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Beginner Workflows in Lightroom

Lesson 9 of 9

Tips for Sharing Your Photos

Tim Grey

Beginner Workflows in Lightroom

Tim Grey

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9. Tips for Sharing Your Photos

Lesson Info

Tips for Sharing Your Photos

we've been focused primarily on the overall workflow, but I want to give you a little taste of what that sharing looks like because it's super super easy. So we found some images. Let's assume I want to share a bunch of images from this Paris trip, so I'm gonna have all these images available on the filmstrip. I could filter them further by star rating or whatever criteria I've decided. But right now, how many images do I have here? 52 images in this folder that I'm looking at right now and I want to share them well, I can simply go to the book module, for example, and built right into blur right into light room. I should say is blurb and it's already created a book for me. There you go. Right now, I can just order that book. Of course, I could find tune the settings. I could say, Well, what size book do I want? I want it to be a small square book seven by seven I'm gonna change that layout. And for this particular page, I want the image to fill the screens and maybe all zoom that imag...

e in. So it fills the screen and move it around may be all. Change the layout. In some cases, I might want to have to images on the page, side by side, so I go through and fine tune things. I want to give a slide show. I can go to the slideshow module. Remember the presets in the develop module. We can use the same basic concept when sharing. So I'm in the case of sharing were referring to those as templates rather than presets. I go into the slideshow module. I go look at the templates that are available, and I decide that I want a crop to fill slideshow or I want a simple slideshow or whatever the case might be. And then I could just play that slide show. And magically, we have a slide show in no time flat. Of course, I can make changes to the settings over on the right panel, but I don't necessarily need to. I can print all of those images. I could make a contact sheet, for example. So here's a contact sheet and all Choose that. I want all filmstrip photos on that contact sheet or I can print in eight by 10 and I can make how Maney 52 pages worth of printing a single image per page eight by 10. Obviously, I could change those settings, and I can even make a Web gallery. If you've got your own website, you can ftp files up to that website. You can build a gallery again based on a template. Oh, I want to use this template instead. So just make your photos available on the filmstrip, choose a template and share it. And, of course, we have the ability to share to Facebook. If I go back into the library module, you'll see that I have some published services and so I can share directly to Facebook directly to flicker. There's plug ins for other online sharing services, a variety of ways that you can very quickly and easily share your images from right inside of light room. And when those solutions don't give you the solution that you're actually looking for, you can even export the images out of light room saving message, a pig or a tiff. It whatever pixel dimensions you want with specific settings that you define, and then you can use those photos in any way that you imagine. So I hope that this has been helpful in terms of giving you a good sense of an overall workflow in light room, some specific tips in terms of organizing your images and optimizing those photos and then getting a little bit of a feel for some of the options that are available for sharing your images. Because the whole idea is toe. Have a workflow that's working for you because I don't know about you, but I'd rather be out there taking pictures than spending hours and hours working with my photos. So I try to define a workflow that works for me. That's efficient for me so that I'm then able to use that workflow to spend as little time as I need to his little time as possible organizing, optimizing and sharing my photos.

Class Description

Take your first steps into a more organized photography practice! Join Tim Grey for an extensive introduction to Lightroom's capacity for increasing your efficiency and improving your workflow. Learn how the program is organized, and begin to apply its powerful tools to your own photo storage system. Tim will share examples of his photo workflows and learn how to share existing files with ease.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 - 2015

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Pamela Richardson

I enjoyed Tim's friendly and professional style of presentation. I appreciated that he was methodical in his approach, and was very clear in his explanations of every step that he was taking. It is quite clear that he has extensive experience in teaching. He presented at a good pace so that I was able to make notes and absorb the information. I have used Photoshop since August 2015, but I have steered clear of Lightroom. I had been afraid to use Lightroom because I was confused about the process of switching back and forth among Bridge, Lightroom and Photoshop. I have been doing extensive photo editing using other software since 2002, but am new to the Adobe products. After watching Tim's class, I have gained enough confidence to start using Lightroom, because I now understand that it is very powerful, can be used to process raw files, and has excellent tools for creating both panoramas and HDR photos (that are still raw which is great!), and more. I learned a great deal from this course, and would highly recommend it! I am very grateful to Creative Live for providing Photoshop Week 2016, and also grateful to the many amazingly talented and knowledgeable presenters for graciously sharing their knowledge and experience.


This is a great class to help get you started. Tim is a great presenter. Would love Creative Live to have Tim back to teach.


Thank you so much for your straight forward and comprehensive lessons. I am new to LR and have been waiting to import my photos until I watched this lesson. Now, I feel like I can move ahead with confidence.