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Becoming A Successful Design Freelancer

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Resume, LinkedIn, & Portfolio Critiques

Arianna Orland

Becoming A Successful Design Freelancer

Arianna Orland

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Lesson Info

8. Resume, LinkedIn, & Portfolio Critiques

Lesson Info

Resume, LinkedIn, & Portfolio Critiques

so, Monica. Hi, Monica. This is Monica sharing, though. Yes. Monica, tell us about yourself. Um, I started freelancing full time, So no other salaried job for anything in January, which was maybe not the best, but yeah. Congratulations. The best. Yeah, yeah. No, I started doing that in January. And, um, this is my portfolio. Um, it's pretty much the same portfolio that I've been kind of tweaking as I was working full time. Um, so, yeah, I have, ah, background in editorial design, so we'll see that I've worked on a lot of different magazines, but in my freelance work, I've been doing more work with new businesses that you don't have a full time designer yet. And with some nonprofits as well. Okay. And what do you want to dio? Um, I think I would continue to like to Yeah, I'd like to continue working with on profits and kind of do a variety of things. I'd like toe pull on work that I've done in the past, which is mostly print design. But also, I would love toe, learn new things and do di...

fferent things like maybe use, um, more like web design and also work more on my illustration. I'm finding that I really find that fun. Um, yeah. Okay, Awesome. Okay, so this is Monica's website, assuring Would you mind telling us, um, pretend you never met Monica? Um, and tell us what you think. The person that that made this website, what you think What kind of job do you think they want? What they dio. So the first thing that struck me right off the bat is that if I look about your name, I see the word photography. But when I get down to the main area, I don't really see photography. Uhm, you know, photography is such a beautiful thing. And so rich. Um and I think what I see our brands and there's nothing wrong with that, because sometimes we do need, like, I leverage brands all the time to really again to get tints, appear to search engine to get out there. But I think in this case, if photography is something, if a photographer is what you are, then I think it needs to, like, really say that you are presented. That probably be the first thing that I noticed right off the bat. Um and then I have a question for you. Yes. What's the difference in your mind between art direction and graphic design? Um, I feel like I feel like maybe that's more of ah, title difference. Or like a phrase that other people have kind of put upon me. Which ones, though I'm kind of using them back at them like art direction and graphic design. PSC that too? Yeah, something that might be of a practical concern is I think if you say that you're an art director, that you demand a different salary or different hourly rate. So that's why maybe I kind of wanted to say two things to say that if I'm an art director, I'm someone that can work with other people and their existing brands and also, you know, sourcing other people that create things toe make up like a bigger project like you're talking about. Yeah, yeah, eso. Maybe that's why I've kinda kept the two. It's funny because on other pieces of my personal collateral, like I've only been putting like designer, So I'm kind of playing with I'm experimented Teoh. Sure, but here comes my question. Do you want to earn less? No, I guess I wasn't a director. Now I totally could not agree with you more on day. I'm so glad you said that because, um because being in our director or even a creative director, it's very common to make the distinction, whether your hands on or not right. So if you're an art director, you may be a designer to write. You may be the person who's making this stuff and who is also guiding part of the stuffs, your individual contributor and a manager. Or it may be an environment where you're making the distinction between that. But you can make that distinction later that, like, to me saying that your art director and a graphic designer is like me saying This is my hourly rate, but not really like this is really Why are they, like, right out of the game, right? I think it also like it helps you commit a little bit more to it, right? It helps push you a little bit like to be a good art director to really get there because the assumption if you're in our director, chances are you came from a graphic designer photography background. It doesn't mean that you don't keep those words there. I think it's just a question of balance and hierarchy of that particular information. If you're the images on your page, clearly show some of the photography, like palace or like, things that you've accomplished. Then you might not necessarily have to say photography right off the bat. That might be implied. Unless that's exactly what you want to go for them. We would change that a little bit. Um And so then once you Gombe or into the, um into one of these, is there one that you'd like us to click into? Oh, man, I feel like I should have you guys drive. So you really are impression E. I have to side. Um, What's to Infographic, Huh? Who? Okay. Very nice, huh? Oh, gorgeous. Really nice. Oh, my God. Look at that. You did you know you were going to get that on the first page? I did not. I did not know I was gonna get that. Yeah. Yeah. So totally agree with you. I feel like I can read your mind. Way are the same. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, so you clearly are very talented and have some gorgeous work. But I don't think that the thumbnails that you're showing on the homepage, which is the landing page of your website, are working hard for you and right, So So I would go back and really be strategic about those super strategic, right? And, um, and try Teoh if if you don't have, like, if you can't, just, like, cut a square out of this, you've got the skills, girl, like, make a female. That's like a composite of that stuff. Right? Um and and make that work really, really hard for you. And then, um, on the last thing that I would say super quick is I want to know about you and I think this art direction graphic design and photography part. Um, that is, um uh, not working for you. And also, um uh I want to know more about you. And so I think you you felt like you had to put everything up there because you don't have an about page. If you have an about page, you can start clarifying. But wait is true. And even a small right up about what you did. I think I over you earlier about Italy is that in there. I know there wasn't a Zai was listening in on the session before. I think, um, you were talking about, like, sort of being able to share that information. I mean, and and taking credit for other people's work. If you on pieces of my portfolio. When I felt uncomfortable for taking credit, I'll actually call it out and say, uh not be afraid to say I worked with this team. I did this for my sees us. Um And so I think that, like, if you're actually able to talk about this stuff, you'll be able to sell yourself better. And these air? Well, your illustrations? Yeah. Wow. Yeah, Yeah. There's some things on my portfolio where I didn't do the illustration. It was more like for directions. But these ones you want field ahead. I'm like, it's not just our direction. Yeah, yeah, yes, yes. Look at these is a gorgeous these air. So, really, there's a really, really we need to let they sing. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you for sharing. Thank you. Wow. Oh, my God. I want, like scrolls, you know? Yeah, this is my least favorite one. And that's the one that from now. Why did you choose that one? Sorry. Just one more question. Why did you choose for the You don't know that now that you guys bring it up, I'm not sure. It's like not one that's colorful. It doesn't. I like the illustration part. That's the value of the other paralyzed thing. Yeah. You know, you probably worked really hard to put this together And you were so happy when it was done and just felt like it's finally done. And I said earlier, you know, just get it done and put it out there. But But someone else who can say like, hey, you know, like, let's polish this up or tweet this or, you know, make it a little better is invaluable. So awesome. All right, let's see. Drilling. Uh oh, my God. How cute is that? How you I didn't look at this before I got a unicorn. It's really God. Hey, Adriana, I am into this. Yeah, So I'm gonna Yes. Yes, you are on And designer and my case is toy designer and graphic designer. Oh, my God. Cold on industrial design background? No, I have an illustration degree in a toy degree. design degree. Whoa! Cool. I like switching. I don't want you anymore. E o, Thank you. So in this is my illustration site, which is It's all kids centered kids up. Clearly it's for kids. Um, but also, the young at heart Look, crying in America is so those air my Ukrainian characters so good. Whoa! Amazing. Okay, sure. Thank you. Pretend you never met Adriana. And, um, you were looking for an illustrator. And you're working you're working at at Twitter. You guys were looking for an illustrator, and, um, you get sent a whole bunch of portfolio links. What do you think? I think she's an illustrator. Yeah, I think she is definitely illustrator. What I think is interesting. Scroll down. Keep going all the way to the bottom. Okay. No, I may not ever see this, Um, because right off the bat, you've got me, like, married to this idea that you're an illustrator, and then I see that you've actually brought them from two D to three D. And that is amazing and fascinating. Um, and so I have a question for you. Um, is the three d work for your secondary? As for his, the kind of work. How you want? Yeah. So that little guy and I made a resident. Yeah. So we make patterns and then so characters. So you click and go. Oh, my God is really cute. Um, I want to be back. So, uh, what I get isn't the dual nous that you're sharing so right off about when we asked you, like you could tell us about yourself. You did? I'm an illustrator, and I have a toy degree, right? You sort of shows both sides. What's interesting to me about this is that illustration definitely sings louder here. Um And so then the question becomes, What do you want to do? Eso eso for you? I think, you know, maybe you are clear on it, and, um and maybe you're the way you configure your portfolio is telling you something, or maybe you're already clear on it. But But to Sharon's point, if you want to be thought of as an illustrator and Toyota's hunger, maybe one reorder things a little bit to emphasize that you can go from the two. D to three d. Um, or maybe you actually are ready to jettison that part of your skill set. Um, and your portfolio is kind of a little bit guiding you instead of of instead of the other. Yeah. Oh, this is so great. Okay, lets go. You're good. Yeah, I like that. You have a small right up there. Too bad when you do Self portrait. Yes. Love this. Yeah, I do. Yeah. So we talked about yesterday in the proposals. You know whether or not you put your picture on stuff And, you know, if you're a photographer, um, it would be cool if you did a self portrait. You don't have Teoh, you know? But if you're an illustrator, by all means illustrate your illustrate your your portfolio picture your profile picture. That is totally awesome. ISS. And that's that's your thing, right? That's the part where you decided you just like your today. Yeah, but it does say they're really proud of your craft, right? You're proud enough to apply to yourself. And that's really cool. Yeah, And you keep a blogger and we're gonna talk about keeping a blawg a little bit later, and then you have a shop, and I'm, like, ready to buy stuff to shops. Oh, my God. Awesome. and wow, you come across this totally legit. Totally. Yeah. I love that. I really love that. Um, Well done. Well done. Thank you so much during for being here. You. It's such a thrill for me to have you here. It's so come and, you know, talk to the students and everything. So thanks to you. All right. Thank you.

