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Lesson 10/14 - Batch Processing to Different File Formats


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Batch Processing to Different File Formats

When you're working with raw files ok I have three raw files here if I just want to grab these raw files let's go to bridge let's do it from bridge because we argued that the export and light room if I just have raw files will go here ok so here's a great here's a great shortcut look, I've got three wrong I've got four raw files one of them's in process you guys know that you can just write mouse click go to your develop settings and you can copy your settings right and then in bridge you can just select your other images right mouse click and say paste your settings and then say, well I want everything except for cropping and click ok and you don't even have to go into camera you can just copy paste all your presense that you may continue supplying them bridge you know, open your hundred files in a cr ok? The other thing to know is if you are going to open these images in camera wrong because I need to export for j pegs you can use command are and that keeps you in bridge because you ...

might have four hundred j pegs so command are opens days but look it I am actually in bridge I can still go toe light room light rooms not busy so if I need to process a thousand images and I have bridge and later just use bridge. It'll start processing because you went to open those in camera rot in bridge by using command are if you use the camera, I say opening camera rod then it jumps over the photo shop. Okay, so I'm in bridge. I'm doing these. You guys know save image now super important right? Save image. You just want to save these different file formats. You could do it directly from within, but he'll be camera wrong in this workflow, you've got your file name and you've got your format. You don't have the water marking stuff that you haven't light room, but you've got color, space and image size as long as you change this toe like j peg, the other thing I'll just mention plus you can save your presets so as you set this up and save out more and more files, you can save them out this presets the only thing is, you do have to bring him in here. These the save image option is separate from your work flow settings, so your workflow settings you really have to pay attention to when you're learning and when you're using actions, because if you have a bunch of raw files that you're starting with and you run an action and photoshopped it's going to pay attention to the work flow settings if you're opening up your raw files and it will say, hey, I'm gonna open. This is four by six, or I'm not going to re signs or whatever. These settings are that controls how those files get opened into photoshopped. Okay, so just keep that in the back your mind.

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



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