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Body Strong

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Day 3: Toned Arms

Ashley Galvin

Body Strong

Ashley Galvin

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5. Day 3: Toned Arms

Lesson Info

Day 3: Toned Arms

Hey, guys, let's get into our arms today. Don't be fooled by my little baby arms auras. Dylan likes to call them olive oil arms. Um, I'm still pretty strong, and we're still going to kick butt and sculpt him up. We'll get into your shoulders on always a little bit of corn back. We're going to start in a nice white knee child's pose. With this workout, you will need either a cork or phone block. If you don't have a block than a coffee, can will work something approximately this size. Don't let her be too heavy. One way is fine. If you have a really large book, that'll work, too. It's more about the form than it is the weight of your object. So whatever you choose, grab that and just place it at the top corner of your mouth, so it will be handy when we need it. Widening child's pose scoop back far enough that when your arms are reaching forward, they're prepped and set up for your plank pose or your down dog so it's not gonna be off your map. We'll take your hand shoulder with the part t...

oes together. Just think of snuggling your chest or your rib cage down between your thighs. Four Heads of the month. Letting your eyes close. Soften the shoulders. Let your belly be soft. Everything's relaxed. Take a moment to connect with your breath. Connect with your body. We'll begin to find a little activation here in child's pose to reach your arms forward if they weren't already there spreading your fingers wide hands should be shoulder width apart. Press down into your fingertips will start to press down into your third knuckle. So the knuckle that is closest to your risk a little more weight on the inner thumbs than we have on the pinkies with an inhale. Let's come up their hands and knees. Your knees are going to stay. Why your toes are going to stay together and your toes they're going to stay down. But I want to talk to you a minute about your arms set up before we add on. From here. It's like I said, a little more weight in your thumbs than we have in your pinky fingers. Want you to spiral your biceps forward wrap and hugged the triceps back. This is the absolute key to pretty much. Anything I'm going to teach you, Um and I'll keep queuing you and I'll keep going over it. So if things don't make sense right away, don't worry about it. You're going to get there and you're gonna understand it. So your hands are gonna tilt at all. They're gonna be glued to the mat. It's just that little role. So if you can see that little spiraling up inter part of your elbow up outer part tries up here hugging under as you do this as you spiral up, I want you to squeeze your forms until you feel your trust. Engage. So if you see my arms kind of shaking a little bit, it's because I'm really working it. It may on camera, come across like I'm just hanging out here on hands and knees. There's a lot of internal engagement, a lot of work going on. The only you can feel. So to squeeze my forms, hug my biceps. Four triceps under. Feel my chest. Engage. Needs air. White toes are down. Toes are together, gays for And if your hips and your shoulders are one piece, we're just gonna find a little charter wronger and then come back to our whitening child's post. Inhaling forward. Gaze forward. Low Belize in Tell Bones tucking charter Rhonda back to child's pose. If you need to make any adjustments here, make your adjustments. If you're trotter wrong, it didn't feel right. We'll come up and just flow with our breath. So notice. Notice your hands. Are you still gripping them out these air Some of the first things that we let go off, even though we just cute and we just set it up. Sometimes we kind of lose track, right, because there's so much going on in our body that sometimes we let the little things go. But the little things are often the biggest things. Your hands. That's what's supporting you here. All right, let's go. Last five go five. Gazing, flooring, Inhaling back The child's exhale all the way for inhaling Childs. Three Little till in your pelvic bowl to one more time here, nice and strong. One noticed my trotter on the shoulders, elbows, hips. One line. It's not here. We're not going all the way down a little higher. It's come back to child's pose, forehead to the mat, interlace your hands above your sacrum and then maybe if it feels good. Like I said in my core video, if you've done that, I move in my stretches. That's what I do. That's what I will be doing. You do not have to. Ultimately, you do not have to do anything I'm saying. But I teach from the standpoint of my own practice, I teach for what works for me. What strengthened me and what I believe and know will strengthen you. Reach arms forward. Same idea we're gonna inhale up this time when we find shot Tauranga gazing forward, that little tucking her tailbone We're gonna lower have been taken. Extra pulse pulse back to Childs with the breath