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Editing and Publishing the Images

What we've already done behind the scenes and what my assistant would have done during cocktail hour is download all of the pictures this is the card reader that we usually have is a usb reader we had a firewire one and I do have one but for some reason it actually corrupted my cards recently so it's an off brand had trouble trying to find a firewire compact flash card if you're lucky enough to have a usb three on your computer they you can pick up a usb three which is much faster than I would be too for about thirty nine bucks and get a good reader maybe a lot faster I mean it doesn't really take that loan anyway but not to not to too bad but so this is what we would do just to download the photographs I do have a small sd card this is where the medium says j pegs would go so remember I have a dual slot camera so the medium says j pigs go on to the est e card and then I would have a compact flash card that would have the raw files on it all the raw files as well as the medium jake pai...

d files would all go on an external hard drive and then the medium jay pig photos would go onto my computer and I will go through them like I'm going to do right now so that's just behind the scenes during cocktail hour my system is taking photos from both my cards and my second photographer cards, backing them up to an external hard drive and downloading all the medium j pegs onto my mac so that I can start working with, um so we have already done that today, so we just have a little folder here called same day at it, and you can see these are all the pictures that we have here, even including some of the test one's from earlier, but all I need to do is open up photo mechanic for this, so I'm just going to open up photo mechanic if I wanted to, I don't even have to click to open it. I could have just highlighted all of my photographs and dragged him over to the photo mechanic icon, but it didn't want you to just see it opened by itself, so I'm just going to go ahead and I don't even have to drag all of them. I can just drag lips just drag one over and it's going to make a liar out of me but doesn't want to so let's do with the original might that I was going to do it there, we can't just drag them into the icon and they off pull up here, so, um, the way that I like to set up my photos for calling and they do have them buy file name because remember, I am only going to use my photographs and I only use one camera body, so I'm not going back and forth between two camera bodies, so all of the files are going to be in order the way I want them to pay if for some reason you're using your second photographer photos or maybe you're using to camera bodies and a lot of people do that, you could just come up here to file name and sort them by capture time instead. So just whatever you want to do with them because I'm working on is rob's test nice because I'm working on a smaller this's a thirteen inch screen, I do go up here and set my pictures to be about three up I think that's a good size, just good for me to view the types of pictures I have there's more than one and see a lot of repetitive ones here, and I'd like to see that ahead of time so that I'm not picking the same pictures. So all I'm doing right now, I'm just barreling through and I'm looking for those same day edit pictures that we mentioned before I'm looking for ones that tell the story, I'm looking for all the details, and I'm looking for ones of everyone else because people like to see pictures of themselves so the way that photo mechanic works I just used the numbers up here if I press one the the picture turns has a pink rating on it the first two red three orange and so on and so forth if I press zero it blanks out my my category categorization there so what I do is I just used the number one I'm just going through it I don't have to use amounts for this which is great because I don't particularly like teens the pad mouths here so I'm just going to go through and I'm just going to click one for the ones that I want love the smiling the cute little details of what she was wearing just kind of going through definitely like that smiling one and then I had definitely have some of the bridal party and I want to put those in there um again because I want them to love these pictures remember me making their profile picture very cute so I just have a few the getting ready ones I'm not too picky at this point with maybe over selecting I'll go through really quickly one more time obviously I'm doing it a little bit slower now then I would be normally but I don't mind too much if I overslept I can always take them out later so we're onto the details now definitely want a full one of the dress I'm not in love with the close up ones of the dress, and I would probably use that for an album background before I would throw that into my details anyway, so I'm gonna split those and now I have a perfume bottle. I know when I was photographing this, I was having a little bit of trouble with the focusing, so I want to be able to zoom in and look a little bit closer on these because I don't know about you guys, but if I have a photograph that is even slightly out of focus, it is just garbage to me. So I'm really, really picky about the focus, so I need to do is press space bar and over here I can zoom in two however close I'd like and really just check the focus, so just goingto look through these again, just narrowing through and finding the one that is mostly and focus, which looks like it'll be this one so oppressed one and then just hit escape and come back out again love these with the gloves and the thing that's going to make little details on this is perfect, but shoes in the background, I will tend to go overboard on picking shoot pictures in the beginning and then attempt to narrow them down later, I think I just picked every shoe picture and the ring picture so again, this is another one the ring picture that I just want to make sure is tack sharp I cannot stand blurry images so those look good but I just have to see which one I liked the best any questions from you guys hear about just picking pictures selection process or anything along those lines are good questions are you just going with your gut right now just kind of your your initial reaction yeah I'm definitely just going with my initial reaction here I'm not being super super picky I'll find tune it later no problem but I'm going with what I like to end keeping in mind these are the ones that are going on facebook these are the ones that are going to represent my brand the best so I want to make sure that I'm keeping consistent but those as well other than just the sharpness quality being kind of ah ah trump card are there any others that will make you automatically just threw out a photo? Yes if the exposure because I am dealing with the medium j pegs here the exposure is too far off then I you know I probably will keep the picture if I like it obviously have the raw images of it I'll keep it in their proofs but I won't put it in the same day at it because of how quickly need to edit season I need to have pictures that are um pretty spot on as faras exposure and like in color so I'm just going through these and just picking ones that are of the two of them now and again I'm probably over selecting just a smidge but that's okay we can narrow it down later now we have these cute fun ones just like even stuff like this it's a little bit cheesy but if nothing else I get fun reactions out of them and like one of the online students was saying before you know let them joke around make jokes have fun we can feel comfortable so even if like these like they're okay but I probably won't use them unnecessarily there's none that I'm like wildly in love with so I might not throw them in the same day at it but it was worth it because now look how much more comfortable they are in front of the camera so I do tend to put one of the you