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The Art of Wildlife Photography

Lesson 13 of 24

Portfolio Critique: Douglas


The Art of Wildlife Photography

Lesson 13 of 24

Portfolio Critique: Douglas


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Portfolio Critique: Douglas

all right doug yep tough it is really nice again it's that they were sort of shoe johns that that's expression just grabs you and I like the black and white treatment um my scene we shot in color and converted it or you really didn't grab anybody in color but it isn't you switch it to black and white it just takes on a whole new meaning I think it's really nice you know picking any that branch in the top left a little busy but that's picky and again that's really lovely this is great I love the black background I loved the expression um car lighter or ah um flesh spot yeah I just think that super good job this too if this way saw the other leopard in the tree that was a little bit busy obviously and a little midday much more interesting tree um and um the light you know that really soft morning or evening doesn't matter evening sunrise people ask me what would you like the sun rise of sunset better it's seamless or some kind of dust in here fog or something else and it changes but um d...

o you like this I don't think when could tell but it's a gesture is the moment it's just there in that light coming through the eye on the uh tree is very nice chilled beer somewhere this is at malamala you know I like it is they're all going away that's a beautiful sidelight on them and um you see how the kind of all you know the to hear the same kind of foot gestures does this one they're walking in pretty much of a rhythm and again it's a beautiful light the blue river lovely really nice beautiful leopards and uh again intensity there male female couple female male female they were mating we heard him a long time before we saw him yeah cheese there handsome couple huh I think that the female is slightly out of focus or not the tiny yeah I mean it's so close but that's a very it's um it's still great but the light you mean you've got the light down oh yes this is my favorite small burden east africa africa the lilac breasted roller but again everybody look at the light on all of these pictures all have great light and um nice moment did you say that this would be let's say all those air up to this one really great this is nice and very good but if I'd seen this one first I would've said that was really great yeah so now we're comparing you know so we just need to reorder yeah but certainly nothing wrong with this uh but we're comparing you know it is that it's funny how we do that is to compare but very nice and straight nice gesture and look very nice again the light again and this is a little harsher than maybe the other one's on def that had a better life but now we're getting really picky again but I like the look and the grouping it might you know since it was another one so it's a damn good you know maybe this one I mean it it's really close certainly got the right idea but now we're really being cruel to you because you got to be too good there's a perfect one yeah love this picture really beautiful complete accident no I don't think so and this is a very sweet too with that little baby love elephants and the light in the river and the color and just that mother baby bond um s I suppose is like the cheetah that's a mom behind I guess yes not as strong as the other ones because I've seen more of this kind of guest but again if it if you didn't have a lot of other good ones nice teeny bit more room one of feet maybe that's a nice moment great light again I think maybe that love these dead trees and thing but it's a little distracting but it also kind of frames that full of group but it's what it looks like they're south africa's words is south africa that's in krueger really very nice again I have to come up with some butter edges we'll need but twinges on its tail but I don't have any more room you know but you know that's a great moment and I love the angle looking up like that the light got it down over the fishing hole you don't tell me you got the bear I didn't I tried I tried and tried like I like I tell you your picture was what made me want to go there's good and bad you went I'm glad you didn't yet I'm sorry this is a great this is what it you know brooks falls looks like when all the bears are there in the salmon are running and that's a really nice picture of the group in the behavior of everybody uh everybody is the swimming hole uh sweet ma whenever people osgood very nice uh it wasn't quick enough to get it before that's nice I like that just a little bit of movement in the water and in his legs slightly tight on the bottom but again very nice who likes super nice group of pelicans or look at that that breeding plumage have you ever really colorful is they are amazing that color of floozy don't know pelicans they get this bright red color and they're yellow uh feathers in this bright blue and march april may and then it all fades away after they start nesting and stuff so that's one of those things that you photograph pelicans along the coast of it was mexico california where santa cruz santa lucia um and um so if you want to do pelicans those of the months to do it because they're incredibly right but that's a sweet sweet picture very interesting it's a california condor dono yeah yeah yeah that shot were such a clear cut center goes to um big sir that's a really nice look a condor um big huge wings big bird tight well done just like that huh sea lion or seal we saw very smooth water really nice this has a little bit not quite a smooth but it has a action and as the other one there bring us I can't be I can't say much about the's no you're killing my job thank you there's a condor too you know you can't see its head it's pretty cool because you used the primaries the tips the wing feathers and you've got the coast and you feel like you're flying with it so pretty cool good job you guys both so thank you people let's have some discussion I would love to hear kind of an overall response to that portfolio tom on dh then yeah well let's let's hear that first well it's really strong no I think it's really showing portfolio and he's you have obviously worked hard at getting those images and um you you know what to look for xi you've got the light when you're out earlier out late and of some people or um afraid to go too early or too lazy or whatever but you understand the light really well in a good expression and the gesture and uh really strong and I don't know what you know you've been africa well I've done the condors and the dolphins and just keep working and the pelicans so and then again for context would love to hear are you uh full time this's this a hobby is it something that you want to do full time what's here what's your situation just it's really just a hobby I've always enjoyed being outdoors and just just just give me a good excuse to get out there so it's fantastic I wantto thankyou and one more time just kind of your image or where people confined your douglas croft images dot com and I've got numerous galleries from yosemite in big sur and the animals and it's just a place to share things