chatter. Wrong. A pulse pulls. And if you are wanting more and know that these will build in the arm, strength will start to work here if you are wanting where you can lift your toes. So if you're like ash, I'm feeling nothing. Maybe your arms are way stronger than mine. They could be lift yourselves, But don't feel the need to add on right away. Stick one more time. I'm starting to feel it now. Little pulse pulls open back, widening child's posts. Interlace your hands above your say crime. Same idea. You can stay right here. If this is not feel good. Skip it if you want an extra stretch Little dip from the shoulders, side to side and I want to get back arms forward. This time we're going to come up and come into our plank post one step my knees in and go over the set up again. Same idea. And like I told you before, all Q a ton and I will biceps forward, triceps hug back. I'm going around my back like cat posts. So the idea here with the arms is I'm pressing down as much as I can into the mat, as if I wanted to press my arms through the math or through the floor. So I'm pressing down to lift my chest. I'm trying to create as much space from my chest to them as I can, and the reason is you're gonna build so much more strength from the back body. So if you're gonna hug somebody, but you didn't want them to actually touch you, how would you hug them like this, right, like you're trying to tug on my ear like police. Stay away from me. This is your plank post. So this is that idea that you want. It's that wrapping in, pulling the chest back, pulling your navel to your spine, rounding your back body so we'll come back all those same things apply biceps forward. Squeeze of warms around the back. Feel your chest engage Will step back to plank post So set it up. Feel your plank. This is one of the quickest ways to build he and really it's all over body strengthening Firming up your quads little till in your pelvic Pull around the back body We'll connect to our breath so inhaling up in back downward facing since it's your 1st 1 If you want a little movement here, you can take a little movement. Sometimes it takes a while to warm up, and if you need a press pause and stretch it out, go for it. But starting from down dog, we're gonna inhale high on our toes. Exhale into plank, pausing when your shoulders are above your wrist, maybe even your fingertips. When you start advancing your practice, then you want things like a press handstand or Croat a handstand. It's this lean that's gonna get you there. It's taken in. Help him back. Same idea in your down Doc. Biceps Fort triceps Hug under in How shift? For now, I have a strong caring angle in my elbow. Some people call that double jointed, so sometimes when I teach, people are like, What's going on with your elbows? Okay, it's normal. Don't judge me inhaling into flank pause and shifting back down. Let's take one more deep breath in and back to down so same movement, but we're gonna add on just like we did with child's inhaling into plank gays. Ford Low bellies engaged Charter Wrong straight back up. So down doc again. Add on even more. Same idea. Inhaling into plank. Exhale down the press off the toes. Little forward back forward, Back in hell. First upward facing. Open the chest. Shoulder straw back gazes up. Pull from the low belly all the way up in back downward facing tough. Find a couple more. Just like that. Inhaling for Exhale Trotter. Wrong. A little forward back. Here's the killer, right in hell. Awkward faces, accent downward facing last time, you guys and how onto your toes exhale. Same breath, Chatah Wrong Forward, Back forward, Back upward Facing out wrinkles hugging. Now we're facing a little readjustment If you need it ground into the palms I'm always readjusting my posts. Once I find oppose, How can I make it stronger? How can I make it work for me? Even more? I want you to come on your tippy toes. We're gonna hover our shins until your pelvic bowl. Maybe a couple inches off the map. So this is one of those poses that we can sit in or we can really work in. And what makes you work in this post is the till of your political. As soon as I tell my pelvic bowl, I'm gonna bring a little into my quads. So its shift towards a plank Chatah wrong a press back Straighten your arms, bend beneath plink charter wronger Push back plank Trotta Wrong. Push back. Last three. Flow with your breath one more time. Straighten the legs. Ground your heels Downward facing dog from your down dog will take a little shoulder Stretch ground into your right hand left hand either to your knee calf if you have the flexibility outer ankle but notice your arm. It wants to buckle and turnout. Mind us to bicep up, tries up under. Maybe we can lift our case That will bring it back nice and quick on the other side. Right hand to the nation Ankle heel gazing Come back to center So coming back to our arms Biceps Ford triceps Under all that good stuff we're gonna lower from down dog to Dolphin Post. And this is done by that same engagement that rap biceps up triceps under. I'm going to squeeze and bend my elbows. So Alim squeezing of