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Rachel bronchi she is the mastermind behind the law dog she I mean so so she's, so accomplished he's a photographer she's a mom she's, an author and she's an attorney and she's the mastermind behind this wonderful consulting company directly for photographers on legal matters the law talk so without any further do rachel, come on out! Welcome, how are you look wonderful. I'm so excited. You look wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. So what did you would you think? What do you think? What you heard? I'm stoked. Like I think the big thing about the course a lot of people think it's just about family if you have kids and so I love the broad range from, like, nine to zero kid. You're in the audience, right? Yeah. So I think we're doing they were good because you didn't help everyone listening. It's not just if you have kids. Yeah, and I'm a single guy. No kids. So I'm looking forward to it. I'll pass on the baton and have fun things. Oh, man. All right, okay. I am super su...

per excited to be here all nervous, so I'm just going to focus and if I could just help one person that's my goal, I want to help everybody but it's balance is super important like trace that we have all these irons in the fire going on whether you have kids with him no kids at all, eh? So I think the key thing is is making sure that we can balance it all on dhs for some key people in our lives and I'm putting these in priority order from lisa to most on, eh? So you're probably gonna be shocked to hear that this isn't for your clients there on the radar but balance isn't really for the clients is a baseline giving consistency to clients across the board by instituting all the tools that we're going to learn and the efficiency measures is going to help you but it's gonna have a benefit of providing a consistent experience for your client on dso that's the third priority because my goals my client has actually convert them to my friends I always joke careful I'm trying to make you a friend and I pretty much every single one of my clients has become friends we end up going tio kidsbirthday parties together get together for double dates for dinners and and I truly believe it a benefit that has come out of all the balance and everything that I do mostly for survival because it works so well as a customer service baseline they all get the same experience and then I could also commit a little bit more time so given that one on one because if you're spending your entire time trying to figure out, make sure you do the next thing right in your workflow and you're trying to do the laundry and still him through that email or they call we're in the middle of doing something if you have the work florida planned out, you don't have to second guess you just know what to d'oh then you could spend time converting those clients into friends so you get the consistency you get the individualized experience which we hear about everyone harps on that, but I think it's a big gap in that it's not just the individualized of sending them their favorite chocolates after the session it's actually listening and incorporating that into what you're going to do for them one of one the second one is my family this is my family, I have four kids I'm going to get into who I am here in a little bit, but it is for my family probably my family and self are going to be equal in priority families more than biological you can have a family that's just a biological family, but for me I want more than that I want to be there for my kids, I miss my kids being gone and that's one of the reasons I'm a small business owner so that I can be home with them pretty much that's why I think a lot of people doing this, they do photography because they enjoy it, but they also do a business so that they could be there for their kids and provide because if you just love photography, you can just do that. It's a hobby you don't have to do it is a business it's just an added benefit of getting to be at home and help support through your photography because, I mean, I love what you do. I mean, you're going to be really good at it, and that is just a bonus to be able to have that quality of life. That's you're going to hear me say that a lot, that quality life's really important that's something that my parents always instilled in me, that it doesn't really matter, I mean, it matters if you make money that it doesn't matter how much you make us only to have a good quality of life. I can give up some things in life as long as I'm still be able to be with my family, I'm getting inspirational. I told them that I wasn't going to deal an inspirational talk, that this was going to get it done type of thing, but it is true it's all about quality, life and family. And then this is for you I mean, you're the person that's running it it's super super important that you don't lose you in it and we're going to have a whole segment on the second day going to wrap up making sure that you don't lose you because I think that a lot of times especially if you are a parent or you have significant other if you don't have kids that you come last because at the end of the day you've done business evens homework homework if you're in school, you done home stuff there's nothing left on almost for you about time you give your spouse and you hit the bed you're ready to go to sleep at three a m and you know it and you need to be able to keep you in it and that's a big priority and I think that making it on the head a little bit ago is that we want to be able to balance and not always have it running in the back of our mind. The sad news is I think because we are entrepreneurs that's gonna happen so but we don't want to physically be going all the time it's okay if our mind is going in a good way in a creative way of moving forward but not in the worrisome oh my god it and answer that email I didn't get this done type away yes you know you see the difference on