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Body Strong

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Day 1: Toned Core

Ashley Galvin

Body Strong

Ashley Galvin

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Lesson Info

3. Day 1: Toned Core

Lesson Info

Day 1: Toned Core

today's workout is all about the core. Sometimes we get caught up on on Lee the frontal six pack muscles, but I want you to imagine that you're wearing a corset. It's gonna be front body side body, and a lot of back body is Let's get started on hands and knees rece under your shoulders, hips above your knees. Spread your fingers nice and wide, and I want you to start thinking off opening and closing your core with an inhale with the chest right, your shoulder blades back with an exhale round your back body. Tuck your chin. Tuck your tail bump in hell just flowing with your breath. Think of lifting from your heart. We're not really cranking the next Exhale navel to spine. And as you find these easy cat cal movements again, notice. Notice your body noticed when you are back bending and when you're not. Sounds obvious. But sometimes we tend to put back friends and opposes, like warrior to where they really don't belong. So inhaling into cal pose. Obviously we're back bending right. Your c...

ore is softer tail bones, lifting with an excel round the back body, navel to spine, really over exaggerate. We'll take one more together. Nice deep breath in. And when you come back here to your rounded back body, hold the posts, take a gaze at your fingertips and when you depress your fingertips down, putting a little more pressure in your thumbs than you do your pinkies and then start to find the arms, we're going to spiral just a tiny but your biceps forward. So not taking this huge movement and turning my hands out. I'm just finding this route. Bicep forward. Try setback. Squeeze your forms together. Keep the overexaggerated back. Body will tuck our toes and step into plank posts in my class. This is one of the poses. I probably cue the most stuff, and I really believe that this is where so much strength comes from. So not just strengthen your body but strength. If you start getting into crow pose or pressing the handstand, it's a lot of back as well. So we're gonna keep the rounded back like cat. Keep lifting between your shoulder blades and then again do a little check how my holding my posts. Can I firm up? My quads may become a little higher on my tippy toes. Put your navel to your spine. Squeeze the forms together until you feel your packs engage. Squeeze your biceps forward triceps back. So it's kind of constantly like we come into our pose and they were gonna do these little mental checks. Where's this? Where's this? Where's this? How can I engage more? Something I like to think is, how do I feel strong and how do I feel? Weak. So if I'm feeling weak in my pose, how can they strengthen that area to support it all together? Let's take one more breath here and playing pose and the nice and slow will come back down to the niece. Little easy wrist stretch fingertips back. You start sitting back or hips above our heels. A little gentle rock for him back. This doesn't feel good in your body. Warm up your wrists in any way you would like. We'll decide to bring a little tension out of them fingertips to the side. Easy rock sites assign. We'll bring it back, hands on your shoulders, spreading your fingers nice and wife. We'll take one breath here in Cal pose. Lift your chest, lift your tailbone and then again coming back to that over exaggerated Kappos with the rounded back, Let's step into plank posts. Do your little checks from a pure quads navel to your spine. There's always going to be this action, and especially today we're going to draw our ribs down to our hips. So is this. Someone was gonna punch you in your stomach. That little contraction of your core, that little tightening, that's what we want to find. So it's out on same cat cow movements, but staying with our toast tucked. It's gonna be a modified upward facing inhale. I'm pulling my hips to my wrists. Open the chest, gaze up back here over exaggerated plank posts. Shoulders stay for the whole time. Arms. Stay straight the whole time in hell. Gazing up. Exhale live from the Corley from the back in, huh? Accent. We'll take two more nice big movements with your breath. Well, more time. Stay strong in your arms. Back tippling pose. Come back to hands and knees again. Little wrist stretch will take the top of your hands down, Palms up, Same idea, little front to back sides aside. You know your body. So I'm queuing a stretch that doesn't feel right in your body changes last time. Yogis will come to plank posts. Spread the fingers. Wife lift the center of your back body Hug your rib cage down to your hips, Pull your hips up to your ribs and again, same movements. What we're gonna add on Inhale open the chest. Gazing up, Write me to your nose. Exhale round the back body. Step back in health, which without left leg Exhale in how Open the chest. Exhale right knee sides your chest. Nice insight in how X Let's go to more each site. Well, more time back to plain clothes, hands and knees. Last time, little wrist stretch and the sun will come down to our forms. So with your forearm plank, the same rules are going to apply