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Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

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Create Brand Building Information Products

Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid & Get More Clients

Michael Port

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9. Create Brand Building Information Products


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Create Brand Building Information Products

Book yourself solid is based on both philosophical and practical principles from a philosophical perspective we believe there are certain people you're meant to serve and others as my mother would say not so much and our jobs to work really hard to find the people were meant to serve now from a philosophical perspective book yourself solid is clean and this is kind of like a secret it's a love story disguised as a business book and love story between you and all of the inspiring clients that you serve and maybe even a love story between you and the whole idea of marketing inside because if you work only with people with whom you're meant to work, people that energize you inspire you and you might love every minute of the work you do and so what we need to do in order to get those kinds of clients is we need to make sure that we're creating enough awareness so from a practical perspective we understand that marketing does not get us clients sure every once in a while you'll do some clev...

er marketing thing and something just hire you right away but what gets you the clients is what you do once somebody becomes aware ofyou so we use the six core self promotion strategies which I'll be teaching tomorrow they are the fourth module in book yourself solid illustrated and there are six of them there are six core self promotion strategies three of them are optional. Three of them are mandatory and when will you find out which are mandatory, which are optional? Tomorrow, but all they do is create awareness, so if somebody becomes aware of you, then they walk. This is walking, this is them walking, sometimes they fly, sometimes they run over to your foundation because they need help and what they want to do if they want to make sure that this foundation it has been built for them, that they feel secure here and that the foundation is solid because if they don't, they're gonna go, let me get off this thing. This doesn't feel very safe, but if they do, they will extend their hand, and they'll give you an opportunity to what earn their trust now trust isn't built in an instant, isn't it's built over time, so your job is to demonstrate your credibility, which move them closer to you earn their trust over time through your sale cycle. Just what we just worked on your keeping touch strategy moves them through that sale cycle adam or accelerated pace, but not so fast that you spend them out of it. And your strategy for creating information products and putting them into your sale cycle demonstrates more credibility and earns trust more quickly and that's what we're going to work on now, your information product strategy session after this one the last session of the day then we're going to work on our pricing strategy and our sales strategy meaning we're going to master the book yourself salad four part sales formula how many parts doesn't have yes and then you will have moved through over yesterday and today the first module of book yourself salad the foundation the second module of book yourself salad building trust and credibility and the third monitor of book yourself salad perfect pricing and simple selling you will have done all three modules and then tomorrow we'll work on module for the six core self promotion strategies you guys with me say yes if you are say no if you're not we should hear a pin drop and we d'oh so you're with me good okay I think I just kicked the floor too hard it's made my muscle hurt okay so let's do this let's look at information products I want to make sure that everybody understands that we're not necessarily talking about doing massive information products we're not talking about I was going to pick up the book here but it's not there so just imagine there's a book right here we're not talking about writing books per se around this silly talking about creating big workshops, coaching programs or something like that although the structure that I teach you now to create information products can absolutely be used for creating those kinds of information products but what we make we need to make sure that we have is some sort of lead generating information product so that when somebody becomes aware of us and they come to our foundation and then they start to move into our sales cycle there's something that they would want to get so that they say yes I will let you market to sew these could be small they could be is simple is tip sheets but I want to give you a structure that you can use that will help you create these kind of information products no matter what size there sound good great so here's where we start we always start with defining the kind of information product we want to create that certainly helps and so what kind of information products are there you can say it and I'll repeat him tip sheets yes tip sheets videos yes adios yes top ten lists any kind of lists tip sheets workbooks that's a good start okay and you can create these very quickly don't necessarily need a lot of time to create those kinds of information products you could create lots of those if you're so inclined. So that's first that's number one number two is we need to clearly identify and articulate the promise of that product just like you would if you're creating a service what is the inherent promise in book yourself solid you get booked solid yeah get more clients so every information product needs to have a promise the contrarian effect one of the books I wrote the subtitle tells you the promise why it pays big to take typical sales advice