know formal ones traditional ones in there as part of the same day at it mom and dad like it if nothing health since great family photo in here love that one always trying to get a little bit of interaction like that one is great for the interaction it's their mom and their cute just going back and checking that I've got my bridal party again I'm going to zoom into these because I can't quite see their faces and brought a party I'm not super picky about either just because um you're not going to go through especially if it's a huge bridal party because dumb bridal parties where it's you know, twenty people it's just way too many teo check every eyelid I'll usually do that during the, um proofing calling and I've got my gorgeous brides maids here again details details so I've got the bouquets love that one of the neckline of a dress super cute and I got one the necklace I always focused on the jewelry for the bridesmaids as well, because that's something that's going to be pleasing to my client because my client is going tio, you know, one of photograph the jewelry, especially if it was one of the bridesmaids guess which typically a bride will get bridesmaid's gifts like that love focusing on the bride, nice little detail, bridal detail you guys get the idea. I'm just going to continue kind of going through these and getting a bunch of pictures is actually the pace that you'll really move that yeah, even a little bit faster normally she's just gorgeous she is really so easy to photograph we had the pleasure of having them for a cinematography course too, and they were just fantastic they were great, so ceremony photos, I have to say and it is the most important part of the wedding. Let me preface it is the most important part of the wedding, however, normally, robin, I photograph weddings and catholic church's ceremonies and catholic churches, and they're just not the most flattering, usually it's mixed lighting next lighting with light is just horribly bad where I mean a lot of the catholic church's by us, they like the backlight, the altar so they have skylights that shoot straight down, which causes really dark circles under her eyes. You get harsh shadows, harsh backlight so a lot of the time and and some of church is only allowed to shoot straight on some places don't don't even allow you up over on the side, so that composed riel challenges. Yeah, um, I definitely am into the ceremony here and I'll just show you a couple of these and I'll shame or the ones I selected, but there is mixed lighting here, you can see the light fell on his face and not on hers. It happens, you know, I'm not lading ceremonies, especially in catholic churches. They simply around us would rip your head off at the times if you were setting up lights and things really pretty yes, I'm onto my reception now we have some nice little detail shots of the toast being given a lot of fun and these are the types of things that looked for when I'm photographing the toast is well, you know, yeah, I'll get the ones of them dead on and smiling, but ideally I want them looking at each other or interacting in some way love that super cute all right, so here with the reception details so I'm pretty picky about the pictures that I choose for this reception details I mentioned this a little bit before I'm always going to choose an overall scene and then get in nice and close with a bunch of little or details so the police setting especially if there was a wedding planner this is stuff that they really look for and I try to only give one image of each thing I photograph because of details it's really, really easy for me to just give a million photographs of the cake or something along those lines that remember, I'm telling a story and the story it has only happened with the cake all right, so I got a few cakes shots that one looks fine and you can notice I I suppress space to be in closer and I just stayed in there I do that sometimes too, and I have that one shot I was telling me as about that one is it uh, cake shut that just reminds me of my own wedding? I don't know why made a couple first dance shots I've loved details during the first dance, so something like that with um especially with the ring finger on her back mixed lighting that you know what that happens and show you what I'll do with these super cute all right, so when I was done, all I need to do is in the right hand corner over here there is this little area where all I need to do is click on one of these and it hides that color class so the color class of ones that I chose was pink, so what I want to do is hide the color class and none the ones that I did not choose, so now I can see that I have eighty one pictures here and these are all the pictures that I chose, so what I would do, I'll zoom in at a little bit and I would just go over quickly something that was repetitive, so I definitely have a few repetitive shots and here and I'll just go over and hit zero on them, so I don't need that many makeup shots really ideally just one of them is fine, so I'll pick that smiling one there love the to the bride's maid's love the ones of her and I need to narrow down my chute selection will take that away really get into that home too no, I'm not going to narrow down my shoe selection that, um I only need to have one photo of the rings uh I don't know which one which one well, you guys choose book or flour for around the sun I do that with my system all the time too if I'm being indecisive all right? So I've got plenty of details here there's a lot of the bride and groom aiken definitely narrow this down a little bit take away that one. I'm not a fan of how her arm looks in that picture take those two away don't need that one love those too and I don't need two wives all right got the family picture if I end up having a formal one in a casual one that usually go with casual just more emotion out of those too same thing with the bridal party don't even that many. I will keep all these details though, because all these details and the fact that there of other people than the bride and groom is great hey looking talent and some of these l keep just because I know how the collage will work later I tend to take a lot of horizontal pictures, so if I'm going to get rid of a detail um and its vertical I might keep it just to make sure that um I have good pictures for the collage later I think we're pretty good here, all right, so good. So I've narrowed this down to seventy four pictures that's about where I land unless I'm being a little over zealous had times where I've narrowed it down and I narrowed it down to one hundred twenty pictures on my system is sitting there next to me like you need to do something about that, you can't have that many pictures of us, and I'm like, come on, kiley, it was a beautiful wedding, so at this point, what I'm going to do is I'm going to copy these out, or I could even move them if I want to or I could rename them if I want to, I think would be easiest if I rename it, so all I'm doing is just a command a select all right, click and then go down to rename selected photos, so I'm just selecting the ones remember it took out all the ones that I don't and chosen is fine, or sometimes I'll put faves whatever works I have a sequence selected here, so I'm going to go into my set sequence variable and then reset it to zero click okay, click rename they're all renamed so fast, so I'm gonna close photo mechanic and I come back just to my folder and if I go up here and just sort by the name I've got all my faves here and all my phase I'm just going to move wth um uh said that it's a little bit easier um you'll see how it had organizes later so just name he's chosen and movement over there, so at this point I need to go ahead and edit these photos now I could go in here and edit them one by one it will take a lot more time, so I'm not going to do that. I'm going to go down to applications and open up action runner and action runner will open up not only itself, but it