the same core awareness. The same lift in your heart from your back. Body. Elbows are under the shoulders. Squeeze the chest. Squeeze your biceps your forms together until you feel your pecs. Engage. Take a deep breath in Well, if the right toes little side crunch this time. Right knee, right tricep inhaling back. You'll see it on the left. Exhale, little cycle. We'll go five four three to one. Back to forearm plank. Press your hands down, lift up, extended frank and stuff the hands back. Same side, right side. Lift the right toes. Right knee. Right. Tries up. Extra side crunch up to the shoulder. MBA. We'll go to more of those. Once I meet your nose, step between your hands. Lower the back. Left knee down. Lizard lunch. Find you, brah. I like to take it on my forms. If you want to stay at your hand, you can always moving my poses as well. Little rock. Just open up my hips, but these aren't necessary. Change your practice as you need to. It's come back to our forms. Well, took the back left toes. Lift your knee up, off the mat will step back. Foreign plank. It's the same idea and now you're going to get to see it a little better Here on the left, left toes lift in him. Exhale Need a trace up. So as I bring in I'm crunching my side Tiny little turn I'm back Foreign plank to extended plank lift Step the hands under the shoulders one more time. Three times on the left, Full expression need to try sup extra site, crunch the shoulder and back to more. I need your nose. Step between your hands. Right knee lowers lizard lunch again for arms or hands. Rock or no rock. Back to your forms. Forum plane. Tuck your right toes. Lift your right knee up as graceful as you can. Listen, we're gonna come to Boschee sauce. Anna side blink on our farms shoulder above your elbow. Hips are stacking. Maybe the big toes can touch heels apart. Feel your core here. Are you back, Fendi? Are you sticking the butt? Out the ribs out. Pull the ribs down. Ribs to hips. We're gonna lift and lower from the bottom. Right, oblique. You hear my voice shaking cause it's hard in with your breath some really trying to isolate and at the very top just lifting and lowering that little crunch crunch. Look, a 10 nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three. You can do it too. One. Reach your left arm up. Full expression we're gonna plant are left hand. Same pose with the arms straight Boschee Sasana, side plank. Feel it out. Hands your low back. Maybe an to your top hip toes together, heels apart. Reach your right arm up and then step your right foot in front of your left so your hell is touching your big toe. Take a deep breath and pivot onto your toes. Right arm's gonna hug your body. Work on squaring the right shoulder down. If these are too hard, do your best and just do less. If you're wanting more press pause on your computer, where? Your phone and add more reps. Let's take it one more time. Little square back to plank, right foot steps forward. Lawyer last me down. Straighten your right leg, half split little turn. Line yourself up with the right big toe and relax. Bindura. One more deep breath in your pose. We'll rebound. It's come back to our forms First. Tuck the left toes. Lift your left knee. Step back. We'll come into Boschee side plank side forearm plank. We'll start on the left. Find your alignment. Try to feel again, your ribs closing down your bottom frontal hit points. Pulling up In that little contraction, we'll do our Lifton lords with an inhale lift from the bottom. Left hip Exhale lower two came out. Little crunch at the top with your breath will go ninth, eight seventh six Last five floor three to one more time. Reach your right arm up full expression side point by She's right. Hand down your left foot, steps in front, left arm reaches up deep breath and we're gonna pivot on our toes. Where the left side body down, right arm hugs under. And how we hope Exhale Square some really trying to keep a nice tight center. All right, my side bodies long. Everything is trying to pull in and up. Nice and tight with sicker. Last two. Hold this square. Plant your hands separate for love. Half splits. Straighten your left leg, little length of your heart and the will Castro breath for more deep inhale nice and slow back to our forms. Farm like from your forearm playing. Let's press back up to extended plank navel to spine. Spread the fingers to the best of your ability, press evenly and equally into your hands, and then we'll step the hands back. Full plank. Pose first downward facing dog. Lift the hips. Since this is our first down dog, pedal into your heels, maybe sway the hips side to side. I'm not so concerned with this movement. I just want you to wake up the hamstrings, your back body. It's kind of feeling your way in. When you start to open up and loosen up, we'll check for a little alignment. Gaze at your hands that same thing I talked about biceps spiraling up triceps wrap under Then can you hide your heels? Signees. Deep breath in Sweep your right leg up with an exhale need to your nose Come high on the back Left toes around the back body in hell Back in a way. What's out on Exhale? Right knee, right Tricep little paws, shoulders above your wrist. Maybe even above your fingertips starts work this shift forward. Take an inhale side it down to the risks. Exhale across, inhale