and do the opposite so you do the opposite it'll pay big think big manifesto think you can't change your life and the world think again that's the promise you want to make a change in your life don't think bigger but who you are and what you offer the world it's in here beyond booked solid subtitle if I can remember it is your business your life your way it's all inside so it's all inside you and it's all inside the book that's the promise you can have your business you could have in your life and have it your way so sometimes the promise is inherent in the actual title sometimes the promise is inherent in the subtitle there's different types of titles and we'll talk about them a little later but first you've got to make sure you know what type of product you're going to create then you need to know what's the promise what am I promising here now? Obviously if you're doing it a top ten list or tip sheet you're not going to promise the world you're just going to promise you will learn these top ten things these tips for doing this right here is one thing you could do today that will make this happen so if you know what kind and you know what the promises then you want to look a tte the role you are playing because every product tell some kind of story and I'm not talking about you know this young guy who's a prince whose whose mother sleeps with his father's brother who kills the father kills the brother you know I think someone did something like that hamlet I think they called it so it's not that kind of story necessarily although that would be quite clever if you could figure out a way to make that into an information product that helped dentists get more patients so but still nonetheless there's a story inherent in that particular the story what's this story of thinking bigger about who you are and what you offer the world where does it start? Where does it go but what's the role that you play in that story as this story teller so there are a number of roles that you can play you could be the expert here's what I've done here's how it worked and here's how you control that's the expert you could be the interviewer you can interview other experts and say here's how these experts did it and here's how you could do it too in the process you position yourself as an expert as well because you're bringing all of that expertise a friend of mine uh mitch myerson wrote a book called years ago called the success secrets of the online marketing superstars years ago like the early days of uh, of the internet any interviewed different experts I think he wrote one chapter or two chapters but then every other chapter was an interview with an expert and it positioned him is an expert in that material and it's a pretty quick way to create a significant in that case information product so you could be the expert you could be the interviewer you could be the repurpose er taking existing content turning it into something else with permission if you're using somebody else's content with permission so you have over here you have the expert you have the interviewer you have the repurpose sir and you have the researcher the researcher goes out and finds information that's relevant and brings it back like comparing contrasting you could if you're let's say your teaching people how to do audio or video you can use this particular technology for video you could use this particular technology for video or you could use this particular technology for video so what's your role in the process now do some of these roles overlap? Of course they do you could be the researcher who is an expert but you're bringing very specific research to them often a white paper is research based but if you're writing the white paper and you're doing this research you probably be the expert in it but she still might be compiling information from other experts out there to demonstrate your point okay, so those are just a few of the roles you can play now those are the sort of production type roles meaning you produce from that perspective but then there's also what's the style what's the tone that you're bringing to this are you the reclusive genius whose only sharing this because they're forced to they don't want to talk to anybody but they made to do it are you the mad scientist who has its crazy ideas you know, in your building brands around whatever role you're playing are you the loving mother a the best friend? What role do you play from that emotional connection? Are you the stern uncle so that's where we start we start with what type of product then we make sure we know what the promises then we decide what role are we going to play once we know these three things we can then look at the frame work we're going to use to create the information product I would say so the novices here and the expert is here the person who is in pursuit of mastery here not yet the absolute expert yet but they're in pursuit of it there isn't a huge difference between what this person knows and what this person knows this person's information is much better organized so think about the organization of the information that you're presenting is going to either increase their confidence in your expertise or decreases and more organized it is the easier it is for them and consume which of course is going to compel them to see you is the expert because you're making it easy for them to understand and consume this is a very important part of any kind of information product development and any kind of service development when you're selling something what you're selling needs to be very well organized or else they're not sure exactly what they're getting exactly how the process is going to work if I'm gonna hire you is a photographer and I have any question about what I'm getting with the service or the package or exactly how it's all going to go down I'm gonna have anxiety and I probably won't buy as a result you've heard the confused mind always says no unless you're a manipulator or con man