Class Description

You need more than technical skills to make it as freelance designer. You have to know how to land projects and keep jobs over the long haul. Becoming a Successful Freelancer with Arianna Orland is your guide to managing the logistics of freelance life.

Arianna is a freelancer doing business in the saturated market of San Francisco and knows exactly what it takes to get and keep clients. In this class, she’ll cover the tips, tools, and strategies you need to have in place to be successful as a freelancer. 

This class covers:

  • Branding: Guidelines for creating a design language that’s right for you
  • Collateral: A roundup everything you need – website, business card, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Clients: Building your client list and keeping them happy
  • Finances: Keeping up on taxes and budgeting
  • Management: How to stay on top of your projects and time

Freelancing gives you the flexibility you won’t find in a 9-5, but it comes with a whole range of responsibilities. Find out how to prepare for those in Becoming a Successful Freelancer with Arianna Orland.


Will Vu

I watched the free live and can't help myself by purchasing this class. It's a valuable lesson from a humble and humorous Arianna. I love your presentation very much. Wish u the best. Thanks or bringing us this course, CreativeLive. !

Cherice Pope

Arianna gives real advice on deciding if the freelance lifestyle is right for you by describing what it's like, business skills you will need to learn, doing a gut check with yourself, how to get clients and promote yourself, and discussing a variety of experiences with other designers. She also goes in depth on differences between working at a company versus working with a company as a business. Her information is clear and wonderful. I greatly appreciate the time and effort put into making this valuable course.


Thank you Arianna for an informative course. Its heartening to know that there are other designers like me that don't come out of design school :) Your guests were a wealth of information as well, specially Peter's bulleted list.