up to the left tracer. Exhale back to the right. Making a square. Two more of those in hell X in, huh? Exhale one more time with the breath. Step between your hands will come up. Warrior two back. Weizman's flat. He'll to arch alignment or heel to toe. I like hell to arch. Check out your post. Can you see your big toe? And if you're feeling open in the hips. Can we sink? Are left down to the same height as our front right knee Taken in how both arms were going to come up with an exhale Take your hands together Thumbs to your shoulder blades. Notice how I'm back bending. Noticed I'm letting my rib cage puff out. Draw them Imagine that you're a wallet your back I'm gonna feel that little tuck of your tailbone or lengthen of your tailbone Course stays engaged with an inhale sick are right elbow to the ceiling Accel Right elbow to your right thigh Little side to side in axe Stretching and lengthening in axe health Every time you inhale Look for a little space Every time you exhale that side Go to one Let's pause here, extend your arms forward interlaced. Um, keep the ribs hugging down. Open your chest. Lift your gaze so as if there was a line from my back left heel up and out My crown. That's the angle I want to keep. My crown isn't sagging down. It's saying lift if you want to open the arms, Open the arms. Sagan inhale. Just reach her, left her mom right palm stays up vice up next to your ear like you're holding a big beach fall. We'll create the same movement and helping back Exhale lots of obliques inhaling little stretch on the right a week. Exhale, crunch, applause and we come forward and again mere the right arm with the left notice. Can I hug my ribs down? Can I lengthen my tailbone to my back left heel, Pull my lower belly in the nuts and then use your core to twist a little deeper. If this is too much for him to, well, hold for five four, three to one. Let's straighten your right hands to your hip short nurse stance triangle pose. When I'm not so worried about your death, your flexibility, we're gonna be isolating the top oblique lengthened forward. Let your right handful to just your cow. It's not worrying about going any further than that. Feel your top public. Same idea every single time. Felt little crunch like someone was gonna punch you in your stomach. That tightness death with an inhale will lift five inches. Exhale lower. We just wanted to create this movement with your breath, really feeling the lift in the lower all happening from the top of weeks with your left pulling you up and down as if your rib cage was sliding on a diagonal up to the corner of the room, down to your heel. Let's go! 10 nine, eight sub six tightening With every lower five, four, three to one, little paws will come back up in revenge. Lengthen your stance taken in how? Reverse it one time. Stretch it out, Accel KKR Will your hands down coming on to the outer edge of your left foot? Flip your dog Rightly comes all the way up in over. Lift your hips a little easy back then we obviously have not warmed up the back so that feel good stays strong in your bottom hand With your next, brah, Lower your hips down. I'm gonna reach my right hand to my left foot. Staying strong in the back. Left hand in. I'll drive it up. Exhale lower and reach in X. Go for five, four, three Last two. One more time we're gonna hold the lift. Come back to washy site. Click outer edge of the Less Life. Notice your shoulder above your wrist. Core's engaged right hand to the back of your head, right knee up. Crunch it together. Little lift so they don't have to touch just that tiny internal engagement. That little isometric plus step forward with the right foot. Take both hands down. It's come back to lizard lunch. Twist open as you lift your gaze with an exhale plank post getting sweaty guys hands to the inside of your right foot. Lift your left. So slipped your left. Me, I should say we'll step back double. So take your feet together. Toes will touch Titus body. You can't hips all the way to your shoulders like a stiff board. Just gonna inhale lower. Exhale pull it back up. Little rounding in your back into the left. Pause in the center feet wide with an inhale. Lower the hips for Juris case. Exhale right knee and how step back Geza exhale in acts one more time. Each life back to plank knees downs come onto our backs. Come all the way through. Hug your knees in Little Rock side society. Want you to feel your low back grounding to the mountain. Finally, connection. We're going to keep that connection. Release your heels down. Create this little tilt in your pelvic bowl. So is if your tailbone or your tails coming straight through the heels, flex your feet with an inhale lifting from the center of your chest. Just enough to lift your shoulders up off the map. We're gonna gays Ford As if you're trying to peer over the edge of your map, keep the Harta low belly connected shoulders lifting Palm's gays Brie Little static hole. I want you to fine connection with your breath. Can you soften the shoulders? The neck? We put a little more awareness or Lolo belly and create a little lift lift lift if you want more, and I suggest you try this out there, we try this video out, see if you're sore tomorrow. If you're not anyone, add on. We can lift the heels. You can reach arms overhead. We're going to do quite a few refs, so this time we'll just take it right here, keeping the gaze up with your breath. 