Balancing Work, Family, and Photography


Balancing Work, Family, and Photography


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How Much is Too Much

There's two types of people there's ones who are here that know that it's too much on, they just threw up their hands and I need something I need some help on dh you may not feel that way all the time make kind of go through seasons of life or it's like, oh my gosh, all I'm doing is working, but other times, it's not so bad or there's those people who are the taipei chugging ahead control types, they don't realize that there's actually negative effects happening to them, that our signal of too much is too much and so that's why I'm kind of wanted to break this down because those that already here kind of already I've already got shell here, you know why you're here, but the second type of person, the one that doesn't really know if it's too much, I'm hoping this kind of will open up the eyes a little bit for those because it on lee will help you it's kind of like when you're and starting out photography and you're so committed to shoot in a certain way and come to find out that it's co...

mpletely technically wrong, I can't be the only one everyone's looking at me, please tell me I'm not the only one, ok, ok, and then you have someone that goes you know, that's really wrong and finally someone tells you the truth that's my goal here, my goal is to kind of really bringing to light it. How much is too much? All right, so these are some of the key things that kind of tip off whether or not too much is going on in your life. I should've put number one if your spouse teligent, you work too much that's probably a number one. Um, I've been there and that's pretty much why I'm here talking to you guys, and I'm not saying that you guys are gonna have a balance on everything all the time. Like I said, it's season, sometimes you're going to be busier such is like christmas portrait season, it may be a little harder and then when it slower in the winter, but the goal is to try to keep it steady across the board, you're unable to enjoy family time that you're constantly worrying over work, and then we talked about a second ago there's a difference between being vigilant on your work and recognizing being aware that it's there and then constantly worrying about it. I always joke that I want to get the monkey off my back when I have a client order that needs don't I want to get it done because I want to be sitting playing puzzles and thinking I designed that album I'm going to do it like this that does me no good, I'm not there her with my kid if I'm thinking that you know, and if I have committed to the tools that were going to use the next two days, then I'm don't have to have that constantly worry I could be vigilant thinking, oh, you know, I should begin to order next few days good, but then worry about whether or not it's something is not getting done is when you know it's too much and that goes back to the quality of life because the whole point of working for yourself to have a life all right, the second one is you work me on your plan hours with little benefit when I work, I want to make money, I want to make progress I don't want to be working and spinning my wheels on dso like I just said it a little bit ago when I do one thing, I want to have multiple benefits for me and if I'm working beyond the planned ours, doing whatever and it's not giving me much benefit a return, I'm no good to myself or my family or even my clients you're even tired of yourself saying, sorry, I can't I have toe work or your friends start saying all you do is work all the time now, there's a difference, because if you are balancing family good, you're balancing your work, and then your friends are saying it, I think that may still be ok, but it's, when you are not balancing anything all in, they're still saying that, you know, there's an issue, because then you're not able to get out and enjoy life that you need to dio and could you be making more money? Well, the answer is maybe, you know, we all could be making more money, but I want to be making more money without having to necessarily work more work, smarter, not harder, that's so cliche, and I told myself I wasn't going to use that when I got up here, but it's, true, you could you could be making more money with the little things that I'm doing, and this one, I actually want you guys to note down when we talk client management interaction tomorrow, how you can make more money and at an easier way out of information that your clients are already giving you. We're going to learn today of how to gain that information, and then tomorrow, how actually utilize that information to make the more money in the less amount of time, okay, so the others jobs of a photography business owner, I don't really have of harp on this to you guys too much? I do want to highlight it for those that may be considering going into business or that are newer in business. When you work in a real job, you go and you do your job. When you are a business owner, you have to wear the hats of everybody in the company unless you outsource or whatever to get it done. This is the list that I want you guys to look through because I'm about to call in some of you guys here in a little bit and see some of the things that you are allocating time too, that you don't feel like that you're skilled to dio that's inefficient or you're not getting a big benefit on, so if you could go through, jot them down and star the ones that are most any fishing because we're going to use them, tomorrow is really important. So the average jobs photography business owner when you're a photographer, unless you happen around a studio where everyone don't shoot pretty much all of us are shooting and running the business as well, because that's, why we're doing it right? We like photography you're the lead manager whenever enquiries come in or you find out new network, seeger, the individual that is cultivating those relationships. Having to go out there do the follow ups with clients or