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Shoot: Wedding Day

So what we're going to do first is we're going to have our bride over here and our makeup artist and we just set up a little scene and she's just going to be doing makeup so this is one of the first things that I really like to do and actually if we have a mother of the bride or any breads maids to come over that would be really fantastic teo mom brad's means but in the meantime you can just go ahead and act like you're doing her make up I love these storytelling shots just because they can really get anticipation building for what the wedding is going to be like it's one of my favorite parts of the day I absolutely love it love your eyes up like that too gorgeous just grabbing my exposure it's a little interesting because we've got both nice soft light as well as some yellow light reflecting off the floor so just grabbing likes cute and make this fun you can kind of giggle it up there I love it I'm just looking for a little things to still to tell a story I've got my cannon wendy mark...

for here with my fifteen millimeter, one point lens and my settings right now our four hundred or so four hundred on my shutter and two point five on my aperture I'm gonna steal my eighty five the one point to one point two and that we're switching to the eighty five one to one of my favorite lines especially for photographing the bride it just beautiful compression on lenz lovett some nice color and I am shooting flat we mentioned this yesterday so my pictures up my contrast is turned all the way down my sharpness is up one notch my saturation is right in the middle of my color tone um it's just up one notch just little things that will help me to get it right in camera and I have my white found set on kelvin's to forty seven hundred cute and just kind of giggle like dan lovett and I'll do the set of wedding teo I'll wait until the makeup artist is completely done with the makeup and then we'll do some fun makeup shots so if you want our brides maids here just come on in behind her just like you looking in giggling it's a girly time and I really love grabbing shots at this point of different brides, maids and things just because they're usually not totally aware that I'm around and I can get some nice natural shots of them smiling spotlight on them like this good love it nice and then you can love it just look down there gorgeous and you can look towards me love it just a fun shot before when she's not dressed but still has to make up done I usually tell my brides that I will get there around two hours before the day of of the wedding, two hours before they plan on leaving for the ceremony just so I can get these shots. So I do have a lot of time beforehand to get these kind of pictures and like I mentioned it's, my favorite part of the day, so I certainly don't mind being there early, so I'm going to excuse you and you can go ahead and get dressed. I'm going to photograph your dress first, but you guys can all get up. I will move on to the details, I'll use my fifty I'm just going to photograph her dress so I can give it to the bride normally do photograph the dress and things beforehand, so I'm not holding up the ride in any way. Yeah, but for thiss case we're going, teo, get the trust tour now, so I do normally set my exposure by using my life, you on my camera just so I can see exactly what's going on, um and photograph and set my exposure that way just get a nice shot of the whole scene here with the dress and their shoes great get a few close ups of the dress again, I'm also shooting for the album here. Because I want to make sure that I have backgrounds for my album, I want to make sure I have all the important elements that dress is important, definitely for magazine publications, so I'm thinking about coid a few things here, and I'm going to use these photos for a lot of different things and obviously the bride I want to put a cup of her dresses well and love this reflection in the mirror if you turn this little hot, perfect so we can hand off the stress so that our bribe can get ready. Thanks. And the veil? Yes, and I have a lot of little fun things here that we're going to do. It's photograph details for the morning of you've got shoes, some of you might remember these that were these couple days ago. Um, so we've got shooters here, we've got champagne, lots of little details, and these are the things that the magazine's really want to see. They're also the things that are really nice to use an album, toe add color, teo, add detail to add parts of the day that the bride sometimes forgot we're there. She plans so much an effort and everything, trying to put all this stuff together, so being able to photograph those little things that she worked so hard on. But a lot of times didn't actually see on her wedding is going to make your client really happy as well so we have a lot of really cute stuff here after a minute I love details I could play around you probably for a very long time here just getting a lot of different pictures it's a little dark over here I'm changing my exposure just a little bit I've got it now at two hundred on my shutter still two point five on my aperture s so still it four hundred you need to turn down my white balance a little going down to forty two lovely and you like that really shallow for the details I do I do though the show look it just brings the viewer's attention to what it what it is that I'm photographing so you got cute perfume bottles here I love these lace clothes and a lot of times you find stories behind the details that the bride definitely wants photographed, you know, older things like this and she's wearing lace gloves most the time I find out it was their grandmothers we see a lot of that just getting a lot of these cute little details here yeah, we've got a little bit of sun coming and figure son in seattle didn't know so I will definitely have my assistant do this on block the sun if need be with that what your what