10. Nice eight seven six five four three to Well, let's go. 10 more 10. If you need a little support. Support the head. Nine eight seven six sighs four three to one with the ref. 10. Keep it up. You can do this. Close your eyes. Maybe next time you do this plan you put your favorite song on or you make a little playlists so you can start toe, keep the move. But since I'm talking, I lost my counts. Let's go. 10 nine, eight, seven, six sighs four, three to when we're gonna lift all the way up, Hug your knees back in. So same idea. Keep your heart lifted, your shoulders drawing back. So we're talking about back bending and not back bending. Actually want you to find a little bit of a Backman here. Just enoughto live the chest and open the chest Sick, your hips or your knees I should say to the right, Coming on to your right hip will lift the left tip Trying our best to keep the balance. Turn and twist to the left will only do 10 with an inhale lower XLs. Last three to one. Back to center. Plant your feet forward full Shake it out. Relax the head. Relax Tonight, Cygan in hell and will lengthen excel Plant your hands Just step straight back to downward facing so again maybe pedal it out. Shifting sites aside. Find your breath. Find your hands for the fingers. Spiral your biceps up. Hide your heels behind your cafs back to our flow with the left side. Ian. Come high on the right toes. Lift your left Lee with an exhale round the back body. Need to your nose. You'll that lift between your shoulder blades and I'll take it back, adding on to create our square. Exhale left knee left dress up. It's in hell down to the wrists. Exhale across in how we lift. Exhale over to more like that down across, up and over with your breaths. Back in a way in need to your nose Step between your hands and for the sake of the camera, I'm gonna dio a little flow and a jumpsuit so you stay facing the way you were and find your warrior two back foot flat. Soften your right hip down to the height of your left knee. If you can. Deep breath in, sleep your arms up, hands together, thumbs between the shoulder blades again that's going to make us want to back. Pens will be aware. Hug it down low belly in tailbone lengthens this little till in our pelvic bowl. Can you still see your left big toe? Take it back, Thumbs. Teoh your shoulder blades and how? Just looking for length left elbow up to the ceiling. A little crunch. Exhale L boats in X with your brother Last two. Inhaling the lift. Exhale. Tell one more time it's pause here. Stay with the rib cage hugging down. Extend your arms. Take your gaze up under the right arm on the notice your body. This may seem like a crazy thing to say. Obviously, I feel my left thigh. Obviously, I feel whatever it is you're feeling, but go beneath that will be on that. Can I hug my ribs down? I'll say it a bazillion times. Lengthen my tailbone and then keep a space from my ribcage to my thigh. Keeping the angle right. Heel up on out my cramp. Let's take a deep breath in reverse. Stay in your legs. Guys. Excel like you're holding a beach ball. We driving a bus. Whatever it ISS, it's the same side to side, inhaling little length. Exhale, crunch flow with your breath. Five four three to last reverse. Let's pause here. Both arms Mir. So just like the right side, If you need form to thigh, take a break. It's still going to be engaging. If you're forms of thigh, can you maybe get a little bit lighter? Or maybe we're going to keep the hover ribs drawing down. Hips pulling up for five four, three to one will straighten. Shorten your stance if you need, because it's not about Duff. It's not really about flexibility today. It's about your courts. Voucher of weeks. How'd you guess? Reach your arms for it. With an inhale, we're gonna lengthen long, long, long spine. Then just let your left palm fall probably to the inside of your calf. You could be a little higher. Little lower doesn't matter. We're gonna isolate the right. So then and the hell lift. Exhale lower teeny movements. Maybe not so teeny five inches, but really feeling the top oblique. So anything in yoga or your workout you can cruise in the post. You can go through the moment or movements and not really feel anything where you can work. So work crunching on the way out, lowering on the way down little tiny movements. Nice. Eight seven six five four. Last three to one will come all the way up. Easy. Reverse, Accel. Cartwheel your hands down. Coming on to the ball of your right foot. Plant your right hands, Flip it all the way over. Deep breath in, Create your back. I'm gonna make sure I'm pushing to the back of the room. So my shoulders above my wrists and I have leverage. Keep your right leg straight. One more breath with the next will sink the hips left hand to your right toast. Inhale. Drive it up. Exhale lower and reach in access with the breath. Five four, three to last one. We're going to come back to Boschee. Side points. Stack your toes. Right, Armagh? Nice. Deep breath in. Keep the lift from the bottom hip. We'll take it down. Plank post shoulders above your wrists Do your checklists Can I firm up my quads? My lower belly, round my back body Take your feet together and our little lowers So the right sensor