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Business 101 Checklist Part 2

In the other one's other possibilities could be for a permit or license if you haven't been home studio you may need to see your local jurisdiction if they have a certain permit to be able to do it cause they can shut you down real quick commercial studios may require different part most time is development development commission that governs those and then the on location in the park I keep a running list of locations for my clients like we're going to talk about educating them and information later I keep a running list of them with the fees available that we can choose from because I've pre selected I know the location on they also know that there is a fee so it's not a surprise later on because how many actually read the contract clients I just booked a photographer a couple weeks ago and he has a lawyer items like dutilleux ok sign like I was so busy I didn't really have time to fully sit there and investigate it when I read it but do I really remember a time that the transaction ...

comes around? No are the client's gonna remember it no on dso by having these little subtle reminders when you get into the location aspect by the way there's a permit and such that is required on the next common sense question that always get on this well how do I find out if there is one google google is amazing I just googled the names ex manner and license or permit or for talker for a lot of times science you'll put this photographer or pick up the phone and call them great way to start the conversation with them instead just cold calling to go hey let's network and you talk about me you're showing them a benefit that you're about to give them money in order to shoot their baby potentially so it's a good way to kind of have a good spectrum of places to choose you go from free to paid one so your clients can kind of see the value and you can explain the benefits the way I just did well I'm legally required to do it but guess what we pretty much get it all to ourselves during a certain time I like to really secure places that of your long memberships because then those I don't necessarily have to charge the client it just build it into my cost of doing business which is another thing when you know it's only one hundred to my client I say you know it's really hundred dollars but don't worry about it I'm going to cover it remember too covered it by a securing it for a year and they're essentially paying anyways because it's in those costs I'd like to have a few of those on hand it's better for me as a photographer and also one thing yeah, because you have responsibility to have a legitimate business, same thing as he wants to have all of this on hand to not be embarrassed on, and I always keep a copy of the license or permit with me at all times, especially if I we'll submit one, and they call me back and say, hey, you actually don't need to be did away with that it's just still on the site. I had this happen last summer, and I was like, hold on what's your name, I wanted to write it down. This is because they did changes in d c on the permits, and I said, hold on, let me get your name and your phone number, and I still took my my application that I had submitted the person that's calling back and said I didn't need one, and I put it in my camera bag in case I was miss informed by the employees, I could pull it out saying, see, look, miss brown called me, and she said that I don't have to have one, but we didn't have an issue, obviously, because they had changed it, but it's, one of those little remedy things that I could dio by front, loading the work, and it takes no time at all, especially if you just dedicate when you go home an hour to creating a location list, which you're going to see what we're going to do with it later, but you're also going to able to get it all taken care of in one fell swoop instead of having trying to call the jurisdiction or call a thing why kids are hanging off of you and you're trying to do dishes that's not effective for anybody, any questions on permits? Yes, we do like I'm in the process right now of building a home studio. Awesome, but where do I start as far as my permit and license? Well, so you're actually constructing it? Yeah, you need it's hard calling development commission, I say that and I say maybe because a lot of places the same functions depending on state, but they call it a little different. Okay, you know me after this, and I can help you steer you where you're going to go because you're probably we have to get permits whenever you construct anything, whether it's a deck or patio anyways, which you also need to let him know that cindy can use for commercial use a lot of the policy reasons behind that, a they want their money, but on day want to know you're doing business, but they also want to eliminate high traffic you know, in residential areas that's kind of policy reason so and safety and all those other things that come along with it probably a development commission and your because you're here yes, I'm in portland you're in portland is right okay, so we'll look at it and then we'll see but really for that I would just start googling like in home studio license there may be some out there or your location and in home business license and typically that will come up you can call your local jurisdiction, but again it depends on the term some call it permits some call it licenses I always try to pull up like the local jurisdiction like for this, I would just pull up your location and kind of get an idea before I call one thing to keep in mind is that any especially an issue said this on the formation aspect any of the governing offices they can't advise you they can only tell you how to do it they can't say, hey, you should be and I'll see or hey, you should get this permit on they're only going to tell you how to do it yeah, I mean they're not lawyers they can't advise, so this one came in from heidi empty, wanting to know there's a real cool abandoned building warehouse where we would love to shoot in