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Brand Yourself Before Others Brand You

Lesson 4 from: Becoming a Travel Photographer

Laura Grier

Brand Yourself Before Others Brand You

Lesson 4 from: Becoming a Travel Photographer

Laura Grier

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4. Brand Yourself Before Others Brand You


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Brand Yourself Before Others Brand You


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Brand Yourself Before Others Brand You

Okay, so let's get back into branding. So brand yourself before others brand you is a jumping photo much peach. You What I mean by this is the the words used to describe yourself are super important, right? How many of you if someone says, hey, are you? What do you do for a living here? I'm a photographer, and and then they said, Well, what kind of photography do you do? And your description is like, I don't know, really like to travel on. And I like shooting. I don't know, like new places. And you just like, don't really have a clear way to describe yourself. You have you know, that elevator speech that 20 seconds of someone's attention before they just tune you out. And I think you have to be really careful about the words used to describe yourself, because that's what someone is going to use to describe you to somebody else, right? If you say I am a travel photographer, this is what I do. It's my style but will block check out my work here. If you're just very clear on what your mes...

sage is, that person's gonna then be like, Oh my God, I met this great travel photographer businesses and, like it's gonna go through the grapevine. So, like even just having a simple conversation, the words you use is very important. You should be using the same words on your website and your social media the way you describe yourself, like it should be consistent across the board. But I'm telling you that in my next light is is kind of important. Start saying, I am said I want to be and I know this sounds. I don't want to sound like Tony Robbins right now, but I'm being serious. This has created jobs for me just by speaking in the present, and it is not fake it till you make it, either. It's literally just saying like this is what I dio because at the time when I was starting my travel photography business, I was, you know, doing a lot of stuff for free. I was I would just ask my sister's friends like cash at your wedding in Portugal in exchange for travel. And so I was aspiring to do things, and I was making it happen, and I was posting the images from the Portugal wedding and saying, I am a destination photographer. I shot this wedding, and just because I think it paid for it doesn't mean that I didn't do it and that I'm not actually doing it in my head. I kept on thinking, I want to be that someday I want to be that And I was. I wasn't describing myself as I am that and so talking about yourself in the president and, you know, not being afraid to show work. It doesn't matter if it's paid or not like, people will view you as, uh, as a travel photographer. They'll see you doing that for a living, and we'll see you putting out those images online, and that's that's who you are. So it's sort of like own own what you are and their jobs Okay. For instance, when I first started my travel photography website, I I never had really posted travel stuff. I was just doing weddings and I never really posted any travel imagery on Facebook or all the sides stuff that I was doing or created a separate website for it and going back to like having that whole website thing, I'll tell me where you show so many different things. I found out very quickly that I needed to separate my weddings in my travel to two different websites. And the reason for that is doesn't mean that you can't do it all. But people want to think that that's all you dio. They want to think that that's what you specialize in, and it's really important to to really give off that impression and brand yourself as like I specialize in travel. I specialize in weddings. So when I had started my travel hungry website, I I started putting work out there and say, I am doing this. I am shooting this. I am a destination photographer and this guy on my soccer team we've been playing soccer with every Monday for 10 years was the CEO of Novica, which is well. Novica is the artist and catalog owned by National Geographic Here I was playing soccer with this guy every day. We never talked about work. We just talked about soccer. But the fact that I put out images and put out a website and started saying that I am doing this, he ended up hiring me for my first job with them. and Peru the following week because they had a situation where there photographer fell through and they were like, desperate. And he saw my Facebook post that I I am shooting travel and they hired me and I've been working for them with them ever since. And it was one of those things. Where had I not put myself out there and spoken in the I am and said, I want to be that opportunity would have would have never come to be.

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I've been listening for, like, two hours. OMG. Like, I could, like, you know, get more from this if, like, she stopped jibbering and get to, like, you know, the topic? She sounds more like a rambling stream-of-thought teenager than a mature adult giving a succinct organized presentation. In two hours, I have, like, learned about two or three things I can, like, use. Like, Ehhhh...? It's like, bor-ing! Like, whutttt? Is she, like, 15 or what? Sheesh.

a Creativelive Student

I have to start by saying that I was lucky enough to be part of the live audience in this class! What Laura has shared this 2 days, is something that will have taken me a few years to learn. Thank you for remanding me that we create our own opportunities and we have to go for what we want instead of waiting for it to happened and will these tips your share in this class, will make it a lot easier to approach editors or potential clients to be able to conquer my goals! Thanks you very much Laura and Creative Live for making all these possible for the photo community all around the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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