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Automating Your Workflow


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Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop

Oh, this is not this is not the most exciting topic automating your workflow so here's what's exciting about it, you'll go home earlier that it's always funny because people always say that, you know, I want to, you know, automate everything in photo shop, so I go out and shoot more, and my whole thing is like, I want to automate and photo shop so I could spend more time in doing meaningful things, right? Like, I don't need to go out and shoot more. I've got images galore, I want to actually make composite. So eso, first of all, I thought I would just this is photoshopped. If there's beginners out there, I know you're thinking like what is going on? Where her panels looking I just in the audience, is there anyone who's lazy? Just a little raise a very ok, so but actually it's not you people who raise your hands, you're actually not lazy it's the rest of people who are too lazy to even raise a hand, those lazy also, I'm a little lazy when it gets to photo shop in that I don't like doing...

things over and over that. I could just have automated right? So one of the ways that I save time is actually my workspace and I'm not going to talk very much about this but I just wanted to tell everyone that like these are all my panels over here and typically they're even more compact and I'm going to actually reset my work space in a minute after we learned a little bit about key words but I just want to show you that for me I like to have my tools and my menu items and all of my panels all right here as opposed to going back and forth with my cinema display, which is like pong if you need of you remember that game right? If you watch the ball go across and come back, it saves me a lot of time to have all of my my my layer my panel's, everything over here and it's really easy to do this in fact, if we just go over here to my regular old essentials work space you know, if you wanted tio actually let's go to a different one because I don't want to mess that up if we go to the motion workspace and then I drag something a panel over here you see that that sigh in line that highlights and tells me that I'm going to messed this panel with my tools and so it will just kind of stick to that area over there so anyway let's go I'm going to just go back to the essentials because I know it could be a little confusing when you are demonstrating where things are especially for new people, so I'll leave it set like this but but just know that typically when I'm working, all of my panels are on the left hand side, okay? So we need to talk a little bit about keyboard shortcuts and that's going to get us into actions recording actions from there we're going to look at a little bit more difficult actions. What I've tried to do is I've tried to create a bunch of actions that cover all of the groups all of those things there like I got stuck by that how do I fix that? So I'm trying to cover all of those, then we'll go into batch processing from there we'll go into droplets. I also want to talk just a little bit about batch processing files just like changing simple things like like if you want to add a water mark, where do you do that? If you want to open multiple files in the photos of how do you do that? Then we'll get onto variables and then we will so be out of time, so I know I speak quickly but there's lots of different levels here and everyone will pick up something different so we're going to start with how do we customize our keyboard shortcuts? So coming down here under the edit menu, I'm going to choose keyboard shortcuts. Some of you know you can also access it under the window menu, but you'll notice that there are three different things that we can customize here. So let's take, for example, the tools doing customize our tools. Now all of the tools are used except for two. Does anyone know which two letters are not used to automatically select a tool? Oh, I have valuable prizes. What is it? Oh oh, is dodge burns sponge kafer can nothing and in for nothing all right, it's. Either way, you spell it, it's still not assigned. Okay, so what that tells me as I have kind of have these two free wild card. So what? What I want to change? Well, one of the things that I change is you notice every scroll down to the brush tool, right? Because we know that when you have a tool in the tool bar that has nested tools tools that are underneath it they all get to sign the same keyboard shortcut and there is a way to cycle through those you can hold down the shift key for example this we look here we've got the brush tool the pencil tool, the color replace tool in the mix of rush well let's say we never use one of these tools let's say we never use I hate to do this because then people think I never use it and they never say never but you can just delete it so now I only have to cycle through three tools so shift plus the bbb or you can even go to a preference your preferences and you could turn off the shift case so you just can't be but then I noticed that I'm cycling through things when I don't think I should be so you can remove shortcuts from the tools you don't use and then I might change for example the mixer brush to be the k tool so now every time I want to select the brush, I just have to be king, but when I want the mixer brush, I'm gonna tap the cake all right? So it's a little bit and I know some of these things you're thinking really, really that's going to save you time yeah, twenty times a day absolutely how many times is that a week? How many times is that a year? All right, so what else is going to change? I'm gonna go all the way down to the bottom. Some people do not have the bracket keys depending on the language that they're using, so you might want to change like your increase and decrease brush size. You might want to change those. Maybe you never use previous brush and next brush, you can always swap these, but the other thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to come down to where it says foreground color picker and tap the n cay. So now I don't have to have my color panel showing, but any time I want to see the full on color picker, I just have the end can it appears so I don't have to going a all the way back over there and grab it. All right, so those air enough for the tools? So what else can we change? We can change panel menus. I bet very few people have ever gone in and looked at these. I know it's. Probably not what you do on a friday afternoon, but it's what I do, so I was thinking which ones could be super interesting, ok, under the actions. Panel we have this thing called button mode you guys they're going to use but mode later on so I'm going to use command be so all you do is you tap to the right where it says underneath a short cut you do command be it warns me it's already in use it will be removed from image adjustments color balance it's fine I don't care I don't use that other feature so I would rather have this and what you typically when I see people do and I know because I've watched you people you have post it notes around your monitors right with all the kmart target you need to learn and then eventually as they get unstick e it falls away and you've remembered it by then so but mode to me this makes total sense command be for button mode so I thought that be handy and you're thinking what is but mode and actions it's a really cool mode and I'll show it to you later okay, so we're going to change