front of what are do you know if our insurance may cover us if something that might happen while we were shooting there and when we asked for permission from the owner do we mention the insurance thing for a peace of mind yeah, I was going to touch on that in the insurance one but I'll actually bring it up here because when you're trying to find a property because there's a lot of awesome places and he made it may not have a mailbox or a house there to ask you can check with your local area with the address I do this all the time I took a picture the property and I go and look it up uh I was joke we used to live in texas for ten years and if I didn't get permission there's a real possibility I could get shot shooting on someone's property you laugh but you know so like it is a legit cern and if you think having capitol police knock on your shoulder getting shot at from your client's probably going to do great things through your business but I always try to find the property owner I never want to go on private property and then yes I will try to take us much as I can to ease their mind I want to have a contract with them saying they're giving me permission on I always carry my insurance kind of like the permit with me as well I mean it's a piece of paper why should you not have told it up in the bottom of your camera bag he minds in the bottom with late all my lens caps that I in my memory cards that I never lose but they're all tucked away in there so I'll have it it's great it's so funny I was just talking to a woman yesterday and she said she was not photographing but foraging for mushrooms and she was little program and not cooking mushrooms that it was a funny she said her grandma was italian and she had this fur coat and they were in the woods and she got shot that oh no they're shooting a shoot in the woods it made me think of all of these friendships we've done with for and woods and unlike okay, no fur coats, no more fur coats that's so funny especially in texas yeah especially in taxes in other states that are all about guns but even even still though it's what if something happens on the property? Will they have business owner? I mean that property owner didn't know you were there you're a trespasser by all elements of the law that plane and really I don't want my clients doing any illegal activity and wow on that I did want to mention this is same thing goes kind of under this don't shoot any illegal areas active railroad tracks and those sort of things that the big no no, I see it a lot online and not just for the potential of harm but it's just it's it's against the law, you know? And I'm not going to go toe I won't book a photographer and I totally get them a little bit more vigilant than most clients, but I won't book photographer if I see this potential legal activity I mean not like you need to put out there I go to permit to shoot at this abandoned property, but it is something blatantly obvious that you're not supposed to be at like certain monuments you can't climb on in d c if I see a photographer has someone has someone do that, I will never book them or recommend them they are not anywhere near on my referral list. At that point, I keep a running referral list of people and I kind of doll this stuff's in the peripheral because also anybody you refer refers you your name is connected to and you want to have that credibility and reputation because you're gonna spend a lot of time build that back up and not being able to focus on making money and your business well, it sounds like you it sounds like you don't it doesn't bother you going through the red tape of getting permits and I actually like it unlike most of let's photographers but do with with your clients do you kind of have a list of locations that you really encourage them because you've already gone through the process and it's it's more streamlined? Or do you? Why don't send in the whole list? I mean, I have a whole list of places that I've checked out at certain times of the year, certain days for lighting and kind of the feeling everything, so I have about broad strips broad spectrum list and I keep the fees and fines on there, but I'm not going to send them the whole entire list you're in completely overwhelmed them, I'm going to use and we'll get into that in the next segment we're going to use the information that they provide to me the kind of pare down a little bit and if I know that is a sticking point such as the feed a shooting place by actually want this killer session I might consider using it as a customer service tools away that but yeah, I only try to offer three maybe four locations to client and benefit mix those then I move on to a different set on I always encourage them to know hey, this is just what I think, but what do you think you know, I really want them to be open and feel like it's their choice as much as possible even though I'm going to steer it because I'm the business owner I still want them to feel not overwhelms and and be able to feel confident in their decision and that's that's a big thing of the licenses and permits actually had a lot of clients that are like well you do that you know I've never had a photographer due that we've always shot there and I think it kind of either made me look like a stick in the mud or really elevated me as a professional because the photographer the clients were like wow this photographer really took the time and most of them don't know that I'm a lawyer they realized that I took the time to abide by the laws and get the permits and licenses and I think it kind of sets me apart shows in the referrals that I received so there's all these other benefits other than the law of having to get it cool all right so we have a w r question w from the last line and are from this life so you know the last live is no your fine is your business worth the investment yes and then from this one you have a responsibility to your clients to be an actual business how do you draw the line for the hobbyist where when you advise a hobbyist to say here if you're doing is it time is it how much money they're