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Finishing the Same Day Edit

I'm happy to say that the animal to sideshow is already done so I'm gonna let you guys see it to see what it looks like and see what one of their new styles the page turner looks like that we worked with um so we can go right over to the computer be snow stone streets were never fell so stocking missin son and schools five paving my way company by now surprise wakefield is way one of moment can't get that these are days it's you react wait way to like radio wave goes way reaction is really good stuff sweetie attraction wasn't looking I wasn't looking teo wait go way had to go we had to scale down the three hundred sixty pee on that one so it was just a little idea yeah, so then that is done and then I'll talk about what I do on the follow up for monday let's get finished with what I still do the night of the wedding I have all of my prince here and I do have a really awesome surprise for you guys s o I had talked a little bit before we had talked about the power of outsourcing your pho...

tographs carly had mentioned that you know, thanks to outsourcing her post production work that she doesn't have it consuming her life anymore so that's really powerful and it's something I have outsourced my photos for years I started to try and do it myself and realized this is not where my talent lies I can either be focusing on marketing focussing on the parts of my business that are more me like my customer experience I want to be able to be there for my customers on the moments notice and not be bogged down with editing plus I want to give them a better experience with me and getting that fast turnaround time is pretty important forgetting that experience however what is even more fun is that evolved can do things that I simply cannot do on one of those things are the signature and it's that they provide on dh they did that for us today so I'm going to show you with those look like uh start with this one so this was a photograph that I took today and that's what they were able to do to it so I've got this photograph and it's fine actually added a little bit but I've got all this going on over here got the stand and then the light coming from here got a spot on her face that's not too attractive and with them I'm able to make it into this epic ed take photograph so they did one more for may so we get to see that one oh, you know what else they did number how I was annoyed with one of the pictures on her arm yes she's working out for wedding so there's that one and then I have one other photograph and see which one I want here there you go so this is my version of the same day at it um and you see a lot of stuff going on here but there's a lot of cool things going on here and that's what they're really to do with it so wow like the spotlights are awesome they're able to highlight the clock that was on the ceiling there take away the distracting parts that were on the background before look at all they were able to clean that up and just make it an epic picture and those of the kind of pictures that my clients are buying huge canvases of because you can't make any by ten of that that does not deserve an eight by ten that actually I would love to see that on a medal a medal print the awesome yeah metal wiper imaging actually is where we print our medals they're so fantastic we print a movie posters on medals and hanging around the studio and every time we have clients come in they always see and they always notice their eyes go right to them it's just the second I walk in there's like hi guys come on and have a seat there like oh yeah okay sure so power of outsourcing and free of your life shoot more do what you want to do in life do it's more important for your business what makes your business you and the stuff you can't even d'oh lisa I can't do that I don't know you guys are good no not dessert so what have actually done is I have printed those out and they will definitely be a part of my same day album here before we do that we're going to show you a couple of things on the computer that we do I'm not gonna actually upload these but what I would do on smug monk here I'm just going to go to my own page so here's my own page on smugmug this is actually take this away so you can kind of see smoke mike has customized my page so it matches my website which I think is very important to do offer customization on deacon here and this is my wedding section I have everyone's wedding here we're half customized at this point I'm still doing a little tweak so we'll probably have a search bar here and things like that. But when you go into one of my specific clients album's this is what you see so down here the dnc vanessa's favorites these they're the ones that are my same day out of pictures, so during the night of the wedding these are the ones that will upload and you'll see they're all here all the pictures from their wedding very, very cute bride graham and I got to work this one together if you were um here was that yesterday we were talking about esso and this was the sunset wedding where the light went down very quickly during the ceremony very, very cross and we weren't prepared well, we was only we will prepare the ceremony was late it was already gonna be a dust but that's how dark it was and you can have my life illuminating that unless your flash I'm sorry there yeah, okay, my light was similar, but yeah, definitely but how dark it was and this is probably at around two thousand are trying to get some of this to not be silhouette but it was just that dark. So yes so that's what the I will upload this during the reception my assistant will do the uploading and this will be available to them and I'll write him an e mail on monday telling them about this gallery where they can go look at it and on top of that this's what the link is on the back it's you know, finance a jury that small looks slash weddings so they're able the guests can't even go home that night and find pictures on this card because if there aren't pictures on the car and I'm giving them this link yeah, they might remember three weeks