than you're trying to confuse the mind and get it to say yes that's something else entirely so the organization of what you're presenting is essential this is why I give modules and numbers and they clearly defined lines between the different things that I'm teaching you that's why I say here is a pattern here is the structure here's a path first what type of product you're going to create a second what's the promise of that product third what role are you going to play fourth what's the structure what's the framework that you're offering so here are a few examples of frameworks and there's probably more but these are examples you see often self help business help different types of information organization you often see the numerical framework new era six keys seven rules no particular order necessary but if you give each one a number a it's easier for you to create because you're now have a structure and b it's easier for them to know what they're going to get so they want to buy it or take it for free and then consume it and then it's easier for you to teach over the long run because you can say here's number one here's number three but you could actually present these in almost any order think of stephen covey seven habits of highly effective people you could read any one of those in any particular order he decided to put them in one two three four five six seven for whatever reason he had but you could go I used to teach eyes do a speech called seven simple rules for producing remarkable projects with a friend of my name how make homer we could teach any of those rules in any order because there's certain rules you follow when you're doing production products prop projects and if you were following those rules you will probably produce something better than you even thought going into the project you might also have a chronological framework, which means it might be combined with a numerical framework and that's. Usually when you get steps this, then this, then this, then this. You might also have a modular framework. Book yourself. Solid is a modular framework because I need to so much information I have to break it up into more manageable pieces. And you notice I haven't won big. Then you break it up into four things that each one is broken down into lots of smaller bits that you can consume each one on its own. But remember how I said, you can often combine frameworks. So I took the modular framer for book yourself solid. And I made it chronological. So I want you to do module one first. Then I want you to do module too. Then I went and there's a very clearly articulated reason that I want you to go through the system. In that order. There's the compare and contrast framework do you know? Good, good to great by jim collins, one of the biggest selling business books of all time. Amazing book, basically, he's comparing companies that were good with companies that were great and the companies are similar accept the fact that one was good and one was great. And he says here's why these were good and here's why these were great and so now you're seeing well, I see the difference I can go do those things to try to make a great company what role was he playing when he created that compare and contrast? Researcher now he's a professional researcher so that was a big study done at his university when you're creating smalley generation information products, you don't need to do a thirteen year study price some people will think, but michael, I don't have time to do a thirteen year study I'm saying no, I'm I'm talking about your creator your compare contrast that fits on one page right so that's another framework that you can use there's also the problem solution framework here's a problem there's a solution here's a problem here's a solution I found seven problems that that most women have when they try to date right that's not a good title but you understand and then here are the seven solutions seven problems have three problems number one biggest problem number one solution simple and I think that's pretty good for now you might come up with a whole nother framework I'm giving you these as a way in to see well which one do I think I might be able to use? Because not only does it help the consumer of the information makes it easier for them to understand what you're talking about and do something with it it's also easier for you to create because a lot of times people start with information products they were started just like a blank piece of paper where do I start? Well now we know where to start what type? What role was the third one see if you're paying attention I was abou framework first the role then first that no guys listen pay attention watch here look first what type of title? Second the promise third the rule forth the framework fifth the information that goes into that framework which is usually some sort of table of contents even if you're just doing you know, six tips you need a table of contents to start to organize your thoughts I think these are the six things that I will tip people off about. What do you think of that as a structure for starting to create information products and that school say yes if you d'oh yeah now what's interesting is that you can use this if for tiny little products and you can use this for huge huge books this is how I write my books this is how I think about any question things from you guys or from those at home or any comments from those at home any questions from you guys and good thing very clear to you totally clear, huh? Again do you see why it's clear? Because I take I know what uh role playing right? I know what the promises I know what the role is I put together a very simple chronological framework and then I decided what those particular steps are good so within each project you want to keep the same role but can it change from project? Absolutely you can change roles on all of the information products that you're creating generally when you think about the style, the