Understanding Depth of Field


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Understanding Depth of Field

Depth of field, our debt, the field are background I mentioned before booking is the quality of our backgrounds, so ultimately the whole class today should be focus here. But in order to do that, I need to discuss this. I need to discuss how this plays a huge role in manipulating your background, because for you to understand how to create blur, you have to understand how to control it up the field, because your depth of field is the focus plane in your photograph what's acceptably infocus versus what sense acceptably odd focus case if you can understand that, then you can say how I'm gonna be late my background now again well, I don't see I know my slides before they actually come up and there's no confidence modern here, I like this, I like this, so what I don't want you guys to do is confuse depth of field with book it's two different things, okay, step the field and this happens a lot because people will get into conversations and arguments and debates over the same thing. Your dep...

th of field is how much of your image is in focus versus out of focus. Your booking is literally the quality of your background and do background blur there's a two entirely different things, but they do work hand in hand, so how do you calculate I want you guys to write down this formula and remember it by the end of this class so you're heiple focal length equals I'm joking don't remember that this is what you want, remember and I'll give you guys a quick demonstration candy bar you because you're gonna be bubbly and happy to have a conversation thank you, thank you very much mind still in light wants it so I'm gonna grab the camera I'm gonna discuss step the field yeah, so how do you manipulate the depth of field? How do you manipulate your focal plane? You know what's in focus versus what's out of focus what's the difference between why and open versus deep depth of field from shooting something like to wait what's the difference between eleven a lot of people pick up the camera to say well, some things and focus on everything else is out of out of focus or something is completely out of focus whatever it is or everything's in focus and that's how I know how to have higher numbers generally beginner photographers there just like that's what they're taught but let's discuss how it actually happens and what happens. So if you remember the illustration from before we had our focal plane right we had our depth of field and it was in a certain area, so I look at it as a focal a block a block of focus okay, so the deep depth of field things like f eleven and higher have a bigger block of focus catch things that are a wider depth of field are more open depth of field I have less of a block so I may be focused on her but anything that's in focus it was probably just after her head and nothing more everything also brought to blur at a one point eight or two point if I'm close and we'll discuss how that plays into key role I just wanted to do I just want to bother you gonna have you up here for the fun of it soup how does that play? I know a lot of you have different cameras at the end of day we all have different budgets and we all have different finances and that's okay there's nothing wrong with that use what you have and I'm all for that you know I'm all for it and you not maxing out your credit cards because that's not what we're here so let's discuss the most boring subject in the world quickly okay. Full friend cameras is your thirty five millimeter that's your mark three's this body that's here just gonna pick it up my mark three crops sensor cameras so you're smaller format cameras I want you always to think about crop sensor cameras and it sounds like again physics crop sensor cameras are literally a crops in version of your full from camera it's. Literally like if it took out certain parts of your image and just focused on the center and the reason I want you to remember that is because we're going to talk about how, how book it winds up being no different from one camera to the other. And why people think that. Full friend cameras versus crop sensor cameras. Cameras are different.

Class Description

Bokeh lends depth, beauty, and interest to photographs – learn the art of capturing it from fashion and portrait photographer, Jeff Rojas.

In this class Jeff will guide you through the process of creating different bokeh shapes using both available and artificial light. You’ll learn about the lenses that are most effective at capturing bokeh and you’ll learn some creative solutions for creating bokeh on a budget.