Essential Shortcuts and Tool Presets


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Essential Shortcuts and Tool Presets

I'm gonna give you just a few short cuts, I'm gonna open this file and we're going to make a few new layers. How am I going to do that with the yuki? I'm going toe just put a few shapes here. All right? So there's one shape there's, two shapes and there's three shapes, so you should just know, pull my layers over here for a second, make sure we can see it. Sorry, everything's getting really messing now, but, um, a few keyboard targets, so when you want to select different layers and the layers panel, when you're recording your actions, if you click on a layer, it will record rectangle, too, or if we switch this to corn, you know it's going to select that specific layer, and you don't always want to do that, so let's, go ahead and do the option key and then the right bracket key see how I can navigate up and down through my layers panel all right and actually cycles all the way through them. So that's a really great way to shift the focus to another layer above or below without naming t...

hat layer without saying, you must have layer six in this document, because when you bench process, your next image might not have layer six, ok, um what else? If you want to select more than one layer, it's, that same option shift. But then you add the bed with the bracket key. So it's the same. I'm sorry, so it's option shift or all shift, plus the bracket key that adds to your selection or subtracts from your selection when you want to select multiple layers.

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Are you ready to work better, faster, and more efficiently in Photoshop? Join Julieanne Kost for Automating Your Workflow and learn everything you need to know to use Photoshop to its fullest potential.

During this course, you’ll become equipped with the tools you need to maximize your productivity, streamline your workflow, and avoid repetitive tasks. Julieanne will unveil every aspect of Photoshop’s Actions palette and reveal the secrets every user needs to know. You’ll explore automatic features like batch processing, droplets, and variables. This course will help you break free from the midnight grind while you keep Photoshop working for you all night!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



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