later when the proofs are all up but how great is it that they're there the second look at this line? The other thing I do is smugmug, which is just a piece of mind thing for me is this is a hidden gallery that I have here and it's my backups, calorie for two thousand twelve cesaire all the weddings that I shot in two thousand twelve and it's every single picture that I have shot these are the medium j pegs it would take way too long for me to upload all over all files, but these are all the medium j pegs that I shot at the wedding and we upload them if I don't get a chance to upload all of them the night of the wedding I'm sorry at the actual reception, I'll just continue doing it when I get home and I plugged in my hard drive and I'll continue the upload so every single picture that I took, uh straight out of camera, so great for up for backup to show such a peace of mind knowing that your stuff is backed up offline and smuggling is greed will charge you you know, on how many gigabytes of photographs information you have on there, it's just you get it so that's fantastic so that's my wig, that's what I do, the online gallery and everything uh snap knight is another thing that I like to do it if I can do it at the wedding I will do this at the wedding but I'd like to update my online profiles fairly frequently because I have the same day at its stuff I can just log on to snap not and upload one of my favorite new photos is actually towards the end of the gallery so just come back towards the beginning and you can see yeah, these are all photos that I took this year and they're already updated online on my account so I just like that ability now all my because the same day at it I have these great pictures that are my favorite pictures from every wedding and then I can pick my favorites of my favorites and those are the ones that I throw up online so great thing to do there all right and then we're going to get to two great lights and I can show you this pretty quickly this is the log in when you see two bright lights and you can see upcoming publications is there all the places I'll be published sometime soon um so all I need to do so I can come here two albums and to bright lights again for those of you if you just joined us it is a way where you can submit your wedding's actually it's not just weddings it's for corporate things and broader showers and family sessions and they have a ton of different publishers on here that will work with a lot of different types of photography so if I come here to albums this is where I can create a new album it's just right here on the bottom and when I create a new album not gonna walk you through the whole process because we'd have to upload things but it breaks it down so here we go like I was saying a lot of different things so wedding related events and parties family portrait, lifestyle, travel landscape culinary sports totally totally for a ton of different things other than just weddings so we go here and you really just narrow it down to categories and this is so that the publishers can also search for you maybe they're looking for a destination wedding maybe they're looking for an elopement whatever it is and when you go through all of this you do the bride and groom first name you add a venue and then you add the vendors and not only can you submit these weddings to vendors sorry to publications and then the publications khun drag down the photos and then publish some wherever they like with your approval of course but you can cheryl these photos with the vendors this way too so it's an easy way to share the photos with the vendors as well as cement for publication so I'm not going to go through and do all this, but this is what my assistant would go through and do. All of this the night of the wedding. And then after I hit create album it has asked me to upload the pictures and we upload all the same day of the pictures that we purposely have taken and chosen four publications so let's, just get out of here. And once I have an album all set, sometimes I do this night of the wedding. Sometimes they do with the monday afterwards, but I can submit an album which is up here on the right seventh album for publication and it's the simplest, simplest thing to do and see me a little slow on me because a lot of people are going to red lights right now. I have a question. Yeah, can you do video submissions? I am not aware if you can, you video submissions rob's like, why am I not e? I mean, I just submit I submit this time we pretty and you know what? You have to do it all manually thiss would be created fuck in this room. I want to do a little research on this, actually, yeah, so I'm doing here back on the computer is selecting which album that I want to submit hits him it and then it's going teo bring up all the different publications that I consume it too and it lets me choose the publication that I want to submit to you and I can narrow down by ones that are exclusive or non exclusive and that means exclusive ones will not let you publish anywhere else people like stanley pretty or not a lot of the bigger names do not want into your the wedding that they're printing to have been published somewhere else someone once explained it to me it was like going to prom in someone else's wearing your dress so you want to make sure that you are not submitting it to you can submit it different publications but you can only select one so exclusive or non exclusive this is where I mentioned if you had a wedding that you know it may have been rejected by other publications you just don't think it has what it takes to get into a bigger publication you can select the non exclusive and it's just smaller blog's but getting publishes getting published and it's still right you can choose whether it's printer web so if I go here to print and then you can quick search so maybe like you know you want to submit it tio I don't know pretty brass tacks you guys haven't seen that website have wedding blah gets super cute pretty brass tacks and then here you consume it by callie categories were goingto weddings more filters maybe you have something that made