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Making a Multi Step Action

Let's, go back over to light room for a moment and we're going take a multi step action, so we're going to open up this document. This is a two layer document you can see one layer is a smart object and the other layer is not a smart object. So this is something that I do a lot. I will get multi layer documents for my composites and some of them I wantto maintain a smart objects because I'm not really sure how large I want the objects and some of the layers will just be pixel base layers. They'll be textures that are overlay that's. What this is, if we turn off, we can see here just a normal mode. So it's, just this it's actually a photograph of water and I just put it in a different blend mode, right? So sometimes my images get very, very large because they are twenty two by twenty two pixels, and maybe I've got eight or nine layers, so sometimes I would need to decrease the file size a little bit. Now. I know this is a permanent change, but what I will do to save a little bit of spac...

e because all of the images that are really valuable to me that I'm still working on are going to be smart objects. The other images, like the textures, aren't as important to me. I consigns them up or down most of the time, so what I might want to do? Because if we if we go to free, transform lookit, I'm wasting I mean, this is I've got the texture layer selective, and you can see that there's a lot more information that photo shops holding onto that's beyond the canvas area. So what I'll do is I'll just select all and in crop ok, so let's, go ahead and add a new action select all and crop ok put in the same set top record, select on at it crop no image crop ok done recording, so we had stopped. Um, it might be better if I also added a d select. So how do I start recording again? Use the flyout menu record again records the same command start recording will just start recording again, so I've got it selected. We go to select d select or command e stop recording what happens in the smart object? Nothing it's still there if I select the smart object do command t you can see the smart objects still extends beyond the canvas area because it's smart the regular pixel base layer this one right here when I do command t I've trimmed off everything outside of what I had selected okay, so that's kind of a nice productivity one button. Now select all in crop and I'm done and I've got my file size down. All right, let's do another one. Um, preparing an image from asking you guys mask here. Images? Yes. So how do you add your lair mask? Well, you can add it right down here on the layers panel, you can add your mask and they'll be fine if all I want to do is one thing in. In fact, if we go back tio our keyboard shortcuts here and we go to the application menus, you'll notice that under the layer menu, if we come down here to mass game, which is quite a bit of scrolling, all right, so we have layer mask. There are four different things you can and you can reveal all which says, just give me a white mask you can hide all that's black mask reveal selection, which says, hey, if you have a selection, then I'm going to make a mask from your selection or hide selection, which gives you the inverted mask from this election. So sure enough, I could say, you know, if I just want to add a mass command and will give me a mask, and then maybe I do something else, like reveal selection is command shift em because that will then allow me to add a mass based on marching answer whatever selection I have okay, so I could do that and I could remember those however, when it doesn't do is say, hey, you know what I'm really like and I like you add a layer mask and I would also like you to pick my brush tool for me and let's reset that brush to make sure that it's not painting a multiplier something and let's also picked blank is your foreground color to start painting so I'm going to save all of those and make him into one button so we go and we add a new action and then prepare to mask all right hit record I've got my layer targeted already, so it doesn't matter what layer I'm targeting, right? Because I will know that in order to play this action I will select the layer I want we'll click at a mask icon I don't have anything selected okay, so I add a mask it adds a white mask it's recorded that it makes it reveal all so this is going to a little bit of a problem in a moment, but we'll fix it then I'm going to tap the bee key that gives me my brush tool then I'm going to control, click or use the right mouse, click or yeah or use the right mouse click and say reset tools so that makes sure that all of the option like I'm not painting that twenty percent in some of their blood moves will recent the tools all tap d for my default black and white colors and then tap x to exchange it because the default colors white was the foreground color I need to exchange that so that black gets to be my foreground color and then click stop recording. So now when I come down to this other image or let's just let's just delete that the link the layer mounts we've got this layer selected, we select the action we click on play it's out of the layer mask its recent my tools it's out of the brush it's recent my foreground background color and giving me black and I'm ready to paint now one of things I didn't mention look how small my brushes, so when you set your tools back to their default, it gave you a very small brush, so if you want to make that larger, I can always alter the action, right? So I'm going to make the layer I'm gonna reset the current tool, but after that I'm going to start recording and then I can use my brush preset picker to create a larger brush, so maybe a let's say I want my default brush to be one hundred thirty four pixels tap returner enter and it will add that then we'll stop recording. So now if I delete this layer mask and we play this again now I'll get the larger brush right so I know in switch brushes and paint