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You need to implement everything but we get to a point that sometimes too much is too much right? I mean we've identified that there are inefficient aspects to the business were to you that we're still even with all these tools and place there's so many things that we can't work on all of this work with this little bit out of time it doesn't work eso outsourcing is an option the problem is I always hear people say well does outsource it outsourcing itself is such a long task that stays on my global list that never gets done because it's so overwhelming so we're going to break down how to do it how did you with the right way so it's efficient and it brings everything together for us on dso outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process to a third party or in my world it allows me to stay a little bit saying or insane whatever it allows me to be able to stay on track and do what I need to do as much as possible on outsourcing is a very stressful process but once you do it and i...

t's painful and you get through it you'll be ok so yesterday we talked about the average jobs you guys have already written these down and I had to start the different things right off the bat before you heard anything else we talked about that were really inefficient I'm hoping some of those stars were circled or crossed out and there's the items that are going to go on your loan well to do list to start working on when you get home, there may be still some items because you don't have the skills. You don't have the know how you don't have the time, you don't have the money to dio on dh, so the those air kind of what's left that we're going to try to target in our outsourcing, tio a little bit at a time um, go back yet. So that was all the jobs that we talked about, so if you're spread too thin, you're no good to anyone that is everything that's, if you are on your business side or if you're on your family's side, if you have that monkey on your back when you're trying to play dolls with your daughter, you are no good to her. If you are trying to commit to the small amount of time you have for business, but you're trying to work on other things and inefficient manners or because you don't have the skills for your no good, we don't want a halfway do things you want to do, the best we can do and capitalize on that. The quote I gave you guys yesterday was eight percent of our profits come from twenty percent of our offering, so eighty percent of that power behind that punch is going to come from twenty percent what most of us are not good at everything, we're really good at small amount of things, we just kind of have to admit to ourselves some areas either we're not good at or we don't have time for, so we said too much is too much now we got to decide if we're actually going to let go it's easy to say, I'm going to outsource, put on the global to do list and never do it or say, that sounds really great, but I can't it could so quite first question my ass is, could I get more done by outsourcing tasks? And when I'm talking task, I'm not just talking business, talking home task, I'm gonna give you guys a real life example when we get to that, we're going to break down the different type of task we don't. Talk big here we get really specific am I proficient enough for the tech for the tasks that I'm doing I want said taxes because that is a big area that I think should be outsourced because not a lot of people have the skills of proficiency to do it this other aspects especially in partnerships I think it works great and I had asked you about this before do you have an aspect that some you have better strengthen the other how can you when you know, capitalize on that you could help source within your business to your other partners um are you happy doing what you're doing quality of life if you're not happy doing something I mean come on really I mean, sometimes we just don't want to design that album or process and it still needs to be done I'm not talk about that unhappiness when I'm talking about there's items that never get done absolutely never want to do them on that's probably a sign that it means you need to let go of the control because why are you keeping control if you don't like doing it anyways you want control in the end product that you can still keep controlling and product through outsourcing if you do it properly ok and can you afford to outsource and we're going to talk about the budgetary restrictions howto work with that and to maximize budget and it all comes down to pricing yourself accordingly action in fact up your costs so outsourcing obviously is going to be one of those line items that you're going to include not just so that you make sure you're being able tio stop from cutting into profits but you're also able to break it out when it is tax time for years for deductions. Most of you are like I just need help I don't really give a crap aboutthe list use go I just know I need help so let's go through each of these we're gonna look at the different types and remember you don't just have the higher one person for each these types you can hire pete multiple people to work as colleagues and machine in order to operate that one aspect because for me I think that's the big things to get quality to hire an assistant well, I started we don't create alive by having someone just to email for me, but when I was tasked with the whole idea of my gosh, I need an assistant to help me out so overwhelming it was permanent I didn't want to commit to it, but it was like, oh, I