lowering, lowering, lowering, lowering until I'm down here in Dolphin Post and a lift back up. It's the same idea now. Ideally, I would walk my feet in to shortened dolphin. We're gonna be lifting and lowering, so let's keep our stance a little wide. If your heels on touch, that's fine needs can even be better. He's for it at your thumbs. Press down evenly and equally back to down biceps triceps under squeeze. The forms will lower press Becca, let's go to and one that walk the scene in a little bit Here. Second, inhale lift. Your right leg needs your nose with an exhale. It's a shift forward, so it's not as big of a movement when we do it in down dog as we do here in Dolphin. It's just a chef My shoulders air coming for the fort and I'm rocking back one more time I'm gonna straighten my arms at the same time Step between my hands Laurier Back last me down Call your hands up to your right thigh If you're wanting a little more we concert to sink your front hip left hip magnetize is to the right heel working into your so s and sweep your arms up Find your breath steak a little shoulder stretch while we're at it Bend your left arm fingertips down the center of your shoulders. Assist the elbow. I'm letting my ribs stick out. I'm letting my belly be soft That's playing. I'm just telling you that So, you know, because we're talking so much about body awareness. Want you to know when you're opening and when you're closing the core, we'll switch it up right hand down the back. Is this the elbow? It's interlaced both our hands. Open the chest, lift your gaze. Little backbone. Maybe a big backbone. If that's your practice and take your hands back, Tuck your left toes, Lift your left me up. And just like we came into this, we're going to come back out of this, stepping right up into a single leg. Dolphin post, Pick my foot up band and squeeze single leg dolphin. I'm a lower back down. Let's switch it out. Lovely. Deep breath in exhale. Need your nose shifts. You forward in hell back with the breath. So every time, I should forward trying to keep the pressure from my middle fingers and my elbow evenly and equally. That's to be said throughout Dolphin. You're pressing down. You're squeezing. Last time, Straighten the arms stuck with control. Right knee to the month in hell. Sweeping again. If you want the arm stretch, take it here. Maybe a little cross of your body to shake it out. We'll come right back to our dolphin posts. Plant your hymns, took your right toes, lift your right knee up and as you bend your elbow squeeze, squeeze, squeeze all the way down. Single leg dolphin. I will lower your left with you. So gaze forward when were tight across the back your elbows. Want to come out? Do your best to keep your elbow in line with your middle finger. Relax your head. Relax. You know, coming back to dolphin pose to a little dolphin push up here, we're gonna gays for it and just shift up onto your toes until our nose is gonna come between our thumbs. I'm pressed back. So we did this with one million to our nose. We're just doing this on both of our toast. Maybe finding a little more movement with your breath. ninth, eight seven last six, five, four, three. Almost there to straight into charter. Wrong. Go with one. Press off your toes. Gaze forward. Lower inhale upward facing. It's come back to dolphin with an exhale. Tuck your toes. Ban the elbows. A couple more like that should forward charter wronger. Inhale upward. Basie. Accel, Back to dolphin Post. Last time. Doing good guys. Shot a wrong in her back to dolphin. Exhale from your dolphin pose. We're gonna bring it on to our back so one more time will shift into charter. Rhonda, been press back, right? Lower your knees down. Cross your ankles. Go ahead and grab your block, your coffee can, whatever you have and come on to your seat. Nervous on a boat pose. Find yourself balanced evenly and equally in your hips. Maybe even grabbing behind your calves or your hamstrings. Lift the chest right, Open the chest, draw the shoulders down and back and then lean back. So we're gonna lean back until you start to feel here. Low belly engage. Grab your block. Coffee can. Whatever. We're gonna take it lengthwise between your hands. So instead of holding it with our fingertips, gripping it and this may be hard. If you don't have a block with your best flat hands, we're gonna squeeze in your starting to work. Maybe a little bicep in a lot of chest. Lift your toes. Think employing the conflicts, whatever. It doesn't matter to me. Lean back. Feel your core engaged. We're just gonna take it side to side dipping. Dipping. Let's be a little variation in your knees just warming into your core a little bit more and giving your shoulders. Ah, bit of a break as you're still building heat. Let's go! Five, five, four, four, three, three to to one one. Set your block off to the side. Plant your feet, lift your hips. Let's step straight into downward facing. Check a minute with your hands. Spiral the biceps up over and over again. You guys grip the map. Press your third knuckle down the knuckle closest to your wrist. Press your finger tips down. We're