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Class Introduction

This is boca one o one with jeff rohaas. Jeff is in new york city based fashion photographer and instructor and we're really lucky to have him here a creative live I'm gonna turn it right over to you I'm going to throw this out there I'll be the awkward person to go ahead and mention this, so I'm going to be the only one that photo week this week. I'm the black sheep going to be the only one teaching guys how to get shots out of focus. You get all these instructors, they're gonna teach you how to get macrophage tiger macro photography, micro photography, composites it doesn't matter I'm going to have to teach you how to get good blurred photos out of each of your cameras and issue your lenses so where we're gonna go ahead and go in depth into what boca is? We'll go over the whole class and kind of discuss a lot of misinformation in regards to this topic, but before that so my name's jeff for hosam of portion and fashion photographer based in new york city. So I my job's to photograph p...

eople, people of all genres and types and sizes and shapes and colors and it's a fun job, but why does that qualify me to be here? Why does that allow me to be here to teach a class a basic class like this I'll tell you what we're gonna have a I'm gonna sit here like a grandpa we're gonna have a conversation about it so I love learning new things however, ever since I was little kid I filter things out I know that that's my learning stuff I want to know everything about something as quickly as possible so I filter out all the access all the theory everything just to get what I need use it and then be able to replicate whatever it is I've always been a person give me that information give it give it to me as quickly as possible so I can use it right away and I can gain the experience tohave anything a lot of photographers like that these days they want to know as much information as they can as quickly as possible expression in a day and age where it's instant gratification so book is one of those things where people just assume that it's extremely easy and I did to one of the one of the first things when I I actually disc lasses pitch to may which is funny enough they're like oh you really like simple subjects how we're going to have you teach this class that you politician five minutes in ninety so I could come up here teach for thirty seconds dropped the mic and walk off stage but that's what we're going to do today if I did that I'd be the rock star photographer ultimately it's this there's a lot of misinformation cause I think a lot of people don't understand the complexities that goes into book it and even so much as saying the word correctly you know something so simple as putting and phrasing that you'll find debates online for streams of comments and pages on how to pronounce it correctly first and foremost it's the japanese work so if you can say this once in your life my whole thing is you never have to say it again correctly because I don't speak japanese but if I could say it once on air and it's recorded I could go back to press playing like I said it right once on that's what we're gonna work so to pronounce the word the first thing is it's two separate sections it's two syllables the first one first word is like bo or bone okay second section is kettle or kennel the katie in the beginning so is ok, so if you pronounce things it's not bo kay or bouquet it's bo okay, so if you guys want to pronounce it it's because they're all silent, there should be some pronunciation going on here okay catches something so simple is I've never have to say that correctly so no, I'm gonna slaughter the word for the rest of the class because I said it correctly wants choking um again, there's a lot of misinformation in regards to what the subject is, what it entails. A lot of photographers had just told, shoot wide open and that's it you the chief broke it, but at the same token, that's half truth, there's, half truth of everything. You know, photography is really artistic expression, but there could be a lot of complexities behind what what certain subjects are, and in a subject like ok, which is literally physics, you can get really in depth, and we'll discuss a couple of different formulas that you can use. I'm not going to go ahead and make you guys memorize them, but there are formulas that you can recognize as your depth of field, how to calculate your depth of field and a lot of formal photographers. We'll go ahead and sit and remember those things, and I mentioned before, I like to filter out information, so I found that to be a relevant. When I first started, just give me the information, give it to me as quickly as possible, so the information gonna cover today is going to be so you're able to go back until it's a camera store, and if you need to go purchase of lens and this is something that you want to do or something you know, that you want to achieve how to pick out the perfect lens so this can go ahead and be a class for you guys to save a ton of money, because if you purchase them up with the wrong lens, you're not getting the same instead of quality that you're looking for, you may not be happy and bo kay to be plain and simple those of you that aren't friendly what it is it's not discussing how blurry your background this yes, I always want you remember this it's the quality of your blur, not the blur itself. How good is your blur and it's? A really subjective thing? Because what's blurry to may and what's good to me is may be different for you and you and you and you were all judge it is different things. That's ok, so it's all agreed to be wrong, right? Whatever it isthe, but we're going to talk about how to go ahead and manipulate this thing's case. The first and foremost she fashioned, I show a lot of guys and a lot of girls in new york city for different ads and different editorials and look books and such it's commercial photography, my jobs that need to sell clothes or sell sell product at the end of the day, even though I'm interacting with people, so see random shirtless man apparently and different pieces that I photographed them past. We'll talk about each of these. How I walked into these. You'll notice that bouquet was using some of them, or the blur was using some of them, ah, and not using others and those of you that want to find me. And if you if you think I said it wrong. So those of you that are listening online, if you guys, you guys will have your cell phones, which is a good thing. If you want to parade me for saying incorrectly after this and say you said it wrong after that that's, my user name, by all means. Go ahead and break me.

Class Description

Bokeh lends depth, beauty, and interest to photographs – learn the art of capturing it from fashion and portrait photographer, Jeff Rojas.

In this class Jeff will guide you through the process of creating different bokeh shapes using both available and artificial light. You’ll learn about the lenses that are most effective at capturing bokeh and you’ll learn some creative solutions for creating bokeh on a budget.