to the left center with your breath shoulder Stay forward above the risk maybe above your fingertips. Posit this center feet wide in, huh? Stretch it up. Open the chest. Press off the big toes, hips to your wrists. Starting left, Exhale. Exhale, right, Exhale 21 each size. Back to blink. Knee's down. Come back onto our backs again. Hug Denisa. A little easy side to side. Take a moment to find your breath. The more we can calm our mind, since her our mind around our breath, the more we can put into what really matters the exercise. So if you're fighting for your breath, your pose is going to be weaker, right? You're going to struggle through it. So if you need a little longer pause, you can take a longer pause. Otherwise, planting their heels against tilt tuck our tail bomb. Keep the connection low back to the map. Relax your heels. Same options, guys. You can hover your heels. You can reach your arms above your head, but either way we're gonna curl up and just enough to lift her shoulder blades crunch into your court. Even right here, I'm engaging. It may not look like it, but I'm keeping that contraction of my rib cage drawing down to my hips. Little flecks of your toes. Activate your quads, then can we take our gaze up So if a string was pulling our chest, that's where we want to be. Let's take our pulse with our breath exhaling toe lift. Inhale to lower. Not a whole lot. Just that extra squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze. 10 nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three to one. Keep the polls. Just the breath. six, 10. Nice. Seven, six, five, four, three to one. Come all the way up. Hug the knees in same idea, A little more side course clashing be called court. Should be called a weeks. Right. Come on. To your left hip, knees to the left. Twist your body to the right. We're gonna try to find our balance Point here on Lee on the left tip with an inhale lower exhale knees crunch to your left shoulder. We'll go for ninth eight, seven, six, five, four, three Last two and one come to center. Plant your feet. Can you lift the hips without your hands? Huh? Little lift, A little lift? Lots, Of course. Powerful. Relax. Hang free. Find your breath. You wanna grab your elbows? Little sway side to side That's cool it all down Well in Helen Lengthen halfway up, Heart forward with an exhale Step your left foot back. Let's take the knees down to the math again with our little lizard twist Here, Moving sites aside, maybe come back up to your hands. He'll tell your foot to center, court your hands up to the top of your thigh, melt into your front, left so s deep breath and sweep your arms off. Maybe a little backbones if it feels good. If it feels safe in your body, take your hands to your low back where maybe we can call them down the math. Keeping your gaze up. It's a little extra stretch. Deep breath in slowly will bring it back. Come to your hands and knees, cross at the ankles. Have a seat. Let's stretch out or are obliques someone to turn just so you can see what I'm doing. It turns to face my right knee, the soul of my right foot into my inner left thigh. Turn your body. Sit up nice and tall, taking in house. Sweep your right arm up and again, just like our triangle. It's not so much about death. It's just about this side body. Reach for the left toast if you never touch your toes. That's perfectly fine. Turn your gaze up, but bothers them that keep the gaze down. All we're trying to dio this stretch this nice big alongside body is your left hand or your forearm, Hopefully is on the inside or reaching for the back me twist when were deep breath in. If you need more time in the stretches, press pause. If you have the time in your day, I encourage you to do that. Stretch a little bit longer and we'll come back. It's come back to her hands and knees and take lizard left leg forward. It's got the right knee down. Can stay here on the hands. Always go right into it. That's what feels good in my body. And I want you to do the same thing. Listen to your body, Little Rock. Maybe coming back up to your hands, he'll told the left. What's his center? We want her back right now, and I'm sorry. Didn't say it's on the other side, not under the hip, but further back so I can really sink down. We talk about closing and opening the core. Open the core. Let it be soft light your volleys allow. If that's what's going on, lift your chest will take an inhale. Reach your arms. Um, create your back. Maybe we can call the hands down the map. It's allow a little space in your core. Well, more breath. Hold it longer. If you have the time, we'll come back up. Hands and knees in the same post second side. Take the soul of my left foot to my inner right thigh. Turn my entire body to face my left knee, trying to sit up nice and tall through the crown of my head in how left arm lifts acts and side bend to my right toes. Doesn't matter if I reach the toes. It's more about this stretch. Gays can be up or gays can be down. Last three breaths. Nice and slow, Easier way back up. If you have time in your day, I encourage you to take a five minute Shiva Sena just resting on your back. Totally relaxed ice close, letting your body reap the benefits of this crazy, sweaty work out all of this effort that we put in together. Thank you so much. I'll see you next time