that and I think that's really was key for the next few days is so that we can target all of this still fulfill ourselves as people in individuals and then give the extra benefit of the quality of life and getting those clients on board and give them a good experience so that we do make money and get more clients all right, so who am I? They been introduced wonderfully by the wonderful host I am rachel brink e I am a mother of four I'm also a lawyer I have my mba and I'm a photographer I actually had my mba and I started the business consulting firm before I ever did photography is a business I was helping on real estate and other small businesses get set up and so that's my foundation I fell in love with photography as many people dio I know there's a negative connotation to the term mom with the camera while I'm a mom and I have a camera and that's ok? Because I've taken this steps to make it a good business and made it actually my business and so I'm a photographer I set that up and it became a business while I was in law school I am barred attorney I had two of my kids two of the four the middle to during law school first year and last year absolutely insane saying my husband was gone at two of the three years with the army now that looked back I think oh my god what did I do but the reason I tell you all of that because that's where I learned a lot of these survival I mean this isn't even just workflow this is I got to just make it survival tips just to get through all that came out the other side and lawyer and I've combined my business consulting for photographers help them getting set up maintain learning balance and work flows and everything with the flare of legal stuff so for the next two days you guys we're going to hear I'm going throw in some legal aspects as well I won't bore you s o if you're I start glazing over I know to move on I totally get it legal stuff's not sexy and entertaining but it is important things that is going to make any fish it and you're going kind of see because if you confront load stuff in the work in the front let's get all this stuff set up and do it properly you're going to be able to focus on other things later on such as your family because for me I want to attend my kidssoccer games I want to go to ballet recitals and I want to watch the movie frozen for the five hundredth and one time that has been nonstop in our house lately, but those are important things that the quality of life that I want to have and so for the next few days, adopting all of this, if you guys I totally get that it's overwhelming, I'm gonna try to break it down and reiterate stuff as much as possible, so feel free if you need to just stop me and say, hey, back up or if the host to clarify something for the internet audience, I will just I go a mile a minute if you can't tell on dh, so I just want to be able to slow down so everyone can get it. It is important to note, since I am an attorney, I have to give a little legal disclaimer while I throw out legal aspects for you guys and may be different in your state. Andi may not be able to get into specifics if he tried to pulling questions, especially from here or on the internet and it's very cif iq. I can't give a good full answer because it may taken our consultation. We don't have an hour of time to dick it through and for me to be able to give you guys the best benefit, just contact me directly I would love to help you, and if I can't help you, I'll help you guys find a local attorney in your area. They can help you guys get set up or whatever you know you may need, but I will be that ear if you do need some assistance, so just keep that in mind legally obligated to kind of put that little disclaimer around for you guys, but don't be afraid to ask questions, okay at all. Um all right, so for the next two days, what are we going to be learning? We've broken broken it down into two different sections. The first thing we're going to talk about is how much is too much and that's the segment right here? Some people are like, I already know it's too much that's why and listening and then there's others that like, well, I don't know, maybe a little learned something and you may see through this next segment that it is too much and you didn't realize it especially think if you are an entrepreneurial type control, eh, you it's hard to admit when too much is too much? I kind of wanted to break it down a little bit for you guys since maybe prick a little bit go who maybe it is and it's for your benefit, I want to pull the walls away and really try to get and dig deep into it, because if we just go, oh, we're overwhelmed then that I'm not going to do anything about it well, it doesn't do you any good and the listing of the priorities so I could to anybody on that list any good in your business is probably going to hurt from it. The second segment for today is going to the business one o one basics on this one is going over the foundational aspects that you guys need to have is probably one of my favorite segments because that's really where I get to throw out the business stuff but it is going to lay out the foundational checklist for you guys to have s o you can get your foundation going even if you've been in business for thirty years you may need to re evaluate some things the next one's putting efficiency yeah so the business one a one just the basics one one we were talking yesterday that could be a three day course you know in itself right? So you're just going to break down just the basics of stuff because you really could bust out with something yeah with a three day course so maybe I could I could talk endlessly on that topic but I confined it to that because I wanted to really talk about the balance grace stuff and if anybody has questions on that one I have a bunch of articles on the site are the law todd dot com that can also relate to that if there's questions that we don't get answered through here cool as well. So maybe I'll come back to do that