The Art of Selling What You Make

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The Art of Selling What You Make


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What should people take away from today? What should they be thinking about tonight? Sum it up for us? Yeah, so I love to give homework. Sasha's a client of mine she knows. Give good homework, right? So for the rest of today, what I want you to dio is apply some of this stuff to your business. I think the easiest way for you to do it is teo, take a product description of, you know, from your shop from your website that has been maybe a little bit problematic for you, maybe a problematic product, and rework that product description based on the things that we talked about today, based on your customer's perspective. Instead of your experts, perspective reworked just one product description tonight, and you'll feel so much better heading into day two tomorrow when we start talking about money. So let's, talk about day to yeah, teo, about what we're going to do tomorrow. Yeah, we are going to shift your money. Mine set tomorrow in the morning. I'm gonna bust all the myths about earning fr...

om doing things that you love from making what you love, then is it? Later in the day, I'm going to talk about pricing strategies, what to think about beyond the dollars and cents of materials, labor and overhead, and really get into how your position, your products to make the most money on the speaking of positioning, we're going to talk about values driven marketing because marketing is a huge piece of the pricing pie as a well on. So that's that's what we're going to rock out tomorrow, so okay, so just to share a little bit of feedback, we've been giving you love all day here. Some more off of twitter willow loves you, which is the twitter handle? Sure, she loved teo willow, she was using the hashtag c l craft says I have mad respect for tara jin teo gentilly on designer jen says wild this conversation is remarkably resilient yet vulnerable go creative life and thie, oprah meets, etc example the day of america, taj then teach photo says I may just be a photographer and a closet crafter but this is some of the best sales info I have ever heard. Thanks, tara. Thank you. Oh, yeah, sure thing. That's. Fantastic. I mean, we have been hearing a lot about what people are getting out of this course and how you are so approachable, which is awesome because it's, just speaking, teo, a lot of people who are watching here today, everybody, if you have been with us just for part of today or the whole thing this workshop is available for you to purchase for one hundred forty nine dollars that gives you any time access unlimited access to all of the course content that's all of the course videos plus the bonus e book which means it's actual second edition and not available anywhere else other than here on creative I've it's a twenty five dollar value for this e book when you purchased the course today this is ninety nine dollars for all three days of content plus the e book I also want to point out that when we were talking yesterday terror you talked about how day one of this course is actually previously a three hundred dollar course, so this is an incredible value and we really, really do appreciate your coming and spreading your word teo the crate of live audience what I love about today is that we've been seeing people who are not just in our studio audience but online who were very, very motivated and at the core again of what their mothers have motivated about today is or customers more impact more money simplify it down to that if that is you again there's a green by button beneath the video you can add this to your creative vibe library and we appreciate your being here with us tonight dio and speaking of being here if this has gotten you excited? I just wanted to take this opportunity to mention we have some upcoming d I y holiday crafts and cocktails workshop. This is going to be really awesome if you have loved this conversation around selling your crafts, we invite you to learn more about crafting just in time for the holidays during these two days, which is a siri's of workshops. On november seventh and eighth, you will learn how to make intricate ornaments, glamorous accessories and delicious cocktails all from amazing artists. Lisa solomon, who is going to teach you how to crow? She and embroider snowflakes, will be joining us. Jeanette crawford how to make a tour headdresses I'm going to make one tiffany turner eyes going to teach us how to do blown out egg ornaments and genevieve brass wilton how to make your own liquor and infusions who I was like getting really excited. All right, so all you have to do is head to the creative live calendar, which is that creative live dot com forward slash calendar. You can look for the links on november the seventh and eighth and sign up for those courses and watch them for free. So pretty awesome day awesome things to look forward, tio.

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If you have serious crafting skills and are ready to transform your work from a pastime to a thriving business, this three-day immersion into sales and marketing in the age of Etsy® is for you.

Taught by business strategist Tara Gentile, this course will help you think like a service-based business to maximize positive customer relationships and sales. Using and applying basic pricing strategies and psychology, you’ll learn how to set prices that reflect the value of what you do while still remaining realistic for your customers. You’ll learn how to write marketing materials and create an online presence that piques the interest of clients.

You’ll also learn how to effortlessly guide customers through each step of the purchasing process, from the first spark of initial interest to the final transaction. Tara will show you how to apply your skills in online venues like Etsy®, real-world settings like craft fairs, and beyond.

This course will give you the concrete, pragmatic tools to connect with customers, make sales, and share the unique things you make with the world.