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Saving Actions

Saving actions we didn't talk about that this will catch you every time you'll have a selection of one of your actions it will be targeted you'll be like great I want to save my selections and I won't let you safe selection save actions that it won't let you the reason being you have to have the set selected so as long as I set select the folder of actions then I can save that out so if you just want to distribute one action to a friend just put it in a set and just have that be the only action and then you can go ahead and save those actions and they'll be they'll be saved by two a default location which is good because that's the location that will be synchronized and on top of that you'll notice that if we go back to the flyout menu here there are actions here if you save them to the correct place they'll actually be listed here automatically for you so that you could reset your actions and then these would still be here all right, that is enough with actions and saving actions batc...

h processing for different formats because I know that some will be like I don't want a mirror images just tell me how to say about my images to a different file format it's really easy it's gotten so easy over the years if you're in light room stand late room if I'm in light room and then you want to export these files as jpeg files or psd files or whatever just click export pick your folder rename them if you want change your file settings oh yeah I want this to be a j p o julianne I want to save ms j pegs and tiff files fine hold on please hold one woman ok so do your j pigs all right we'll put him in where my putting him let's put them onto the desktop into a folder called trash me later weigh it choose then we say ok these are all my j big piles and so I'll put him in the sub well I don't even have to put him in the sub folder so let's just turn that off so these my j pegs if you want to resize them here's how you resize him it's beautiful you've got some horizontal somebody I'll just tell it what the long end should be six inches wide six inches high all right you could do your output sharpening you could do your metadata information you could hear water marking and what's really cool which will do in a minute after process after post processing after you export these what do you want to do? I can put a droplet in here so they can say process these light room when you're done handing off to photo shop use this droplet to run this action ok, so we're going to that in just one sec, so I want to spend a ton of time in here just know that once you set this up added as a present so you'll have a preset for your j pegs for your tip files for your psd files and then the cool thing is when you start exporting these, you can always come back in and start another export and if you have pre set set up which you know just add my preset for j peg j peg right once you have that set up and you had export, I'm going to cancel but watch what happens when you write males click and say export your presets appear right here so you don't even have to go in the export you've got your three basic precepts and use all the time you select those files you had go ahead and export and then you start the next one and you start the next one because everything that it's doing like I'll just pick one export as export to the n g okay as it waken go there see it's doing the progress bar here but look, I can work around in light room and do other things and start another export while it's doing that okay all right so let's go ahead and uh how would I do this then in bridge in bridge I would probably use image processor so here I have a number of images there jpeg files if I wanted to re signs them and save them out in a different format I could I would go to tools right? We go to photo shop we goto image processor so this allows me it's just a script hello? Okay it's just a script. Well, panic I'm good little script comes up says hey, you want to do j peg nps d and two files awesome. You want to resize him great this when you have to calculate because it's always in pixels to have to go. All right, well, I want a six inches so random pixels parents so there's eighteen hundred and and if you have some that air horizontal and some that are vertical you'd put in eighteen hundred by eighteen hundred it's not going to stretch him make him square it's going to say that's a fit image box fit my image that the longest dimension is eighteen hundred pixels. Okay, you can even run actions from here if you have to add a watermark or something though do it might room it is totally worth it to go to your hard drive, pick your folder of images, drag him onto the light room folder even if you're just exporting with a watermark because it's all right there in the export dialogue which I think forgot to show you, but if I were to select export right down here, I didn't scroll down. This water marking just lets you put a water mark. You can either put text, you can put a graphic whatever you want, and it will put it in the lower right hand corner, and you don't have to do any calculations. No actions required. You don't have to figure out, well, how do I do this with more long on vertical, none of that really easy. Okay, so just if you need to add a watermark, just do it in my room.

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