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Body Strong

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Preview: Toned Legs

Ashley Galvin

Body Strong

Ashley Galvin

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Lesson Info

1. Preview: Toned Legs

Lesson Info

Preview: Toned Legs

Let's get into our legs today, it's going to be pretty quad intensive, but so much more than just strengthening our legs were going to do a lot of mobility and really take care of the knees and the ankles and stretch things that you wouldn't really think of, like that's, top of the feet, your achilles tendons, a lot of flexibility is needed there for these movements, and I doubt any of us really pay vat close attention in our daily life or take time to stretch out on our own. So we're going to be stretching and strengthening at the same time with this dynamic movement that's something let's come up into malala sana sometimes called yogi squat or sumo squat and start at the top of your map with your feet hip width apart, close out heels in we're just gonna have a nice squat here, so ideally, you want your hips as close to the floor as you can, and you're toast, pointing out the same direction as your knee's, keeping your knees nice and safe if this is way too much and you feel yourself ...

lifting up onto your tippy toes, grab a block, two blocks of pillow, whatever you have at your house, that's going. Viant for you just to take some of the weight off. But I challenge you not to build it up so high that it takes the work out because we do want to work if you can sit in this comfortably that's fantastic it's going to be a little easier for you, but once we start setting it for a longer period of time, that's when we start to get into the ankles the top of the foot, the mobility here. So before we add on, I just want you to relax. Let's, take your knees wide, soften your shoulders slumped down. Start to round the back body. You can crawl your hands out and just sort of melt helps to close your eyes. Maybe even set an intention for your practice. Why did you come onto the mat? Why did you take this plan today? Halfway through? You might be asking yourself why for a whole nother reason like what did I get myself into? It's? All good it's, crawl back up, take your hands to your heart. Now we're going to start to sit up nice and tall. I like to use my elbows as you can see into my inner calves or inside of my knee here just to apply a little bit of pressure and starts a open deeper into the hips. Now as I am opening my knees, I'm trying to sit up and bring my shoulders above my hips to the best of my ability we're going to start to move here in just a moment, but when we move be really focused on on ly moving from your heels so right now our heels are in our toes are out we're going to be lifting and lowering just moving the heels so the heels are going to come in so this squat the heels are going to come back to a forward full so before we get into the dynamic movement sigir fingertips down, gently lift your hips and ease the heels back, relax soften melts little space I decide we'll start to open the hamstrings a gentle band in your knee is absolutely fine and probably going to be necessary for most of us if you have really mobile hamstrings really open hamstrings of course you can straighten your legs I'm coming up to your fingertips your fingertips are going to stay down your heart's going to stay lifted we're gonna pivot the toes in lifting the chest, pivot the toes out, straightening your legs or keeping a gentle ben but I'm really going to keep my heart up the whole time so as I'm lifting and lowering, I'm pivoting but I'm not necessarily coming into a forward fold I'm more coming into ah flat back position if your hamstrings are open you can even keep your tailbone lifted like I'm doing is just going to add a little more stretch to the back of your legs god let's go last five three, two one we're gonna add on left arm up switch it out writer right hand down let's take the left arm back and forward starting to feel it in your claws a little bit switch out the arms kind of opening the chest let's do it without the hands forward go for five four three two one forward full shake it up doing good step your left foot back lower your need down stay on the left hand take your left heel all the way into your glue reached back for the top of the foot little quad stretch here this isn't accessibly of a straw patel that'll work just fine coming back will step back into armel asana on then switch it up I'm gonna keep my left toes pivoting out because I'm going to seeing my hips forward right heel to my glutes let's come back I'm allison a deep breath in forward fold shake out the legs he'll tell them your feet hip distance apart deep breath in will lengthen halfway up with the next help plant your hands stepping right back into plank pose if you've done my other plans her videos we can we've already gone over plank I'm gonna go over uplink again right now round the bath biceps spiral foreign triceps wrapping hug back, squeeze your forms until you engage your pecs lift from the corps, it's bring it back into the legs were gonna in hell trotter ranga, press back now this time really work the talk of your tailbone. Pull, pull! Pull your hips up to your ribs hall about the core hover five four over exaggerate the till and talk of your tailbone three, two, one lets you for charter. Rhonda press back tuck five, four, three two one last time nice plank. Looking forward to that shelter on the regular your club's prosit back a little tuck here. Last wife four, three, two and one straighten your legs first downward facing gaze up the hands. Maybe a little movement here in your hips I always take a minute to feel my way out. Feel how my body's feeling today and then settle back into your down, dawg. Let's bring our feet together gaze between your hands soft bending your knees walk or a little baby hop floated up we'll come into a forward fold here from your forward fold traditional chair toes together, a little space between your heels set up through the body and I want you to worry about the arms just yet little till in your pelvic bowl rib cage down corn nice and tight will come onto your tippy toes find the bouncing a little deeper into the niece hands to your hips let's open the niece and close when we close squeeze the inner thighs open release squeeze open squeeze now as squeeze we're gonna have that tiny bit of a tuck so you're starting to work into your hamstrings a lot of interior and hamstring squeeze squeeze who hurt bemoans five squeeze and tuck three two one let's lower the heels, lift lower lift lore, lift lower lift and slowly sink the hips who cracking my niece stick without mobility so we're sitting on our heels can you sit up a little higher through your chest taking your knees directly out from the hips reach your arms forward ground the heels but try to keep your hips up off the map now it's a transfer of balance not a whole lot going on a lot of flexibility in the angle extend your left leg ford flex the foot, place it back hips stay up the whole time if we can't right foot forward flaccid up nice and tall and well step it up one more each side laugh like for laugh like back last time right leg for it and right leg back nice rock up without their hands onto the toes find your core a little lift of your frontal hip points and I sent slow staying on our tippy toes can we lift our hips off our heels and come back into our tippy toe chair pose slowly really good let's open squeeze open as we squeeze we tuck ten nine eight seven six well five four, three two and one staying on the toes again let's slowly sink above are hell wth and this time set the knees down keeping your toast ought come onto standing at the top of your niece hips, knees or hip with the part tolls are the same distance as your knees toes are tucked you take your hands to your heart and nice and slow talk your telephone under lots of corn everything right I could essentially call any video core because that's how much I want you to be aware of your center just gonna lean back lean back and for lean back keeping your tailbone talked we're not back bend me lean you're adding on arms for heart stays up gay stay za and it's lean lean lean lean lean back keeping this shallow sea shape through the front body come back one more time can we leave hold for five four three two one pull it up awesome guys right hand to your right heel let's sink the hips down sweep your left arm up nice forward little easy stretch here half camel so nothing too heavy sink your hips down, switch it up, left hand to the left heel, sweep your right arm up, little half camel, second sight. Seeing the hips down, cigar needs together, toes are tucked. We're going to sit the hips on the heels and try just was again, a little bit of mobility. Can we slowly lift our knees and then ground the heels, keeping your hips up, lean the weight back, knees up, stay on the toes, heels down on let's, try one more time with the left leg forward, flax the toes, stepping back, good, right lake for it, let's, flex the toast, stepping back one more time, each side left leg, region, flex, hip. Stay off last time, right, like re tree treats and flex hip. Stay up. Nice forward, full stretch adam.

