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The Art of Wildlife Photography

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Photo Critique Part 1


The Art of Wildlife Photography

Lesson 10 of 24

Photo Critique Part 1


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Photo Critique Part 1

I think it's always fun to and critiquing is just you know it's always subjective are it's where I came from so I have certain ideas you know I love doing this with teacher class called harvey the summit jackson every fall uzi nine eleven faculty and maybe fifty five students or so and the nine of us but often times totally disagree with each other on the student critics and it's so funny you know say well I don't I think well I think it is but I don't think it isyou know so but so doing a myself just remember that is my only my personal opinion and I'm not I'm trying to be critical but helpful so those aarp ryan's or one of the many seabirds of antarctica um I like it um it is kind of like that goal in the bear's picture we saw with you get the feeling of the atmosphere in the wind and the place the landscape and um they're bucking the wind and you just see certain again these gestures of these guys were really you know into the wind um this is beautiful of the light and I like the id...

ea just having a small bit of water and more sky and so the birds going off on that angle I think that's a that's a lovely image okay I think I like the gesture of the face on the stair of the eyes that contact with the viewer I don't like the midday so much the blue sky um and I don't think the tree is particularly um handsome the leopard is uh you know leopards is just beautiful but there's just a lot going on in is busy just too much busy you know this stick kind of going into the neck and things um this is beautiful here again a little tight maybe in the tail but you know what you have to think about it all the pictures of leopards that we've seen you know there are a lot of leopard pictures out there that you know like there are a lot of bears was pretty much a lot of everything anymore so you have to um remember that but a better tree basically and a better time of day uh do you know do I mean obviously do you agree with what is that is that okay well the first one or no thanks this one is this when you are that this is mine this is mine okay you want to speak to it first you know give you a little background you could get me background check I was taking it to the shop to game reserve in eastern botswana and it was one of those situations were fortunately a pride of lions is very well fed and I'm sitting in the back of an open safari vehicle and that lands ten feet away from me and just look in there laying there looking at me like I see you and you see me so what move on I think it's lovely and those open vehicles and usually in south african botswana I've been there and it's different than that vehicle so east africa um sure certainly gives you a different presence you're any open and any time you feel like they could crawl right into the to the uh land over but I like the obviously the golden eyes amber eyes really lovely and it is a lazy fat healthy just fed line landis and uh I think the light is so soft okay compared to the say that she does like it was in the soft it was more midday so this is what makes a difference to me is the light in the simplicity without having a lot of destruction of issue cropped it didn't you did you and were you thinking panoramic when you shot it okay fair enough and we talked about cropping earlier we're talking about again a state this works nicely crossed like that you know it's a linear image and ofthis you caught the moment of the day the bull bugling and it's early morning or late evening she again and I had that soft light the only distraction is a little bit is I think it's a calf his or her but um but at least it's you know it's not it's not bad I mean just hard if you don't want to always I mean things don't need separation they're all feeding this but I would like that when they're to be somewhere else but bugling in the light and uh um it's lovely I really like this this is powerful you know he's got everything in rainbow storm clouds um that lady evening light and um it's interesting it's been lying in the mud maybe your or the you know has a stripe assume it's lying down maybe in the watering hole um I don't know what I recognize is this is most likely a road bank but I'm not sure there's anybody here taking this one it's not somebody's here so I don't know I'm so used to in africa sing and it may not be and forgive me whoever took this and you're out there that maybe this is just ah you know a hill or something but what distracts me is this looks like it might be a road where the road grader went by to plow the road and that's just my impression but may not be but I love the rainbow I love the clouds and the gesture of the elephant you know I think it's a really really great image love this so whenever anybody now you're automatically know that sees touched you and it was two seconds after you saw it right so you know well looking at the person but is very simple very artistic um great light great reflection from the sun here and just really smooth water um there's nothing I'd change about that one wow I wish the golfers and focus did anybody even see the goal here so uh love his or her face um can't I don't think it's looking at the gull but gives you the impression that it wass I love the gesture of it the goal is just my goes there because it's white in his light and but either like the golden focused or gone you know and that would help because my doesn't know whether to go here or there but it eventually will end up here so I think the next frame or maybe the frame before or you know if there's a whole goal of the girl sitting there a lot of things for the goal is that the only distracting part but otherwise it's good just anyone's here um difficult light it's pretty harsh little contrast e um I'd like to have ah better you know I contact or something and I'm not sure I don't know if this is a wild animal or not my first impression is not some kind of enclosure but maybe I'm wrong again and forgive me william um um so but again that day light them the time of day and the crop you have to think decide where you want to leave the feed in our crop it tighter she just have like this part um do you want it is the proper the okay okay there we go let's just try to crop that kind of head and shoulders just for fun it won't it won't make it perfect but yeah there you go there you go thank you can you see that that helps it the confusion of the back legs and a tail a bit so it makes it more of a head and shoulders portrait wait is was shot it's neither here nor there the full quite the full animal but also not and children but the there's no kind of eye gesture or whatever um confused by this too and all that color so that is it captive animal um mm we'll talk about zoos and game farm something's there next later session um zu serve a good purpose and all that we're not going to get into that right now but uh it doesn't feel like a wild animal I think maybe that's my overall impression is that when animals are captive they have a certain um lose their spirit maybe that's it so anyway that's uh what I have to say about that this is kind of interesting but again as we see this white any time you have a white thing or triangle like that your eye goes there I obviously this I don't know if it's I hate to say it blind maybe this is a winking or something but that eye is bothersome and maybe that's maybe there's a story behind that is that anybody picture here is their story behind okay um I think it's cool in many ways because it's offset it's kind of it has a certain kind of emotion to it um in the light is the light is a little funny enough it's a color balance could you just the color balance maybe it's it's I mean I don't know if it's it feels yellow ation and they get the blue here yeah that helps look I was shot under fluorescent light or something but it's kind of cool to get your attention and like the placement and would you try cropping out just that that corner there you go here you go see now your eye isn't pulled away from the subject's face so be careful of background noise sort of speak um it's kind of haunting isn't it cool teo to reiterate a little bit what you said earlier your preference is not to crop in post you're the suggestions were cropping here that you're giving are more like this is how you should have shot it if you could go back and redo it again so just to reiterate again some of learning that way over there so I don't think this thing wrong with cropping I like the idea of getting it right in the camera that's what I like to do I don't like the idea of fixing it later are cropping it later if you can avoid it you know but sometimes you can't cause you you can't move there because there's a canyon there you can't move their kit there's a person or something else and sometimes you just don't it's but you should see those white corners maybe and so I prefer that so I'm just doing this cropping now for if you had shot it differently I would have left out that little white spot or use a different lands zoomed in further step but a step closer you know the biggest the best lens we have this I think j mazel good friend of mine is of a type of is your feet s oh this is great I love this image anybody here shoot this good chop um I think it's lovely um beautiful light great blurred motion great gesture which had done it that's really sweet congratulations I wish I had no I think and it's displacement and you know it's not quite in the center it's in a good and all these streets and kind of going that way he's running right into the you know this blurred grass um feeder in a good position he's on a mission really nice congratulations um anytime you get to ball deals together it's it's a pear obviously and quite nice great highlight the eyes um blue sky pretty much works in this I think is maybe the other one didn't it's that the tree again is busy you know so you know you could tell it had a he caught a fish or something it's been eating a little blood on the talent beautiful eagles I think the tree and maybe and this again is one of those triangles watched the triangles whether be white or dark and I don't think he can crop you know maybe try to crop it out here you go because you need room here um you know that helps just a bit but so go back to the other one the original do you see how that your eye goes to that triangle so just watch that when you're photographing um no that's a good picture it's a nice picture tree is a little busy