this wedding nique so maybe it was a destination wedding ton of d I y stuff etcetera, etcetera and I'll narrow it down for you little bit more depending on with the magazine when they registered has said that they're looking for so lots of different stuff here and then you pick which one you want to submit to hit next and there's one more step person minute yes question yeah do you try to focus on like when you're looking at the smaller publications one's in your area for marketing purposes or you just kind of sprinkling them all over just whatever will pick you up and you'll take it for the smaller ones we're talking about, right? Yeah, okay, yeah for the smaller publications I tend to try to go with ones that are closer to my area it doesn't make a little bit more sense, but I'm not discriminatory because you can submit up to ten nonexclusive weddings a non exclusive wedding up to ten nonexclusive publishers so one wedding you consume it up to ten non exclusive publications at a time, so I'm just going to spring a lot about it and I mean that's great for clients to oh my gosh, my wedding was, you know, accepted three different look atyou know it's published three different times because I mean, I get rejected all the time obviously don't get me wrong I just keep trying to somebody publishes his and that makes it easy I could just keep going so all right so we've got a client named client email you write a little cover letter and you put tags in here so talk about the colors that the bridesmaids were wearing can obviously put more than one and then when you're done um you just like that you understand everything and hit next on the hit submit so it's really, really simple very, very simple. I'm just going to pull up um my block here so I can show you what a wedding blawg looks like. This is under the category of submissions. So if I was submitting to a blogger I'm sorry to a publication using my blog's link maybe they weren't onto bright lights. I would just copy the link that I have appear and then this is basically what it looks like I have the name of their little description and then I have all the pictures I do have a link to their online gallery as well and we scroll down to the bottom this was one I went a little overboard with all the pictures because look at that little qd can you stand him he's been totally pinned and re pendulum internet star saber and here at the bottom see here I have all of my vendors here and this section right here is what my assistant will do the night away because this it's so annoying isn't it have you guys ever you know you gotta go get the website and hyper lincoln and your back and forth between pages just annoying so this is something that that she will dio my assistant and is really, really helpful this is what you know publishers want to see the vendor information it's less research they have to do so that's what that looks like and I will simply type up just something quick I try to submit to magazines v of my log link toe once that I'm a little bit more familiar with like new jersey bride magazine I know the editor I can write to her um if a magazine actually prefers this mess method of submission that's fantastic. I know than not it's just photos at the knot dot com and they want you to smith I think upto five times per submission a section of the year and you know you can send the bog links and that's fine, you know, trying to spam anyone obviously with every you know what you've done, you know, that year be selective so that's what that looks like so the last things that I would do I would copy for my digital picture frame this is not the one I used this is just for demonstration purposes, but I would copy the pictures, the collage pictures to an sd card or whatever it is that the picture frame takes and just stick it in the picture frame have my whatever imaging loft cards right in front of it with the couples picture on it and a link to where they get their wedding photos just set it off on display, then I'm going to go ahead and make this album's you can actually see what it looks like. The first time I tried to make this album, I was using a different album company and just it was just like one big peel off and I was kind of like peeling the whole thing off and then like trying eyeball and like quick and take it down and hope it's like not in the wrong spot, there is a much better way to do that. All right? I've learned I would like to share that with you, eh? So the first thing that I'm going to do here because I'm going to stick my logo on the back and this is just a again a block their imaging sticker so it's a really cute sticker little die cut there and it just comes off really easily I can't shake the table you see I just talk off half of it um is that when I put it down I'm actually putting down the part that is not sticky eyeballing it where I want it to be then pushing down the sticky part than peeling off the rest all right so I have all of my photographs here I've put them in order I've got my title first so that my title image first and then from there a couple of the bride brattle party bread alone family couple of to them whole bridal party one of their ceremony shots sometimes it only just do one ceremony shot it's fine some of the couple that was their first dance I've got my really awesome images from evolve edits and this one is definitely gonna be the last one I throw in there with that last impactful image right so throw these all in I have them all in order um so this one what I do this particular album and I'm not sure from the sun still has the same thing but you just got this corner and you just you peel up that corner first if you don't have that corner option what you do is you just peel it like a fourth of it folded back like that and then you can put it back you know, not totally just a little bit so that you can put the picture on top wind it up to where you want it to be so there's no white sticking out hold it on the left hand side will you lift this up? Lift up the part you already detached, press it down on that side and lift peel off and press down like that so uh one thing that I'm pretty