your color bill what you doing color balance or hear my color balance like I mentioned before it's forty two hundred I s so I just turned it up to six forty it's a little bit hot so I'm coming down nice and then if they have things like the invitation I always want to photograph the invitation uhm always something that the magazines they're looking for for the bride's prep it's usually shoes invitation rings all photographed my ring unless we have another ring around here but she was invitation ring dress and any other little details like this really cute box that we have here just actually our brides wedding box says with this ring I thee wed and the wedding date little things like this little details publishers just love it so go ahead and set this up and I'm looking for a lot of depth when I photographed these things I don't necessarily just want to photograph them on something plain I want my images have a foreground middle ground and background so I try to make sure you do that I actually really like using yellow light in the background kind of brighten it up even though I don't like photographing my subjects necessarily under it do you like it in the background because it just gives a little bit more depth to the picture I'll see what I mean second it's a little bit hot that one but I've got the shoes in the background there lipstick just adds a little bit of color especially with it on the champagne bottle nice let's get to my favorite part shoes always my favorite I probably take a little too many pictures of shoes uh in general I'll see what we want to put them you know what I think I'm just going to put them on the floor decision making on the fly has to be done all right so I'm just gonna back up a bit I'm definitely seen on the floor a lot only weddings not out of the ordinary area grabbing this fun little details I always love close ups two shoes there definitely something that the bloody editors love just a cute little detail photographed pure to create some separation. Well, rain's great on the macro work too yeah give that to you I think we'll just use this those foreground connect me eighty five now I just have you blocked the sun door time when we have a second here you go good definitely like that and I love that picture that I just took once you're going to see that up there but I'm also thinking about the album definitely use this shoes um for backgrounds in the albums I want to get one just a little farther away and horizontal so that I can use it later yes we do something like that love it perfect break so I've got a ton of details here and I just want to do the rings something to grandma mackerel and I'll take these and the rings I always have a lot of fun doing well really the details in general on hearing on sigma lens actually have a sigma seventy millimeter two point oh macro just because I used my sigma macro lens one time at the wedding so I really didn't feel the need to grab more attentive really expensive macro lenses out there but her pictures are tack sharp with the seventy I love love love so the reshot is definitely important to me again I will most likely use it as a background however for my same day at it album I used the ring shot a lot of times to be the start of the album and I'll put their names over as well so thinking about that while I'm taking his pictures you know let's just use this see what we can grab here um and if there's any way we could get you to hold someone to hold that will you bring me my little reflector I could pry prop this up yeah or if we have an extra hand to come hold this reflector that great grab right there I have this little reflector here too it's an impact and it's really tiny it's great for details so what? I'm shooting a macro a macro shot. I'm not going to shoot at a shallow depth of field. I want to get it up as high as I can. I'm usually around eight hundred on my s. Oh, I definitely want to keep my shutter speed above one hundred tend to have a little bit of a shaky hand. So with that all in mind, I will attempt to get a shot with a higher shutter speed. This looks good. So right now I am at one hundred on my shutter. Eight hundred on my s o and six point three on my aperture. And I do focus this part manually, mainly because the sigma makes way too much noise on automatic like no like it. Um and I need to be a little bit more precise when I do math, grow shots great and come up a little on my shutter. I think it can do that. And a lot of times I will zoom in and check the focus on here just to make sure I am focused. And it looks like I am and I'm pretty happy with that just going to do one shot from other those she went vertically, and then we'll just do one horizontally, so that is how I would do the bride's prep get on my detail shop. I normally do some stuff with a bride as well at that point, but we're going to move on to the bride and groom photo session so do you have my lovely bride and groom were goingto come on over I'll take my fifty do you want it and they might want the race lover I just need the bride and groom first you look gorgeous actually if you guys want to introduce yourself to our audience here there's the mic and knew we have one here soon. God, I'm rebecca and I'm actually a photographer her bike and photography and this is my wonderful husband, derk and he is my marking guy. Oh, that's nice. You guys worked together to little bit little bit awesome. I love husband wife team all right, so we can pass this back over here that helen and I'm gonna have you guys just come right in front here. We're going to do a quick photo session. Um, I have to say I definitely have developed, I guess attributed to doug gordon at first his idea flo posing it's not necessarily the same poses, but from that I've just made my own flow, so I do photograph them both quickly on get a lot of different shots, I'm going to reset my exposure now let's go back down to four hundred going todo two hundred on my s o and let's. Just do two point eight on the app