can just email for a couple days that's a good entrance I felt a little bit better and more confident about it I could develop the obligations multiple ways depending on the type of job and financial constraints so the four different types that we're going to go over these air not prior order but we have professional licenses that air specialized task certain skills that are also specialized tasks I broke these out because professional licenses have a little bit more than oversight obligation there the taxes and legal aspects certain skills they're going to rest more like web design that may not says so to require a license of sort on then the regular mundane office work which where I think a lot of us feel like we're in the weeds and we've gone through tools of automation but there still may be aspects of that even after that we still need to get outsource and taking care of properly and then the home work housework that we have to dio can't get out of that one, but we're going to talk about that. So the biggest questions what do you need help with the most out of this? So when she goes to write down here and put these in order, just use the numbers next to it top to bottom with priority order at the top all the way through the least party so when we go through here you guys can write you can't put him all is number one and I saw all those faces you can't let him all his number one you need to really look at what is return on investment the you know, the most power for your punch on and what you need the most help with don't outsource something just because you don't want to do it sometimes there are things that you don't want to do, but they're important to the core of your business. This is from a marking a strategic outsourcing company. One of the principal consultants quote that I found is first he's from scanlon louis consulting firm and I did this just hit home, and I found this when I was trying to research statistics for you guys because there's a lot of things I don't want to be doing that I have to dio I could make it easier can swallow, you know, eat the elephant a little bit more of their template emails stuff, but I don't necessarily want to be constantly in contact with clients. I'd rather just be shooting and processing and designing album, but that is really pivotal to my business model on dh, so I need to do it s o there's. Other aspects that could help kind of lighten that load is the reason I don't like not that I don't like talking my clients, but there is a aspect, so what I'm doing that I don't like is it because I have so much to do or because I literally generally don't like it and there's a defining line there so the first type is professional services these are the types of work is like accounting and legal work the these air ones that require professional license that has a governing body that regulates them these are things that you really the example I gave yesterday is like you shouldn't so contract write your own contracts could you may not know the law is like me? I know nothing about medicine going on youtube trying to do my own root canal that's times thing they're they're taught their regulated their license for reason c p a's are kept upon the laws uh all the fresh laws every year you don't have time or the know how unnecessarily mostly the time to keep up on the laws even myself as an attorney I have my own continuing legal education I get to choose what I emphasize my continuing education on I could choose to put that on the taxes, but I choose not to I choose to outsource it because it is better for me to have a c p a whose mandated and required to keep up on that on the new tax laws it's easier for me to pay her for her to tell me the new changes in a quick email than it is for me to sit and do it so I have the skills but I don't necessarily have the time or the willpower to do it um so how do we find these people referrals and professional websites when I say professional website, not that sort of saying they choose someone because they have a professional looking website, although that is a good factor. I mean, like the local state bars to find a local attorney or for cps, and I kind of identified the differences that cps can work nationally, attorneys are bound by state lines on, and also the difference between sepia and bookkeeper. We went over that a little bit yesterday, so we would put a ciba into this professional services. Where is down in that office work. One is where a bookkeeper would fall, um, and then so how to hire them. You always want to ask their credentials. I mean, we kind of just want to give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm not offended if anyone ever asked to see my bar card. I'm totally fine. I mean. Why do you want to see it? I'll show it to you in my bar license if you want to see and I want to show it to you because of going if I want you to be confident in hiring me or me confident hiring someone, I want to be able to make sure that the credentials a religious we hear about all the time people pose a certain things what's that we meet catch me if you can, with leonardo dicaprio or he's the attorney meet perfect example right there, um or no he's, the airline pilot, isn't it? Yeah, so you always want to ask credentials. And as a professional business person, as a lawyer, I'm gonna look at you a lot more seriously if you asked me to because I know you're also looking out for yourself as well as for me and also you want to outline all the job requirements on that's. Why I gave you guys that business one o one checklist yesterday to go