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Conditional Actions in Photoshop

We have to talk a little bit about conditional actions it's really quite easy let's go to bridge they're not very hard what they're meant for is I have these images right here some are horizontal summer vertical and I want to do something different to each one of those images based on their orientation or you might want to do something different damages based on their color space or based on whether or not they have layers all sorts of things so what we do instead of because what we used to have to do is we would have to select all the horizontal images run in action and do all the vertical images and run in action in this case what I want to do is I want to put these different edges oh on them okay so if it's ah it's a horizontal image I've got a blanket if it's a vertical image I've got a white edge so I'll go back to photo shop and I believe yeah good I already created the actions themselves because I knew I would run out of time so I have the horizontal action and the vertical acti...

on the one thing I will I'll just point out let's open one of these ok let's open one of the finals all right, so what happens I open up an image now I'm gonna have to go find the image let me think about this okay? Demo files I'm organized photoshopped photo shop effects letters have no photo shop demo files then I go teo um automation and then I go to I'm doing conditional actions and then I find my edge and I'm looking at a so now I've got my edge right? So click ok so I opened that I opened that through my unction it's a separate file a lot of times you have to do this select all copy close that and then paste it into here all right, but that's not really what I was teaching you but understand that sometimes if you wantto grab something else you use the batch command toe open all your individual images that your batch ing and you record with in the action to go open a specific file came so let's just make sure that I've got this open it's a fresh file so I've got one that says the horizontal one that does the vertical they're picking different edges and then what I need is I need that condition so we make a new action conditional edge tap record said I tap I don't hit all right and then insert conditional and from here you say all right if the document is whatever landscape square and as a selection of it has a pixel air any of these things then do this so if its landscape I want the horizontal edge or else do the vertical edge what if I have some square ones don't include them is either or you could do this or this but not this this and this or if that was in this all right so that we can just hit play but it's not gonna work as I have oh yeah, it is all right, um I have to close this because I don't want to do it with that. So then we've got conditional action that's it that's all I need in the conditional action is that if bin statement then we go back to bridge let's go too let's select the files we want go to tools, go to photo shop, go to batch. Yes, I would like to cue it I don't know what that means. I'm going to say anything I don't know what that means. I don't know what that means, but I'm sincere and it will work. I've had that happen before so sources bridge conditional edge I don't have to make sure this override action open commands is not on because I have an open command in my action one of the commands my action says file open open the edge file so make sure that's off and then we just click data that we checked we check processed over, right? Yes, yes might have clicked too soon it goes through them all interesting previews. Those previews sometimes are a little bit unnerve ing, but it's, just because they're going really, really quickly. So yes. Oh, sure enough, if we look through this image is there, we have, so all the horizontal ones have the darker, and then the vertical ones have the lighter ones. So that's, what you're conditional actions air for, and they're very, very cool.

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