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Create Single Step Actions in Photoshop

We've talked about keyboard targets but here's the thing with keeper targets, all they can do is bring up the dialogue or choose a tool but they don't carry out that function right? So when I go toe tap the n cay, it brings up the color picker but doesn't pick a specific color for me I can't keep track of what color I picked yesterday it just brings up that dialogue box or chooses that tool actions let me do a lot more so here's my actions folder there's default actions there's a lot of different actions here that you go through in your own time there's even a fly out menu and you'll notice that there are a lot of additional actions that you can choose from you can load them up and play them you know, to your heart's content, but what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to delete this action set right now and we're going to create our own ok? So the first thing we're going to is going to create a set it's very easy we click on the folder icon that is the set so really I'm creating a sce...

nt or a folder and I will call this creative life ok and then tap ok return so now I have my set so now I need to create my actions so how many of you just out of curiosity have created actions oh good all right, so you're not that scared of him have do they always work right the first time okay all right so single step actions would be really easy we're going to just make a new document because I'm always making a new document but what happens when you go to command in what is entered into those values whatever you copied last to the clipboard write and is it always set inches no always set two pixels right? So I just want to create a new action so we can do that using this icon right down here or we can use the flyout menu I don't know what you prefer but let's do new action and I want this to be a twenty two by twenty two inch and let's say I wanted to be adobe rgb okay? And we're gonna go ahead and put it in this set right second pick different folders here you can add a function key to it and the best thing I think they ever did to help with actions is this function key will then be listed by the name of the action because I could never remember what function keys I assigned all right but we're going to use but mode and button mode is going to be way better so I'm just going to turn these off we don't need a function key then the color with color coded this is super helpful because what we're going to do is we're going to make a number of these, but if their actions that you make, like flip, horizontal and flip vertical, those might be to actions that you use all the time you might want to color code in the same color, so, you know, o green and in your eye goes right there and you can pick him really quickly, so we'll just go ahead and color code this red and click record now it won't be read here it's on ly red when you go into button mode, which will look at in a minute so what we're doing? We're doing a file knew that brings up the new dialogue box we're going to see whatever I copy last so let's go two inches, actually about twenty two inches there, there and adobe rgb all right, so we're good to go a bit is fine for now. Click ok and what's happened it's recorded it this little red light. Do you notice it's like the on ly color and all the user interface? Because it's trying to help me remember that I'm recording, I will ignore it at some point this morning and you will let me know julianne, you're still recording, you might want to stop, okay, but for now I will remember and I will click, stop and I you can use the flyout menu if you want and say, stop recording, or you can use these icons. It all just depends on whether or not you have a vcr, and it's still flashes twelve right it's, so flashing twelve, then these icons probably mean nothing to you. If that's the case, just leave the icons alone, use the play out menu. All right, so we have now made our first action that's all there is to it. Look, we can look at all the details. We made a new document of a certain size. How awesome is that? So you click on the button, and it made anyone see, you've got another one up here. All right, so we can close that when clothes that we don't need that let's close this one. And now we have this so that's, our first action, right, pretty easy.

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



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