through because you don't necessarily want to walk in and go. This is what I need done. I need I as the professional needs you to kind of give me the high level things that you really need help with a it's going to cut down on the consultation time. When you have without less amount of money for that consultation, but we're more likely going to target in on, we need to actually be done to help you save money in time. S o list out like always, always sit back and rightly fight to seven things that you may need them to d'oh, and then that way it also is a guide and the checklist that is her galit also has some of this with it as well to go through what to ask when you go to find and hire professional services. I think the most important thing with ease coming back to referrals is a lot of times all professional service to slow cps and lawyers are linked, though just ask your lawyer. Hey, do you know a good c p a and I have got I can link my cp on the website. They all wanted to check out her firm because you want to find someone that knows you're sort of business just like the whole thing with the lawyers drafting who knows the sort of business that you're in so that it is a little bit easer learning curve for them and to make sure they're in tune with what is going on. All right, and so then we move on a certain skills. This has taken it down a little bit. This is more of like web design and photo processing they made like to do photo cross saying that you don't have the time. These don't really require a governing body toe license them uh, that you can reach out and have someone do things for you. I know web design and blog's set up was a big thing that we talked about before photo processing is another one. We were just talking about this at lunch, about finding companies to process for you. If you it is a learning curve to find someone that may find tune to process, how you want to order the website that you want to, but that's where it comes in owen album design, but that's where it comes into referrals. Ah, in order to really key on what you're wanting, if you find another photographer who know outsources to editing, you can ask them who do you use? Because if it's a similar style and they outsource, that person may be able to take on your task relatively easily. My recommendations for how to find some of these specialized tasks such as these have web sites such as, oh desk or aliens the down because these areas freelancers there can be confined united states or international the downfall is is it may not necessarily be consistent work across the board I've had sometimes I needed slides created or something set up on the website and one time someone's really good the next time they're not really good even within one person and I had due to projects he did great on the first one and really not good on the second one so there's not a lot of oversight when it comes to that it's a good middle man to find people if you absolutely don't have any referrals and this is kind of when we're talking about the database system you could look here or if you need help with e mails and blogging and we talked about kind of outsourcing and you want to find someone's gonna have the same voices you if you are going to pass off e mails even if the filtering and all that it's not I'm reducing time you still don't have time I the girl that I'm using the woman that I'm using she's at starboard editing dot com so she also does photo processing as well was blogging and e mails like she's doing my email and client management right now while I'm with you guys because I obviously physically can't do it on I and then those leads me into how to hire when I ask them for previous work examples I started with her as a referral I got her from another uh individual in the industry and then I wanted to look at her work examples. I wanted to see photos that she's processed or blawg post that she's written, or how she's my big thing was how she responded to client emails. If she was she able to adopt my voice, how is she able to present herself? Because I want I don't want to have really, uh, really happy, familiar email and then pass it off to her and be a very sterile let's have a business relationship, there's a whole disconnect, the client thing, these workflow needs to be consistent across the board. I haven't utilized anybody off of the web sites like, oh, desk and aliens for that type of direct client hands on thing, it's more have been like the web design or album designed type stuff. I did some graphics with stuff on there as well at starboard editing like a boat, starboard, starboard editing, dot com shia offers all those and then also just outlined the requirements. So it was easy for me to make the decision and already had the referral had the confidence. I obviously needed to know how much her hourly rate was, I figured that out, and then I just provided the job requirements up front, and we're going to talk about a second that contract and everything but to make sure that she could do it not to say hey, can you manage my email and her go ok, I needed to say can you do this? Can you direct them to this? Do you know where this is on my site like boom boom boom listed out kind of like how we went through the whole hot seat yesterday you can't just have an overarching blogging you gotta break it down specifically because it's that miscommunication that's going to make outsourcing fail on a lot of times it's the lack of communication a lack of follow up so the third oh, I think it has been over this yeah double check their credentials and references always