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Balancing Work, Family, and Photography

Rachel Brenke

Balancing Work, Family, and Photography

Rachel Brenke

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1 Class Introduction Duration:14:54
2 How Much is Too Much Duration:37:46
7 The Client Guide Duration:28:10
8 Pricing and Products Duration:24:51
9 Digital Forms and Contracts Duration:12:30
10 Art of Creating a Checklist Duration:22:03
11 The Hot Seat Q&A Duration:17:15
13 Automated Functions Duration:28:03
14 Email Management Duration:21:30
16 Client Management Systems Duration:25:41
17 How to Create Template Emails Duration:30:34
18 Client Database Duration:28:17
19 Outsourcing Duration:39:41
20 Networking Duration:19:22
21 Networking Etiquette Duration:22:49
22 Keeping the U in Business Duration:23:14
23 The Hot Seat Q&A Duration:13:20

Class Description

"Achieve work/life balance” doesn’t have to be an abstract goal -- it can be an immediate, concrete reality. Join Rachel Brenke, author of The Laundry List: A Mom’s Guide to Running a Successful Business and Home, to learn how to build a photography business while remaining present in your family life without feeling constantly pulled in different directions.

Rachel will share her expertise as an MBA, an attorney, and long-time business consultant. The checklists and tools Rachel provides will help you lay a sound legal and financial foundation for your business, so you’ll have more time to focus on both your photography and your professional life. You’ll learn how to efficiently plan and outsource work so your business runs more seamlessly. You’ll develop strategies for sales, networking, and business growth that you can accomplish in more efficiently in less time.

The blend of business fundamentals, legal skills, and real-life scenarios you’ll explore in this course will prepare you for anything you might face as a professional photographer, giving you more time to lead a stress-free, balanced life.