taking in is it can you just give a little advice? Good little defining factor on that is mostly money, because that's, where you're really gonna get a lot of trouble if you're taking money and you're not paying your taxes reforms hobbyist, in theory, should be a hobbyist not taking money even to cover costs and that's, where you can get into hobbyist deductions for the stuff that you expend in your hobby that's way, a little bit beyond me here, but it's, pretty much the rule of thumb that I always tell people is that the government would be the one to tell you don't owe any money or don't have to get the permit or don't have to do a certain license, so go to them before you're even charging. If you're a hobbyist, I personally probably should be charging him in a covered cost to me that you're in business. If you're putting out a business facebook page, you're putting out to the world that you're in business, and the thing is, even if you're not actually fully engaged, you have done all this, you don't want to do all this, you tell yourself you don't want to be in business if the government believes you are some staging be fined up to five hundred dollars per day, that you put yourself out of the business, not from when they found you from when you were first putting yourself out. I don't have five hundred dollars a day to pay to fines and fees when it would have been maybe two hundred bucks to set up, and I've been good for life. Thank you. Yeah, superman's information. Oh, yeah, and always keep a copy on hand this day and age. I also always scan every document in keeping a drop box holder that is dedicated to the business s o for whatever reason, if I forgot to print it out or I printed it out and I got distracted by the kids and you got to stick it in the camera bag, I can still pull out my phone and pull up, drop box or something and show the digital version to the cop or whoever it is they're asking for it. All right? So proper taxes this really gets kind of heavy, but if your business and your accepting money more than likely you're supposed to be remaining certain taxes to your state, whether it's sales tax paying your income tax there's employer tax if you are employing people interns, which will talk about tomorrow as well, like I said, you could be fined up to five hundred dollars a day, that you put yourself out as a business and you're not getting it, it is the law on it depends on your location, business formation and type of work. I know that's so vague it's a really sucky answer, but it really depends on what your providing for example, when it comes to sales tax, some states require that the services air text, anil products or text some states is only the products, then there's those states that they on ly tax the services of the results in the cell of a product see, so it gets kind of really crazy, which I would hope that all my services during a result in this hell of a product, but I have to find tune this and I really strongly recommend you talked your local comptroller's office about which it is, especially when it comes to digital files, because that takes it a step further. Some states it is elektronik lee delivered since just like a delivery download on you don't have to pay a certain sales tax, other places don't care, they don't discriminate. So you need to make sure that these little find things that you're having to pay sales tax on, that you're actually doing it. Now the being with this again, you have a responsibility to clients to do a legit business, but the best part about this is you're not paying the sales tax. Your clients are paying this ellis tax I always hear people well, I don't want to pay taxes and like well, like I said, I always respond with a question well, which taxes are you talking about? Any of them? Well, you're not pay and I'm like good news is you're not paying sales taxes your clients or paying then you're just basically taken a middleman and handing it on it's when you get into the income tax stuff that you're having to pay so I always recommend on sales tax stuff is to break it out onto all receipt is this easier for accounting and lets clients know that you're paying it so it gives that little level of professionalism? I have had a client who goes I've never been charge sales tax I'm like, well, it's a long story and I tell them up front that all prices don't include sales tax so they see my true value price on they see the cells text amount makes it easier for me to do my accounting because I'm able to see the sales tax and it puts them on notice and some states do require that you break out sales taxes well says why I'm really apprehensive about all inclusive type how I want to tell them one price well, you get all these benefits out of one action it is breaking it out on an invoice to a client and so the keys are always talk to your local taxing authority, and they can't vies you there a little bit more lax, most the time it's going to be the comptroller's office, and then you also may have a county level states differ on how they do this on the states, they just had the state comptroller's office that you remit one sell sex, too, and then they divvy it out, others you may also have to talk to county and reach out and touch one thing to keep in mind. It's, not sales taxes, not just where your formed it's also, where you transact the business, so if, say, you live two states next each other I live in like a district in two state area with maryland in virginia, if I drive into maryland like a stone's, throw away to do a session technically, oh, that sales tax, because that's, where all the transaction, the primary core of the trains action occurred to maryland's s that's just an example and made differ depending on where you are, same thing that happened for counties and abandon property, maybe over the county line. So when you go to do your research to find out who owns it, you may also find that it's a different county, because you can't pull it up on your ca local county tax rolls but you're also a zoning you're able to find out that you may be subject to the sales tax