gonna say nice and strong in the right hand. Reach your left arm back. Maybe this is just coming up to fingertips and building one finger one hand when you're ready. Hopefully that soon, cause we're adding on left arm backing away. Single arm downward facing minha. Lengthen my stance here just a little bit and with an inhale chauffeured you can reach or you can keep it behind your back in hell back. Exhale for it. So do your best to square the left side body down. Obviously, all the weight here in just the right arm will take it. Last three to who My arms were shaking one right knee lifts. Step between your hands. It's months of the fingertips here. High lunge. If your foot didn't make it all the way, help it up there. That's a strong move. Grab your block. Find your crescent lunch first to take a minute here, lengthen your stance. Tiny bones in your back. Me little till in your pelvic wall We're gonna hold our block the same way we just did. So not grabbing with our fingertips but trying to squeeze in. And this is what I like to call Barbie arms. Um, which might be cheesy, but I'm pretty cheesy Hand of. The more we work together, the more that you'll realize that I'm a big dork. So find your Barbie arms. We're gonna squeeze the block with our hands until you feel you're packing Gauge right biceps in triceps under forearm squeeze. Take your gaze either at your block. Maybe slightly up. Slightly down for balance is off. We're just gonna find these lifts half inch little teeny. So it's not so much about the weight of the block or the movement. It's the squeeze. Squeeze everything. My lower squeeze squeeze. Maybe your fingertips can come off the lock. My right hip is squeezing back. My left hip is squeezing forward teeny movements. My take my arms all the way back. Arms all the way up. Keep the squeeze. Let's go. nine, eight, seven, six five, four, three to one. Let's come back up and then take it all the way up bringing a lower and left little trace. Um, keep squeezing it. Keep the rib cage hunting down If you can trying to remove the back then low bellies engaged will go for nine It's seven six doing good Five more four, three to and we're set Your blocked him Sig your left hand to the man Your right arm nice and high Gazing up at your right hand We're gonna come into side plank Boschee Sasana Come on to the outer edge of your left foot Sweep the right leg back Grip the mount Pay attention to your bottom left hand Press the third knuckle down Press your finger tips down shoulder above your wrists Toes will be together on this one if you can in hell the Geza Exhale Gaze forward Charanga straits of Boschee Second sight Deep breath in Exhale Charter on in huh? Washy If you are adding on, maybe we take to charter on us for me with my olive oil arms one's enough! Let's take our last two last one. Inchon, Aronda, lower your knees. Have a seat, Scrub our block and come down. Take your hands behind your hips. Same ideal. Like in our new Vasana, where we live the chest. Plant your heels, hip, distance apart. Little group in the math. Sync your hips down, stretching your shoulders. If this is too much on the wrists, hands can come out to the site. Hands can even come back. That placement play around with, See what works for you. We're gonna stretch the shoulders. Who send the hips back through the arms, Lift hips forward. Little stretch hips back. Little lift hips forward hips back home, Martin hips for hips back. Let's take hips forward tabletop Reverse tabletop. Lift the hips, Lift your chest tryto open your chest. Draw the shoulders back in there, bend your elbows. So this isn't coming from the heels, which I know we want to. We want to press into the heels, press into the toes, maybe get a little light in the toes. Maybe, however, the toes and just bring it into the arms. Let your arm shake. Come to that place. There's no perfect practice. Clearly, I'm sweating. My arms are burning. Hopefully you're finding the same. Let's go for five four three. Last two. The last one nice. You guys have a seat. Let's grab our block. Give your shoulders a little break as we stay warm, twisting, hearts lifting you can tap. The more you twist, the more we're gonna bring it into our core. That's never a bad thing. Let your arms rest while your core works well. Just go for ninth eight seven six last by four, three to one. Set your block down. Plant the heels. No hands, little lift forward full Shake out your arms didn't lace your hands behind your back. And how well length fold forward. Take the class with your hands overhead. Relax the neck. Use this time to find your breath. Release your hands. Let's step back Point posts. Setting up your plank arms spiral for it. Try steps. Hug back. Remember, this is the key to everything You guys round the back press down to lived your chest up in a way, creating as much space as we can from our front body to the Met. Trying to imagine that are back from your quads to your you're back body your shoulders. Everything is being sucked up to the ceiling. Take a deep breath and shit for bend your elbows. We're gonna push back. However, the shins in