nevers assume defined the expectations prior to hiring like for her and her response was how many hours do you want? Me? And I said twenty four hours for like three days because I'm going to be gone so I set the expectations right out front and said, hey, this is what I need you to dio don't have staying go abuser I don't know what she'll do that all the time you guys seeker out, but you want to use the contract to define the responsibilities and rules this is where it can fall in that if they're working with sensitive information, do you want to keep them from disclosing that sensitive information especially if their will well to you, and they happen to be another photographer. Are they disclosing full price list and policies? Are they what else? Financial records of your clients and private information? Those credit card authorization forms, so they're going to be able in contact with all that information? Well, it's common sense you would think someone's not going toe to say all that you need to have that defined of what the lines are there. And of course, you need a factored into your budget when I do my periodic reevaluation of business plan on I know hey, I've got this coming up this month I'm gonna have them say, I'm having block I'm gonna get all the images, let them block it all for me to say ok, that's going to be ten clients ten blog's I need a factor up. We'll know how much does she charge me for blogged x number then I know. Hey, do I have the budget or joining at on one extra session this quarter in order to cover it? That's kind of how I approach it doesn't have to be a complete overhaul. You completely overhaul your pricing and everything and put a new cost of doing business to bring someone on, but if it's temporary just to get you the next quarter does that kind of help you while you guys were trying to learn these tools and processes just to help fill that gap, you can do something short like that just adding on one more session in order to cover them ok, so for office work this is where a lot of your global to do list that gets built up this is where you can target outsourcing to get a lot of it taking care of um the these air items finding cps just trying to get someone on the phone to get quotes from cbs you get outsource having a office help to have do that because if you had to sit in call how many people are email it's going to take you, what? Fifteen, thirty minutes and they only have an hour trunk you could bin better higher return on investment of your time by actually reaching out and touching the client as opposed to doing that. So that's the type of things you look for on the global to do list that you can because we don't want that list to keep getting bigger this whole time, we've kind of just been telling you what to put on it that at a point it becomes so big and then we're back to the jump shore and you're probably not gonna open that file on the computer anymore because it's going to be so large um how to find in turns this is a great one because this remedies the whole idea that people say I don't have the money down source interns are a great way to give back and also get cheap labor and also be able to mold than inspire the younger generation as well you can utilize interns at local and students at local schools see if they need anything they want to learn real life experience in exchange for what they can learn I mean that really explains in exchange for what they can provide to you I mean you can mold them and shape them for them to be able tio conform what you're business needs is well in terms our system pretty much in school they haven't really had much real world experience they're going to be easily multiple unshakable whereas you take another business person they're probably pretty set in their practices it's a double edged sword if they're said their practices they may be pretty good at it but they may be not wanting to bend kind of what you want is going to be a little fight along the way where is an intern in turn on the double edge they need a little bit more guidance but you can really guide them social like photo processing and design and interaction you could take what you've learned here and help set them up so when they do move forward on from you how to hire individually hire them to school one at a time I wouldn't do like a group of interns, especially if you've never done it before students I also recommend that you hire strangers if you've never hired in turner student before because if you've never done it before, you're going to make mistakes and I think a stranger's could be a little more forgiving than someone you know you're gonna feel a lot more embarrassed if you mess up because you're it's a learning process of being an employer and managing a task s and so I think a stranger be a little bit easier than someone you know or a family member would talk about for that family drama I don't recommend hiring family members I don't recommend photographing family members either, but I love your family, but I wouldn't recommend hiring them to help you unless you like partnership equal, but I'm talking more of a structure of employer employee look through the local school ring university I have done this I did this last year on guy just reached out to the creative department first because I figured I saw there was a need a creative meeting business help so I wasn't gonna have to necessarily be dedicating a lot of time to teaching him how to shoot I could teach him how to dio business work um and so I was able to have him for a little bit to help and it was free labor