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A Beginner's Guide to Wholesale Sales


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How to Buy This Conference

Hello and thank you for joining us. We hope you're enjoying wholesale business for crafters with this very special event we had create, alive or dedicated to helping you take the leap into selling here crafts wholesale by the end of the week, we'll give you all the tools you'll need to successfully launch your wholesale business. This special collection of classes is made up of our best also education, taught by megan almond and katie hunt. With the ninety nine dollars purchase price, you'll have five classes with over twenty four hours of video content. You'll get a beginner's guide toe wholesale sales create an effective wholesale catalog, also marketing to retailers and sell your products to retailers. Also, every class comes with amazing bonus materials, including starter kits, workbooks, sample order forms and templates, marketing guides and a whole lot more as a very special bonus. We're also throwing in the class higher your first sales rep. You've already invested a ton of capi...

tal into aircraft business, so consider how another ninety nine dollars could turn your business life around with bigger profits and a global customer base. Just imagine what it would be like to walk into a boutique and see your products on the shelves, so get out there and launch a wholesale business in just one week.

Class Description

Expanding into retail sales after selling online is a huge transition, but you don’t have to make the leap alone!

Join Katie Hunt to learn about proven wholesale strategies that can add additional revenue to your business. You’ll learn:

  • How to determine if you are ready to wholesale 
  • Which sales tools every wholesale business must have 
  • How to set prices that work for both you and your retailers 
 In A Beginner's Guide to Wholesale Sales, Katie Hunt will show you how to expand your reach and expose your products to a whole new audience – when your business is ready for it.  


Katy Casey

AMAZING, amazing course and fabulous instructor. Katie knows so much and does a fantastic job sharing specific, actionable insight in this course and the entire bundle. I can already tell that it's a resource I'll reference again and again as I grow my product line and I'm so happy I invested the time in it.

Laura Bridges

Katie is a very straight-forward and encouraging teacher. I was fortunate to be in the studio audience for this group of classes and have learned so much! I have had some help from friends in the industry on setting up wholesaling, however I was missing a set structure and strategy to get it off the ground professionally and timely. She makes the steps very clear, with ideas and references on how to do it or outsource what you need done. Katie ads her own experience to all of these steps, which is so helpful to hear. If you want clear, specific, strategic steps to take next to develop your own successful wholesale business, these are the classes! Katie is awesome! Thank you!!

Danielle Jones

I've taken 14 pages of notes with great guidelines and best practices for pricing, SKUS, releases and more. I'm feeling much more confident knowing the standards after taking this course. Katie is amazing!