hell for acts. Hell, we lower bend your knee, strain your arms. Press back two more like that. Lots of shoulders. Stay here. Bend your elbows. Dolphin post. Walk your feet in maybe second inhale, Lift your right leg with an exhale needed reception for and held back Exhale for in hell that exhale forward in hell Back! I need a nose. Straighten your arms. Lower the back. Left knee down. Deep breath in. I'm sweating or you sweating for you right here with me. Plant your hands. Well, step it straight up in back downward Facing deep breath ins with your left. Like up with an exhale need to your nose to grab our block Crescent Lynch, take a minute. Find your stance and find your balance Because this isn't so much about your legs. It's about your arms. Same thing on the other side. Little bend in your right knee. Maybe I have opened, so s so I don't do that too much, but we want to keep this tilt awareness in our core. Always every pose in yoga, every posing everything. Take your hands, not gripping them at squeezing in Little Barbie arms, right? Singing in. How I'm sorry If you hate that analogy. A little lift. Little lowers squeezing Every time I squeeze. Squeeze the chest, squeeze the packs, the forms. Lift left nice and slow. It's got nine eight, seven. Six. Spy four three two will drop it all the way down. Trust your belly. Arms back, elbows under the shoulders. Lift it back. nine. Maybe you're feeling in your legs. Eight, seven, six, five. Halfway there, guys. Four. Three to one. Let's bring it up. Drop it back. It's a little easy. Try sup work when your arms are above your head. It's a little bit easier for me. So notice my rib cage. Is it puffing out? Do your best. Hug it down will go last five four, three to one. Set your block down right hand to your mouth. Setting up for Boschee starts in a spread. The fingers nice and wife sweep your left arm up. We'll come onto the outer edge of a right foot side plank. Toes will stack and before we add on notice, shoulder to wrist spice up for it. Deep breath in exhaling into your charter Wronger gays for shoulders and hips. Lower and lift as one Vashti on the left Open Accel Gays word Precedent, Bosch with your breath lift. Oh, lower lift. Getting weak. Open last to stay strong. Open up while more time You guys, that's been their knees and set them down, Cross said. Your ankles bring your block over to the side. Have it ready for you. We'll come back to our little dip set up hands Either way, soles of your feet planet. Lift the hips up. Who will start with a little shoulder stretch? If that's a lot on the wrist, you can come tothis. I think you get the idea of listening to your body. One more inhale in your stretch and with your Accel straight in the lakes. If you want out on this time, hover, stretch it for hover. That's a quad. Let's a core hover over. Take it one more time. Hover, hover, hover. Set it down. Let's come back to our block. Give your arms a little bit of arrest. Grab your luck. No fingertips trying to just squeeze. Keep the heart lifted. Maybe as we do a little bit of our core, we can come back to slowing there. Slowed down the heartbeat, lengthen the breath. It's a hand. Ninth eight, seven, six, five, four, three to one. Set the block down ground into your heels. Press down, lift the hips up, Ford fold. Widen your feet. It's relaxed. The head and neck little sway. Just be Let me loose if you want. The added shoulder stretch interlaced the hands open. Mm, big. Nice bending Your knee feels good, right? You don't need to stretch into the hamstrings if you want it straight in the legs. Last couple breaths. Release your hands back down. He'll tell the few back together. It's come into our plank pose one more time. Spread their fingers nice. And wife. Step the feet back again. Little plank post set up my favorite way to build heat. As if I need to build more heat. I'm sweating over here, but notice your body. Sometimes we start to sink. Right. I see this a lot. Sink, lazy belly, lazy hips. I'm dying in my post. Prass it up. Lift the center of your back around the center. of your back by sub sport. Are you sick of me saying that yet? Probably squeeze your forms. Hollow out the chest. Second inhale show forward. Bend your elbows. Press back two more back back to adult and lower the forms. That's crawler. Feed in a little bit deep. Inhale lift your top left Lee with an exhale left knee. Left tricep sh of Florida inhaling back. So we're prepping for our Maybe our forearms stand pinch. Maybe any kind of form arm balance, any kind of arm balance. Really? With the breath one more time. Need to Your nose will straighten the arms. Nice. You guys step for four full. Mm. Take it all the way down this time, have a seat on your mount. We're gonna grab our block again. If you have two blocks or whatever you're using to Ah, it's going to be even better. I'm gonna show you with one, but I prefer to. You gonna take one elbow? I guess I'll turn it sideways. I like a lot of height because I have flexibility in that way where I can dip my chest, but to keep with length, I'm gonna show you with one I'm gonna start with one