Black and White Photography: Learning Grayscale Conversion


Black and White Photography: Learning Grayscale Conversion


Class Description

High quality black and white images require careful handling – learn the best way to work on yours in  Black and White Photography: Learning Grayscale Conversion with Vincent Versace. 

When you convert your digital image from color to black and white, you destroy ⅔ of the data in the file. In this class, Vincent will explore the complete conversion process and show you how to protect what remains. You’ll learn how to preserve your image’s contrast, control the individual color channels, manage the hue and saturation layers, and how to print. 

Black and White Photography: Learning Grayscale Conversion with Vincent Versace will help you ensure that every black and white image you work on looks its absolute best.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015


a Creativelive Student

As a professional trainer for over twenty years I can honestly say he is one of the very best presenters and trainers. Intelligence and superb knowledge of the subject taught. The wonderful element of Creativelive is you can own the subject taught for viewing later and as many times as you desire. You must have a clear understanding that not everything can be mastered in just one viewing. It takes time and commitment to learn the subject, than to succumb to the "I want it now and fast mentality". My goal is always to learn it on a level where I can teach it. AND THAT REQUIRES TIME. I suggest strongly that everyone check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel as well. W James Hunter, U.S. Navy Chief retire / Professional Photographer / Photographic Artist

a Creativelive Student

I LOVED the course. As was mentioned at the outset of Vincent's presentation this was a highly technical course that also required a significant knowledge of photoshop. It is/was not a course for the faint of heart. That said, he showed examples of why other black and white techniques leave out valuable data that results in having having total finite control of the end product. He also emphasized that he felt black and white conversion should be done in Photoshop and showed why. He also did not criticize others who do not feel the same but showed why he flet his techniques were superior. I very much agree with "mjimages" that this is a presentation that requires multiple viewing. Each viewing reveals more and more pearls. Some of which are major and some are minor. This course is not for beginners nor are his books. Vincent, I feel, is not interested in producing a good image but in producing a superb image, As such, he strives to get 99% out of the image's data and this is the way he has developed to do just that.


This is exactly what I was looking for! I've not been totally happy with my B&W conversions and was looking for a way to improve. This class will send me down the right path. Love Vincent and think he's a fantastic teacher. I bought his book too...