eternity like the way that looks could be a little bit warmer. So let's, come up for you. Five hundred and I would love the big reflector. Teo should go down to two point five. You guys and just hang out this one's just a test. I love it. Perfect. All right, so I'm gonna have you actually just hold hands. You can step a little bit closer to each other, love that and just grab the end of your dress. You turn away from him a little bit good. Very cute. Love that look, but always looking at you. So adorable. Super cute. You guys could look at each other. Don't me love it really, really cute he's got a fund backed up here. Definitely a lot of fun to use, and I definitely do a lot of pretty quickly. So just going to get a lot of photos here. You guys at home, you feel to see a whole bunch and get nice and close to her, just like your love that they're getting. And you know, rebecca, look away from him like I'm not having me right now and get nice and close terror directly, very cute. And a lot of times we'll just let them do their thing I'm not going to like tweak pose him right away their expressions or what I want them to be that's way more important to me than you know, just tweaking little little tiny things just kind of looked down this way but you keep your arm up there cute and get nice and close to her jerk you get a smell a hair hair smell surrogate q and look about me rebecca levitt looked at that way a little bit more and then back at me and then dirk just tell us what you're going to do to our later to love it love the extraction he's like really now you know how many people are watching he said I'm gonna order a pizza theo I would love my wide angle lens and I'm going to do just a nice wide picture here we've got some really cool spotlights and stuff going on so I want to kind of get the whole scene whenever I'm shooting a bride and groom I definitely try to alternate between close up medium shots wide shots really just to get a whole bunch of different different things that over nice I'm gonna have you turn your back and towards him nice little bit closer for wide ones I definitely will oppose them a little bit marcus I want these too kind of you mike my epic pieces but a little bit wider ones that you go ahead and tucking and I'm just gonna fix will sleep and you can pick up this hand kind of pull it here and you know it instead of going here just hold on to her forearm and you can put your hand back up like you're holding onto is a jacket nice and grab your just give it a little lift and elbow comes out a little nice love that let's just get a nice wide photo love that perfect and you know it does take a little step backwards they just want to open up your body a little bit so I can see some more of it perfect nice lovett in stay just like that and then just touch foreheads guys love it's perfect suggested my exposure little bit was a little bit right nice and let's have some fun I'm going to take my eighty five and have cute little props here I don't normally bring props on weddings but I've been lucky where a lot of my brides will bring props so that's great it's definitely something that I will recommend to them but right here we have some comic books that I thought were a lot of fun so I'm going to give these to you and I just want you to open them up and kind of stick him in front of your face get really close to each other just little things that leave fun kind of like I thought you're peaking at each other's love it no so you can bring them down a little bit that magazines cute nice love lapping perfect and then I also have this really fun you guys remember these things aren't they the best little of you find is that you look through switch the pictures way do the second one I love it so I mean have you guys actually back up just a smidge there nice and then go ahead and just stand next to each other to straight on at me village people in there it's like cute and then look at each other as you're doing it love it and then just really goofy just kind of laughing looking around I love it super awesome I'm going to just a couple more of the two of you because I do want to get some more formal pictures and we can also bring in the family as well now so you can get those those ones that air static I do love to do fun ones natural ones but I will pose as well uh let's button up your top button nice and you can take a little step back rebecca there you get nice and close to each other you put your arms around each other that's news uh you know we don't have a okay and I think it's only hide your singers there oh, there isn't okay, awesome. Hey, how are you? Good for you mom and dad brattle party mom and dad awesome mama dad, you were going to stay there for just one second. Awesome. So I'm gonna have to just your elbow almost behind you a little bit more there you nice and make sure you don't see your fingers speaking out there you can get your elbow back a little bit more right there. Very nice. I was trained traditionally with portraiture so there are little things that will come in but me her tweak when I'm doing more firmly so that shouldered europe it down there you go very nice and I have adjusted my settings so just to give you an update I'm s o three hundred two hundred on the shutter and two point five on my aperture with a calvin balance of forty five hundred love this and then look at each other and then give her a little smooch good uh that is what I call the quick three poser your three traditional pictures that you get at every wedding. I'm going to do the same thing just with a full length instead so I'm going to grab my fifty thank you and I'll probably use this one going on to the family photos as well drop if I was a little bit more love that nice, nice full length gorgeous one were looking at each other nice and give her a switch and that's the last quick three because I'm going to stay right where you are and I'm just gonna move mom and dad and parents around you so let's have mom and dad come on