there and you can manage all that through that list of locations to clients because, hey, I want to reduce having to charge sales tax and get a permit for another location so like for me I shouldn't maryland quite a bit because it's in d c it's literally a stone's throw away on dso I pay for it, but if I'm not necessarily going to be traveling to oklahoma very often from virginia no, probably not or if I know that I'm not going to drive from virginia down to north carolina because it's like a two three hour drive, I'm probably gonna try to convince my clients to come to me and choosing the locations that I have rather than me go to them now that's cost benefit is a better for me to go to them well, but then I got to consider I got applied for the sales tax permanent I got to make sure I'm remitting all the taxes there and could I just remedy that by explaining them? Hey here's, my list of locations that are local and fabulous that's what I prefer to do because it's easier I don't have to do any research or acquiring of other licenses another key I don't know if any more on the slide another key that I wanted to throw out there to is that if you get the sales hex license like you should, if you put yourself out as a business, but say you go a whole taxing period, whether it's a month or a quarter, this is why you don't listen other people in other states, because every state filing is different. Texas was quarterly for me. I moved to virginia and now its monthly for a sales tax real thrilled about that, but if I don't have any sessions for a month, I still have to file zero or I get assessed b and multiple fees could potentially lead to action. It's on my record, I could potentially be shut down even though I religion we didn't have any taxes to remit at that time. Andan always talk to a lawyer, cpa for guidance. You could do a tax lawyer as well as they keep upon tax laws with cps are pretty good about this. My big recommendation for cbs? Well, I guess I should do a little say here. Lawyers were really confined to the state that were barred in well, we can still kind of give it general advice and refer you out that's why, whenever people email me and say where you located reform because I'm only barred in certain locations than all you know, pass them off to a good individual. Cps can work across state lines, they may be required to do some research like my seep a think in new york, and so she just does research on virginia law whenever I need her of a question for something, but I have to pay for her time to do that, you know, we get paid for our time to shoot and edit all that kind of stuff, but that's okay? Because I would build that in and it's worse that I have the worth and value in my business in order for her to do that for me. Any questions on taxes? Yeah, all right, all the hands, just like with the finish of the e p a man taxes, they're hot topic either quarterly or monthly, like, I know I was told where I'm at its quarterly, ok, do you do they send you like, a form to fill out? Or is that something where you just know you need to go? When I was in texas, they sent us something the first year, I think the second year they didn't, but in virginia, they don't send me anything, okay? So you just, you know, when you're required, I mean, really, because think of the oversight that they would have to have on your taxes would go up was that have to be paying someone to make sure you peyton for them to baby sit you and as a business you should be doing that on your own I have it on my calendar you know, pull the report sent to ciba or do it yourself because sometimes I'll do it myself for like sales tax stuff it's relatively straightforward and easy depending on state is one was I know that products or services or whatever is taxed yeah good ok what's your question but okay, I live in oregon and we don't have sales tax but I did you send that it but I fly frequently to california where we used to live to do shoots so I checked the most time they want their money so right. So what do I do now for like past shoots or you know, I've never charge sales I always say full disclosure is the best way to go because I have heard of times of the states will go ok, you know we'll forgive that and we'll move forward then there's other times people like I went and told him and and forgive me and I'm like, well, you should have been pain, you know yeah for me and legally ethically have to tell you probably should just full disclose it's better to tell them because it should have been paying it anyhow and uh oh about the cells texting I'm glad you said that there is none because some states don't require it fabulous no story about it just like some states don't have a state income tax texas this one on this texas because of that so who do I contact for the foreign california like shoes when I go to tell if I don't know the term look up control or you could just look a sales tax on government or something on google and come up um california is one of those that I was thinking about what I was talking about the digital stuff that is really weird there really weird on a lot explaining comes llc is too so I'm really glad I'm not a bar there I could just call up someone I know and because they're really strange when it comes to that other states are pretty nothing against california anybody is watching but um they're they're a little more specific so definitely for them reach out and touch I'd like you to reiterate that answer for cat tankersley photography who said I've heard some some states require tax on session fees and product and others only require product can you reiterate who you contact to find out where you were who you pay taxes to and who were term may be different but typically it's a comptroller's office just normally will take like virginia state sales tax and it'll come up I'm gay abel relatively well, for the most part, it's, your con trollers office that's going to use again, they may use terms interchangeably, andi actually it's funny because the laws changed all the time on, but like I said earlier, I was I was in texas attorney