enquiries you're having to continue going that's just the lead portion and then getting them converted into clients you got to make sure the tragical that stay on the top of it figure out we're going to do with the information andi utilize it for your best benefit web site manager would just mentioned this a little bit ago in the pre show is are you it's running routine checks on your website? Are you the one that's having to do that? Do you have the skills to do it? Do you have the know how to do it? Is it stuck in time out of your day it's an important aspect because your website is your virtual storefront if you don't have it even if even if you have a physical studio your website is still your virtual storefront that's where everyone's going to find you now people don't really drive down the street going let me look for a photographer let me look for a hair salon where do they go? Facebook ask friends who then link your web site or they just search for your website so you want to make sure that you have to manage it make sure it's up and running you don't just want to pay someone or just do it and stick it up there and um and hope that it's for the best and I my phone's probably buzz in my husband's probably going on your web site manager he's, the one that fixes things after I break it, which I have been known to do. So if I offered a touch her website, you might want to say no that's, not one of my this know what I recognize that that's not one of my skills and that's inefficient for me social media manager, are you the one that's having to manage all the income incoming traffic for your social media? You one pushing out all the all the information out to your audience is because if you're not utilizing schultz to media and you're blogging your website, you are missing a bunch of potential money in clients on that, and we're really going to get into the tools that's going to make that as easy as possible because this is something you need to be doing on pretty much regular daily basis that's going to go like this for you once we get the tools down and office cleaning crew. If you work in the home and you don't have a maid who hear the home cleaning korean, the office cleaning crew, you're also the office manager or the woman has to cultivate all make sure you have the supplies that are needed that all the software is updated that the computers in working order saying well supply officer email manager marketing director that's a big one I think a lot of people are like oh, I love marketing marketing a sexy marketing is fun but do you have time to market when you've already done all your work flow stuff for the day? Our goal is to shorten that workflow cm more time for marketing and then still have time to watch frozen or or whatever it is that you need to dio tax process or how many of us do our own taxes nobody here okay, we got some hands ok? All of them are going to know is that for what? Yeah, I'm going to talk about how how to find a sepia or to do it for yourself customer service representative and then image processor I try to make a sound all fine basically you're the monkey that student voters shopper light room, right? Um I don't mean that monkey I don't just think of hand jamming, pressing buttons and but image process or try to make it sound a little more glamorous, but these are all the hats that we essentially where this is just the average jobs that we worked on and how many people want here don't even realize and break down how much that you were actually having to do you just did it without even thinking about it right? And because we just but when we break it down and look at it it's kind of like when you're dieting okay and actually let me let me back up for a second when I was in law school they typically lawyers don't have it awesome job like idea where gets photographed awesome people most lawyers are in offices and do billable hours when our first year one of the things that they taught us was that time is money. So every fifteen minutes for a day we had to write down what we were doing for those fifteen minutes and I mean it's like dieting when you are want to lose weight, you have a calorie restriction, you start writing your calories they're putting into your app and then by lunch you've already run through your allotment for the day you're like, oh my god exact same thing for business and that's why I broke this out because I actually want you guys not to just start the inefficient ones, but I want you to put a little guesstimate how much you think you spend what do week and when she think you spend a week on each of these because even have a glaring amount of time on one of them with very little benefit even though it's a key thing that needs to be done it's inefficient for you because you're looking at me should be writing scribbling furiously have a question no, you're good. Ok, so that's why I broke it out pretty much common sense but I think it's super important that we look at that so at home audience to make sure that you guys write this down because we're gonna be using this tomorrow and throughout the day and we want to try to target the areas most any fisher so what do you guys believe are the three largest stressors outside of owning photography business just life in general whether you want a photography business or not time management what what? As far as I mentioned, what do you think if you don't manage your time correctly what are three things that could have a high stress that feel the stress in processing um miss process things one, families s relationship yes yeah ok, I'm sorry. I kind of asked that question in a bad way but so the three larger stressors this is what everybody feels even if they don't own a photography business relationships, children and finances the blue are people that are not small business owners they go to israel a job that I have to worry about running a business the green encompasses that and it's what we have to deal with a small business owners as photography owners so when relationships we feel the stress relationships two times