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-45 minutes
Cycle: 26 days

Are you looking for an intensive yoga experience that will help you dramatically strengthen and tone your entire body? Then BodyStrong is for you. This month-long course is filled with effective exercises, challenging movements, and lots of tips and techniques that will activate your body and leave you feeling great in your own skin. In this class, you will use yoga for muscle tone and increasing overall strength. You’ll learn how to:

  • Strengthen and tone your whole body
  • Isolate and engage muscles in your arms, legs, abs and booty
  • Work to muscle exhaustion and continue through the burn so you get the most out of your workout

Ashley Galvin is a yoga instructor based in Manhattan Beach, California. She is known around the world for her strength and flexibility in her practice. Ashley teaches a strong and dynamic flow that will give you a deep understanding of the practice and cultivate body awareness. In these classes, Ashley will help you:

  • Focus on developing body awareness
  • Develop long and lean muscles you can be proud of
  • Tone your entire body

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: Toned Core
Core work is key for a strong, toned body and proper alignment. In this lesson, you’ll practice yoga to tone your stomach and fire up your entire core; the front abdominals, obliques, and your back body, which will set you up for success for the rest of your BodyStrong journey.

Day 2: Toned Legs
Toning your legs is about so much more than just strengthening. Today’s class will be pretty quad-intensive, but you’ll spend a lot of time on mobility as well, stretching and strengthening through dynamic movement to truly practice yoga poses to tone your legs.

Day 3: Toned Arms
Today you’ll build heat and feel the burn as you move through rep after rep of plank, chaturanga, dolphin pose, and more. Get ready to ignite and tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back body. Practice these yoga poses to tone your arms and shape your upper body.

Day 4: Toned Booty
Through a variety of asana, squat and lunge variations and reps, you’ll work your glute muscles in ways you never have before in today’s lesson. Get ready for an energizing, booty-lifting challenge.

Day 5: Toned Body
As yogis, we work through a lot of “push” movements; chaturanga, downward facing dog, plank—but we lack a lot of the “pull” movements. Today, it’s all about the pull. Step into full-body tone yoga and get fired up!

Day 6: Rest Day
Today is a rest day. Take a breather and let your muscles recover.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is a rest day, which is crucial for your muscles to have the chance to grow.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: Toned Core
Day 9: Toned Legs
Day 10: Toned Arms
Day 11: Toned Booty
Day 12: Toned Body
Day 13: Rest Day
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: Toned Core
Day 16: Toned Legs
Day 17: Toned Arms
Day 18: Toned Booty
Day 19: Toned Body
Day 20: Rest Day
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: Toned Core
Day 23: Toned Legs
Day 24: Toned Arms
Day 25: Toned Booty
Day 26: Toned Body

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Grady Lawlor

Fantastic class and teacher! This is a great routine to get into when working out from home has never been so trendy. This series absolutely pushed me to go further than I thought I could and luckily proved right. The results? Brighter mood, better sleep, fitter bod, more energy and overall feels like I accomplished something worthwhile! *Pro tips: 1) When Ashley mentions grabbing socks to make one of the moves harder, the ones for your hands do not need to be worn on your hands like gloves. 2) Do this series with an accountabilibuddy - for me, my fiancée - so when you mix up the step noted above and have wool socks up to your elbows ready to start the workout, someone can be there to laugh with you. 3) For the photographers, an old 5D MkII camera box was a perfect substitution for the needs of the yoga block used for some of the moves.

Anne Dougherty

This is amazing. Definitely NOT a beginner class, but Ashley is very clear in her presentation. The pacing is steady and demanding, but I find my strength and stamina improving with every workout. I have to simplify lessons to accommodate weakened muscles after several years of ill health, but I do what I can, and it feels wonderful. I do think this should perhaps be upgraded to ‘advanced’ from current ‘intermediate’ level grade. Even Ashley gets a bit winded and occasionally shakey, and she is as fit and strong as anyone I’ve ever seen.

a Creativelive Student

I have switched from my regular HIIT (high-intensity interval training ) to this workout. Recommend it if you've been working out for 3 -4 months or more and want to step up your fitness level.