over I'm in love with the stress so mommy can come on the side dad, you can go ahead on your daughter said miss and mom, just go ahead and grab dirks shoulder that's perfect. I'm sorry. L oh, you're right. You're gonna hold onto it and just lean your weight on your back leg. There you go, dad. You can take a little step kind of slip your foot underneath her dress nice. And you put your hand in your pocket. This is a good looking family, so not related. Adopted. Um, did you tell them that before this cute lovett look? Because you kind of look at each other laughing toast, you know that? Cute, perfect guys on dirk I'm gonna pull you right out. Everyone else can get together. Love it. Mom and dad. Perfect. Cute state one full length. Since you guys like surrogate er there awesome and then we can go ahead and bring in the bridal party mom and dad, you are all set and normally on a wedding I will do mom with daughter separate dad with daughter do the same thing on the groom's side as well but lets go ahead bring our groom back and her bridal party these things they're fun I forgot help on these things they're fantastic so come on in guys um give me my wife and you know what I'm going to tell to you a little bit this way so that's gonna be our background since we've got the area and I saw rebecca and dirk you're perfect where you are you'll be the maid of honor so I'm gonna have you on this take a little step backwards nice e you can keep him back it's fine this way yeah yeah it's given you come on in jared I'm gonna have you here and you're coming on the other side now normally in most cases I end up putting the maid of honor on the groom side just because of colors on dh normally I don't want the best man to be on the groom's side because only is wearing a jacket. This case it worked out great and I can stick my best man on the groom's side and my maid of honor and bride psychosis what they're wearing so it's awesome so I always do one formal ish picture I'm just gonna back up a little bit for this I do try to use the fifty when I am doing the bridal party as well if possible because just skewed in nice guys you can put your hands in your pockets lady's hips back flowers down to your hips nice that looks awesome so I'm always going to get a formal photo cropped a little close but that works I am going to change my exposures that my depth the field is a little greater so I'm going to go raise my eyes o two four hundred one twenty five on my shutter and three point two on my avatar and that looks great nice love a big smiles cute perfect and then rebecca derek you can look at each other love it give a little snuggle cute everyone else he can make gross faces nice to have that is perfect good and I'm looking right back here I love it so I brought a party when have you take a couple steps backwards just a few right back where you are you're still gonna be in the picture but I want you in the background a little bit more that's good, nice. Uh jerry, you can take a step in this way good and one step backwards and then you can come right up next to just kind of give him elaine you know hey, I see you guys have to turn towards each other love that cute and then you guys go look here for one and then just all talk to each other look at each other smile, laugh it up, rob, you could move that actually. Cute. I love it good. And all of my guys can step out and let me take my eighty five. I love that dirk knew to get out when I said guys, a lot of times you say okay, all the guy's leaving the groom doesn't move like dude, you're married here, you're still be high. Okay, so I loved photographing the girl separately. I will definitely focus on bouquets, focus on flowers if there's different details in the dress. I want to do that as well. And I'd like to take a nice portrait of each bride's maid as well, because they are, um, going to love it later and hopefully make it their profile picture. So I'm just going to go back and change my shutter to two hundred my aptitude to point five love that you can actually just one of these you can hold the booking other hand. Cute. You know what, let's switch actually, because I like your bracelets love that. And you in turn your body a little bit here. Nice, perfect. I love it, and then you just put your book a kind of traditional, like you normally would have it lovett shoes one for prom pose or those perfect good and then just hold your flowers out front kind of point them towards me a little you can bend your elbows a little nice and I just took her elbows out a little bit so that she's got some waste there you make yourself look a little bit bigger than you need to pay not that you have any problem with that and then turn look out the window for me just your head I was just getting little dress detail and then you turn around for you to see the back your address for good not too much detail there, so we're that we're going to switch out to you come on over we're going to do the same thing that I'm gonna have you actually just do little hand on your hip lovett take this hip and just kind of turn it that way nice and then turn your chest back towards me. Perfect. I will spend a little bit of time usually posing the bridesmaids if I have it because I want them to look good want them to love that picture and then when they get married, you don't remember me a little s o just elbow a little on the side perfect. You have a last look at the window hey love it and then you can put your flowers and think of you again cute now you should do that more than once just in case maybe the dress design is a little different that's perfect how you have it just kind of gives a little bit of a different photo and then I definitely focused on a necklace is well I'm going to take my bride back and my maid of honor both you guys come back um have you altogether anything cute and just like you're posing for a normal picture you put your arms around each other cute love that a little red here so I'm going to just change my color tone