picky about is I don't like you no horizontal vertical than hurt you know I want them heel toe look there it not like you know, doing to those so I'm just gonna keep going here and make this album because rebecca and derek were so nice if you want to you can put the whole thing down first and hold it then peel off a little bit depending on what you want to do, what you're comfortable with no important the night air usually this's right before dinner usually usually my goal is to get, uh, this album to them by dinner time I want them to sit down cattle settled for dinner all the people around them stop annoying them ever have that when you're at a wedding and the poor couple is just sitting down to dinner and people are just bombarding them coming up and talking to them for half an hour yeah, probably yeah probably saying very sweet things, you know? I'm totally sure but you just know they're bugging them I shouldn't put this last picture in here first this one is vertical, but since it's the last picture you don't mind so much right before dinner time is usually when I'm doing this and I do this part there's something about it I just like to dio find the mindless busywork of it too just be relaxing during the reception so I like to do if questions while I am having a nice relaxing time right now and I just have a question about the cost actually I mean like roughly how much does it cost to you in terms I guess just the album and then also for the cost of the paper and duncan I mean, we know the printer and we went over that before but I mean like that album it's like for a job yeah, well, what it causes an ink paper and the album yeah, and I've actually figured that out before and raise my prices by that accordingly eso it roughly came to about like thirty five dollars or something along those lines. I mean well well worth it to get people talking about you like this I mean, essentially the bride is paying for it because we've rolled it into the price right? So give nothing away for free do surprise them with it I don't know if I mentioned thiss too before I never tell them I make them an album they may have heard that I did that I do make the album at some point maybe because whoever he was talking about me show them the album that they made and I have had once one person requested say oh my god she didn't do that album for me and I told her well you ruined my surprise but yes I will try but just in case something goes wrong right? I don't do and I've had I think I think only to weddings this last year I just because of whatever circumstances I just wasn't able to get the album done but I was still able to get he seemed added done on do everything else so probably a good idea don't listen your packages right make sure you have something in your contract that says god forbid women failure for whatever reason I can't get something done you know something along those lines any questions from online I've only got one photo left means it's fast it's really not that creates a lot of garbage the maitre d sometimes get angry but try to find garbage and throw that away and the questions from unlikely things coming so some of these air pertaining to the different places you've talked about like evolve and too bright lights um bernice and the police would like to know is to bright lights us distribution only I don't know the answer to that question that is a good one we have enough thank you yeah, I don't know if it's just um I mean if it's online there's a lot of logs on there so that's you know international anyone can get to them whether or not that will produce the kind of a ceo that you're looking for is another story but yet check out check that out. That would be a good thing to know you're outside the u s and lots of people have questions about two great lights they're loving it come columnist is asking for submitting to to bright lights do submit watermarked images and wait for a publisher to contact you to give on watermarked or do you just give the un watermarked images straight away and let them fly to the social media world without having your stamp on them? Yeah eso with two right lights I do not put my water mark on them I think you could, but at that point you're kind of creating extra work for yourself because then if they select them than you've gotta re upload them or recent them somewhere else and I'm not into I want to do this fast, I want it done so I do not but your pictures according to the terms and conditions of two right lights you know you're submitting to where you want it to be, they can't just take your photos they confined your photos because the way you've tagged them but for them to actually take and published them, you have to say yes, and you have to approve that rates great question about evolve does vanessa pick the photos of the epic edits or does evolve pick the ones that they want to dio I send them which ones I want? Yeah, and they would only do like one or two that way, because it is a more expensive at it, and I want those to be like that the bam images, you know, I can't add everyone like that wouldn't even necessarily be my style to everyone like that, so I picked them, and then they ii let the artist's objectively edited because they know what they're doing what's kind of cool about those, and this is just coming from, like an outsider's perspective, it's sort of like, like, you know, vanessa's images have such a distinct look on their own, and then you incorporate one or two like that and it's just extra it's just contrast compared to what she doesn't stole the outside the norm, but it has that well factor. It's just cool, all right? Do you have wowed everybody with how fast you call your images, like it's, pretty mind blowing, and you can definitely tell that you're experiencing that, you know exactly what you want and you automatically like I can look at ten images and that one that one that was perfect, thompson world asked. Are you ever worried that with such a quick calling time, you actually missed some of the images that you should be blogging or setting to publishers, you must feel the risk of missing some good ones? Is that