elbow. I dropped my head down second elbow, so my head's hanging. Hands are together. Maybe the knees are a little wide. And then I'm gonna melt my chest Thumbs to the center of my shoulder blades. Nice try. Stop stretch. If you're not feeling enough, take it even higher. Maybe a little wider. And make sure that your hips are not sitting above your heels. You're really just trying to open the chest. If you find that the block or whatever object you're using just isn't working and you're not feeling a stretch, you can do this same thing on the wall we're trying to create basically, ah, hollow backs. If you are a forearm standard and you know your hollow back where you're opening your chest were gonna do that up against the wall. You can start your feet a little wide. You can continue this on your blocks. You can try it on the wall up to you, pointy part of your elbow to the wall. Same idea. Other elbow shoulder with the part. Drop the head through and start to sink. So last couple breaths here or on your block just a quick triceps stretch and I recommend you repeating this stretch at the end of class. We come into our plank pose and do one last little push here off the arms and then we'll call it down for you. Take your hand shoulder width apart. Spread the fingers. You know, this set up, You know the drill for plank post Nice deep breath and lift the hips up and back We're gonna do a roll through so I'm going to roll From now on Dog into upward facing dog As if I want to skin my nose to the map Gonna bend my almost kind of like I'm lowering to dolphin Post that same idea Little Ben squeeze and wrap and come all the way through Keeping my toes tucked on Lifted up him back Downward facing again Ban Take it slow. Try not to rush this Anything you dio, The slower you do it, the more intense it's going to be. When we add momentum, we tend to lose track of form and sometimes we're tired on that Happens. But do your best rolling through. Straighten the arms one more time, guys. Bend your elbows Trying not to let them buckle out Band and squeeze so awesome. Back down to your knees, Cross your ankles. Have a seat. Let's do a little stretch here. We'll take the right arm up down behind your shoulder blades and simply assists with the left hand. So just like we did in our copy Austan on one of the leg stretches in the beginning of class. Mm, you're wanting the full bind. Can take your left hand thumb facing down, down the back, back up. Maybe I'll turn for you. Finding your class peer. It's not necessarily if you have a towel, grab a towel. You're able to class. Notice. If we are puffing the ribs and try to draw back down, just a little more awareness to your center. If you're still wanting more, head to the back of your trysts up, lift up, lift your gaze. Last five Nice and so will release. Give your arms a little shake Stick with the right side. We'll take our right arm across our body, shoulder up, shoulder down. Pull your bicep in due to time's sake. I'm going pretty quick through these stretches, and we're only doing a few of them, so if you have time in your day, keep going. Right. Hang in it A little bit longer. Left arm up, left hand down the back. Right. Hands of the elbow hugged the rib cage down, lift up from the heart. And if you're wanting the full by not necessary I'm gonna spin for you. Right Some down and back up Maybe taking the full binds here Goma Khazanah softened the ribs down. And if you're wanting a little more, we can use our head against the back of arm to start to open up. But last breath wherever your app release the arms and the one more time Let's take the left arm across little shoulder up and then roll it back down. Really nice yogis. Come onto your hands and knees. Final stretch here with a nice deep breath and reach your right arm up Let your gaze follow. There was an excel, Reagan a thread are wrist right risk behind the left, right shoulder to the mat, Right. She phoned to the mount. Your left arm can crawl out in front of you Or maybe take the half mine, switching it out, Press into your left hand. Come back up, laughed Arm up, will open the chest. I'm gonna take it right under left shoulder. Left cheekbone to the map. Right arm can be in front or reach for the half bind. Find your back President into your right hand. We'll come back up two hands and knees and have a seat. So, like I've said earlier, if you have time in your day and you have time to do extra shoulder stretches, some that you know on your own may be spending more time with these. Um, I encourage you to do that, because what? ISS strength. Without flexibility. Right? I'm sure we've all seen a huge both men or women with tons of shoulder strength, big arms, big backs that can barely hold down dog. It's really all about mobility. And that's what takes your practice to the next level, right, being able to combine our strength with our flexibility. So keep stretching if you can take a Chivas and at the end. And if this video was a little too easy, press pause and just up your reps. Thanks, guys.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-45 minutes
Cycle: 26 days