and I am one, and when we lived in texas s o I was keeping upon the loss that is required, but I got to choose my continuing education, so I didn't keep up on taxes. I deferred to a cpa for that or the comptroller's office, so I would call quarterly when I submitted my quarterly cells attacks and now this is really an efficient but it's not because I could call, put him on speaker phone white the counters down, do the dishes and wait and ask them to see if anything has changed. You could probably do it longer than quarterly, but if because there may be new laws that come out with additional files stuff because that is of course they're having a hard time keeping up. They did pretty good, but they're having a hard time keeping up with changing technology and a lot of them are trying to cash in, says everything is becoming really digit digital now, eh? So you just want to keep up constantly reaching out to see if they do have have a any changes on the taxing so kristen who might be from california, says to contact california the board of equalization okay, there you get teo strange birds I love the internet they're always helping us with boss and yeah, they yeah, there is that there's either board or commission or the office is pretty much like the buzz terms well, this is definitely personally, this is definitely one of those things on that list where I've recently for my business kind of handed off work to c p a and it and I was telling rachel earlier that this was one of those the biggest stressors and it wasn't because it was more because I felt stupid, like there was such a information yapor and understanding gaps that it just felt like this pool that was just stressing me out and to no end, but it was like I was choosing ignorance instead of just taking care of it and it just connects it could be really something that it's definitely not bliss such a lot at all. Yeah it's been really interesting to kind of like, take care of it and so and I was telling rachel that this course is just really helpful because it's taking those things that I think is right brain photographers were like, it'll take care of itself, I just want to shoot you know, that doesn't I'm really only talking about sales tax because we sail stuff there's still a whole bunch of other taxes on the resource lists as well but there's tons of other tax types that you have to be vigilant of especially you start requiring independent contractors who are assistance and we'll talk about that a little bit tomorrow on outsourcing or having people come on board but you need my partnerships there maybe partnership taxes are based on if you're ellis feed or certain state may have a franchise tax on door report that you're supposed to submit and remember that's just sales tax we have all sorts of other things that could be triggered as well working and now you're going to be like the law tog c p a you know dot com you know what? Actually I had already looked into it and then I was like s so we'll see we'll see now I gotta find hours in the day in order to do that thing that maybe I need to take this class and get a cushion now we'll say we'll see what's going to happen down the road it's an idea my husband said they're going shut up she'll need it anymore because every time I go I have an idea he goes oh because he knows it's going to cost something or it could be more education which is ok education is good all right, so we talked about all the formation and the sales tax so far with all the other taxes we didn't get to touch on said told you I could talk for like three days and it really dirty and deep on this but insurance is another one this is especially important if you value you're going to protect it so I have the worth of my business which is the amount of income coming in but I also value getting to be home with my family or taking care of an ill family member or homeschooling my kids and being there to physically do it and so I'm gonna have insurance as well uh I haven't all but some laws require certain all the certain insurance requirements on and then use I have shot many weddings I would watch how many wings but I shot some specific weddings that then he required us to show proof of liability insurance and when I say insurance there's like seven different types I could go into but I'm saying focus on liability here that that's going to protect me that's going to put a shield I've had venues requested they've asked the bright to contact all her vendors to provide a policy letter and do you think that the bride ever colds no the bride probably isn't rader contract and the bride doesn't ever reach out to me she's too busy and that's not really even her responsibility and this is another across over to marketing I can then take and calling venue ahead of time hey, rachel breaking reach making photography I'm gonna be shooting pan's wedding next month and do you want a copy in my liability insurance policy? Oh no we don't need it but good to know opens the door right there to talk so it's not a cold call when I'm ready to partner with them see how this kind of worry got these benefits going eh? So there's six seven types of insurance we had the liability equipment commercial umbrella insurance commercial automobile insurance property insurance which is more first studio and that's definitely something you want to look at because it's a different animal when you haven't been home studio constructed on a residential area might want to check your policy because of some policies maybe just commercial spaces then you got the residential a lot of times homeowners policies will not cover business transactions that includes equipment and other liability events that may occur eso really in home studios or kind of a liability nightmare from away lawyer's perspective. But I totally get the ease of use of the enabled how one in home as well. So just as long as you are able to get that and did I say workman's comp it's another type of insurance as well they may have but yeah use insurance I actually sometimes I'll book out hotels to do boudoir marathons, but the big thing