as much as our counterparts who are not small business owners and then for children is raising children is stressful they say owning a small business while raising children is three times a stressful which like yeah someone's laughing yeah, I totally agree with that it is I got to tell you when I was preparing for this I was burning the candle at both ends and it's seems like this last month the kids just had to have me they don't care half the time that I'm around they play together we have for them their little partners but for some reason when I was prepping it just was mommy mommy mommy about everything and I love him but it was just like they knew you know they tuned in on that and then I was like, oh, now I get it now I totally get this statistic on then finances managing finances is three times the stressful when you are a business owner then if you're not because you're having a manager personal plus the business as well what rachel how do you talk to your children? Can you go a little bit into that? How do you talk to your children about especially younger ones? What it means to to be a business owner to be apparent to be someone who has a business on the advice they're well first they don't talk they see what ideo they all talk about in play that they want to own their own business now especially my oldest he tried to sell a sticks that he got out of our back yard the other day and I was like one hundred percent profit you didn't even have to pay for it, so it's action is the first thing so if you're completely stressed and that's why I pulled out the stress factors because you're not just negatively impacting you but you're also negative impact in your clients and your family and your children they're going to see owning a business as a negative and not as a positive and I think it's a super positive for the quality of life but to talk to them about it, especially my oldest he's almost nine, so he gets it a little bit more on we talk about we talk about marketing and the way that things go and it's funny because he'll hear an advertisement on the radio now and he'll be like it says free but it's not free because you told me that is actually already factored into their costs and I was like, so you know, just talk to them about it and I think especially like when I was preparing for here, that was like the ultimate test of balance because this is nerve wracking I don't want to know the numbers that are out there because that's really scary to me, but it was just nerve racking to know that this is high pressure and needed to be committing a lot of time, but at the same time, I was gonna have to balance this for all time, a complete hypocrite and my kids aren't going to understand that they don't care like my daughter was like, you're going on tv again like she didn't care, and so what they cared about was that I said and sit down with them, and I talked with about the business, but I explained to them, I'm working, alice is, I'm done, then we can spend time together and we'll do x, y and z and we really commit two blocks a family time, all right? Oh, where was I? Oh, yeah, so we're talking about the stress level and if you're already feeling stressed already know that, but I hope that by recognizing these little buckets and not just lumping into one distress balkan help pare down the areas that you guys need to focus on, this actually was an article in the huffington post put out title is your job killing you in some day is especially during christmas. Portrait season when you have people who email that they need a session the week before christmas and what their images, I think that the job is killing me some days and but it was a very serious article. Higher levels of stress, like we just identified depression is a big one, which kind of totally smacks in the face of the quality of life strained relationships like we just talked about increased heart attack and death, death chris and accelerated aging. I don't want wrinkles, I don't want any more wrinkles and I don't want to age anymore. I don't want my job to kill me on dh, so I just threw that out there for you guys as a cancer survivor, I've been a cancer survivor for seven years, that was really, I think, the turning point I knew I wanted to have my own business. It all happened right about at the same time it was right before going to get my mba on. I knew that I wanted to help other small businesses to help them stay home and here and so it's amazing how. That kind of turned out, but from having the cancer than having the kids, I want to be as happy and healthy, so I could be in like you just said, you know, how do you talk to your kids about it? Well, a lot of it is action, and if I'm happy and healthy, then they're going to see that and they're going to adopt that, and that overrides my desire for the business. I mean, if it came to the points much as I love business and it is me, I mean, I thrive on this if it was negatively impacting and identify that I either need to make a change, I need to quit quitting is not an option, so I need to make a change, you know, and that's okay, I mean, sometimes and I think the key thing to do with this also, even if you guys believe and you only commit to one section that you want to work on, but it's, this is not working reevaluate starting in there, it's, you get choices to dio what you want to d'oh with your business. And the good news is you're not alone, I think is small business owners, especially if you're in the home, you don't have an external studio. Is can feel very isolating sometimes cause you don't get to go a lot of places, and I think that's, where a lot of the depression may come in, your friends live in the computer, so to speak, on dh, but you're not alone there's other small business owners, I don't know how many times that I post on my facebook page and say, hey, is anybody else awake at eleven p? M, which I know really isn't that late for some, but to meet us super late, and you've all of them, down, up editing, I'm doing this and doing that, and all I could think was, look, we're