somewhere else and then come back and get that larger brush by the way, I know a lot of people still use the right blanket right blanket right bracket right frank it right? Break it right, right. I get to get a bigger brush right? So you know control option ah big small brush real quick that's a few dragged left to right if you drag up down you get a softer or harder edge brush you can even change look right here in my hud that would be my head's up display I can change the diameter of the brush that's the drag left to right I can change the hardness of the brush that's the drag up and down but there's also an opacity slider. Well, what controls that command k if you go into your preferences, you can choose to vary around brush hardness based on hud vertical movement got that. Okay, sometimes I have to read them a few times. I'm going to very I'm gonna change the round brush hardness that's kind of one word round rush hardness based on the hud, the heads up display vertical moment moving s so that means that when I do a vertical movement up and down instead of changing the the hardness and softness of the brash if I turn this off it changed the opacity who knew? Watch come over here now up and down look att the I can still change the diameter diameters left to right, but now up and down is opacity, not the softness or the hardness of the brush ok, so that was in your preferences that's how I'm going to command k gets you to your preferences toggle that on or off okay, so everything is don't going really well, except now I'm going to leave this layer mask and I get to a point where I've spent a lot of time with my lasso tool. I've got this phenomenal selection and I want to add a mask based on that selection, so prepare to mask play oh uh huh ok, well, you know, this happens to everyone, so it just should make people feel better that it's happening to me, okay, so watch this we go creativity come back to me funnel shop and being sincere I'd really like to do just one little action and that action is going to prepare me to mask so let's make an action prepare to mask, we're going to hit record, I'm going to say, I'm gonna layer I would really like a mask. Ok here's your layer mask I say thank you. The next thing I want to do is I want to select my brush so I tapped the bee key. I saw it flash up on me and it's selecting the brush right here and look, I've got my brush icon selected that's fantastic let's, reset the brush. Okay, how do we do that? We can control, click and reset our tools. Reset it. Look that was recorded right over here. When we come back over here we say, oh, that brushes really small let's go up and increase the size of the brush to like really big we tap returner inter oh, look, it chose to record that two cent current brush. When else do we need to do? We need to tap the geeky that gives us our default black and white but whites in the foreground we want to reverse it. So we tapped. The ex key that gives this black is a foreground color we hit stop, we delete the layer mass we prepared to mask and we hit play, huh? Ok, now wait that worked before case and now we need to mix it up I'm going to select a different tool, we're going to leave it why why didn't you just go with julianne? Why didn't you just go with it? Because these are the things that keep you up at night. I have the I've got the last so selected now where you going to do let's see if you could work. Oh oh, it worked. Okay, worked great. Okay, so I don't know why you know, I don't know what I was doing a minute ago, but here's the thing I love to blame the software but we all know that if we watch this recording again it's not going to be the software it was messing up it's not like the software says oh, I think what you really meant is this so let's change the way we do it now? No, not at all. I'm pretty sure it was me, but I like to blame someone else. Okay, so what was my next point? My next point was if I actually do have a selection, so if I grabbed the lasso tool and I do have a selection and I want to make a mask based on that selection this is not going to do it for me because it's going to ignore my selection because when I recorded it under make, it says make a new mask and actually says making the channel but a channel is a mask under the hood and then it says, reveal all so that's what's going to mess me up so I could I could duplicate just this one command, and then I could say, like, I could toggle on and off, depending on whether or not I have a selection, but really about it's too difficult for me, because when I put these in button mode, I just want to be ableto pick a button. I don't want to come into this edit action mode and have to switch things around in toggle on and off thing, because obviously you can tell that my brain could not handle that. So what I'm gonna dio is I'm going to wait, we're just going to do another quick one really good. So actually, in one, this is a mask from channel mask from selection. It's weird to watch yourself type like that. Okay, so what do we do now? So now the only thing we do is we can just say, all right, well, now I want to add my mask and I'm gonna hit stop, and then you'll notice it says make from channel, but reveal the selection. So now, if I was good, I don't need to re record everything else, I can just grab these other states. Hold down the option key and dragged them down to duplicate them into this action, right? So I'm swiping from one, because I need the rest of it to be exactly the same. It's, just that first make command that needs to be different. All right, so there's those to you, all right, but you can see the difference between the keyboard shortcut, but just does one thing like adds the mask. But then it doesn't do all of the other things, because what I'm finding is, when I do talk to customers, they're not using actions to do the entire a dizzy on their files. They're using actions to just do. I want to take five steps and just put them into one.

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