with my clients, and so I could get, like eight, ten women done in a day. I reach out ahead of time to the hotels because I need two rooms, hair, makeup in one, I need shooting the other, and then the way that the checkout times are actually need a book like two days, but I don't want to pay for two days because I'm not going to be there for two days. And so by reaching out and under the guy is not only a guys, I mean, I'm going to find out if they want insurance or not. I'm able to get my foot in the door to kind of let them offer me a certain rate for just one day, mrs worked great. I had a hotel that I reach out there like we're so glad you did this because we actually have had issues of not so real professional photographers and doing not so nice photography in our I'll let I'll leave it up. I'm not to say the word on air of what they were doing in the hotel, but the fact that I had front loaded it, then how many issues they didn't bother us when we were shooting, they knew what we were doing when I have these. Women coming revolving out the door they weren't worried about it do you know what I mean? Was I even invited and say you can come by became just knock so they're decent when you come in on the hotel manager did come by obvious checking up on me or just saying hey but then it is it opened the door for relationship it he's thie any anticipation they may have had and also I was able to be offered instead of me asking them for some things like their whole idea that they got to offer me a special rate for the rooms and it's still basically that was one act of how many benefits right there in order to be covered and and I would say every show you myself sex from my formation in my insurance and I keep the insurance um in my yet keep a copy on hand at all times in my drop box that I can always pull up or whatever cloud that you want to use I just a drop box everyone knows what that is but read the policy and no, this is common sense, but a lot of times we'll just blindly go on acquire insurance of any of those six types that I talked about, but can you make sure a specific your situation because it's your studio is actually in home or is it constructed on your land okay, okay, you see that might be a deciding factor to someone who does understand her insurance or law ours oniy we've got a couple of things here if it's attached to maybe okay, but then if you detach and had billed on your land that maybe trigger all sorts of things when it comes to insurance and permits, but we wouldn't know that until we reached out and really put the specifics out there, so you always want to read the policy professional photographer people they provide some insurance is for this? Well, one of my favorites is kind of like this cash all they cover if there's like corrupt cards or other issues that may occur, they will do some fulfillment of money and an insurance policy that you could pass on to client or whatever to help cover you in the event that something a normal insurance policy sir like state farm or any of those farmers insurance wouldn't necessarily cover and their policies are drafted for photographers because they're professional trade association does require a membership, but I have my liability in my equipment through them another good one is hill and usher they are insurance I don't know that specifically dropped her photographers by no it's small business owners which really is good as well another thing too, for looking to cut costs and you need a liability insurance call your whoever you have now for homeowners or renters and see if you can get a writer instead of just a whole new separate policy because it's kind of that whole leg discounted rate if you are able just to put a writer on to it as opposed to separate policy completely save you guys some money and time because it's less paperwork in such a that point is that you don't have to separate policies being maintained any questions on insurance? Yeah, go ahead no good can you list the six again? Yeah, I'm sorry there's regular liability insurance is like if a client's going to see you, they get injured equipment which is actually your physical shooting equipment commercial umbrella on that works obviously commercial activities what we're doing commercial automobile if you're going to have your client to jump in the car with you at any time was more unlikely your personal automobile is not gonna cover business transactions and sometimes I have my client's jump in with me and we drive around and we check out locations and I can be covered if I have the commercial autumn a bill, property insurance and this would be if you run a studio or have a business office they your homeowner's insurance is not at all going to cover that that is for that property don't ever expect a landlord to cover for you most of them require that you show proof of a property insurance policy as well. So that's another thing if you're looking to getting a studio making a plan, this is a checklist item that you really need to have in mind the extra things you need to dio what we're going to get that studios face next week and I that's when the questions that I have for the broker on the phone and I think he kind of was like, who am I talking too? Because I was like, ok, and so what kind of requirements do you have any insurance policy? I think he went because he just was like, what? And and I was able to find out there's something specific that needed to have or if I could just pick anybody as long as I had one yes, the right that every question about, like insurance like difference if you're in like a coop type style where you're sharing a studio space with someone would that insurance policy just cover you off? The everyone together gives an insurance policy luncheon try talking liability we like love or actually like kind of like both coming because you know you're gonna have maybe your equipment in there and then you're gonna have you know, especially if you have someone come by, you know you don't want well, it depends on who signed the lease are you running out to sea ok, so let's say you sign