will automatically open up photoshopped as well whatever default if you have more than one version of photo shop but um I think you need to set that default. The actual runner is a program that I'm gonna use to edit all of these and it works out really, really quickly it some fantastic. So what it has here and you'll see in just a second there we go has all these custom actions that are on here. I don't use any of these actions just a personal preference, so I'm going to hit custom tab too and what I've done here these air, all of the actions in the far green country action set that I use if you want to add your own actions you can just come down here that says actions under there, but, uh, unfortunately can't get to it is the screeners yeah, unfortunately, screen resolutions preventing me from getting there, but it's really simple to add your own actions, you just hit actions, and a whole window of your actions will come up, and you just click and drag the action onto the space where you want to add your action. So I've already done that, and you can see the names of them below here, and if you wanted to, you could add your own that you could add general picture here to help you remember with the action is because, you know, sometimes they have a lot of actions, and we don't always remember what they all do. So the great thing about action runner is that I just have to select what pictures on so let's say I wanted teo, I'll pick all the ones that I want to put in black and white first let me do that first, so all these, they're going to look great in black and white, just holding command as I select, those will look great in black and white, I'll probably keep these in color, like the details and color probably put one or two of the couple in black and white, some just selecting those. And I might add some of these in color later you'll see how this works just keep going here that might be a cute black and white not those details I usually leave in color because again the details are ah lot of times to add color to the album or to add um detail and for the magazines and they really want to see all the different um all the different details and colors think were pretty good I tend to do a lot of the ceremony and black and white again because normally we're photographing in a very unattractive light in the church let's do some things first dance ones see what these look like, so I've selected all the ones that I want in black and white and all I need to do is click and drag over I have a warm black night setting drag over into the warm black only actions, and it is going to load all of my images and tell it that it wants the black and white action on them so it did select a bunch and I can see them on the bottom listed in the warm black and white section but I'm not dead because I definitely wanna bunch in color to and have a lot more here, so let's take a look I'll probably keep those in black and white and these are the ones I wanted color sometimes I'm not quite sure what action will look good on some of these sets of photos so all dragon into photo shop and figure it out first and then do that because these photos are little little yellow so the car might feel off so you just want to see which action full of best that was okay a little bit better, but I like that one, I think not sure helen looks bright on this tv, but this that works, so I like the warm hayes. All right? So I'm going to close out of this, and I know now that for those photos, I will probably like the warm his actions, so again, I'm just going to select the ones I want there and to keep consistency, they usually do all the same of the scene in that same action, so warm hayes and if I want to, I can, you know, put someone black and white put some not on black and white, that kind of thing, so I've got all these like, I know I did this one here in black and white before, but missy, what looks like in color anyway? Maybe I'll like it better these and not all the actions are going to look the same to panic on, uh, you know, where you photograph, but we photographed in pretty consistent light so I'm pretty okay with just the rowing the warm hayes action on these this is it, and when I'm done selecting all the actions I want to throw in these pictures I just hit run and it does it for me, so I do take that time to multi task, so as soon as I'm done throwing all these actions on here, you'll see how we multi task this any questions while I'm just throwing some pictures over here in actions? Yeah, anna, are you just having to make a mental note of which ones you've put in black and white, which one's air remaining for color? So you just kind of know as you go, which one's you've already done exactly so for the most part I do remember because I'm only dealing with, you know, seventy some odd photos um however I forget sometimes and either all double operate forget one thing you have to go back and add a quick action on they're not too big of a deal um it's nice to you if I or two and you know different actions, then I know some troops is at the end to an actual runner works in a variety of different ways I'm just kind of doing the the simplest thing you can do with it, but I believe in the next version it might even be this one you can stack actions another thing that's nice is you can see on the bottom left here have options I can either copy the images, move the images and then it conceives a j pay for is a psd so I'm going to save is a j peg so flattens everything but if I was unsure about the actions that could save us sapir stand, then tweak maybe a little bit and I might end up treating some of these so you can see this says uh eighty one and I had seventy four pictures, so I definitely put a few more in there or added more than action on them does it remind me a select an output location so it knows where wants me to save just call my folder a run and then we'll run yeah run not a word so you can see it's just popping up in um photoshopped and just adding my actions to they're just going to run it off for me and at this point normally it's either the end of cocktail hour and they're about to start doing intros and things like that so I'll like let this run and then run out so I can photograph the bride and groom coming in the toast the first dance and the parents dances right around this time so it's doing work for me while I'm doing the work at the reception so screen do you have any questions on online? Yes, there are a couple questions coming through from the internet right now. Going back to calling the images still has from ontario, canada, is asking, are you considering the number of vertical versus horizontal shots you will use in your slide show? Keeping in mind you want more of a cinematic feel in the slide show? Yes, it's a really good question I will, because my sideshow, when I'm showing it on the picture frame, are the collaged images I'm definitely keeping in mind I can't have all horizontal images it's gonna be really boring and then also, which I think what he was mentioning was the an emotive slide show later that I do, I don't want it all to be horizontal either it's just going to get boring. So, yeah, I do try to incorporate more verticals because I definitely tend to photograph horizontal. I just like the more dramatic yeah, right to the left, that kind of thing. So, uh, it's definitely something I consider and tryto tryto work around, okay? And you have also piqued the interest of quite a few people out there about photo mechanic a lot of people haven't seen it actually run, they want to know more about the program, why use it? In this process yeah, well, this is running in the background so I could just pull it photo mechanic wall while it's doing that so photo mechanic it's been around for a while, you can actually get it at camera bits dot com um I really can't say enough good things about it. I've been using it for years and the based reason that I started using for the mechanic was because of how quick it wass