and I was able to get some things off the global to do list pretty cheaply oh and you can also utilize odette aliens I don't know why that was out of order odescalchi lance for office workers well, if you need conversion of documents or in putting sending up all these gravity forms and then putting all these questions you guys get it all typed up send off to them and they can set it up for you you're like for your blogging can have someone show you how to do that and starboard editing does a lot of office work a swell so why I just want all over this why do use the internet? Oh it's a great way to test the waters before you enter into a full commitment is while in turner student kind of kind of use interchangeably here lori short term if you percent the expectations out front if you have someone comes on board it could be paid on his long you know? Hey, this is a trial I'm going to test for quality here so you're not taking that takes a lot of the stress off so you're not committing to somebody a front um but then there's also the potential because it will easily trainable there's flexible compensation as well and there's potential that they can come on board with you mashable just recently did an article on they said that last year nearly sixty percent of interns were converted into full time hires by companies because they were able to test the waters with them without having a trigger all of the other legalities of being an employer and all that sort of stuff and they're also able to test and see how they really were as an individual well, I've heard a lot of people that started with in truth and they ended up bringing them on his associate shooters I've been able to expand and grow their business that was a good way instead of putting out any associate shooter getting stuck in that relationship they could start within turns and are part time hires and go for there we go and then again yeah, I just I really recommend that you look at hiring a stranger so if you're looking to hire someone for office help when you especially the first time you do it, we don't want to reinvent the wheel over and over and over especially if you know they're going to be a temporary higher always create a manual or record for training for future use. I recommend that you have a manual even if you're not doing outsourcing because what happens if I walk out here and you hit by a bus and my name my husband to pick up and take on I would have a manual available for him to know how how do things at least wrap up the client work flows all my loggins, everything I need to know same thing here when you're training and bringing somebody on you need ableto have something to physically hand them because you don't. You could train one person and say, you get another intern if you've recorded that he wrote it down, you don't have to sit and retrain necessarily you're like here, go read this and look at this and then come back to me if you have any questions and it's a lot more efficient on your time to find the expectations prior to hiring, of course, that's common sense use the contract, even with interns, use a contract to find responsibilities and rules. If you're doing in exchange for educational credit, a lot of the times the schools will lead the front on this, they're gonna have rick choir mints and they need to do, and then you could just supplement from there and say, well, this is what I need, you know? And this is what I will provide you, and you're going to provide the student ex credits, but I need all of this done they're going to ask that the money was going to commit to giving studio class credit without knowing exactly what they're going to be doing for you. On the down fall, one of the downfalls of having interns or short term employees eyes that some labor laws do that require that applied employees can require two interns. Um, he had that work where highs, discrimination, laws in place, and workplace health and safety laws may be triggered as well, and some states to require you carry workers compensation insurance for interns. So while you're getting a cheap, free labor and, you know, good experience going to be a mentor and do this out of it, you got to be vigilant and know whether or not you need to have that insurance in case something does happen. I mean, that kind of goes back to what we were talking about yesterday with the liability insurance stuff, I require all the people that I work with to carry their own liability insurance and provide me proof, and if they're offended that I asked for proof that you're not working for me simple is that, I mean, when you go to do a real world job, you have to submit all your documentation to work, right and it's, no different on dso I require that for insurance purposes, there we go, so that's the big thing on, and this could go over any of these really, like, I don't necessarily require a lawyer c p eighty carrying their own because they're formalize business I know they do I'm talking more like freelancers that come to work for me and other photographers going to in turn help or local students you may not necessarily get that out of high school students, but then that's obviously if they're under age, you have toe talk with parents and get that all taken care of. So whenever I'm going to do outsourcing, I need to make sure that I have contracts in place already touched on this a little bit, but the first one is the independent contractor agreement on pretty much don't want to bring an employee on maybe right away and then start with an impending contractor, test them out that's where they're