for this space and when you put out how early yeah and you said and you're allowed to sub let it out make sure your contract allows you you can put requirements on that transaction that you're able to require that they hold their own insurance because you got to make sure of your policy will cover someone you're subletting or not me personally, I keep it clear cut all of my assistants are required to my independent contractors not assistance and pennant independent contractors that come on board I don't care if you're carrying my pencil it a shoot you have to have liability insurance my hair and makeup artists are rick choir to carry their own liability insurance be any would mind cover it? Maybe you know, it depends. I could look at the policy and see but it's more clear cut because also something happens. Well, I want to make sure mine's gonna cover too just in case, but if something happens there rates go up, not mine. They can try to go through them because they're the ones that may have caused the issue and not me did that help? Okay it's really important that you check these buckets and make sure what was your question? The people a insurance doesn't cover everything but obviously does have some good things that are specific to photographers so I didn't really understand what you were saying about a writer but should you know, is it good tio get a secondary insurance to have them both or I always recommend any time you're gonna look for sepa attorney insurance policy that you think about a what you want to have covered and then go get three to four quotes from different people and see what's in their insurance policies because everyone's needs air specific? I mean, we've got in home studio that we haven't outside studio so it's going to be a little different when with as far as the people may not cover for someone specific situation, I can't I can't recall the insurance policy I know when I went through it checked off, it was everything I needed I'm doing a re evaluation and now I'm gonna have to get property insurance now that I have a physical outside property when I was talking about with the writers, this is especially important for, like equipment eso you have your homeowner's insurance policy covers your regular home business activities, right? But if I have my business equipment in the home in that policy doesn't cover that equipment was used in the course of business on out how many tens of thousands of dollars, right? Well, you can ask them if they have a separate business equipment type policy instead of having to pay for for to you can kind of get a writer, goes on top of and said like a reduced rate, so instead of, like, fifty bucks and fifty bucks, you may get in both for seventy five not an insurance agent, I just this is from experience of it, so I'm just pull those numbers out of nowhere, but that kind of is the way that it works. He says that help and and speaking of that, you know, you reckon you recommended earlier that, you know, people can you know, who have questions seek, you know, an attorney or a c p a you also recommend an insurance agent as well? Oh, yeah, and insurance agents are also specific to state because they know state requirements. There are specific requirements on this so that's why I don't recommend you just blindly pick somebody you need to make sure that it is the policy is also abiding by the state rules. So for insurance agents, and you see the signs everywhere, reach out and touch a few of that, not touch on like I have all these insurance agents calling maybe, like his photographers keep hugging me, but reach out and, like, get to know them networking hey, you're able to also cultivate getting on their clients, but at the same time, you're requiring yourself but locally as well because I have some insurance agent friends that I can ping ideas offer but what do they always tell me at the end we know how this goes check your local state laws I'm like well I should just gone to a local insurance agent at that point but then that's going to take more time for me to have to try to piece it together good all right? Anybody else on insurance I mean, I go really really dig deep into each of these policies and also on life insurance that's one thing anyone in your life insurance in those different type of insurances and retirements that I dont deep in this on my online course and he really deeply talk about really specific situations that you need because there's way more this is just like surface I mean, I don't even hardly scratch insurance because it is such a big thing because my goal is to be protected by my formation. I put my little bubble see that my little family they need add like five hundred more kids here, but they do like put my little bubble my formation but then my insurance policy goes around that as well, so if they penetrate through my clients were able to come through my injury it's policy lisa, I'm still have some protection by my liability formation I don't recommend operating without both not legal advice, yada yada yada. But I I wouldn't personally operate, especially with my family on the line in my business, operating without my formacion set up and my insurance. And look at all the benefits that come out of it anyhow and it's really easy. I mean, do it online now. I mean, they send it to you. Look at it. You send them your money and they send you the final forms. I mean, like it's, it is relatively easy. As long as you know what you're looking for. You sit down in a faint when I miss my specific situation before you call them on. And I actually have a checklist guide on the site in the course that you can take to insurance agents and cps and attorneys with you to be able to ask the right questions because, like the example I gave you with the studio, if it's separate from the house and maybe completely different permits than it being attash same thing goes for insurance purposes, too. Okay, my boring. Oh, yeah. I love this stuff. I'm like yeah, I think everyone's going oh, my god, let's, get to the fun stuff.

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