and how fast it was just a zoom into a picture or, you know, with my fingers, just select and sort and do whatever it is that I wanted to dio I used photo mechanic also to call my images for the actual wedding proofs because again, that's something that I do and I do that at home and then it's really fast with renaming its really fast if I forget to sink my camera like to sink the camera time with my second photographer at the beginning of day, if I forget that you could really easily just change if I come up here to tools it just captured dates and times and you can do that down to the second so you can reorder your pictures correctly. It has so many other functions I definitely use just the basis of it for sorting, calling and renaming but there's a lot of different applications if I just go through. You know, just the tools in general. You know, I can change or delete the metadata resolution lot of other different things that I can do here. What is program cost? I don't know. That's how long ago I bought it. It's not it's, not expensive. I didn't. I don't recall blinking too much one, um I figured out that camera bits dot com yes, that one hundred fifty. That sounds about right. Not too bad. So small price to pay. Yeah, just for the speed and their different ways to read that you can read it, you know, with stars with colors, whatever you want to dio I just found I found the keyboard shortcut for the colors first. So that's what? I used to get them on their website right now. And for the mechanic version five is one hundred and fifty. Very nice. Yeah, so one hundred fifty bucks is just really, really fast and you saw how quickly it pulled in those photos too. I just clicked in drag it's that fast with my raw photos too. So when I'm pulling in raw photos at home and I'm sorting through those it's justice fast, you just don't use we're all here because of the render time I'm just not using raw here strictly because the same day edits that use a medium sized j peg it's faster with the actions I don't have to you know exported out his j pegs to light room first so yeah do you know if the labels that you're applying and photo mechanic translate into light room so if you did happen to sort raw photos and there and then you bring him into light room later do you have to recall in light room that is a question I don't know the answer to that because I call my raw photo well I can't call my j pegs a day of and then I'm calling I'm calling ralph photo so it's two totally separate photos that I'm doing but I know it definitely sticks to the file because I've copying files and then opened them and found a mechanic on another computer so if nothing else I'm pretty sure that in photo mechanic you would be ableto it's doing something to the metadata appears yeah, that would be a good thing to find out on their website for sure because that way you're probably saving time you're calling a little bit here then when you go on call at home or go through light room you can do that just test it question I just have a question about like external editing like how you say send yours to evolve does photo mechanic work with it? I mean do you send it through and they send it back through photo mechanics? I know some different editors we'll do that and they use different you know, like you use light room or photo mechanic or whatever and so I'm just curious have evolved works with yeah, I mean they'll work with whatever when I send it to them though I'm not going to send them everything I'm going to call cool down and then just send them that, um they can send you back the you know, the light room files so that if you want to you know you connects forthem yourself on dh they do their own ratings I think for the way that they did everything and yeah, so the work with pretty much anything that's also another reason why I'm not too totally sure about the whole light room question because I send all my stuff out so I don't have to deal with light room uh with the same day at it pictures anyway, cool any other question, any other questions here or there? Or you just knocked out like five questions in the chat room about light room so you set him up, I'll knock him down, you can just like like know in advance what questions they're going to ask e worked on that okay should be closer to the end on deacon just see sometimes I like to just check if I can sit down while it's doing this and just looking at it every once in a while just to make sure that I don't have to do any tweaking afterwards to the photographs on dh so far it's been looking pretty good so I'm pretty happy with ease and what it's doing and it is opening them one by one and saving um and I think after that I can see right now I don't have that many more photos together here for more so great so at this point what I would start doing eyes I would start making the animal toe slideshow I don't need to wait for this to finish to start doing that and I'm a multi tasker so I would like to get started with the next thing so I'm just going to go to safari here so this would be after the first dance parents dances, toast maybe the opening introductions whatever well this is what my assistant will be doing while I'm photographing the first dance toasts and all that stuff she would be back here assuming that I did run those pictures before hand she would be back here and she would go ahead and start the animal a slide show so I'm going to do that first so I'm just going to come up here and show you guys how that works and just going to go to an emoto dot com well yeah log in and we can use the page turner everyone guess what password is great now is he hacked? Yeah somebody sent out there is gonna have her president so an emoto is really easy I'm just going to go here to create um I think animal is becoming more and more familiar so a lot of you will know that I'm going to go to the page turner hit create video give it some room here now an emoto um does not give you a ton of control you're not going to sit here and be picky about this transition or little tiny thing we're editing to the music it does that for you so it's nice so one of the new features they have is you can add another song so you can make longer slide shows now just in the future that they have I know they're updating leave all of their grand if they're not already they will be very soon will be all ten a tp yeah so I'm going to go toe add picks and vince first just click on that you can take them from facebook you can take them from smuggling the only reason I'm not taking them from smugmug right now on di don't upload to their first and then pull that there to an emoto is just because I've had to sign in every time and I was just like a little puppies and just like I could just do this and let that go and then I'll let my smugmug go and, you know, upload itself, so just just little things in the workflow, right? So I'm going to go to my run images and I have a whole bunch here actually have eighty one you know, before I do that, let me just come here, I'm going to narrow them down one more time because I had a couple of the actual the same picture in there right now, so I'm going to drag these into photo mechanic my action runner is bouncing it wants to excitedly tell me that it's done thank you actually runner okay, so let's just do this first. