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Beginner Photoshop Compositing

Lesson 7 of 8

Applying Blending Modes

Jason Hoppe

Beginner Photoshop Compositing

Jason Hoppe

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7. Applying Blending Modes


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Lesson Info

Applying Blending Modes

I would like to go in and try some really cool blending modes. I'd love to see my crackly paint here, but I'd also like to create this kind of cool kind of translucent, ethereal look and feel. So, blending modes. I don't know how many people have gone in and actually ventured beyond the normal here. Well, we've got these cool blending modes. What do they all do? Well, I couldn't tell you scientifically what they do, but they're cool. Now going through and selecting each and every one here is really quite tedious. But to give you an idea of what they're gonna do, each one is broken out into sections. So, if I go to my darken area all these five blending modes are gonna create some kind of darkening. This, all these are gonna create some kind of lightening. All of these are gonna create some type of overlay. And I'd like to find out what it does, but I'm not gonna go through my menu and check and see every single one. So, great way to go through your blending modes. Just for fun, why not...

? So, I have to have my layer selected, my move tool selected. I'm gonna hold down shift plus. And shift plus is going to walk me through all my different blending modes. And I'm just going to see what works. Ooh, that looks really cool, doesn't it? What is that? Overlay, okay. Did I know that was gonna work? Nope, so shift plus is gonna walk you through them all. Shift minus will allow you to go through them backwards because some people just love to be a rebel. And I choose overlay and it's like, okay, that's really quite cool. So, now I have my paper effect. I've got my starry night masked out right there. I'm getting to see the color of my wall. I'm getting to see my wall and I'm kinda getting this ethereal look and feel as it comes through. Didn't have to select anything, didn't have to do anything. It's just taking the blending mode and allowing it to blend in other areas. It's like, okay that's pretty awesome. If I'd like to edit this, I could go into the opacity here and of course I could adjust the intensity of that layer to make it more or less impactful. If I would like to change the underlying color of my wall here I could just go in and change the hue and saturation on this. And of course, if I change the hue and saturation on that, of course I get different looks and feels, as well. And it's like, yeah, don't want that. I like exactly what I have. I can just revert to what I had before. So now I've got this cool look and feel going on. I may want to cut back the opacity of this, as well, just to bring a little bit more of that wall through there, kinda be cool, interesting, fun, funky, whatever it may be. There I have it.

Class Description

Gain confidence in the basic steps for creating a convincing, realistic composite image. Learn how to choose images that have similar lighting and color balance, and pick up tricks for creating well-defined selections. Bring these images together using masks and layers, and add the finishing touch by adjusting the color balance.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015



He is such a good instructor. This is a completely basic class, with a little advanced stuff thrown in for good measure. Remember, back in the day, when you'd look at an image & you'd say, "That's totally Photoshopped," but it wasn't said in a nice way? Jason makes it Photoshopped, but in a positive, magical way. He's made me see that I can do this! I can't wait to try out his lessons. I'm so glad I purchased this class. 🤗

Janaina de Assis

I Just loved the instructor, his voice and accent are so easy and the course was quiet funny. Easy language and material very dynamic, focused on the subject. Love his voice, sexy.

a Creativelive Student

This class is amazing for beginners to compositing. It is literally step by step the fundamentals and basics you need to know and he is very clear and easy to follow. Great class!!!