Class Description

Short on time? This class is available HERE as a Fast Class, exclusively for Creator Pass subscribers.

Learn wildlife and outdoor photography from one of the most prolific nature photographers of our time in The Art of Wildlife Photography with Tom Mangelsen.

Drawing lessons from his 40 years of observing and photographing the Earth's last great wild places, Tom will discuss the complex process behind his breathtaking wildlife photographs. You’ll learn:

  • What it takes to be a great wildlife photographer
  • How to capture wildlife in their natural environment
  • The best places to find animals
  • How to increase the visibility of your work
  • The importance of respecting wildlife and wildlife ethics

Tom will cover the basics of gear and scouting and teach you how to think about lighting when capturing animals in the wild. Tom will also offer a critique images and portfolios submitted by viewers.

If you have a passion for outdoor photography and want to capture the spirit of wildlife in your camera, join Tom Mangelsen for this inspiring and educational class.


a Creativelive Student

There is probably just one word that comes closest to describing Tom Mangelsen’s photography. Glorious. There are other good words too, of course. And they are also inadequate. Mangelsen’s panoramas are (cumulatively and separately (any one of them)) the best I’ve seen. Mangelsen teaches by example and his examples are exemplary. I’ve seen several photographers giving courses on CreativeLive lately many of whose photos I would love to have taken - but with Mangelsen I envy his possession not just of his photos but of their subjects too. And he does possess his subjects in ways many outstanding photographers fail to - possesses them and then leaves them to continue on with their lives. There are other reasons I’m grateful for this course too - his field trips and critiques have shown me (as with other CreativeLive courses) just how lazy I’m being with my work. And if his critiques aren’t motivation enough I only have to view his slide show ‘Last Great Wild Places’ for more inspiration. The photos in this series are revelations all on their own - even without commentary. Thank you CreativeLive for continuing to bring us the finest wildlife and nature photographers at work today - and thank you to photographers like Tom Mangelsen for giving us a look at the way they work.


I could not stop watching this class and set aside time each day until I finished it. I guess you could saw that I binge watched it. Then I was really sad when it was finished! Like a good movie that stays with you and that you don't want to end! This is a wonderful class and the best I have taken at CreativeLive. I learned so much and have a great fondness for Tom Mangelsen. He really knows how to pull you into his passion. I am so grateful to have taken this course and grateful to Tom for all that he has done in his career to further his craft and to share it. I am inspired! If you are going to purchase and course from CreativeLive, this is one to be sure to take!!! Thank you again.

Dub Maitland

Excellent class! An incredibly talented photographer who has a vast knowledge of the subject matter as well as an outstanding ability to deliver the information. It was as enjoyable as it was informative. I first saw Tom's work in an office in Denver in 1991 and have been inspired by him ever since. Thank you Creative Live, for giving us the opportunity to spend this time with the Master! And thank you Tom for your willingness to share your talent with us! Dub Maitland, Missoula, MT.