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to sort by capture time because that is going to put all the photos together that I may have edited more than once like this one, for example, you can zoom in there, there you sew this one? I've got twice so I can choose black and white or color, and I'm gonna choose black and white, so just he's left the favorites there, and then this one I've gotten black and white and in color I tend to go for color a little bit more thes to black and white or color again I like the color and the reason I like the color uh just going to assume the sound a little between these two is because I know in the collage I'm going to put them next to these two so I don't like the way black light and color looks together in close just just a pet peeve of all these good good um again I'm gonna put this black and might want to do like in black and white but I'm gonna put it next to one of these other color ones so I would prefer to keep that in color I love her expression here not adorable one of our priests very thought out and meaningful words must have affected her there father yeah good so and the rest of these air here we go I know I did this one in black and white in color now this one I've got another black and white see now I will go with the black and white for that one ah and this one I'll keep the black knight look, I love the black and white and color to don'tyou guys that sometimes you like I just don't know which I want I like a lot of the black and whites here all right, you guys block away to color for this last one good, so I guess I'm just going to the same thing I did before um you actually do the other way around? I will d select the ones that I want to keep, so only the ones they don't want to keep her here, and I'm just going to select all and delete them because I don't need those. I've got the other ones I can hear people cringing now deleting photos already on, like, all right, so now, right here, I have all the photos that I want. Click on the top, hold shift, click to the bottom and open and it's going to upload all of these for me, and then I really do leave because you have wrought versions of all right? Yeah, well, and I have the gun action very assured them as well. So here you can go ahead and change the photo if you want. Teo, I'm started changing the song if you would like tio, and if you go to upload songs, if you have songs like I have a collection from song freedom or I'll just use the ones from and a moto you can do whatever you would like, uh, for me, I'm just going to go, too, actually let's try that again. I'm just gonna use what an emoto has because they don't want to upload more stuff right now, so I'm just going to go to my favorites and I have a whole bunch of favorites here, ones that I've selected for that I like using and I know are good, so we'll see what we got for life all right? So I would just hit add song that will be the one that I have and what's nice is it's it's telling me over here that the song is full? So what that means is I have way too many pictures on here for the slide show, so what I would just do and so I was I would delete some of the pictures and I'll go through and do that later, so I'm not going to sit here and watch an emoto do this. This is not the goal for today to watch one thing happened at once, so I'll do a few things at the same time ad text here and make the title creative live subtitle usually put you know their names and then the wedding date we'll hit safe is adding that at the end I believe no added it over here in the ones where it's yelling at me and saying no, they won't fit and then sometimes I do put my logo at the end not every time um we can just upload my logo if I wanted teo I do have it here on the desktop uh you do need to have a j peg logo that you put in here it doesn't read the png so well, so I do have a j peg photo so author that in there so that's going to do this thing it's going to upload the pictures on dh when it's done all sorted, but in the meantime I'm going to do something else. So now I have my run pictures here and what I want to do next doesn't want to create my logoed and klaus photos, so to do this, I'm gonna open up log stump if you already have block, stop and you haven't upgraded to the next version, the one that I'm going to use right now, I highly suggest doing it one of the the limits of the previous version of dog stop with that, you could only use our collage for pictures at a time, and now you can do I don't know what the limit is, I haven't reached it yet, so it's just nice. One of the other features of block stamp its new is you can automatically uploaded to facebook automatically update twitter chair blogged really, really helpful so I'm going to go ahead and in my blog's stump going to use the style white tab if you are first starting log stop, there are a few things that you need to do um up here in the settings section here, I'm just gonna click on that. It was a few settings that you're going to want to do, um, little notifications and things, you know, just personal preferences air here, but if you go to stiles, this is where you set up, how you want your collage toe look, so again, this new version, they have a lot of different things here. They have these backgrounds that you can put on your photos if you want to their, um, little crazy, probably not what we would necessarily use if you're sticking and logo there, you would upload your logo here, and this is really important the image with and the border with, depending on what you're doing with these photographs, you need to make sure that they're large enough for whatever you're going to do with them. So if you're just using blog's something you're putting in the long line, you know, it doesn't have to be super large in the pixels. However, if you're printing them, you want them to be a little bit larger, or if you're putting them on a digital picture frame, you want to make sure your aspect ratio fits. So for my picture frame, it's um, sixteen hundred is the width of the pixels, so you can see her have it set to sixteen hundred so just little things, especially if you have a digital picture frame that will likes kyu or squish you know your photos that they're not the right resolution, so just little things to make sure you can change the color change the border change the with anything you want to do is get your broom. Yeah, whatever you're going to do, um in output this is where my stomped folder is so you can put that wherever you like. Um you tell it how you want it to save the photo I just kept all these things that's default that you could have the original file name you could put a stop date. Whatever you want to do what's nice is they also have sharpened settings, so a lot of people use these for the web. You can sharpen for the web in particular in the way that you wouldn't necessarily sharpen if you're going to print the picture so you can configure the sharpening settings right here so a little a lot I can mess with. It probably is the bi cubic scharping. Yeah, so you can tell the sharpened tell not to sharpen. I believe I needed to have a photo selected in order to preview it just threw this one photo in there so we can once I selected okay, one more time because I can actually see this because it's a really great feature this way you know when I'm running through action runner I don't need to put a sharpening action on their example do that for me so there we go now we can see and we can set our settings and what how sharp we want it so I don't really want it that way sharp and it's subtle because it knows it sharpening uh for the web okay, so I'm just gonna click safe it's very very smart tommy the window will now self destruct all right, these are all your settings are um lots of different things is where you set up your facebook account set up your blogged accounts at your twitter etcetera etcetera so just things to do before you start using block stamp if you guys haven't used them before so I'm gonna do is I'm going to select on I'm gonna click and drag into block stump and what block stump is doing it's going to take a second to do this but what it's doing is it is crunching and re sizing all of your photographs to be the size that they need to be to make the sixteen hundred with um walk stump stop hundreds column stop collages so it's just going to do that for unit doesn't really, really quickly so it's nice you don't have to sit here forever working with photos is just so fantastic life okay, let's, wait twenty minutes. Yeah, this is roughly twenty five seconds. So all right, what I have to do at this point is I just need to click and