they're intern part time employees, photographer whatever it may be on that spectrum, but I am going to define them to find the rules or responsibilities an independent contractor agreement ah and so we can try to keep them independent contractor status because once you creep over to an employee that's when you really start treating employer laws thie employment taxes on dh that can happen without any identification I can't just call myself is an impending contractor and act like an employee I have more resource is on the block kind help sparse that out a little bit and I linked at the bottom a lot talk dot com for such a creative life, but so we have independent contractor or we may decide to bring on employees when you have the employment agreement. Same thing right there, all the requirements listed. Um, if they are an employee, I would like to have a noncompete if you're in my local area because while you mean, may not disclose what you d'oh doesn't mean that they won't necessarily adopt what she dio so I kind of want to cover my ground on both to make sure that they're not competing on certain things. I really am not a fan of hiring. Well, it's, good to hire another photographer to help you if they are in a local area, there's just leaves the door wide open. First, all sorts of issues, it is going to be office work that could be done in tangibly through a virtual work environment. You couldn't use another photographer, but even then you're still in the same industry, and so ten depends on a task that you're needing. Some do is purely office work that you're needing them to me could probably do a non photography, but if it is more photo processing or that's sort, you're going to need to evaluate their skills and see whether or not it's really worth bringing them on and then if you do. Make sure you have the proper agreements which you guys know how to do it digitally and how that all taken care of with the non compete and non disclosure and there's template of forms you guys can use for photography specific as well as local state bar websites can help you find lawyers that will help you get set up for that. Ok, this is what I'm super excited about the home stuff because really I'd rather I'd really rather get rid of stuff I really don't like if I made a list of what I don't like there's going to be probably a lot of homes definitely say home stuff I'm talking like cleaning and tours and one stuff that's going to be number one on my list of what what was what was your number one priority when I had you guys rank it early to anyone have this is number one one person know you like your light doing home stuff so there's stuff this morning for oh seo good ok, so let's say you think good you're learning look at this yeah I I think my home stuff is because of something quick that I can do it I want to put a lot of control into when it comes to home s o types of work of people that I can look for it can look at getting mother's helpers to help me in the home and cleaning staff on that example we're gonna use shortly it's just a really good tangible example that we can use to translate across all of all of this when we're trying to hire somebody but these air good types of workers that you can have the coming the home to help. I've looked at getting a mother's helper and it's s o I can cope I've got all this work this little bit of time maybe could open a time just a little bit more, but the kids aren't necessarily feeling the brunt of that, you know we could make it a little more fun locally has somebody fund help for a few hours a week and you can maximize the time that you have and you'll know how to do that now with your checklist for mothers helpers, you can look at local youth groups and schools I always determined to make sure that they're stupid they're certified trying obviously if there miners get to know the parents I mean they're my children that they're helping out what I need to know who you are saying and credentials that's all it is and cleaning staff ifit's a company always make sure they're bon insure you could put all sorts of other stuff under outsourcing for family repairman all sorts of things that need to get done they even have organization companies that come in organize your house I need that, but you know, they were coming to do this right? And these are the type of task that you may be on your home global list that you need to get done and you need help with I don't know the cleaning stuffs on my local to do this for home every day s o how to find them start with referrals to do online search or networks where I start reaching out to other business people in the area first, not my friends I like to start with business people to ask them because they're going to know other professionals they're going to know more about the credibility of reputation because I and since I am the business professional in the area and I'm hiring another business professional, there is a business aspect to it s so I need to know the credibility of the person that I'm bringing into my home to help because we're there in connected that point, I don't want the business to have a negative connotation in any way how to hire always asked about call of occasions and outline the job requirements I mean it's pretty self explanatory across the board, ok, so here's the example that I have I just have identify like for house cleaning, you could insert any other task here that you want and do the math, so I examined that takes me fine hours for one full house cleaning, we're talking, scrubbing the floors and baseboards, all the other routine