Are you looking for an intensive yoga experience that will help you dramatically strengthen and tone your entire body? Then BodyStrong is for you. This month-long course is filled with effective exercises, challenging movements, and lots of tips and techniques that will activate your body and leave you feeling great in your own skin. In this class, you will use yoga for muscle tone and increasing overall strength. You’ll learn how to:

  • Strengthen and tone your whole body
  • Isolate and engage muscles in your arms, legs, abs and booty
  • Work to muscle exhaustion and continue through the burn so you get the most out of your workout

Ashley Galvin is a yoga instructor based in Manhattan Beach, California. She is known around the world for her strength and flexibility in her practice. Ashley teaches a strong and dynamic flow that will give you a deep understanding of the practice and cultivate body awareness. In these classes, Ashley will help you:

  • Focus on developing body awareness
  • Develop long and lean muscles you can be proud of
  • Tone your entire body

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: Toned Core
Core work is key for a strong, toned body and proper alignment. In this lesson, you’ll practice yoga to tone your stomach and fire up your entire core; the front abdominals, obliques, and your back body, which will set you up for success for the rest of your BodyStrong journey.

Day 2: Toned Legs
Toning your legs is about so much more than just strengthening. Today’s class will be pretty quad-intensive, but you’ll spend a lot of time on mobility as well, stretching and strengthening through dynamic movement to truly practice yoga poses to tone your legs.

Day 3: Toned Arms
Today you’ll build heat and feel the burn as you move through rep after rep of plank, chaturanga, dolphin pose, and more. Get ready to ignite and tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back body. Practice these yoga poses to tone your arms and shape your upper body.

Day 4: Toned Booty
Through a variety of asana, squat and lunge variations and reps, you’ll work your glute muscles in ways you never have before in today’s lesson. Get ready for an energizing, booty-lifting challenge.

Day 5: Toned Body
As yogis, we work through a lot of “push” movements; chaturanga, downward facing dog, plank—but we lack a lot of the “pull” movements. Today, it’s all about the pull. Step into full-body tone yoga and get fired up!

Day 6: Rest Day
Today is a rest day. Take a breather and let your muscles recover.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is a rest day, which is crucial for your muscles to have the chance to grow.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: Toned Core
Day 9: Toned Legs
Day 10: Toned Arms
Day 11: Toned Booty
Day 12: Toned Body
Day 13: Rest Day
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: Toned Core
Day 16: Toned Legs
Day 17: Toned Arms
Day 18: Toned Booty
Day 19: Toned Body
Day 20: Rest Day
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: Toned Core
Day 23: Toned Legs
Day 24: Toned Arms
Day 25: Toned Booty
Day 26: Toned Body

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Grady Lawlor

Fantastic class and teacher! This is a great routine to get into when working out from home has never been so trendy. This series absolutely pushed me to go further than I thought I could and luckily proved right. The results? Brighter mood, better sleep, fitter bod, more energy and overall feels like I accomplished something worthwhile! *Pro tips: 1) When Ashley mentions grabbing socks to make one of the moves harder, the ones for your hands do not need to be worn on your hands like gloves. 2) Do this series with an accountabilibuddy - for me, my fiancée - so when you mix up the step noted above and have wool socks up to your elbows ready to start the workout, someone can be there to laugh with you. 3) For the photographers, an old 5D MkII camera box was a perfect substitution for the needs of the yoga block used for some of the moves.

Anne Dougherty

This is amazing. Definitely NOT a beginner class, but Ashley is very clear in her presentation. The pacing is steady and demanding, but I find my strength and stamina improving with every workout. I have to simplify lessons to accommodate weakened muscles after several years of ill health, but I do what I can, and it feels wonderful. I do think this should perhaps be upgraded to ‘advanced’ from current ‘intermediate’ level grade. Even Ashley gets a bit winded and occasionally shakey, and she is as fit and strong as anyone I’ve ever seen.

a Creativelive Student

I have switched from my regular HIIT (high-intensity interval training ) to this workout. Recommend it if you've been working out for 3 -4 months or more and want to step up your fitness level.