that and then I'm also going to change brush presets so again there are other more simple things that you're going to sign keyboard shortcuts to but I didn't know you could do this in photo shop and by the way talk about me supposed to be in like an expert or something I have to confess something but let me go down the where I find ok I have to confess this sometimes I watch my own videos and I learned things like, I, you know, it's like I said it, and I'm watching myself say it, but I can swear I've never known that ever it's impossible there's an impostor that's me so even experts like I forget stuff all the time. So I love the fact that I am not an x rated photo. I do not know everything about photo shop nobody knows everything about photo shop I mean, the engineers like if someone says, I know everything about photoshopping like, really so what's the algorithm behind the curves dialog box like how does that work? Right? Nobody knows everything, okay, so I want to show you that you could assign I just learned this. You've been assigned a keyboard shortcut to switch the brushes you have loaded, so if you do a lot of painting with a lot of different brush sets, you can actually swap those out by just a sign and a keyboard shortcuts, so I'm using some of brian cox has these shortcuts that they're like spira graphs you paint with them and it's like it lays down the whole spiral graph effect at one time, so I know a little obscure, but I go ahead and just quickly substitute out all the default brushes switch over to brize use his because sometimes you don't want to have a lot of russians loaded like I like my brushes and small little tidbits you might have if you're re toucher you might have hairbrushes or eyelash brushes but then you're working on the landscape so you want to swap something out for maybe a more creative painterly brush or something so you can just again apply your keyboard shortcuts all right now we're going to scoot toe application menu because I think this is probably the most useful area and I just want to assign a few of them here one of them that I find the most useful is here under the sorry not another view the window menu under a range right down here this tile I do command shifty and that's just a keyboard target that I think makes sense two tile my images so command shift tea and then consolidated tabs which is command shift are is what I put in there and the reason I do this is because it's really hard to find it under the window menu you have to go to the window menu then you have to go to a range and then you have to go the drop down menu and find it and so then we same time doing that I'm going to sign this keyboard shortcut which quickly allows me if I've got five images open that I'm compositing it allows me to see one image which is the consolidate two tabs and then I can tile them and look at them all drag and drop maybe and go back to one and then look at a mall and you go to a different one and looking them all so it helps me when I'm compositing when I've got multiple images open so I just apply command shift are in command shifty for those guys now I can apply some other ones let me just show you okay let me do this one file new okay it already has one but just remember that I'm going to use that in a minute and it's kind of important the difference between what a shortcut does and what you can do with an action so do I need to do any more of these here's one the night that I searched for in found I mentioned something in just a moment ago about work spaces right so let's see here if you lay out your panels right you can use the work space picker which is over here in the upper right and you can save out your configuration of your panels the way you want tio and the way you can do is you can save those and they may appear here when your workspace is selected it will say hey do you want to do in a short cut for your work space here so you can quickly go back and forth between different workspaces and so if I click well ok, we won't click yet, but I'll show you that in the minutes to just know all these things we can apply our keyboard shortcuts to now I want to save these out so I'm going to click on the second icon here the one with the little dots and that will save out my set it so I'm just gonna save him is jay cost and then I'm in the same to the default location which is in the keyboard shortcuts folder right here so photos are going to take me to the correct place I can save out my keyboard shortcuts so why would I want to do that? Because some of you have more than one install a photo shop you have him install at home and you have one at work and by the way I saw a little cringe out there but it is a legitimate thing when you license our technology and your belong to you you're a member of either creative cloud the complete like the whole thing or the photographers bundle or it's not a bundle sorry it's a membership because membership has its privileges the members of when you belong to that you can have to install so you can install it home and you can install it worker if you have a laptop in the desktop you get those two insults the thing is it's kind of a nightmare and you've done all this work and you've set up this computer beautifully. How do you get all of these signings to your other computer? Well, I'm gonna go ahead. I've saved out the scent. I'm gonna click ok and then taken out right here. When you go to photo shop, you'll notice that I'm signed in, right? So I'm signed into creative cloud right now, so when I come here to my preferences and I go to my sink settings, you'll notice that I can synchronize all sorts of things, including my work spaces. So that means that what photo shop is doing is it's taking all of these settings, your preferences, your actions, your brushes, your swatches, that's taking all of these uploaded it to the cloud, and then when you get home, you could say, ok, now I'm home and you would say, upload or download that's weird that it's telling me I've never done this before because just this morning, so I don't believe it, but what I would do no, I'm doing that to show you how to do it. Uh, I'm humanizing the demo, all right? I'm going to say what I'm gonna say upload and it's going to maybe that wasn't a really smart thing to do, I want to, how many things I have it could be it could be quite large depending on how many brushes and textures and patterns and stuff so that might not have been a super smart thing but it looks like it's already done so it's uploaded it then when I got home I would go to photo shop I would go into this dialog box and I would say download and it would bring all those those settings that are in the cloud and it would download it and they would synchronize it for me so that's a that's a great way to synchronize your setting if you're sitting here going well, I only have one computer you should do this anyway because if your computer crashed, wouldn't it be really nice to have all those settings in the cloud so that if you got a new computer and you just insult photo shop, you could say download and pull it down from your adobe I d or think we're calling it now your profile right? So we were calling it like always signing with your adobe idea now I think we've got your whole like its profile thing anyway. All right, so I'm gonna click ok, so you should know you make your custom keyboard shortcuts, we're going to take actions anything you do just make sure that you're signed and the creative cloud and then you can go ahead and synchronize those

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