dishes, bathrooms, all of that, it would take me one five hour chunk of not broken up with anything else in order to get the entire house clean to satisfaction, but it was doing that once a week for a month. That is twenty hours of my time out of a month. Do I have twenty hours out of my time that after I take my family stuff and then I take my business stuff cause cleaning? I'm putting at the bottom who are unlikely? Do I have twenty hours left in order to do so? It probably not that's a half of a full work week wasted on cleaning, even if I am multi tasking and on hold while I'm cleaning still not able to do what I need to d'oh, so the goal is for me to not just look at the price tag on, I'm going to hire somebody, which a break down to see how much time it would take for me to do it, how many benefits I would receive out of it? That is twenty extra hours a month, there are twenty dollars a month, and I'm taking away that I could be doing more priority things. Targeting my clients know the database is doing it for me, but I still need to write the emails and get them out all these things that I can get back. I don't want to be cleaning during family time. I mean, we we'll have our kids do tours and you're required to do certain things, but I don't want to be scrubbing toilets when it's family time or doing that turn work time. Eso which one gets cut first? Probably the cleaning aspect. Did you really want to emphasize the quality of life for your family? Above? S o if you work forty hours a week for four weeks in a month, that's one hundred sixty hours of spending, twenty hours potentially out of one hundred sixty if I include this cleaning or any whatever task it, maybe you can insert any other task here. I'm taking twenty, five hundred sixty hours on that task that's a lot of hours over something that I don't want to be doing anyways, so the way that I approached it kind on the math perspective is that sam take it eight sessions per month on, and then a cleaning is one hundred dollars a visit I figured up that in order to have them come twice a month, why only had because I could. Come, they could come one week I could do maintenance cleaning the next cut down to me about ten hours have them come again and then I could clean that fourth week I only had add twenty five dollars extra procession I only had to sell one more print procession or raise my braces twenty five dollars in order state myself twenty hours in a month and so that's the way I want you guys to and I gave the cleaning is an example because I get that a lot in the inbox I don't blame you but take any other aspect that you're doing on dh seeing don't look the price tag of what that person you're going to hire is going to charge look how much is gonna save you and then see is it cost me way more meanwhile, what's the benefit liable to make more money in the time I'm able to go shoot more and make morning, get x amount of more clients and increase my income? All right? So the do's and don'ts do always use a contract and define don't just kind of let it happen. I think a lot of times people are like, hey, can you help me with this and then all of a sudden snowballs and they become your assistant and no point did you ever define any rules and responsibilities on but shouldn't be awkward if few are business people that's why I say you relation use friends because it could be awkward but don't if it's another business person they're not gonna balk at the idea of having a contract do research the individual that you're going to be hiring simple google search social media search I mean just like I asked for my clients their social media stuff especially if it's someone watching my kids I want to know what they're doing and their spare time you know not necessarily say they would do that with my kids, but if they're going to be an influence I need to know what are they? What are they about for real don't trade services a lot of people will disagree with me on this one I have found that services when you do trade there's always a high risk of someone feeling like they didn't get the equal amount um and so I say my hair lady I say ok it's well say fifty bucks to do hair and it's going to fifty bucks for a session just picked a number well, what if she's not that happy with the images she's not going to feel like she got that full value amount, you know or five first so what if she completely destroys my hair and then what? What recourse do I have? What we could have done a contract because that we're going exchange services and which is what I recommend if you are going to do it, but for me, I'd rather still legitimately pay you the fifty bucks you pay me the fifty bucks and has have separate transactions, not have them is one, um, I hear all the time people were going just going to train them trade, and then all of a sudden it blows up in their face or a classic example is, um, I'm going to shoot her pictures, and she said, do my hair for the next three months, how many months do you think that that follows through one? And then they're in my inbox asking, what can I dio already gave her all our images? What you want me to do at that point? You know? I mean, there's, nothing you can do, you could have a contract go for was that? But is it worth it? And don't get outsource happy is so easy once you do it to kind of bust that bubble the first time, they want to start outsourcing and get ridding, getting rid of a lot of things. But we talked about this early, the core aspects in our business that we really want to be hands on, we don't want to outsource and also your