yeah, absolutely on dh what's really cool is also that if you are in the san francisco area if you are in the bay area we want all of you to come join us here at our studio for this craft show so it's from nine am toe one p m on sunday and you can find out more information you can actually just come you can look up our address that is honor about us page here on create alive on dh then you can also find information about the show there's a indie crap show little icon little ad space beneath the video that you're watching right now yeah that's gonna be awesome here in san francisco yeah cool so do we want to have it after these guys okay so you know we have all of you out there but we have a fantastic in studio audience we want to get to know them so starting with anna right? We're going teo ask you anna tell us your name maybe where we can find you online a little bit about yourself but maybe some about your business and what is your biggest challenge with your business? Sure my name is anna manzano I'm the owner and head designer of an apple were known for infants and children's clothing that's really quirky and made with really kind materials january makes five years that I've been in my business congratulations thank you and I've had a lot of really awesome opportunities, especially in the past year tio and my biggest challenge is kind of learning which opportunity just because it's a good one if it's the right one and that being said when I moved into you know, figuring out which ones I want to take them figuring out what to delegate out and kind of balancing all the balls that are in the air so yeah, and then you can find my stuff at anna apple dot com a p p l e so one end in the anna well, I bought both of them so it will reroute heart heart what's really cool is that I've learned before here on creative live that once that once you hit that five year mark with your business that you have succeeded a lot further than a lot of people who don't so congratulations again on hitting that five years that's really awesome we look forward to seeing your pieces as well. Hi, my name is sasha keagan and I am a writer. Um I've written two books one is called quirkyalone quirky quirkyalone, a manifesto for uncompromising romantics which is about singleness and relationships. And another book called to do list from buying milk to finding a soul mate what are lists reveal about us and that's a collection of one hundred really hand written to do us in the stories behind them so I've always yeah, you got to check those out her two that are right up my alley right now in my life. So I have been a writer and a publisher for a long time, and in the last year I've been building a business for the first time, combining everything I've written about about singleness and relationships and happiness and with my coaching. So I have online classes where people can celebrate the quirky in them as a way to accept and love themselves more and also to enjoy being single and create the relationship that they really want. So when I want your biggest challenges figure, I mean, how does it all come together? Because I have so many diverse interests right now? I'm also to book work on a book that's about sex and sensuality. So being a writer, I'm always wanting to think about new things, but how do I hone and make it clear and stay focused on my business? Fantastic. And we're going to be talking a lot this morning terrorist gonna be talking a lot about finding who your customer is and that unique customer, that quirky customer, perhaps on dh learning all about them, so perhaps that will be a great way to start diving into howto keep it all together, but that's great. I love that we have a writer in the audience because here in person because there are so many writers out there and this class is exactly for you as well on how to sell what you make I'm megan eckman I am the writer and illustrator behind studio me so january marks five years from my businesses. Well, congratulations. Thank you. I I started it when I was in college my parents agreed I could get the arty farty degrees but I had to start a business improve that I could make my way in the world. So it's been a little slower for me those first few years, but just this past month I did a job with google illustrating some stuff for them. So my biggest challenge right now is working with my customers and taking them up to a higher level to buy more limited edition items. Andi also wondering how to navigate this world where self publishing is taking off but it's also not necessarily the best monetary answer. That is a huge challenge. Absolutely. And so I think again we'll be talking about if your product is a virtual products but exactly e books so many so many information products out there and it is challenging incredibly competitive so how do you reach those people that are are your target and how do you even decide who's who those people are so that is awesome congratulations again on your business that other bit about your parents concerned about the ability to go to art school then started business that's perfect because again one of the themes that terror is going to be talking about is debunking that myth of the starchy starving artist and I know I don't want to steal her thunder on the phrase but I'm going from the starving artist to the thriving artist those air not to things that have to be separate so excited I um I'm sahar I own a business called jenna which is the arabic translation of heaven and it's because when I make my stuff it's it's the closest to heaven that I'll ever be it feels like and my website is jenna dot com j n dash and a and also sahar dot com as a dash h a r um I like the dash because my last name has a dash in it so I kind of obsessed over um I do fashion design, textile painting, jewelry making and bookbinding and after I graduated from c c a um doing art uh I wanted to do business and I tried to apply the cc again to do the business part of it and they said that I needed three years of it syrians and that I think that's what started me in to, like actually opening up my business and uh but now I don't even want to go back now. I just want to continue what I'm doing so well, you're you are in the perfect spot. We just have a way we just have a little bit of time. So I would love to introduce you with in here from the online audience quickly. So hey, my name is lenny oliver. I'm the owner, everything person of berta virtue it's, a jewelry design company. I'm located here in san francisco. I laser cut wood and then I hand paint everything and I layer it all together so my pieces are really intricate and quite detailed on dh like I've been making jewelry for actually twenty years since I was in high school on dh in my twenties, I had sort of little section of doing jewellery, and then I went into corporate america. And so a year and a half ago I quit that and I've been doing this ever since, but congratulations, tio tio. Yeah, yeah, it's good. But I seem to be and I do a lot of craft fairs. I seem to be struggling with trying to manage it all, I guess, really? And figure out the production and make sure that my prices are correct for what I'm selling so well. We are going to be talking about pricing tomorrow as well. It's going to be huge, your work is beautiful, by the way, I was totally eyeing it up on the table earlier. I was so excited for the next three days, let's, just check it really briefly with the internet. Who do we have summary? We have badlands yoga from albuquerque, making online gilda experience. This is sun chaser from south dakota has a fine artist with painting and photography yarn together from texas. Who does crash a yarn, artistry and jack aranda designs from oakville, canada. Excuse me and they have a big challenge about driving consistent traffic to their online shop so welcome and it's perfect. We hope to help you solve that challenge. So fantastic. Fantastic. On day three, we're gonna be talking about email marketing and how important that is. So without further ado, it is definitely time to get started here at creative live. Welcome to the art of selling what you make with terra gentilly.

Class Description

If you have serious crafting skills and are ready to transform your work from a pastime to a thriving business, this three-day immersion into sales and marketing in the age of Etsy® is for you.

Taught by business strategist Tara Gentile, this course will help you think like a service-based business to maximize positive customer relationships and sales. Using and applying basic pricing strategies and psychology, you’ll learn how to set prices that reflect the value of what you do while still remaining realistic for your customers. You’ll learn how to write marketing materials and create an online presence that piques the interest of clients.

You’ll also learn how to effortlessly guide customers through each step of the purchasing process, from the first spark of initial interest to the final transaction. Tara will show you how to apply your skills in online venues like Etsy®, real-world settings like craft fairs, and beyond.

This course will give you the concrete, pragmatic tools to connect with customers, make sales, and share the unique things you make with the world.