a little bit to get more on the green side there we go love it just talk to each other can laugh it up hey thank you perfect and then rebecca go and take a couple steps towards me right there is perfect take a little smidge of stuff this way good and you all can look at me this is a shot I'll bring down my aperture to make it a little bit more shallow so I'm going down too one point six lowering my eyes three twenty and my shutter is now three twenty as well shall bring it to four hundred see ricky love this just get the bridal details too perfect and then I just kind of you pick up one side of your dress and I just I love that it's perfect savory kit um and I'm going to have you just flirt with me a little bit just kind of like, you know, give me give me some eyes didn't cute love it. Give yourself a little twirled like circles with your head look around lovett, look over your shoulder that way and then flip around to the other side the other side and then just relax your elbow back it's actually really can't look over that way yeah, and look down just like you weren't gorgeous just relax that shoulder down love that and then I saw me perfect gorgeous one more just kind of looking down do you just like that? And then eyes up to me just give me a little smart love it she's like I got nothing but smiles now. Perfect gorgeous. Alright, we are ready to move on to the ceremony. We're just getting through this nice and quick. So for the ceremony, I will take my wide angle lens way. We're just gonna do a little adjusting while we get ready for the ceremony. Actually, I'm talking about assistance, robin, I trainers assistance in how they hand us lenses as well. Rob just said sorry because he ended two mean the incorrect fashion so the way that have them handed to me it's just like that so that they put the cap right back on the lens and then I want that one again so you can just show everyone again so just like that perfect so I'm not dealing with caps I'm not losing caps nothing like that. All right, so let's put our brides maids on this size groomsman can be over here. Um could you get some room in just a second? And if you want a fluffer dress for me that's the maid of honor's job anyway nice gorgeous and if rob you could just move my whole share I love it but it's like you could wrap it this way this is my wedding, you know it don't. So rob just asked me if I wanted him to block the sun and I said no, because ideally in ceremony situations I don't get to control the light unfortunately, so we're just going to deal with that exactly how it is on dit is pretty spotty it's not the best light in the world, but I would rather give you guys some more realistic expectation of a wedding rather than doing something that wouldn't be realistic. So I'm just gonna have you and I would not be directing a ceremony by the way you can give your okay they're you and yes hold hands right in front and we have our very own aaron anderson as our freeze our producer love it so you guys just looking at each other and our ceremony set up as you can see it's just a nice little set up so we don't see some edges here so I would get to some nice full lane nice one of the whole bridal party I'll switch to my fifty and the ones for the ceremony I'm obviously looking to capture as much as I can during a ceremony, especially if it's a short ceremony you know, we've had ceremonies that lasted I would say seven minutes sometimes it happens so shoot as much as you can in that scenario, you guys are perfect just like you are capture a whole bunch of things that you can use for the album that was a little bit hot let's change my exposure see food like that much better so I'm at six forty on my eyes, so one twenty five on my shutter and two point eight on my aperture on if you guys want to just fake like you're putting your rings on each other, I love it like which can and it's funny when they're doing the ring shot. I usually photograph their faces when the groom is putting on the ring because in a normal scenario her hand is behind his when the groom is putting on the ring but when the bride puts on the ring think you can switch there? It's usually his front hand so I get a better ring shot in that scenario and that way I get both their expressions when they're putting on the ring as well as a nice close up. So you saw I had both those there I'm gonna switch to my eighty five and I just want to get some great shots of different guests that would be in the area in this case and just get some nice shots of the bridal party and you know them laughing or crying or going along with whatever is going on to the ceremony when in vanessa I was going to say the tech room would be happy to feed me a sermon through I b if if you want me to talk oh my goodness and maybe get some engagement wait yes, but we want you to do it in spanish. Oh, mighty vanessa todo you can go ahead and they want to feed it to you guys. Give it to me, dear friends and family and creative libraries we're gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of rebecca and I'm getting it okay keep giving it to me guys for the time that they have been together, their love and understanding has grown and matured and now they have decided to live their lives together and join us on creative live true marriage is a joining of bonds is true marriage is now man okay, true marriage is more than just the joining your bonds, okay? They lost themselves that's all I got that is absolutely perfect though, so hopefully you guys getting the feet of what I was doing at that time, which is what I would be doing during a normal ceremony I always try and go get the bride's side as well as the groom's side, some groomsmen, brown party and even a few details shot from there if I can just depending obviously on how long the ceremony is, I do have a second shooter at all of my weddings, so normally they will just mirror me in whatever I'm doing. So if I am on the groom's side, they will be on the bride's side or in the middle I kind