not alone, you know, other people are going through to misery loves company, so I kind of been halfway happy. You guys are a little bit miserable because I have company today now I'm kidding. I don't I actually don't want any misery to come out of this. This is from the alternative or business owner strategic advantage did a survey, and they found that sixty six percent of business owners would liketo work a whole lot less. I want to work less and make the same, if not more money, I mean, good goal for me, I don't know what I do with my free time, I'm not sure what free time is, but seventy two percent of small business owners wish they worked only thirty to forty nine hours a week. If you think about it, the standard salary for a really job is how many hours a week, forty, maybe fifties kind of depends, and this average business owner is probably nineteen percent are working more than sixty hours a week and that's just work. This isn't including going to school, home schooling, the kids to soccer practice cleaning, spending time there saying that significant other showering, doing laundry, all that kind of stuff. If you got me newsletter today, I talked about I made jokes about laundering, all small business owners sometimes forget to change clothes or bathe or to their laundry, and I can't be the only one come on, I mean, you get into that zone, you gotta project come on now, so that was really vulnerable for me just to admit that, uh, trying to keep a really guys and three out of ten business owners actually expect their work hours to increase. I don't want your work hours to increase out of this. I want your workers to stay the same, but more efficient or go down, especially with having a baby and being able to commit to the older kids and need help, or your nieces and nephews that you have around so a little bit more on the business dress fax, I know that I am like, really hard core push it, but the reason for this is a lot of people may feel it and not even realize it. This is from the institute of heart math. They found that your body doesn't care of sub big stress or little stress, so that list that we just talked about a little bit ago with the average jobs that you have that required you to star you may think, well, that's a little stress I don't need to worry about your body doesn't know the difference it's still adopt stress on stress is not good. It could be bad for yourself for your relationships, which makes that three times a relationship strained from non business owners become even more if you don't recognize and control it, um, which reduces the quality of life aspects tres could make smart people do stupid things. I pretty much have a standard that everyone in business has some brains, they know what they're doing, but they end up doing stupid things because of stress, they respond to emails through upset client. May have just been a miscommunication, but they take it personally creative types may do that, but you're doing because you're stressed you do a stupid thing he responds stupid way your clients are unhappy don't get the referrals you don't make the cell you want to make you see how this goes one I wanna wanna wanna all that routed it wasn't stress whereas if you were able to step back and I have the stress you might have read that email in a different light and responded a different way you don't want to do stupid things and on the business side you may become snappy hat your kids and that's the last place or your spouse or your friends or your parents and it's the last place that you want it to creep into people can become numb to their stress I'm gonna get vulnerable here and really share with you guys I have the multiple businesses going I have my photography this is I have the consulting business on and then I have all the kids going on and I can't I kind of get to this point that I feel like I did a couple of years ago um this is just what it's going to be is always gonna be stresses that worry thing they were talking about, you can think about it but you shouldn't stress about it and I thought, well it's just standard to stress about it all the time it's just what being a small business owner is I see in forums I creep informs ok don't create the sound of really man I read if I investigate in forums photography forms a lot to see to keep a pulse on what people are needing and a lot of times they ask is owning a business always like this and what they mean is is it always this stressful? Can you ever really get forward without all this stress and so many other people? It's the blind leading the blind and I'm been one of them and at times I still am saying yes, it is just stressful this a part of being a small business owner there's a difference there's a level of stress that it should be should never get to the point that you become numb to it sometimes I go in seasons where I get really busy and I'm becoming under the stress and my husband's like, come here we need to talk we need to have this and actually we probably had one of these writing for creative life sorry honey telegenic unusual is an example, but he was like you need to you need me right here we need to you need not be so numb because you become numb to it and then it starts creeping into other areas of life, the good news is people can control their stress, and we're going to control it through the tools of client management for the next few days and handle stressed in the moment with the plan to the standard that I'm actually going to going over with you guys is to identify which you kind of just did. I had to go through and start the average jobs, identify the inefficiencies or stressful things in your business, we're going to decide to plan on them. This is the standard we're going to use for every single thing we dio aa lot of people already run through this standard in this decision making process such as identify I'm not wearing pants today. I had no clean clothes. Well, okay, whatever. I'll just throw on the yoga pants I wore yesterday and I was about my day, right? Or I'll get to launch, he later