then holds command to click more options. Let me make this a little of the figure so you guys can see a little more of this there? Yeah, maybe not that much photoshopped wants teo pick out there and then you can see on the right hand side I have options. Certainly have two options will have only selected to photos and there's only so many ways that I can arrange that many photos, but as I select three photos like that, you see a lot more of these options. And just depending on what you want do and how you want arrange them gives you few more options for this, I tend to like the more horizontal ones like this. So I think that's a great collage. Um, maybe I want to add, uh, the fourth picture in here with the other bridesmaid and I actually like this arrangement, but I obviously don't want to highlight the bridesmaid. I wanna highlight the bride, so just click mix it up until it got to the picture of that I want it to be so that one's really cute when I'm finished and it's however I want it to look so I lied maybe like that one better oh I like that one better okay I'm just gonna hit stump and that's going to save it for me and then remove those pictures from my dialog box over here right and then I just go through and stomp them you could see it's putting my logo there and it's really nice and quick super cute um all of the black and white ones are coming first hear the concert right oh, what's to these love that any questions? One just going through working with these pretty simple right and fast, simple and fast this is what we want I love them but you know when you're always teaching something we're taking more time to do it than it actually takes how long would you say that this up until this process up until this point actually working time um super fun I'm not totally sure because it's so sporadic you know I'm going into the reception halls and out of the reception all the way back to my seventy and it came back so probably about a half an hour working time with this how does this uh published your website? It is does it seamlessly just plug in so it looks like it's directly from your own website without any blood stomp branding oh yeah there's I mean what you see right here is what you get j peg images of this pretty easy to set up oh yeah super easy mean if your auto putting it to one of the facebook or whatever it's it's just a matter of putting in your password really? Yes, so nice and simple and can you edit it after the fact at it the collage photos the clash photos or if you just had a little blurb above the collage photos saying the wedding of let's say you accidentally misspelled the last name of somebody yeah that is a good point I will actually show that to you uh in just a second kind of blocked all these real quick um yeah, you can change it keep these two there and, um you can either set up a link to your blogged, for example said it to upload as a draft which is what I prefer to do because I'm usually not typing out whatever it is that I want to take out at that point see what you can d'oh editing later if you want to publish it later doesn't have to publish live right away so you definitely have options great great. Any other questions? I just run through these old real quick and you can see these air the editor one so we haven't seen these edited ones yet years at home if they just want to watch me at it here some of them you do it just one there's not my favorites yes, I think people are just completely entranced at how fast you're making this yeah really it should be it should be fast it has to be fast because I mean it's it's a wedding I don't have time to really sit hearing go crazy with it they're so cute just can't stand it awesome all right, so the other thing that I would do with these photos um is I would use blawg stump too collage whatever photos I want to throw into my album so the way that I would do that just going to finish this up really quickly because it is really quickly see this I would do one photos again sentimental value just everyone at home can see these right there on that screen and these air great for being able to collage thes before the editors see it as well because remember, I'm going to use thes to, um to show the others to hopefully get published for publication. So I want teo collage in a storytelling fashion and just it's just more attractive for when the potential publishers see them love that never get to random sze here that I'm just I'm not going to use so I could just press delete that one's really cute you all right? So I have a bunch of different pictures here and I'm ready to upload these pictures to face so I'm going to let again left these things up blood already create this is facebook of already created ah wedding here little album it's on my business page just named it creative live wedding and taken at victory studios um this is a great place to tag your reception hall at this point which can hit add photos and we'll go here desktop to my stomped folder and it puts them the way that I have the naming system and filed puts them in order by when I stomped them. So two thousand thirteen january fourteenth the fourth one I did that day so these are all they're gonna be at the bottom so all of these pictures from four fourteen but what I'm going to do from blawg stomp instead is upload to my blawg so I look the's facebook ones go let them look at these photos here again to selecting the ones in the date range that I want okay? So that's uploading from there and then for blog's stop I'm just gonna click on the log so I am at this point starting to upload a lot of things at the same time I'm starting to multi task around that's really important you do have to multi task around in order to get this to work um if unfortunately I have to stick with this this's the forgy internet stick that I used just by t mobile if I have to use this internet stick is going to go a lot slower so I know if that's the case my assistant no it's okay thanks my assistant will just do one thing at a time because trying to upload to much of time isn't gonna work so this just sticks into your usb port when you need it we're on my feet here so I'm not such a big deal so I'm going to go right here and I'm just gonna click on blogged and I already have set up my block here you can enter your little title so creative live wedding and then I could do you know their names or whatever I wanted teo becca and dirk now probably put victory studios things like that will help with my ceo especially if I spell the name of the reception all correctly s o if you want to you can actually write your block post here you can also I have all my category is here so I can just click weddings or workshops it would fit under both and I'll publish it in that categorias well down here I can tell which images to show so the ones that are created today the one that created this week this month or all the images my stop folder I've only done the ones for this month so those are all in here and I can select all of them but sometimes I don't want to put this many pictures on my watch is a little excessive so I can go through and just pick the ones that I really don't need on there um for example usually don't necessarily put the family ones there a lot of times publishers are gonna look at the family ones I'll take away one's that are a little bit repetitive I will keep all the detail pictures there because again I will use this block post to show uh two editors that's good that's fine all right so I could either hit publish or it can upload as a draft apple it as a draft and it just connects to my blogged and creates my blood post for me which is really nice because I use word press and the uploading features with were oppressor just a little bit clunky not a huge fan so that's the going we're good with that at that point I probably come back to an emoto because it's done being uploaded right now because I'm over on my song I'm going to delete I delete the details out of the and motive slide show