course way, never know, but then is putting efficiency into practice. This is a really heavy one. This is where I think a lot of people are going to realize that they can save a lot of time, really, really important segment. I think one of the priorities and then the art of the checklist. Yeah, I'm going to spend an entire segment talking about a checklist because there is a way to make it work for you. I know people like, well, I have a checklist. I don't you have a checklist the way that I'm going to teach you guys, and I want you to key in on that. And then tomorrow is more putting into practice, either what you've identified that you that you know you need help with or some things that you can fix, such as client management interaction. That's really heavy and the tools and gaining him information and using the things that your clients are telling you and effective way to help drive the business forward efficiency, efficiency, efficiency you're going to hear me talk that when I do one action multiple benefits because I'd rather do that one thing get all this stuff that have to do ten things to get ten benefits do you know? I mean, I don't have time to do ten things to get ten benefits, but I do want to get seven to ten I'm doing good outsourcing the right way please don't zone out on me on this I think a lot of people here outsource out source I'm going to go through how to do it the right way and how their jobs to do it on a budget that's for in home and out of home stuff, business and home stuff so I actually like house cleaning is going to want things to talk about. The mission said that they would not come back talking about out cleaning, but I think it's super important in fact of life if networking for results not just networking, but what to physically do to make it work for you because the more people I can get to talk about me that's, the less marketing in a sense that I have to dio on it one of those things where is I? Like I said a little bit ago, you want to constantly think about your work? You don't want to constantly be doing it with networking going on other people be doing it for you while you're going to bed at ten o'clock rather than three a m and then the keeping you in business is to make sure that we maintain ourselves on dh that's the culmination of the two days and we're gonna have hot seats throughout we're going to pull some people from the audience and this kind of tearing down the walls and I may ask some tough questions for you guys to see the looks on their face they're like, oh, I got but if you've ever worked with me, you know, that's the way I am, you asked me a question, I'm probably gonna ask you a question in return and people always go what? Because I want you to think through it, I don't want you just do it because I say you should do it, I want you to do it and think about it what's going to work best for you and that's kind of what we're going to do for the next few days, so I guess you're there any questions from the audio on from online or with you guys before we dig into how much is too much there are a lot of comments coming in okay, thank everyone is just sharing similar concerns with balancing balancing everything I'll just throw these out there just like what you're on the right track let's see her in burke a photo says my biggest challenge is that I'm just starting my business I'm a student of a three year old and a four month old were also a one car family another one has twin baby boys thirteen year old girl ton of activities trying to balance running business and doing photography for fun so it seems like there's a really big theme I have about twelve comments here from different people where children and work and paperwork and husbands and wives and all of that there's kind of a common theme so we're on the right track so I would say keep going yeah it's great j o c from oklahoma home schooling as well is something so like really busy folks out here you just said that because whenever I say home stuff it's not is home that could include with you're in school because I was in school when I built my photography business I was in law school when I really was committed to doing it or it could be home schooling if you have a big other commitment in your life that you may have a job in the rural world on dh that you have to divide your time between and that's. One of things. We'll talk about, a little bit of balancing that specifically in the last segment. But it's, just important to note that you don't have to do all this at once. You're going to see, I'm gonna have you guys break it down. The key things I want you to work on, because a lot of this is really overwhelming on, you're not gonna be any good if you try to do it all, because, obviously, it's, why you're here, you're already trying to do it all and so that's, just repeating the cycle.

Class Description

"Achieve work/life balance” doesn’t have to be an abstract goal -- it can be an immediate, concrete reality. Join Rachel Brenke, author of The Laundry List: A Mom’s Guide to Running a Successful Business and Home, to learn how to build a photography business while remaining present in your family life without feeling constantly pulled in different directions.

Rachel will share her expertise as an MBA, an attorney, and long-time business consultant. The checklists and tools Rachel provides will help you lay a sound legal and financial foundation for your business, so you’ll have more time to focus on both your photography and your professional life. You’ll learn how to efficiently plan and outsource work so your business runs more seamlessly. You’ll develop strategies for sales, networking, and business growth that you can accomplish in more efficiently in less time.

The blend of business fundamentals, legal skills, and real-life scenarios you’ll explore in this course will prepare you for anything you might face as a professional photographer, giving you more time to lead a stress-free, balanced life.