identified I didn't do anything about it. I'm still stinky and sweaty. I got to do something about it, then my examples are really bad, really bad, but anyhow, so identified that he needed to be done. But then I have to get to the step of making the decision and that's what we're going to make the decisions and they were going to act on them. So we need his handle stress right now and once you guys outside of that list on which I have done it by some other stressors that may be impacting kids are given spouses are a given if there's any other things you feel you may be lacking in some confidence if you are restricted by you're working at a home who said you guys were doing you and her husband who said that they were working their husband, you're working out a home, you don't have a studio, correct? Yeah, we do have an office offsite. Okay, okay, so what do you know that's? The thing is I'm working from home, we just moved last year and it was I was like, I'm not going to run into a studio really take time and commit we finally found one day we didn't get a next week, but it's it's one of those things my big stressor that identify in the last year was that I never left the house. I felt like I was always at work because my desk was right there when I walked to the kitchen when I walked back out and if I enclose the laptop would be like, you know, just when I'm just walking through the hall and so I had to identify that make a plan in order to remove that a little bit just because your stress doesn't mean you were made, you aren't making progress that you it is just means that it's time to make some changes that you need to make a little tweaks for something you it may be huge changes got a completely scrap what you're doing other people that are watching you may just be little things that you need to adjust so not just dresses happiness stress doesn't mean you're not happy like I said, we talked about the good stress that you can have I think I think it's more of a motivating factor, the motivation feeling that you have it's that difference between bad stress and good stress so just get your stress doesn't mean that you're not happy sixty nine percent of small business owners we looked at the statistics they're overworked they felt like they were going to work war in the future but they also wanted to make more money expand their time still sixty nine percent of them out of a small business happy in this index survey so that sixty nine percent are still happy and but could we increase that by just making some little changes in our life? Yeah that's the weekend d'oh most just feel overwhelmed and overworked who feels overwhelmed yeah every hand just went in the audience so yeah, everyone feels overwhelmed, overworked and that's ok a song as you're working for good and not bad so through all of this, this is my big example. I always I'm looking for the triangle of balance. I had my personal stuff, I also want to have the freedom of being a business owner, and I want to make sure the compensation is worth it. When I said conversation, I don't just mean money, and I don't just mean like the intangible things in life is this going to benefit me? But get me more pearls is something to be able to talk about me. I'm going to give an example on its creative life. Last year I was on creative life spotlight in vegas stern w p p I I was newly pregnant. I was sick as a dog, but I did it and I'm here thanks to you guys. You all voted fan favorite and the students I was done, I got vote, it was a wonderful and they asked me when when do you want to your class? We were on the brink of moving cross country. We're about to add our fourth child. We had all sorts of things going on in our life and had I let the fear that's opportunity was going to go away override my decision to do it, he could have written in to do it. But it would not have been I would have balanced anything. My personal stuff in my freedoms of being a business owner would have been pushed to the wayside. The benefits were there, there were great benefits of coming on, I can reach out and touch you guys and help you all get to know you, but it was at the detriment of my family. I've been putting a lot of stress and with them and not be able to commit is much time, so I asked him I said, hey, can I give it some time? I'm pregnant, we need to move it so that's, why it's been over a year now and they willingly accommodated because they also understood that there needs to be a balance. So I had the personal decision that I needed to commit to that transition of my family's life. I also had the freedom is the business owner to make the choices if that opportunity to left me ok, it didn't want fear that opportunity toe override the balance that I needed to have. Um, I just responded to the email and that held my breath and pray that they were going to be okay with me waiting, and they were phenomenal and for me. This is the way I put it out with clients to I'm very transparent, so I think that's why all my clients pretty much become my friend because I'm no holds barred and on that way with my relationships see what you see is what you get on it and if someone's not going accept something like that, no matter how big that the compensation, maybe if the personal on the freedoms aren't there, then there is no point doing it. I don't need to be associate it with a business site when we talk about networking, if they're not willing to reciprocate, and I'm not working for them that's not giving me any triangle, why do I need to be doing it on those types of things that one of these is completely disproportionate to the other there's absolutely no reason to do it. So that's my example for that, okay, so far, things this is we're going to get the audience involved a little bit here. I want to hear from you guys, which things that you start on this job list, we kind of talked about it a little bit in pre show, but I don't see it anything has changed because the things that are hurt, fuming eyes were really overarching umbrella, they weren't deep down, they were just all I just