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Challenge: Brainstorm Your Next Four Blog Post Ideas


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Challenge: Brainstorm Your Next Four Blog Post Ideas

I'm going to give you guys a challenge. Which is: I want you to brainstorm your next four blog post ideas. So at least four, but four is a good place to start. And really think about it. If you're blogging once a week, four gets you the next month worth of content. Just by brainstorming those ideas. So remember that our content idea is our topic, plus our post type. And that gets us to our content idea. So topics are those big bucket things in your unique editorial angle. And the post type is that whole list of post types that we talked about before. They can involve your product or they could not involve your product. But then those are gonna get you to your content idea. So I want you guys to brainstorm at least four topics. And then in the next lesson, we're going to talk about those a little bit more. So we're actually going to our... In-studio audience does not know this yet, but at least one of them is gonna get hot-seated. Where we come up with some blog content ideas. We're gon...

na talk about how to put together a blog post. So we're actually gonna take that image that I just made on Polyvore and turn it into a blog post. We're gonna talk about how to promote your blog posts so they get seen by more people. So remember, blogging in itself, is a marketing strategy. But there are a few things that you can do to help grow your blog faster and help get it found, so I'm gonna talk about those. We're gonna talk about how to get the most out of your blog. We're gonna talk a little bit more about blogging frequency, how often you should be blogging, and then how to measure a result and maintain momentum. So do not go too far, because we still have a lot to talk about.

Class Description

Blogging is one of the most valuable, essential tools you can use to engage with customers and, ultimately, leverage to grow your business and make more sales. An entertaining and informative blog should be an integral component of your online content marketing strategy. If you are not blogging, it’s time to get started!

In Blogging to Sell Your Products, Megan Auman will walk you through her process of crafting blog content that will inspire product purchases.

You will learn to do the following:

  • Set up your blog using the right platform
  • Craft a blog post in less than an hour
  • Promote your blog and create posts that encourage sharing
  • Boost your Google page rankings using SEO blogging techniques
  • Choose a product-based blogging approach

In today's saturated craft marketplace it’s getting harder and harder to make sales. And, it’s also becoming difficult to get accepted into craft shows. In Blogging to Sell Your Products, you will learn to use your blog to set yourself apart from the crowd.