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Hot Seat: Choosing an Angle for Your Blog


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Hot Seat: Choosing an Angle for Your Blog

This si what we're figuring out. So tell us who you are and what you do. My name's Annette Thomason. I own a jewelry business on Etsy. And my jewelry is: silver, stones, copper, some enameling. And it has a very strong nature based aesthetic. Okay, so what is your approach going to be? My approach is going to be, See, that's like, um? So that's like are you doing lifestyle or are you doing How-to-- Oh gottcha. Lifestyle. Okay, so we're doing Lifestyle. Yeah I've been thinking more of a Lifestyle, Occasional How-to's, but more of a Lifestyle blog. Okay. So lifestyle, some How-To. Alright and then what topics are you going to be, Should be generally, big-bucket topics. Big-Bucket is going to be Nature and the Outdoors because it inspires-- Okay. So much of my jewelry. And travel 'cause I love to travel. I've been all over the world. And also a bit of Food and Drink and Healthy Living just because I feel like my ideal customer would be interested in that. Okay. K...

inda, as if, you're into Outdoors and Hiking you're into, you know, Healthy Living and stuff. So um, Food and Drink. Healthy Living. So, here is the one thing, that I want you to think just a little bit about. Is that all of them? Yes Okay. Is that none of these tie very directly to your jewelry. Yes. So is there one kind of, Big-Bucket topic idea you could see relating? I-- Or do you at least even see yourself blogging about your jewelry? Well the Nature would be a big one because Okay I'd like to have some of my profits going to nature organizations-- Okay. Environmental organizations. Okay and so when you kinda talk about nature, what kinds of things are you thinking, about? Just about places to go: The Natural World; national parks I've gone to. hikes that I've taken-- Okay. That kind of thing. So this is kinda definitely like together. Yeah. Like, it's Travel as related to Nature and Outdoors. Okay. And then what do your aesthetic is going to be? I was thinking more of a clean and clean but rugged, kind of a natural aesthetic. You know, just Simple; I don't want anything, you know, nothing too cluttered. Or, you know, frilly. (chuckles) Clean. Rugged. Like a little bit minimal, no, no frills. Yeah. Okay. And then what's your tone going to be? It's gong to be upbeat and inspiring. Conversational, 'cause that's just like how I like to write. And direct, you know? Like you say or honest. Right. You know. Direct. Conversational, alright. And then what about your sustainability strategy? For me this is all stuff that I'm interested in-- Okay. And have my whole life. So it's pretty easy for me to write about those things just because, it's what I do. You know, my off times. If I'm not making jewelry, you know, I'm out hiking and looking for inspiration. That's kind of thing. Okay. So um, okay. So I think that makes sense. So the one concern I have in kind of hearing you talk? Is I hear, like, a lot about you, and it feels like: A, still not quite enough connection to your product. But B, you haven't really givin' me a compelling reason why this is what your ideal costumer is interested in. From what I've seen of my customers, you know, they're all over the country, but I get, I do get lots of sales from like Alaska. And you know, the West. Okay. So I think the people that buy from me, tend to like the same things that you know, I enjoy doing. So I guess my ideal customer is going to be into those kinds. Obviously Nature and the Outdoors-- Okay. Because of my aesthetic. Okay. Okay, so I would like to see you maybe, like ditch this a little bit. Okay. Just cause that one feels like the biggest stretch. Yeah. Um, and like, this to me, is sort of a question mark in that like, it's doesn't feel, like maybe, it's going to fit with this like upbeat/inspiring.` If feels like' maybe it's a little bit-- Yeah Could get a little bit like Yeah Preachy. Like, if your customer's interested in these things, this sort of happens naturally without being, needing to be instructed on Healthy Living-- Gotcha. And things like that. Okay So this one, I feel like, is a little bit more of a question mark. So then my challenge to you. Which is in thinking about your topics. Is to think about Really, how you're going to, kind of, be direct in sending people to your product-- Mm-hmm-- When your talking about these categories. Yes. And we can look at this more in the next segment. When we get into, like, Direct Product Posts versus In-Direct Product Posts. But this is where I still, I want this. (Annette chuckling) Because this is what you make? Yes. I want Jewelry to be listed, for you, as a topic that you write about. Yeah-- So that you remember to write abour your own product. (both chuckling) I know, yes, that's-- 'Cause, I think that's what your missing. So in the next segment we're gonna talk more about different type of posts that relate directly to your product. But I want to make sure this is actually on your list. Good thing we got a list Yeah. So that it becomes part of your content strategy. Okay Okay? Right. Perfect! Thank you.

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Blogging is one of the most valuable, essential tools you can use to engage with customers and, ultimately, leverage to grow your business and make more sales. An entertaining and informative blog should be an integral component of your online content marketing strategy. If you are not blogging, it’s time to get started!

In Blogging to Sell Your Products, Megan Auman will walk you through her process of crafting blog content that will inspire product purchases.

You will learn to do the following:

  • Set up your blog using the right platform
  • Craft a blog post in less than an hour
  • Promote your blog and create posts that encourage sharing
  • Boost your Google page rankings using SEO blogging techniques
  • Choose a product-based blogging approach

In today's saturated craft marketplace it’s getting harder and harder to make sales. And, it’s also becoming difficult to get accepted into craft shows. In Blogging to Sell Your Products, you will learn to use your blog to set yourself apart from the crowd.