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-45 minutes
Cycle: 26 days

Are you looking for an intensive yoga experience that will help you dramatically strengthen and tone your entire body? Then BodyStrong is for you. This month-long course is filled with effective exercises, challenging movements, and lots of tips and techniques that will activate your body and leave you feeling great in your own skin. In this class, you will use yoga for muscle tone and increasing overall strength. You’ll learn how to:

  • Strengthen and tone your whole body
  • Isolate and engage muscles in your arms, legs, abs and booty
  • Work to muscle exhaustion and continue through the burn so you get the most out of your workout

Ashley Galvin is a yoga instructor based in Manhattan Beach, California. She is known around the world for her strength and flexibility in her practice. Ashley teaches a strong and dynamic flow that will give you a deep understanding of the practice and cultivate body awareness. In these classes, Ashley will help you:

  • Focus on developing body awareness
  • Develop long and lean muscles you can be proud of
  • Tone your entire body

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: Toned Core
Core work is key for a strong, toned body and proper alignment. In this lesson, you’ll practice yoga to tone your stomach and fire up your entire core; the front abdominals, obliques, and your back body, which will set you up for success for the rest of your BodyStrong journey.

Day 2: Toned Legs
Toning your legs is about so much more than just strengthening. Today’s class will be pretty quad-intensive, but you’ll spend a lot of time on mobility as well, stretching and strengthening through dynamic movement to truly practice yoga poses to tone your legs.

Day 3: Toned Arms
Today you’ll build heat and feel the burn as you move through rep after rep of plank, chaturanga, dolphin pose, and more. Get ready to ignite and tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back body. Practice these yoga poses to tone your arms and shape your upper body.

Day 4: Toned Booty
Through a variety of asana, squat and lunge variations and reps, you’ll work your glute muscles in ways you never have before in today’s lesson. Get ready for an energizing, booty-lifting challenge.

Day 5: Toned Body
As yogis, we work through a lot of “push” movements; chaturanga, downward facing dog, plank—but we lack a lot of the “pull” movements. Today, it’s all about the pull. Step into full-body tone yoga and get fired up!

Day 6: Rest Day
Today is a rest day. Take a breather and let your muscles recover.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is a rest day, which is crucial for your muscles to have the chance to grow.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: Toned Core
Day 9: Toned Legs
Day 10: Toned Arms
Day 11: Toned Booty
Day 12: Toned Body
Day 13: Rest Day
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: Toned Core
Day 16: Toned Legs
Day 17: Toned Arms
Day 18: Toned Booty
Day 19: Toned Body
Day 20: Rest Day
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: Toned Core
Day 23: Toned Legs
Day 24: Toned Arms
Day 25: Toned Booty
Day 26: Toned Body

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Grady Lawlor

Fantastic class and teacher! This is a great routine to get into when working out from home has never been so trendy. This series absolutely pushed me to go further than I thought I could and luckily proved right. The results? Brighter mood, better sleep, fitter bod, more energy and overall feels like I accomplished something worthwhile! *Pro tips: 1) When Ashley mentions grabbing socks to make one of the moves harder, the ones for your hands do not need to be worn on your hands like gloves. 2) Do this series with an accountabilibuddy - for me, my fiancée - so when you mix up the step noted above and have wool socks up to your elbows ready to start the workout, someone can be there to laugh with you. 3) For the photographers, an old 5D MkII camera box was a perfect substitution for the needs of the yoga block used for some of the moves.

Anne Dougherty

This is amazing. Definitely NOT a beginner class, but Ashley is very clear in her presentation. The pacing is steady and demanding, but I find my strength and stamina improving with every workout. I have to simplify lessons to accommodate weakened muscles after several years of ill health, but I do what I can, and it feels wonderful. I do think this should perhaps be upgraded to ‘advanced’ from current ‘intermediate’ level grade. Even Ashley gets a bit winded and occasionally shakey, and she is as fit and strong as anyone I’ve ever seen.

a Creativelive Student

I have switched from my regular HIIT (high-intensity interval training ) to this workout. Recommend it if you've been working out for 3 -4 months or more and want to step up your fitness level.