want a balance good, but what part of this deed about so we're going to start? We'll start over here on the back and it was work a way down the line to kind of hear some tea things that you guys want to work on for the next two days for me, I feel like I think some of my my overload of work comes from my inability and, um, confidence in some of these areas it's it's trying to learn some of these things while I'm doing it that cart before the horse and it's like, wow, I have a runaway train and I don't really know how to do this and this and I'm trying to learn it on the side and implemented and then not feeling like maybe I have the money to outsource this or not really wanting to give up the control, which is creating so much stress because I'm trying to do all those things and I am not capable which wondering you, do you believe before even here in the next two days that you're gonna work on his priority one when you go home that where I'm lacking the most? Yeah, he was the control thing I would say in anything with the web, okay, like website social media because I'm just not good with that stuff sucks up a lot of my time good him website website yeah gotta figure out we gotta find it don't mean it's not taken yeah yeah it's a tricky one okay um a strange thing about what like so I do split jobs with my husband which is awesomely he has his stuff I have mine and that's something that we would really like to be better at is like sharing our images with vendors and lang really networking um and then something else that I didn't quite sound that was like like moving forward like we have our baseline business right now like we're good at this stuff we're maintaining I want to go above and beyond and like it doesn't make sense like so let me ask you this are you guys are you want to get out of this maybe a dividing conquer based on because you have different skill sets? I'm assuming primarily are you pretty much equal and everything not what you people are really but you're actually equally skilled where your ski your strength, right? So we're both photographers but he does all of the like editing and stuff and then I do all of the office stuff so wait tried to do our best and dividing that but encouraging especially anybody that's listening that may be in a partnership poor has a spouse or someone that's working with you is that you put two large buckets but even within those buckets there may be some key thing he may say still be more skilled attorney maybe that crossover don't be afraid to cross over intimate that I think that's really hard for us to mitt especially business owners that we can't do something I'm not saying a minute to your client admit it to yourself and whoever you're working with okay good we'll definitely attacks I need to offload that on someone else and part of that as my my husband has been a huge help to me especially is my first year actually being in business you know, paying taxes and all that I need to just help him see that just handing it off it's going to be so much more from both of us because that stressor but also enjoying developing my website on my own and my pricing unity and if I break s o but a lot of things also from my day job I also managed the social media for that okay? So like I was talking about earlier touring that switch off when I come home to where I'm doing where so because I consider social media works when I come home if you know it's just you have your phone out of computer whatever you're just on facebook and it goes from kind of maybe just socializing with friends teo I want checking my business page or the page from my day job you know I'm always on it and I know that there are ways you know scheduling post it's ahead of time and doing that and I really need to work on that more so I'm not just always on so that's probably my biggest thing you know the people in here none of them had pulled out their phones but those watching at home I want to know how many years they're sitting on facebook right now when you say three close the window or have actually switched over and checked out facebook have actually dedicating toe one task probably a good amount I don't know if the chat room is going to be honest and bear their souls if I hadn't been up here I probably late already checked meaning that I probably very check social media so yeah, you know it's sze staying on task do you have anything that you've learned in the year real job that not the photography is not a real job? I said she's a little world cup I don't know what to call it but that you could translate across that may help you kind of learn what things mink people engaged and they're very different you know businesses and subjects but you can kind of learn like how you phrase things or what you accompany with them with you know on both sides whenever I put an image was something it always gets more response so really dedicate not so much towards you know like sneak peeks from my clients but even just like sharing, like other photographers work like, oh my gosh, like, I'm obsessed with amanda hallway down in texas, she's amazing, I'm always like she's amazing, and I'm always like sharing, like, look what she did, you know, she is so inspiring, you know, book a senior session with me and, well, you know, I just admire her work together and, you know, take from her style someone's sharing little thing like that or like, oh, look what richard trumka said, you know, I think it does relate to this, I'm always like taking pictures and sharing, you know, the silly little e cards, even just something that they can relate to, even if it's not necessarily related to photography. Like you said that because that's, I think the keeping on here is that it's really hard for creative types, I am more of a business minded, and obviously so I admittedly struggled a little bit more on the creative side because I'm kind of off balance in the sense for that wears a lot of creative we're talking about this yesterday mouth about creative, they're really heavy on the creative side and they don't really like the