of do a circular rotation at that point, so we are almost done with the ceremonial probably just a couple more shots you need to kiss, I believe, right? But I'm just going to let our chat moderators knew if we have any questions tio, go ahead and get ready for those well, I switch my lanes to my fifty nice hand off and I'll just get a couple more shots love it, such as lovingly looking at each other and aaron, I'm sure you know the uh you may kiss the bride moment. Frank could probably handle that. Do you want me to deliver it that that would be great. You may kiss the bride, theo. Love it. Normally they'd walk toward me all types of happy and now pronouncing you as in a way, the first time in public. Awesome love, love, love that great and there's always someone focus and some not so good ones get focused. Do we have any questions with our students that are here in the audience or online? That is a fast, fast workflow and we have not gotten to the reception yet. We will be there momentarily if we want to set up. Have you guys step over here that way? They can have some more room to set up this reception there. Alright. Okay. Awesome. That was also to see you work and a great job, aaron on the beautiful ceremony wordsworth felt, but also all right, a couple questions air coming in from the internet, a lot having to do with natural light and real life scenarios. We had amazing, beautiful window light here today. And claudia a specifically asked, how do you handle photographing at a bride's house that has very little natural light or none at all? Do you then switch to flash off or on your camera? That is a great question and more often than not rob and I are in fact in a dark hotel room and the makeup artist has unfortunately decide to do makeup under yellow and untracked of lights is the norm so what I do in that scenario is a few different things I usually do not put on my flash I reserve that for when I need more light not necessarily the absence of natural light but I'll put my kelvin's all the way down so I cool down the temperature or I'll use the expo disc to get my custom white balance so tried to manage it that way if it's still really bad what roberts held up over here is the video light this is a dead oh video light and it's just functions fantastically has a tungsten as well as a regular filter on there kind of a diffuser andi I'll use this and it definitely helps those not ideal scenarios as just black and white perfect question from innovator do you generally grab your photos before the wedding are you doing it as a reception is getting ready to start I'm assuming he's talking about the status of the bride and groom in most cases we do them after the ceremony before the reception if we're lucky we get a first look I would say what half the time maybe a little less a little less than half the time we get a first look all right scott crumpets wondering at the processional after the ceremony were you focusing when they were walking towards you? Oh, I am focusing on the it depends how dark the room is this was not so bad so I was able to focus on the bride's eyes tend to favor the bride when I focus. However, if I was in a dark church I would choose to focus on the contrast between the groom's tux jacket and his white shirt it's not the easiest thing usually only get one shot there out of you know this seven you might take us there walking down for motion blur purposes as well. That is the perfect for focusing in a dark church because your camera on the land is going crazy dark yesterday thank you. All right, we have another question from ru five fourteen what reflector size it is better to get for wedding photography and are there any tips on what side to use in a five in line? Oh, that is great for a bit. Um ideally I am using my reflector for the bride ing room or just one or the other normally not using it for a group of people. So this is the size that I like I want to say it's a forty eight inch diameter um if they want a larger one so I got this one on and a rama andi it's really nice because it's a five and one so there is a diffuser in here if I want to use that as well as a black said the golden silver mixed as well as the silver and white so a lot of different options here which is why I like this one I tend to use the white the most because that's just going to reflect the color that's actually in the room in a less harsh manner and I use it tio shit shade light as well a lot when the harsh sun that that I have to photograph when you have a little one two yeah and then I have a little one just for details were somewhere I think we showed that before that one's made my impact it's just a little little little in everyone awesome. All right, one more quick question before we move on since we're on the topic of gear okay full have been noticing that you've been switching your lens is quite a bit do you mind going through the lenses you've chosen and why you use them in specific scenarios so I do shoot with prime's do own non prime lenses and I used them mostly my sixteen to thirty five two point eight that I use is my wide angle lens. I tend to use that for just wide shots in general as well as for groups that are larger or just fun dancing pictures the one I use the most is definitely the fifty one two it's so versatile I can use it to photograph of person you know it's not going to give too much distortion just enough compression on di use it photograph details also because my camera does have a crop sensor so I can get really nice details with this camera on the fifty on there the eighty five one point to the cannon I adore that lens for photographing anyone I will usually only use that one in good light scenarios there because is a little bit slow it focusing and then lastly I have my sigma uh seventy two point eight that I just used for rings right on thank you so much for taking the sioux what's in your bag what's in dennis's bag all right, I think we're ready to move onto the next thing perfect all right so