I just think that the animal slide show the photo slide show was really more for them uh the couple than anything else so I want to keep that in mind um and just do I really like how they've integrated this thing I told you how many could fit left before you had to sort of guess it would tell you if if if the song was going to be too long or too short, but then you had to kind of play around with it a couple times you'd have to render and look at it. This is this is so much easier. Yeah, definitely a little bit easier. Um, you also know some of these are little out of order just because of how I told action runner raining them. So if you have that problem, you can just highlight like you normally highlight files, it just clicked and then held shift and click the end of the selection I wanted and just drag dragged down to wherever you want them to. So I've got ceremony stuff here, I'll drag all that down into my ceremony area and it's really fast? Yes, my assistant is definitely the one that is doing this put it right here, and if they're any favorite photos that I really love that I want to highlight, all I have to do is click on whatever photo I want to highlight and on the left it says spotlight. So maybe if I like this photo of the two of them, I had spotlight and I'll just stay on. That photo a little bit longer um and that's pretty much it when I'm done with that I just hit preview video and then I just say skip and produce I can make it title to it if I want teo rebecca it's skipping produce and then I'm done with that section my blog's stamp um this is still uploading, so we'll come back to that so let's, go ahead and pick the pictures that I want to pick for the printing because I want to print before the end of this segment we'll start printing before the end of the segment, so pull these up I'm using photo mechanic again use it stove so frequently so I'm just going to select which pictures I want to print in their book, so the pictures that I print in their book I'm giving it to the bride and groom so I don't really need to put pictures of the details in there as much or of maybe other people it's really for them this is the one that they want, so I'm just going to go through these and the ones that I want to print in theirs I'm just going to press the number two and it's going to change my setting to read so going through here I'll pick a lot of just my favorite ones this's kind of nice actually since it has their wedding date on it maybe I'll throw that one in there ideally, I'm going to throw this ring picture in there that when you'll see why I like to throw a picture the bridal party in their nice picture of the two of them sometimes author of family picture and sometimes not love to always have a nice picture of her got to focus on the bride definitely a picture or two of these ceremony gotta first dance here so just which ones that you want to highlight her with her girls is really cute another one of her and how many pictures in the book there are ten side's in the book, so ten prints are what end up fitting in the book um however we can collage some of these all right, let's do this nice formal one all right, so I'm going to take away all the pink ones great, I've got seventeen photos left just going to take these I should I don't need to copy this this is done here I'm just going to drag them from photo mechanic right into balog stump should we go just dragon? So this is the album that I used it's black so the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to change instead of white tab I'm going to black border so my logo is not going on all these photographs but it's that black border so right off the bat I have two vertical pictures here so I have two vertical pictures here that I want in the little album that I'm giving them I could just put two vertical picture side by side and it is going to be a about a four by six ratio not exact it's a little bit too wide so it'll cross a little bit off the top in the bottom which I'm not worried about this actually I would prefer her eyes chopped off in this picture so it's great I just hit stump so I usually go through and any vertical pictures that I see I tried to find two verticals to put together for this so these two pictures would work together her there we go stump for a little bit like slowly because you have a lot of applications yeah lots of stuff going on see if I can close I don't need photo shop anymore that's probably the research photo shop is at least horace hug love this these two together look really cute stomp and I'm not really touching the ones that are horizontal I don't really need teo all right so I'm going to just continue selecting the pictures that I want for the album again it's just the ones that I like that I think the couple will like as well so just going through in selecting those I can put three together if I want to um this is about a four by six ratio again it's going to crop a little from the top and bottom but if I wanted to I could put all three in there. That would be fine. Uh, any questions? I think I'm good with collage in here so I can actually and this is one my favorite things about this I can batch it's, not select them all just batch and if I go to batch and hit stop it, it will do it all for me so if I didn't want a collage any, it'll just stumped them all for me I'll die itself and it's just a little leggy right now but you get the idea it's just going to do them all for me. All right. Any questions in here? While these stop? Yes. Just from the look of the screen that looks like a mac after programme rather than just website is that a program it's a program locks numbers an application runs all through a computer. You can find it at blog's stomp online dot com cool people are really interested about blog's stamp right now and it's really they're wondering you already have block stamps set up and customized for yourself and they want to know, you know, how easy is it to set up with your own logo like kind of the back end of the program is it fairly easy for the average photographer too just like oh yeah plug in play and get going right away it really is back in those settings that we showed before you're really just uploading your logo sizing it down, placing it where you want teo super super super you know now there's all these different options you can maybe you know you don't have to go with that little white tab I put at the bottom you can do whatever you want you could have your photo your logo just go straight on the picture if that's what you want to do so you really have a lot of options when it comes to dogs down people will understand that those all your images are straight out of cameras there ever an option to crop in case you don't quite catch it? Yeah oh absolutely if you know there was a picture that I wanted to include in the same day at it that wasn't crossed the way I wanted to just throw it and photoshopping prop it up yeah, yeah good so this is done. What I'm going to do is I'm going to make a new folder here that just says to print onda geun I am selecting what photos my, um my assistant is going to print for me so I'm just going to first to drag over it was arranged ages have a lot of stump pictures in here because you can see I actually do this often I'm just going to drag the album pictures over and then I have to make some decisions here because I only have ten spots and I have fourteen pictures here, so I need to make some decisions off the bat I have these vertical ones I don't need it's now I only need to get rid of to see what I got make sure no duplicates and here do the family photo in there you know what? Let's get rid of this one and one more let's get rid of that one I like that black and white one but maybe not for a picture by itself. So the only last thing that I would do at this point is this picture here this to print um I'm going to have this one be the first page in my album, so I'm just going to click and drag that one in the photo shop I'm just