worth the time and savings you get? And on a personal like I said, I know that you have like a trained eye you know exactly what you're going for maybe share some tips to photographers on how to train their eye for that quick at it. Yeah, so, um, I'm not too worried about potentially missing a fabulous photo because it's not like I deleted all of them. I'm going through my images and calling a little bit more slowly as well when I call my actual proof and yeah, I've done it if at that point when I've seen like a great image, I'll add it to the block. I'll add it to the favorites all added to the publishers so it's not like the end all right here for calling and that's one of the reasons why I can do it so quickly, so when I am calling, I'm looking for the specific pictures that I know that it needed edit that we talked about pictures that tell a story, lots of details and pictures of other people so that helps it go quickly on dh. Yeah, it's just from experience photo mechanic does make it easier because of the way I can view things, and I tend to look at things and set it's, so I had a whole bunch of pictures. Oh, I definitely want one of her getting her makeup done, and I see they're six of them right there. All right, I'll pick one of those, you know, the one where usually the bride looks the best that's my, you know, I want her to look as good as she can double chins, no crazy angles. It's a practice? Yeah, good. All right, so I want to keep going because I still want to talk to you guys about mondays work, but here's here's our album, so I give it to them just like this have a little box that comes in, I will, and I usually don't actually give him box. I usually stand up to them handed to them because I don't want them a hand the bride wants on her nails. She just couldn't get the thing out of the box and I'm like, all right, anticipation has now worn off, but so this's this's my album here, so it just flips there and again, all horizontal lee lines so that's why I put those two verticals together if I was going to use to vertical pictures and just you know, lots of the bride and groom definitely got one of the family in there bridal party for sure and then some of the ones of the two of them and in my last epic wanted the two of them so it's just ten it's just insides it's not huge but I don't want it to be huge either because I want this in their purse and I want them taking it with them on their honeymoon and one I'm taking it with himto work their family everywhere so that is the album lots of fun I love this thing I'll have to give that to him don't let me forget okay so monday comes around and I you know it's not almost massages and martinis e I would like it to be all marc massages and martinis but there's just a couple of things that I have to do teo to finish my work flow for that wedding and I could do it all on monday and how fantastic is it to finish your workflow on monday? Um so one of the first things that I will do is just call my images so I'm going to call my images and send them off to evolve again evolved does cole the images for you if you want them to select your photos they will but that's just one of those things that I still like in my control that I do for myself one of the other great things about being able to have all these pictures is being able to get your products done faster so one of the things that I will pre design for them is their thank you card it's another advertising thing that I do I always include as many thank you cards as they would like in their package in any package that they want. I have not had anyone abuse that and ask for a thousand thank you cards so we're okay so far but what I'm going to do we could just go to the screen. I just have a template here. Andi it's just a generic thankyou card template s oh let's just say this is there is I can just go in and quickly change tio dirk and rebecca and then changed the date andi I like doing stuff like this for them. A ce faras of pre design goes especially with the little things like the album um, you know, they don't necessarily want or need control over this and even if they do want it, they can always make some changes so these are just smart objects, so all I need to do these is double click on my little layer here gotta file in place you might have a faster way to do this if you do but all means at let's actually look att these cause you know the ones I like the whole bunch um let's go to my desktop and then it just pops in here and then I'll resize it and then I just hit save when it pops up in here and I just do the next one we kind of just whips we kind of just go through and do all the isn't just fill them in and then also I'll fill in my logo there is well uh usually with my logo I'll put it um on the bottom right normally on dh for these pictures again I'm choosing the ones that I like um ones that tell a story that kind of thing so you can choose whatever you want for your thank you cards you could make it a lot more simple to this one has ah whole bunch of pictures on it but you know whatever you'd like to do and then you just it safe and that one is there so you just keep going with that I'm not going to show you the whole thing and then I have another side on the back and do the same thing I have a generic saying in there a lot of times they just leave that generic saying they're just makes makes easy but you can always change it if you want to um yeah, I usually put my logo right down here maybe I'll cut this one in half because I have a very horizontal logo so I would probably stick it right down here maybe uh this shape I would just move like that and stick my logo down there instead. So really nice and easy. Um how many of you guys to thank you cards? You tried that you do you do with your logo on them and they're free and no, I highly suggest it. I mean, you know, I get their press printed cards I get from blacker empty they're just flat double sided you know they're not full beautiful the ones are more expensive. I use that as an upgrade so there are more than welcome to upgrade to the worry spencer ones um I highly recommend doing it. I have