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Actions for Batch Processing in Photoshop

We're going take another one what this one going to do? This one? I'm gonna make this action because it's, just something I don't want to have to think about that. A lot of times I have to convert my images from adobe rgb color space too srg ok? A lot of times I do batch saves and this could be included in that as well. So we're going to make another new action. Okay? And this is going to be a convert to s rgb. All right? We're going put in the same set I don't need to color it all clicked record all I need to do is go to edit. See, I went to the wrong menu you notice that's a waste of time went down here convert to profile I'm not assigning a profile. I'm going to actually convert the file from one color space to another color space and then look at all the different options I have here. So tons of them, right? I don't want to have to look at this dialog box and weed through them, so I know s rgb and then I'll click ok, and then we'll start recording now, there's another reason I'm sh...

owing you but how to do this because I want to show you how easy it is that you can because this seems like well, why don't you just do it keep which work because the keyboard shark it just brings up the dialogue I would still have to pick something if it's wrong and then I have to think I don't want to think I have a button I will have a button it'll show you the minute that says convert to srg don't have to pick a menu or anything I just click the button ah but sometimes I might want another button that does the opposite maybe I have something in this r j b and I want to convert it to adobe rgb because I'm going composite it with different images that are that are in the larger color space so I don't have to read record this all I need to dio is drag it down to the new action icon to duplicate it. So now this is going to be convert to what convert tio adobe rgb and then all I need to do if I want to change the options they pull this out a little bit further here so you know it says converted to srg I need to change that so I double click on it double click on the action on the command here it brings up the dialog box and I could say, well this one I want to change this one's going to convert it to adobe rgb and click ok all right so see once I recorded a bunch of things I don't want to have to keep re recording them a lot of times it's just easier to grab what I have and just make changes to it all right so that's that was that one that one that wound plus the other thing is I can use these in a batch now, right? So if I have five hundred images but I think what's the big deal you have one image you converted how long does it take? I have five hundred images that someone's just asked me to hand off for them. All right, I've got five minutes because the new york's time was going to run an article on the twenty fifth anniversary of photoshopping is like I got to get these all of them I got out of the marinas rgb so I need to go ahead making action it took me you know I'm gonna have to make the action and then I just did a batch community ran it on all of them. Okay? All right. So if I if I had to think about each image individually if I wanted to change the parameters if I needed some of them to be a sergeant and some of them to be the adobe rgb or if I needed to add a little bit of saturation toe one image that was an action a lot of saturation of another then I might not want to duplicate it instead. What I would do is I would put a stop right here and what that doesn't says, ok, go ahead and play it, but when he gets to hear so, play the action, but hey, stop and bring up the dialog box and let me choose, let me control just know that if you're going to set up in action to run on two thousand images because you're going home, you don't want to stop because it'll be like tomorrow morning, like, hey, hey, still here. Hey, I have a question that question is like, did you want to convert the first damage? I'm still on the first, okay? All right, so I'm going to cancel out of here and we can take that off, right? But that's, just the empty well, right here, if you want another, if you want to remove that removed because we can throw it away, we threw something in action. A step interaction away would throw it away. But if we just want to toggle it off, we're going to just toggle that check mark right next to it.

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