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Beginner Color Toning in Photoshop

Lesson 10 of 11

Loading & Recording Actions

Khara Plicanic

Beginner Color Toning in Photoshop

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

10. Loading & Recording Actions

Lesson Info

Loading & Recording Actions

Let's take a peek at the actions and how that works, and then you you know, if you create a greedy int that you like, I can show you how you could write it into an action. Um, so first thing is, we want to open our actions panel. I have so many here, um, and usually my actions panel, which if you don't have it on your screen, you can find it from window and then actions a window action. This is like the standard action mode, but I usually operate in what's called button mode, so to get there you go to the panel menu and then you click button mode, and then everything gets cleaned up. It's not automatically colorized view. The color has been coded into these actions, so you can color code, your actions, but without the color codes, they just look like this. But the color coding helps you find things easily. But the nice thing about the button mode is then you can just click to run in action. You don't have to click the action and then press play so it saves you a whole clique, which is ...

50%. That's big way got 50% on all of our investments, Can you imagine? OK, so it is nice to work in button mode. However, you can't create an edit your actions in but mode you can just play them back. So I got to get out of but mode, um Teoh record in action. But before we do that, also, you had a load in action. So if you buy the course and you get all those three actions toe, load them, you'll just go to your menu and whether you're in but Motor not, and then you'll come down to where it says load actions. And then you just navigate to wherever would be here. Color toning, Photo shop Week and it will be a dot a TN file. So you would just select that and click open and then it will load. I thought I had it. Maybe I didn't Well, now I'll load it so we can see hope. That's the wrong one. There we are now. It loaded down here, so let's get out of button mode groups. It's kind of hard to see because I didn't color code them. I should have color coded them for everyone. But that might be confusing because their color actions So the color coding might not line up with the results. And that would be weird. So I didn't do that intentionally. Yes, it's a feature, not a bug. All right, so here are the actions that you get. So they have names like reddish purple and great strawberry lemon. Um, each your green. So what, you want to dio? Let's close this. We'll get back to Let's go, Teoh um, a different image like, Ah, let's see the scenic one. I'll just clean this up quickly. Okay, so we're back to just an image here and then let's say we want to run the I think this one was maybe Fireball that I made here. So we'll do that and I'll hit play. So I'm gonna select it, and I hit play the different one. But so here we get the result. And then, of course, from here we can change the blend mode. Maybe instead of normal, we go to multiply, right? So the actions going to give you the grade Ian map and the great aunt In some cases it might change the blend mode it might not, but you can then customize it by changing the blend mode, changing the opacity or changing the Grady into. If you want to change the gravy int that is used in that action, it'll just change it. In this instance, it won't rewrite the actions that don't worry about that. You would just click to open the adjustment layer here, and then you could, you know, pop in here and maybe instead of gold here, maybe you want on allowing weird green. I don't know, Teal Oh, yeah, That's why I didn't do that for you. You are welcome, people. So you can customize them however you want. So I'm gonna cancel that, cause I think the other. But you feel free to do what you want. So there is like, nine different ones, I think, um and if you you know, maybe you're like I don't know, let's go back and try a different one. Then you just go back to your actions panel and let's try icy hot. Whoa, that's crazy. Oh, and you can also, of course, reverse it. Maybe that will give you a result that's more in line with what you're looking for.

Class Description

You’ve heard of doing color correction to fix color casts and various white balance issues. Now learn how to intentionally skew the colors and tones in an image for the sake of mood or special effect. Learn how hue/saturation, levels, adjustment layers, gradients, and gradient maps can be used for color “incorrection” to create vintage and matte film effects.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015


Sara C. Madsen

Nice little class. Very basic. Perfect for beginners.

a Creativelive Student

Very, very basic. Strictly for beginners.


Khara is very personable and engaging. But I do think people should know this is NOT a color CORRECTION workshop. This is a basic course in that it provides a very brief overview of the pshop functions that can contribute to color manipulation. She does go most into gradient maps.