going to give it a little title and put their names in the date on the picture really simple um in fact what I actually have if I come here to my desktop that's good oven essentially photography two thousand twelve in here I already have a psd of one that I made um back in march of two thousand twelve that has the name and date text her on it and I just click and drag it over a nice little temple out of it. Yeah, really, really simple thinking that one open up their guts. Now I have my two little text files. Just click and drag put them over here and then I have a nice little title page. We're april fourteenth, two thousand twelve and I might as well make it accurate. I'll probably just give them the sellem grape then I'm just gonna flatten clothes. I have a flat and close action here just makes life nice and easy. I'll throw it in my to print so it's and runned to print save replace great so I'm all ready to print my album at this point I'm just going to go to my print folder uh cannon? No, I have it here on the desktop. There it is and this is just how I print the photos. This is the printer that I use it's right here it's the cannon I one hundred picks him up printer it prince great four by six pictures I'm just going to go ahead and print thes while we go to break very, very simple have my ten pieces of paper in here I usually like to feed them one by one just a personal preference it catches sometimes it makes me paranoid so to print them I'm just in my easy photo print t ex I have to select photo print and it takes a little bit of time to do this but then that's going to give me a whole bunch of options do I want to put a border around it? What kind of paper? My using layout etcetera first thing you need to do is just select my images so I'm going to go to my desktop brunt to print and all I have to do is highlight them all and it's automatically going to have them all set as one and I know I should end up with ten pictures yet selection ten images layout, print and then I just hit print in the next dialogue box but so from here like I mentioned before I can just print a border if I want to or not then I'm gonna do is hit print and it was khalid it um tends to take a little while when I hit print over here I like to I'm not sure who I can get to show this with my printer I do like you do make sure that it's size to the paper and then feed one at a time and just hitting print it's going to start doing my printing formy um I do recommend if you were printing um on site makes you have extra ink the cartridges here usually last me about four albums so it does go pretty fast this is a portable printer so you know you're not getting a ton of ink in here they're very little in cartridges. The paper that I use is cannon paper um I'll use kodak paper as well I do stick to on brands to brand names I tried doing an off brand name both with the paper actually and with the ink and it was disastrous to not come out very well occasionally my printer just doesn't want to function maybe I forgot to throw in the extra in cartridge or it's just giving me problems I have sent my assistant to cvs with the memory circuit just go to cvs and print out the instant four by six prints they have their networks um depending on where your you know where your perception is of course and we haven't tried refilling cartridges either we just buy a new car? Yes again I tried going the cheaper out and didn't work helps so well the colors air so off the the saturation was off, it was really just disastrous nothing I mean this is not the highest quality print of prince to begin with, but I needed to be the best it can be for something I'm giving my client so any other questions from online we always have question already from the internet one question I really like from simone k should great workflow awesome if you have a portrait session will you change the workflow because of the selling options do you think about changing your workflow this year because you told about your goal of starting studio selling yes I haven't done I don't do portrait I will do engagement photos and I don't do this for engaging photos in general but yet it's something that I'm starting to think about is how will I change this work flow to still do my same day edits but taking into account you know, doing sales afterwards and that kind of thing so I honestly have not figured that out quite yet my guess is that maybe I will not post the pictures facebook, facebook maybe um or you know, just let them be the teaser and those air the teasers you know that I show plus a bunch more maybe the reception since a lot of the reception photos don't go in here so it's definitely something to think about or tested you know my test it out a couple different ways see what works best and these take about a minute to print each I'll tell you the qualities I mean I look at that I think it looks great this is our title page just in case the way you want to see the close up and my assistant will just feed these one by one you have to be my assistant. I will be your sister happy tio and I said we have another question for you you're shooting somewhere pretty remote and you don't have even your wife I said, is it going to help you? Have you ever had that come up and what do you d'oh have had that come up on what we do because this is for g is my assistant she drives with me on the way home, we'll do the internet stuff yeah, because it works while you're driving I don't want anything to do on monday with I don't want anything to do on monday with nothing to interrupt her massage and martine that's, right? You hear any other? Yep, of course is quite few coming in right now I have one more from well, actually, if you wouldn't mind going over the the actual to tools you're using to print out right now specifically the name of that book that you're putting the photos in and also the what's a model printer thankyou. So the model printer is the cannon picks mma I p one hundred the book that I'm going to be putting these in is a renaissance just for wessex peeled stick album the incas cannon and the photo paper is cannon as well again that's just is what's going to end up giving you the best quality looks great. Thank yu was also a couple people comment on loving the action you ran on the photos. Did you mention whose is that? Your own actions? Yeah, those are my own I had mentioned the other day were I buy everyone's? Actually, I have, like kevin go voters and totally red actions and ready said action and flora bella and all these different actions and what I finally did is I figured out what I liked ah, and worked with actually he's a photoshopped beta testers seems trevor on dh worked with him to make my own set of action, so I would stop buying every set of actions I came across and and made my own, so they're called far green country actions. For those of you who are fellow lord of the rings dorks, you will know where I got that from that if you don't, we're going to make you go do the homework and find out where in the siri's that's priest comes up, I'll give you a hint, it's during a war no baby that didn't help, so they're called far green country actions, and they're available at the store at vanessa and rob dot com on biff you purchase, of course, you'll get half off those awesome. Alright, on jen ai here in seattle, washington is asking earlier, when you're in block stuff, you were mentioning publishers. Are you directing editors to europe blawg, if not using the ones on to bright lights? Um, yes, the answer is yes, so I will submit via to bright lights. But the publishers that are not on to bright lights, like right now, a local one, buy me new jersey bride magazine is not, and I have a relationship with that editor, so I will send her certain ones that I think she'll, like. Give her preference, and I'll do that, usually by just sending her my block blink, or these smugmug online gallery like that. We haven't gone over yet.

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