definitely ah lot of clients that have come from from the thank you cards it's just another way to get the word of mouth out there. I'm just going to open up my key note here for a second so we can get through all the rest of the monday stuff and you know what would be great actually would love to show you guys have you heard of text expander all right, talk about saving time the best here's what happens when I go teo right, my client's emails I am not re inventing the wheel every time by far it takes too much time so what I have here is this program called text expander I'm not sure if it works on pc think it's only from matter are similar programs for peace andi trial is complete completely free for tex expend auras well, uh it's kind of free forever just because of the way that they arrange never heard of him there's also an app for on your iphone as well and you'll see why this is so fantastic all right, so let's just say for example that I have a new inquiry and they write to me you know, wedding date bubble blah, blah blah and we can go teo the computer here I all I have to do andi just make sure because it runs in the background wasn't running get it's running background I just have to taiping capital I capital a and my template for uh my you know, it's a inquiry available just pops up there and that's it and there's like one little blank here where I just double click and filling its a pleasure begin city adding at your wedding at and then I just put on an island and usually they did not tell me where they were having their ceremony, so I have that little question there if they did, you know, say something else and maybe I'll customize that were if I've photographed at their location before I'll just write here here's a few weddings that it did there recently you could set up a little text um blank sort of like that which she just had there but you could also do they also have preset ones for date and things like that so you can just they actually think a text blank where a dialog box will pop up so if you put it in there a dialog box of pop up and I'll say oh you want to insert bride's name here or you know whatever that's tex expander it's really really simple so for example, before the wedding I send out a pre wedding email so I just type out capital pre wed and there's my pre wedding email and this's what it does text expander is you know it just tells you so you should buy it and I just move it over here my eyes tell him we'll show them what it says there's this congratulations you've saved fourteen hours of typing using text expander yeah and this is just my laptop I think I'm up to ninety hours on my desktop ninety hours of typing that saved her life yeah, so then so post wedding is with which is what we're talking about monday follow up so post wed I want if I had that one on here that's usually on my desktop uh that's all over yes, it is they're all of them here we go that works uh proofs is what I have it here instead of post would e proofs so oh that's the one from your engagement session and then I have carry on p a that's proof an album that's what that one is so hey, blank, I'm so excited to tell you that your proofs already put the link right there. Everyone loves seeing themselves also elliot, you know, on the reception for dollface but here's where I talk about also your block posters live you should share it on facebook. Teo, spread your wedding theme then I have two little things in here. I do proof book so I have two options if they don't have a proof book in the package that's how it up sell them on the proof book if they do, this is how I up sell them on adding more pages to their proof book so just all in there then I give them that steps on starting their album I have blanks. You know you have a ten by ten album with thirty pages, roughly sixty pictures and so tex expander is great tell him what the snippet is for when you're already both no so if I'm already booked, um type to bed on it says I'm so sorry. Thank you for inquiring, but I'm unavailable on your wedding day. Please check out blanket amazing photographer that's similar to mine and I'll fill in whoever I'm referring just depending on the wedding day where the location is who I think will work best and then I recommend my husband sometimes sometimes, yeah. So text expander for those of you text expander dot com, I think it might be dot com, but if you just google text expander, you will find it and its smile software text just google tex expander for windows I'm just google like programs similar to text expand or pc right? I'm sure you'll get something on dh, then there's an app for the iphone as well on dh it holds all your tex expander snippets there called snippets on dh you can automatically load them on there onto your iphone are mobile devices might work for other mobile devices on dh then you just you have to have to copy and paste it into their but it's greeks. I can write out that massive email the iphone so all right, so that's, what I do monday, it's you know that one that you saw right there um this is when their proofs already said that is roughly three ish weeks after their wedding is when I do that, I will have finished up the block post by that time, and I will have also scheduled it and to publish right around that three week mark um for the post wedding email, I will have the very similar oh here's a link to your animal to slide show be sure to share that with your family and friends a cz wella sending them to the online gallery to smuggle out where I've hosted all of their wedding photos. And I do say that's, where you're your rest your proofs will be ready in roughly four weeks and I give it to him in three that is right after usually monday. Yep, the one right after the email that I sent on monday. My post wedding email. Thank you so much. Love in you. Your wedding was amazing. So happy to be there. Here's linked to the animal to slide show here's a link to your online gallery where your personal b in two to three weeks? Um oh, and then I sent them there. Thankyou. Card design. Let me know if you want anything changed. Otherwise I'm gonna have anyone I'll print them