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Lesson 11/14 - Making Droplets using the Mirror Action


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Making Droplets using the Mirror Action

So let's make a droplet because we have to do that so let's make a droplet how do you make a droplet let's go back to photo shop we have our action will make it from the mirror action just to keep things simple all right so the mirror action I want included there's a droplet a droplet is just your action and your batch process settings together in one executed will file that's all it is don't throw away your action after you make your droplet droplet needs your action ok so how do we make it well I selected it but you don't have to because you can select it later but I come here tio to automate and then create droplet where am I going to save the drop it let's do it to the desktop this is going to be my mirror droplet all right so to the desktop I have selected the action there's no open there's no sub folders we've got this all set up great we can override the action save as command okay well then we better choose a folder we'll call it will save it to the well let's do anyone so we'r...

e on the desktop these are droplet mirror so we know which one it is ok and then click create all right we got it so what we're doing is we're saving a new executed will file that's called that's called mirror and we'll see the icon in a minute and it's going to play this action and that's going to save it in this location all right so we click ok now if I go to bridge and I say look I have this nice folder of images let's look at that in the finder ok here's the images that I have so I have these images and if I get a new folder a new window here look here's my droplets so a droplets and execution will execute herbal file so all I need to dio is dragged these on top of the droplet in order to run it but wait there's more okay I'm going to light room to do this yeah yeah I am I am ok we can do this I have three images um let's export them okay to a specific folder we're going to choose that same folder that we just created right are droplet mirror we're gonna choose okay? We don't need to rename him and there's no video file settings so this is interesting when I export from light room and has to export the files first then when it's done exporting it opens up the droplet and runs the action so if I want to just make these smaller for right now I can save him is a j peg is the mirrors and I'll resize them down so that's fine output sharpening anyway you go through all the rest of these no problem uh no water mark thank you and then at the end instead of doing nothing I need that droplet that droplets on the desktop and I need to put that droplet somewhere where do I need to put it? I need to put it in the go to export actions folder so I select that holder here's my export actions folder here's my droplet I put the droplet in the folder as soon as I do that when I go to the drop down menu it says oh here's the mirror droplet so now when I click export I only had one file selected the cave that's ok I'm good I'm good with one file always you always wanted you always want to just run this on one file first is a test on so here it is and sure enough there it is so let's go back to light room will select the other two images right now look at this I think I could just do an export and I could just do export with previous it exports the two files to the desk time right? It saves those files and let's just take a look at what it's got here so let's go back to the finder it's still like we're sorry photo shop was still working but what I've got is I've got the processed files here are the ones that air the mirrored ones, but it also exported those other files somewhere, which I'm not really sure where it did it. So I think it wherever I have it set to last, so so I don't even know, but it doesn't really matter. My point is, is that light room has to export the files first, and then it will go ahead, launch photo shot because of the droplet and run that action in here, and it needs that actions. Do not throw away that action. That's kind of cool. All right, all right, yeah, I had this challenge because I don't really photograph people, and so that's, how I got around it.

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2