I have my whole bridal party no seated here so I'm going to photograph them first since they're here normally I would photograph the details and everything before they got there so we'll just do it the other way around I will grab my eighty five and now during the same day at it for the reception reception details are huge huge huge so I will photograph them in detail in a minute it depends on the flow of the day and the timing and how much timing I have how much I've done already of the same day at work during cocktail hour if I've done a lot of that work during cocktail hour then I will use some of the photographs from things like the toast and the first dance in my same day at it if for some reason I didn't get enough time during cocktail hour to do a lot of my same day at work I'm most likely won't add in pictures from the reception after the details so just has to work out on timing if I can get these pictures in the same day at it fantastic it's definitely part of the story and I love to do the first dance pictures as well so what I'm going do since you guys are seated let's just have our maid of honor come stand up stand up right where you are and hold your champagne glass we'll just pretend like you're giving a toast in the reception if it's not beautiful natural light like we do have here I will use flash both on my camera bouncing one way or the other or you can see I've got radio populace on here right now hooked up to the canon transmitter and I have light poles um that I will make you perfect that I will have my um radio popper and my flash I used kanan five eighty x two flashes on and I would use those as well just depending on lighting if I'm lucky enough to be working with robert the wedding, he puts up ari lights, which eliminates my need for using off camera flash because I've got these beautiful video lights everywhere, so we'll just pretend like you guys are giving a toast you kind of that direction that's fine giving that toast there you just smile this's our toast time cute and obviously would not normally be directing this but you know what? You can actually turn towards me a little bit let's just pretend there speaking that way cute smile pretend like you're talking can hand gestures there you go. I've been friends with her for years perfect love that a lot of times when the toast is over, I'm anticipating someone raising their glass like this um and getting a nice little detail of that that I'll describe cabaret here because that'll look great in the album so we get these guys some booze or something I think you guys would like that and then you guys just smiling and looking at her and I usually again I'll have a second cute a second a photographer who is working around whatever side I am not love it love your hand's on the two of you have done this before nice good awesome sermon have you guys actually stand up and move away from the awesome reception display that we have and for my reception shots I will normally take to light stands gonna grab that one for me. Thank you. I will take to light stands and I will just walk around the reception hall like this normally reception halls that I photograph in have no windows and it's usually completely dark by that point. So I tend to get more dramatically lit reception photos, so I usually light with these two on either side of whatever I'm photographing, uh, to get a little bit more harsh light, which is great because it creates will, but more contrast in whatever it is that I'm photographing. This is a gorgeous area with natural light, so I will not be using these because of the scenario that I have. But just to give you guys an idea of what I use normally on what you see in a lot of my pictures, I do like to photograph reception details with the eighty five possible, so I'm gonna grab that. I'd like the eighty five I have done. I like eighty five for photographing details at the reception because I can really zoned in on them and assuming there's more tables around here, I can use those other tables this foreground, um, kind of make it look a little bit more intimate with the shallow depth of field. In this case I'm just going to use my plant here as some nice foreground all rights we've got my scene for my settings I will go higher again on my aperture because I'm photographing a detail and I really just like details to be a little bit more crisp on I feel like in order to see all the detail we have to have a little higher here we go oven appetite have you explain how you do your white balance you said everything in live you so I'm just looking at the back of my camera I'll just eyeball where I need to be here so I'm at forty eight hundred on the kelvin white balance so I'd like to get a nice overall scene um block editors just want and they sew for all scene of everything and then I get a little bit closer into the details great so I've got that used plan as my foreground on some thanks and then I'll get in on all the details we got little favors here because I will also use these same day edit photos for vendor collaboration on giving them to the different vendors try to make sure that I photograph everything including the little things like the napkins and the silverware because the reception halls will use stuff like that on their website and hopefully it'll ease my photos and credit me and I'll begin to work with them a little bit more someone come back a little bit still on my eighty five get the whole table scene here great get lower and I do change all of my focus points as I'm looking through the viewfinder as well really picky about focus is I'm sure a lot of you are great and again that's a great centered image that you guys are going to see that in a minute but I want to make sure that I'm photographing for my album as well and little details like this will be great on an album so we get a nice wide shot maybe one a little bit more creative nice that'll go great on an album background since I have some nice boca here also for an album background