and ship them right to you yeah, really quick, just get it done so it's great so by that point you can come to my keynote here for my post wedding work here isthe right? So that's what I talked about here so the blog's that I've finished writing and scheduling share those proofs in that proof read the email we talked about emailing that linked to publishers um if you don't know too many publishers in your area just go to barnes and noble or borders if there's a border is an area still um just look at the magazine wreck and usually in there there is um the publisher information or better yet just look at their web site and a lot of times they'll have a submission process on there and just take a little bit of time again that's why to bright lights it's so fantastic because it takes all that research out of it but once you have a little list of the people that aren't onto right lights in your area, go ahead and email them that blood link you know, try to develop a relationship with them. All right? We talked about this in the an emoto slideshow just making sure I'm covering all this year the animal slideshow having clients post on facebook in that post wedding email again submitting to publication and sending to vendors so a lot of times what I like to dio if I have communication with the vendors I usually have their names it's something that I've asked the bride and groom for before the wedding that's how I know what the florist names that make up names who made the invitations, everything like that. I ask all that information want to do their scheduling session so I will send emails to the vendors with the blah glink or through to bright lights, because a lot of other vendors are registered in two right lights and we'll send them an e mail automatically with access. What I'd like to do for reception halls, though especially ones that I haven't worked in before, is I will email them again, a link to the blogger because it has all the reception pictures that they want to feature is, well, those details member taking pictures of lee, then afghans and things like that and obviously wide ones of their facility and be like, oh, so happy was so nice just being able to work with you on this. So one so's wedding this past weekend, I have some great photos and wanted to know if you'd like to use them for your website. A lot of times they've seen them on facebook already, so I can say, I've tied you in them on facebook ready, so feel free to use them on facebook and I do say at that point, please don't cross my logo out of there and they're usually find about that um and then I asked him if they would like me to send them a mini album or just some postcards like I'll do cards like this these air actually technically ornaments from black river emerging but it's the lost ones as well and I can put a nice little collage on front of here of just pictures that highlight their facility and then I'll stick on the other side a couple more pictures, the facility's logo on there and my logo on there sometimes I'll do the facility a logo on one side and the my logo on the other, but you send those to them, why wouldn't they pass those out? You know, put them out in the lobby and when they have the albums, I'm advertising for them. I've even got their logo on there, which you just grab off the website, which isn't bad, so I usually ask them if they would like that. Andi, I start developing a relationship from there and you know, sometimes I'll print them nice albums as well and just developed that vendor relationship and it's just so easy to do because already done the pictures they're already up, they can already see them just a little little tiny email afterwards and you have tex expander it's a really sure email because it's just like that we talked about up dating online profiles on snap not um specifically because it's the one that I like to use and the facebook timeline banner I don't email my clients about that I just make it for them the week after the wedding um usually around wednesday I would say I make that for them or my assistant will make it for them and I just throw it up on my page a have a page on an album on my facebook business page that has timeline banners third up there and tag the minute and then lo and behold it's their cover profile you have later your thing it's still facebook banner it won't be until they have kids and then the kids will replace the facebook banner and if you take children's portrait's hopefully your facebook penner out the children's portrait's will replace it we already talked about designing the thank you card calling and sending the images to evolve that happens on monday if I can I'd like to send the album off to pre design at the point as well, so you kind of have two choices here if you've done a really good job with the same day at it picture selections you could just send that off to the album designer if you want to or you can wait till your proofs come back and since you know those are the ones that are corrected instead of just doing it from the raw files you would get your j pegs back from evolve grab just dancing reception pictures cake cutting just those few things that you didn't get that you would normally put in an album edit those how you want to and then send it off for pre design have you guys tried pre designed with your clients yet album pre design one of the best things I have done recently and I only started doing it around six months ago and my brian's are ecstatic about it because it just takes the weight of trying to pick all their own wedding pictures off their shoulders because people get crazy after their weddings you know it's sort of like they go on the honeymoon, they come back, they may be the settling into a new home or maybe they got pregnant who knows a couple months afterwards it's just sort of like they just lose track of going through all the proofs and figuring out what they want the albums takes it and it's a big task, you know, you give them eight hundred ish images and they have to pick ten percent of that eighty images or less depending on you know, whatever size often that you have, they don't know what