costs can start adding up your profits are going to start going down well, yeah, you're saving more time and they have a little bit more quality of life but did you really just need balance? When did you need to outsource? I think sometimes people confuse that say I have to outsource to have balance, not necessarily and we've seen that for the last two days. So what are some other things that you guys have been thinking your mind before now or now they want to outsource and may have questions on how to do it no money, no, they're thinking mostly want to give the examples they go? Oh, ok, because most of everything, I pretty much said, right, we're going over you guys have anything what's your fit, what's your absolute favorite thing if you were, you know, because a lot of folks are sort of low budget and they want to figure out what's like the number the three first things that you would advised people outsource home our work let's start with stupid let's start with home cleaning, cleaning um, I mean that's really the big thing at home is the cleaning really? And how about, you know, the business? This is that the things that clients aren't really saying it's behind the scenes, maybe entering into database database, century type staff and album I like album design, but maybe if I'm not a fan of that, it could be that processing of images, a lot of hands off, clients, stuff and that's easy to because it's easy to cut that person off in the client doesn't go where? Damn ergo, I was just talking to her, and now I've got kate like what's going on, you know, so completely into that. What was your question? Yeah, e I get on a train and then I kind of forget that's almost like like what I'm getting out of what you're saying is what I'm thinking of doing is almost doing more like a beginning outsource just to get things started, not something I would keep all the time. I just need to get things rolling, and then I could do that outsource more on a consistent basis for the housework in things like that, but kind of dedicating those funds, the bigger funds to get this, like, settled for the big stuff because there's so many benefits it just testing it out and then like not having to do overhaul in your pricing and change your buying guide and worry about clients and all that kind of stuff, I just saying I'm going take more, more session or to cover myself for a quarter, whatever your numbers and that being is a lot less stress and me being is already hard enough to be let go control, so anything else I can justify to make easier is going to be and, you know, that's, the thing you make, you make a really good point on this, and this is why I stuck this here near the angles, this kind of a culmination we've identified I mean, that skills or time for things all this stuff that we've done, if you need help set it up, there's people that could do it for you and teach you how to physically do it, I mean, I'm giving you someone how to do it, but what is different when you're actually physically working on it? That's where beth comes in from starboard editing because she's helps me with a lot of things like that, I said, hey, I need you to do this and then, like, ok, show me, how do I use it? Because I need to know for the like, the whole manual purposes, I need to know how to do it as well, I think we're good all right, ok, so that's wrapping up outsourcing so any other questions on that at all? No, ok any of these things like you should, you know, this kind of service usually falls within this range or, you know, just that you kind of know, like, oh, they're like way overcharging or that's way too, chief, we shouldn't even well, any time I you guys are going to look to invest in something or hire somebody for something you should always take, like a quote of three to five people, same thing like when you're approaching insurance policies and look it actually what their prey fighting same thing like I said with the database systems there's all these systems look at, like, three to five in your general price range, but then look at what they specifically can offer because I may end up sp spending a little bit more on someone to set something up, then there's someone who can maintain because they're different skill sets. I know it's a really big answer, but it really I always just sit down. I start with the referrals and talking other business people, and they can kind of give me an idea for a feel in my area. And if you log on to, oh, desk or aliens aliens is the one that I'm used quite a bit, they have. Off everyone's kind in the general range. And since that is international, you're gonna have the really low range overseas and then you're going a little higher when you come to america north america aspect it. But then they also that's a deciding factor in my wanting to go cheaper. Joining lenny someone has on the skills and solid english for creating of content. Maybe that your client guide, you know you want to do this here's the bullet points. I just don't know how to write the copy for it. Let me find someone that can do that for me are also going to spend six hours at a computer go on, you know, because there's there's tons of writers is right, there's tons of great people have meant on there that right on create content, you could do that for on the website as well, but anyway, so the point of me saying that when you look at profiles for that, that can also even if you're not going to utilize the website, can give you a general idea of what the going rate is for that type of service.

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