Class Description

Short on time? This class is available HERE as a Fast Class, exclusively for Creator Pass subscribers.

Learn wildlife and outdoor photography from one of the most prolific nature photographers of our time in The Art of Wildlife Photography with Tom Mangelsen.

Drawing lessons from his 40 years of observing and photographing the Earth's last great wild places, Tom will discuss the complex process behind his breathtaking wildlife photographs. You’ll learn:

  • What it takes to be a great wildlife photographer
  • How to capture wildlife in their natural environment
  • The best places to find animals
  • How to increase the visibility of your work
  • The importance of respecting wildlife and wildlife ethics

Tom will cover the basics of gear and scouting and teach you how to think about lighting when capturing animals in the wild. Tom will also offer a critique images and portfolios submitted by viewers.

If you have a passion for outdoor photography and want to capture the spirit of wildlife in your camera, join Tom Mangelsen for this inspiring and educational class.


a Creativelive Student

There is probably just one word that comes closest to describing Tom Mangelsen’s photography. Glorious. There are other good words too, of course. And they are also inadequate. Mangelsen’s panoramas are (cumulatively and separately (any one of them)) the best I’ve seen. Mangelsen teaches by example and his examples are exemplary. I’ve seen several photographers giving courses on CreativeLive lately many of whose photos I would love to have taken - but with Mangelsen I envy his possession not just of his photos but of their subjects too. And he does possess his subjects in ways many outstanding photographers fail to - possesses them and then leaves them to continue on with their lives. There are other reasons I’m grateful for this course too - his field trips and critiques have shown me (as with other CreativeLive courses) just how lazy I’m being with my work. And if his critiques aren’t motivation enough I only have to view his slide show ‘Last Great Wild Places’ for more inspiration. The photos in this series are revelations all on their own - even without commentary. Thank you CreativeLive for continuing to bring us the finest wildlife and nature photographers at work today - and thank you to photographers like Tom Mangelsen for giving us a look at the way they work.


I could not stop watching this class and set aside time each day until I finished it. I guess you could saw that I binge watched it. Then I was really sad when it was finished! Like a good movie that stays with you and that you don't want to end! This is a wonderful class and the best I have taken at CreativeLive. I learned so much and have a great fondness for Tom Mangelsen. He really knows how to pull you into his passion. I am so grateful to have taken this course and grateful to Tom for all that he has done in his career to further his craft and to share it. I am inspired! If you are going to purchase and course from CreativeLive, this is one to be sure to take!!! Thank you again.

Dub Maitland

Excellent class! An incredibly talented photographer who has a vast knowledge of the subject matter as well as an outstanding ability to deliver the information. It was as enjoyable as it was informative. I first saw Tom's work in an office in Denver in 1991 and have been inspired by him ever since. Thank you Creative Live, for giving us the opportunity to spend this time with the Master! And thank you Tom for your willingness to share your talent with us! Dub Maitland, Missoula, MT.