business, I think I can no, I don't get it e you know, I can see I love it but I can see how some people don't I think that's a really important to mesh the two I think a lot of people feel like they have to segment create about here and then business stuff out here, and you kind of hit it on the head when you're looking to share things on social media, why should we not be sharing pictures where photographers, you know, everything should be a company was some kind of image or product of our work on dh images air going just not just analytically, but images? We're going provide a lot more receptive response and s o a lot of that going through here when we talk about creating of emails and appropriate client response don't keep it business, not my well, my photography clients don't know that I'm a lawyer because I don't talk like one actually had complaints about people who are like, you don't talk like a lawyer. You sure? Youre one life let's check out my student debt. Yeah, I'm pretty sure, but but that's, the thing is, you want to kind of exude and for me, I'm combining the creators and I finally got up here and talk to you guys and you know the statute of this and that you guys went listen. You know it's the same thing when you talk to your clients if you're trying to be creative and you're trying to get the personal the branding and I'm not going down the branding that's not what we're here, but you want to keep that message of being the creative in all of these processes, especially in the client management don't become sterile and shut off I have an example later, but you want to have the emotional connection I think there's some relationships that are really super important that you have to have an emotional connection to and photography is definitely one of them. I don't need emotional connection for the repair guy that comes and fixes the holes that my kids have knocked in the wall like we don't need an emotional connection for him to do that, but I need an emotional connection with my photographer in order to do that creative capture and to gain that so don't keep that void for these next two days, so maybe on these things on here, maybe there's something you need to make sure that you're keeping the creativeness in honestly taxes. I don't think there's much creative you can do there, but what can you do more that's created in the website or in the leeds lee lead response that you're going to talk to clients instead? Just here's my pricing, this is what I d'oh you need to talk to them, engage them, we're going to get deep into that. Yes, three things that I really need help with a cleaning because sometimes I feel like that's all I'm doing all days, three kids, so we have a studio, but I do most of my work at home, and it just feels like it never ends, so I'll be e mailing somebody getting the kid's lunch and then scrubbing the kitchen, and it just doesn't stop and others saying email manager, I feel like some days I'm just responding to emails all day and they're not even clients and potential clients, we just want to ask question after question after question is just are not making any money doing this, but this is on duty today and then the last thing that I really feel I need help with sells I'm great at shooting, editing, marketing, I can get the people in, but I'm not necessarily comfortable selling. I feel like maybe I should just have somebody else do that cause I know we could be making a lot more I think that that's, why I kind of left off there was like a sales manager sells person. It's really critical? Good good yeah, you know, on the on the kid's side aspect you know that kind of actually goes back to how I use a real world example into my family I'll across the lines in the sense someone jim asked me about how do I talk to my kids about it? We used tours is kind of in the example it helps me get some stuff done I mean, our kids, they're still kind of young, but the older one kind of stand your chores and we got to show him the benefits of dedicated doing this how things were more efficient to do that s so it's a teaching lesson but also helps me to get a little bit off my plate, especially dishes that's my oldest onshore. I would say mine is probably mohr marketing director just trying to get my name out there trying to get, you know, clients and literally just trying to get my foot in the door and get, you know, get things started cause I have, like bits and pieces of proposal that's put together and I mean it's it's going but at the same time, you know monday through wednesday it's all photography it's you know, because I'm the here in school, but then thursday through sunday I'm at home and I don't do anything dealing with school when I'm a home because I mean they they're not gonna have a day you've been gone for three days you do know we're going to watch this movie we're gonna play legos of this damage the other so um begin with that and then it's you know, when I'm at school it's like, you know, website management or social media may cause this it's something that I have you know, just recently got into and just trying to understand that you know, you could do one thing here that goes everywhere on dh just trying to keep, you know, keep now keep the range, pull back on their so speak well, I think that, you know, in very read your bio read all your bios and stop job for you came but you know, and so you talk about you need the balance, but I already here a little bit of it by compartmentalizing it a lot I mean, I talk about buckets and I'm very methodical when I work with things very formulate now it kind of sucks for creatives, but I'll try to make it fun, but you are already kind of doing that with the buckets you know, monday through wednesday is this and then thursday there saturday is that s so hopefully you just pull some things over to help keep the business going for like, thursday. There, saturday. And then, you know, through the rest of the week, this little tidbit things. So we're gonna be able to implement for you.

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