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Bold & Fearless Design

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Start with a Power Pose

James Victore

Bold & Fearless Design

James Victore

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9. Start with a Power Pose

Lesson Info

Start with a Power Pose

Mohammad Ali. What's he doing? What is he just done? Was just when I should have Russian drawn Jorge Luis on the fund. The floor there. Writer George Foreman on the floor. I couldn't get rights for a picture. So this is like an artist's rendering of except bedroom without pants. So I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry, Ali, But, um, what he's doing is the power pose. It's called the power pose. And it's what athletes do across the board when they've when they've succeeded, you know, everybody does it. It's crazy. We watch the Olympics, you just see it all over. The place is really awesome. And what I want to do with you guys is I'm gonna introduce you to this thing. It's called the power pose. And it is, um um there was a study done at Harvard University, but Amy Cuddy and the study was actually called the benefit of power posing before ah, high stake social evaluation. So what I want you to do is what we do. And what I did before this before we started this morning is the power post. So...

what it is is that like believing in it, feeling it in your body saying to yourself, I got this. This is gonna be awesome. This is amazing. I do it often in the studio. Laura has to read. My wife has to remind me often. I did it before he did it for, like, four hours before here because I needed a lot of power posing to gonna get me. And but we do it before before a difficult phone call before ah, conversation where you ask for more money and what you're doing is you. Your You were altering your body, which alters your body chemistry, which alters your mind, which alters your behavior. And that alters the outcome. And the Harvard study proves that across the board numerous times in studies, it's crazy. So I want you out is a good time right now. Everybody stand up and just feel it like I've got this. I win, I win. This is awesome. Everybody online at home. I win. I win. I am the greatest of all time on, they say in the study. It says to do it like for two or three minutes, which is like, Could you imagine? It's great. It's like kind of It's kind of yoga. If you're saying like this and you're really reaching out, it's very yoga ish, isn't it? Uh, we got this. You guys are awesome. Yes, thank you. So power pose extremely important. Something to think about. Alters your mind, alters your behaviour, alters the outcome. You're like I gotta make a phone call and ask for money. This is gonna be awesome again. Putting it out into the universe extremely important.

Class Description

Short on time? This class is available HERE as a Fast Class, exclusively for Creator Pass subscribers.

An empowered designer is a truly creative designer. Let designer, author, artist, and activist, James Victore show you how to trust your instinct and embrace imperfection in Bold & Fearless Design.

When you follow the trends your ideas stagnate and you don’t create the kind of memorable pieces that get you noticed. Victore knows the antidote to that creative rut. Victore has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide. His commercial work continues to wow by being sexy, strong, and memorable.

Learn how you can make work that is captivating and uniquely you by taking a behind-the-scenes look at this renowned designer’s method, thinking, and inspiration. Victore will talk about playing with different tools (not just digital ones) and rethinking the role of a designer. 

You’ll learn:

  • Exercises for generating concepts and design solutions
  • How to incorporate your hand into your work
  • Unexpected image-making tools and techniques
  • Software strategies for turning the analog into digital

Poster design inspiration is the perfect blank canvas for experimentation. Posters can be adapted for anything from a book covers to dinner plates. In this class, the poster format provides a launching point for discussing by-hand design and reimagining creative possibilities.

Don’t be boring. Watch Bold & Fearless Design with James Victore and energize your unique creative spark.

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I am not a graphic designer, I'm an artist, but this class translates beautifully. James' teaching style is nothing short of delicious - fresh, alive, fun, exciting - while being full of depth and poignant, valuable content, much of which transcends medium and brings value to any creative individual. I found particular value in the lessons around tools (and altering tools), the criteria for good work, the need to infuse your opinion into your work, the value of abandoning perfection, paying attention to cancer that is one's ego and that we are meant to be creators, and not 'the help'. More than anything else though, I benefited from being reminded, with such a burning passion, that we are not put on this earth to pay a mortgage and support a family, but to identify our true work and to bring it into existence in this world. So nice to reminded of something I know but forget on a regular basis. One of the best online classes I have ever taken - a real home run.


I loved this course! Exceeded every notion I had. The design, concepts and principles were fun, funny and insightful. But James went so far beyond the "poster design" and into the philosophy, thinking, inspiration - huge! I am so glad I watched this course not only for the quick wit and fast humor (Jame's is smart! Sharp... And Really Funny - compliments his teaching and design), but the reading list he suggests, ways to nudge your creativity and the fashion with which he gets you thinking... Invaluable! Organic, Rich, Impact and message - this course has the design "how-to" covered, the real pearls are Jame's humble experience and generosity. Great Course... Oh, and check out his book! "Victore! or, Who Died and Made You Boss?" Inspiration and fun!

a Creativelive Student

Came to this course (and site) via Anna Dorfman's blog. Loved the motivational and philosophical aspects of the course. Very entertaining and inspirational. Also loved listening to Victore discuss his own work and process-- the stories of how he got specific ideas, tinkered with them, perfected them, etc.. As for the critiques of student and online work, I didn't find them very useful. I would love to see him pick out a few of the very best, and then give his own short and sweet-- and specific-- insights into how HE would improve them. Or just abandon the critiques entirely and instead show and discuss more of his own or other successful designers' work. Overall, fun and inspirational, with some helpful tips.