I'll serve my lens into manual focus and just focus a blurry shut of the boca and that'll be great background what I just photograph there is you guys will be able to see a moment I'm going to take my fifty since I do like to photograph a lot of details with that the ones that I do a little closer up thank you all right you come a little closer and photographic plates especially if you're working with a a wedding planner you spend a lot of times I'm picking up plates and such love it so you can just see I'm just going around and focus you have you know trying to photograph every little tiny thing here great and kind of little closer over here you have a lovely cake um and candy bar I will most definitely move the cake if necessary and I know that's like a you do what so I will move the cake because more often than not they have it against some solid wall and that's not giving me any day of the fields it's not showing me the grandiose background of the reception so I will very often move the cake stable you should do with my assistant as to not drop anything haven't done that yet so we're pretty good I'm just going to turn down my white balance to forty six hundred again I just looked at it in my live you get some of these little details super cute candy bar we will all be eating this during lunch nice to have tio that's what I wanted so we're just gonna move our cake she tries not to stick your fingers in it yes now no ma'am with the whole cake table great that's fantastic when I do photograph the cake I do like to photograph it with again that more dramatic lady because I want to see all that detail in the icing if a photograph it with a flat light it's not going to show any of that so this is good because I have a window over here and let's just move these candles oh those are lit great crowd the cake might have to adjust my exposure little bit it's good down on my eyes so met three point two of my aperture I love it the cake get a close up detail the cake now this is obviously that's happening during cocktail hour. Yes. So what is what is your assistant doing at this time? Is there anything that she could be doing to speed up the processor? My assistant at this time is downloading all of the second photography photos and my photos as well. So she is getting started on the same day at it? Well, I am photographing all of this usually takes me about twenty minutes or so to photograph the reception details and then from there I go and start working on the editing, which is what we'll do next so what's a just little details on and I do love doing a nice cake one at around one point for the reason for this is actually kind of silly, but when robin I got married, one of my photographers was thomas flint and he took this picture of the cake that just embodied for some reason all I felt on my wedding day because it was just such like a focused in photo on just one detail of the cake behind it was the boca of all the flour I'm sorry the candles that were in the fireplace and it was a warm, warm image and for some reason I looked at that picture and it just reminds me how I felt on my wedding day, so I tend to take that same picture or a similar one for all of my brides I haven't had any of them tell me yet their cake picture it because I reminded them of their wedding but I have a theory as to why that might be because there was a point at our reception where we're sitting at the head table and we have this beautiful fireplace when she was talking about and all these candles up on the mantle and I remember just telling her, you know, just stop for a second and just breathe this in just take a look around, just breathe this in and right there at that moment it was like all the beautiful colors in the room, all the flowers, all of the candles, the warm fireplace and it was just it was one of those warm, fuzzy moments I think so I just sort of like a very memorable iss yeah, that last one would be the one that I would pick for that so I think we have just like two seconds and since we dio I'mjust going really two seconds pull up my bride and groom take first dance picture with my eighty five so you guys can just arms around each other give it a little rock little first dance cute it's just get my exposure since it definitely changed a little I love details during the first dance so just nice pictures of their hands cute levitt keep gone in your circles guys. So adorable. You talk a bit about how? Sometimes you back late? Uh either with the video lighter with a flash. I'll backlight it every once in a while you get a different look. Not really. Let's get teo teo cute and a lot of times I will just stay in one spot one photographing the dance just because I find if I move and we're running around and not getting the expressions on their faces um and if I stay in one spot, I can find the best light she's actually, not here, it's. Not too bad here, but I can find better late and just wait for the moments rather than spending my time doing cart wheels around the dance floor. Cute. I love it and I do have some unattractive light coming in right now, but you know what? That's okay, hurry it, love it. Thank you so much, guys. All right, so that is how I would get all the photograph um, just know remember all the things that I talked about before tons and tons of details photographing for the bride and groom all the pictures that they want and that they love as well as photographing for everyone else. So I've got pictures of mom and down there I have individual pictures of the bride's maids. Um, I didn't do anything with the groomsmen and that's, because my second photographer would normally photograph that. And I don't put my second photographer's photos in the same day at it, because if they get published, I just have a thing about my second photographer's work being published under my name. I know I wouldn't like that, so I try to respect my second photographers and give them this in courtesy.

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