pictures they should pick, they don't know what pictures should go in the background and what pictures tell the story correctly you do that I think that's part of storytelling is is giving them help in that final album designed so they get to change it from there, so I'll design or my designer will do it. Um, and you do beautiful job outsourced the design as well, because I'm just not as good at it as my vendors are there better, so I would like to give my clients something better than what I can do, so we send it off for pre design, and then I let them have two rounds of changes, and normally they're not doing anything but adding more pictures, which means an upsell for me so that straight and then they end up with a better album, one that I'm a lot more proud to let them show their friends because I have had direct interaction with making that album amazing. Um, and they're like we said before sending off those signature it it's it's, another one right there. So at this point, all of the first four of my hit them five times on facebook or totally finished the on ly one that's not done is that happy anniversary post. The reason it's not done is because you can on lee on your business page, schedule your post up to six months in advance, so I have to wait six months and every six months, my assistant will actually do I have an assistant in office, too, by the way? Also a good idea if you can every six months my assistant or every four months, however she wants to do it, we'll just schedule a whole bunch of block post their favorite picture. If you guys online want to see what that looks like, just go to my facebook page, I think one of them just posted yesterday happy anniversary, cindy and chris and one of their pictures that I liked from their wedding and it's great, because it, you know, a year after it reminds them of you, and hopefully they're not the d word I've had that I've had that. Yeah, just be careful. I'm honestly just be careful. Make sure that they're still married. That would be really awkward if you said happy anniversary and have it takes experience. Hey, guys, just checking in. Everything okay? With your marriage? Good. We need to take the next step in your process. Unfortunately, the words slip it d I v, you know, I had that happened about two years ago where I had a couple and it was about four months after their wedding, and I was not doing pre designs at that point, and I was kind of like you know, hey, can you give me your pictures can give me your pictures, give me you're out, you know, album pictures and I talked to a friend of mine who's randomly father was at the wedding and he's like they're getting a divorce, and I'm like, are you serious? Like I've been emailing her about her wedding album and she's going through that right now like, yikes! So another great reason to friend couples on facebooks and you can kind of get the back. You can see what's going on and start saying it's complicated your relationship status, you know you got a problem get paid up front page in front because in a situation like that, we wouldn't get paid if you're waiting for a back in payments, so you do want to mention it? It is a fact of life. If you are scheduling your happy anniversary post six months in advance, it doesn't hurt just a check doesn't hurt all right? Also on monday, taking the same to edit pictures and maximizing the social media. So this is also helping with your ceo on instagram, and having it like we talked about goes straight to twitter street to facebook lots of hash tags, they're plenty of information sources online and workshops and things all about ceo this is not one of them, so I am mildly experienced with ceo but definitely doing this is going to help me get a boost to make sure you're having all that hash tags and such in there so also great to tag your vendors in the bride and groom if you happen to know their instagram accounts and things like that, so if you can go ahead and do it and then make those pinterest sports, you can see the ones that I have here I have engagement session outfits, which is also nice if one of my clients is like, oh, I don't know what to wear oh, here, check out my pinterest for it on engaging session outfit ideas you know it's helpful to the brides and grooms it's driving traffic to your social it's driving traffic and hopefully they repent. One of the other things that I have done with my clients that has helped me greatly and helped them as well when it comes to pinterest is pinterest is a bride's best and worst friend all of the same time. So yes it's giving them great ideas but sometimes it's giving them too many idea and it's giving them ideas that aren't applicability for their wedding or are impossible on their wedding, so I've had clients semi bunch of pinterest pictures and it's like you sent me a picture in the city and farm on mars like I we cannot do all this that, you know, the night of your wedding, we you know, your your wedding is I don't know, you know, inside and there's a blizzard outside like you're not getting a foreign picture right now, you know? So what I like to do with my clients is after they've booked with me, I tell them, hey, go make to pinterest boards one of inspiration for me from other photographers of things that they would like photographed and how they would like them photographed on their wedding and then the second board they're making of only photos that I have taken so that I know what attracted to them but attracted them to my work what kind of work they love, what expectations that they're having a photos that I take, and it just becomes a great tool for me to interact with the bride on the social medium that they love and use anyway, and it let's pinterest become a tool for managing client expectations, and it gets them pinning my photos. So just a quick idea on another thing that you could do with social media. Um and then, like we said before creating those inspiration boards, engagement sessions, I have my own like photo inspirations from other photographers, too, you know, I use pinterest for my own purposes

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