tone that you're bringing that roll of probably don't change too much because like, you know, one day I don't want to be like the mad scientist and next day like the jewish grandmother, you don't mean it to be weird unless that's part of your brand that you have multiple personalities, which could be fun haven't seen it work yet, but you could try yes, well, I was tying into that yesterday we worked on our personal brand, so should that maybe tie into the roles that we choose when we're thinking absolutely my role is the expert and I'm going to make you think bigger about this whether or not this information product says anything about big it's gonna keep pushing bigger thoughts, bigger ideas, bigger action oh you're bringing that personal brand identity to it you have a question from amc bride in ireland is is it bad form or good idea to use a similar information in different products for example pdf outlining something and a video siri's in the same lessons and doesn't need to be expressive specifically said to be the same thing fabulous question okay there's a great question because what it introduces to us is the concept of repurpose and content repurposing means using the same content again reconfigured however so you could take a small bit of content a little bit of content and you khun turn it into another product by expanding upon it in some way he in turn it into another product by expanding it yet again you can turn it into another product by expanding it yet again you're just using different delivery systems different types of products so in her case maybe she's talking about well one might be une male course of some sort then I want to turn that into a tele seminar I don't want to turn that into a workshop I don't want to turn that and maybe you're not even expanding the con ten you're just reorganizing it to fit that particular delivery method and that is an incredibly effective way to build a brand identity around a piece of content and to create multiple offers that you can price in different ways different size offers that will fit into your sale cycle building out a more comprehensive sale cycle so book yourself solid is a book I do it is a keynote I obviously can't do it is a three day workshop this way. It's a licensing program to become a certified book yourself, solid coach. What else do I do with it? The alliance? Yes, the alliance mentioned program with michael. One of the tracks is the book yourself. Solid track. I do a four week intensive. We actually have one starting. I think in a week or two where I do an hour and a half on the phone twice a week. Oh, you know, with a webinar a condensed, intensive and each one is a different price point because they have different time lanes. They have different interactive interaction levels and they have different delivery systems. We even have a home study course, that's a lot of video for me and then the exercises. So you're repurpose ing that content and as many different ways as possible. You just have to make sure if you're selling the same content you're selling those you're selling those offers to the same people, you have to make sure that each one is something different for them, maybe the similar content, but they're getting something else out of it because of a piece in that particular offer, for example, if someone does before we intensive, they're going to get on the phone twice a week for an hour and a half and they're gonna listen to me give a talk and then they can ask questions either over the phone or through the chat box but it's for weeks and then it's done they're not gonna have any access to me after those four weeks except you know, on twitter, facebook, black not in a coaching type relationship and it's not gonna be a purely personal I mean, I could answer the questions but I'm not spending a lot of time with each individual so it's priced accordingly a lot of those people then will say I want to do mohr you don't deliver that in such a way that it's not enough you deliver a fully on the promise that you made in that particular offering they say I want to spend more time with michael I have spent a year I want to meet him every quarter for three days because I only understand this takes time so maybe then they will go and apply for the allies yes, we're still doing book yourself solid work in the alliance but we're also doing other work but the experience is dramatically different so a product or service can change using the same content but the experience is different another question yes sir ready for I think so let's make it happen this is again coming from the chat room I think a lot of people that think about getting those informational products out there they don't know where to begin with someone's asking I would like to write a book and create and at the questions which should I do first is one support the other or vice versa best those that will either one I mean to a certain extent I think you do whichever one you can do more quickly first I look I am not a huge fan of starting out of service based business with book unless you are an experienced writer and you know you can knock it out quickly and you believe very strongly that you could do the marketing to make it move but it is a huge undertaking I don't know people don't realize you know when philip says oh twenty three dollars for a book that's a lot to say are you kidding I spent a year on this twenty three dollars for the r you know but that's the framework people have in their mind with a book that's fine of course the book is also a marketing tool right the old information's in there but you want interaction you want connection you want a community you want accountability there's a lot of different things that you might want that are not in the book because information is only a small part of the game and remember that human connection we'll forget about that the information was just a small piece of the equation when you meet somebody that you respect if you've consumed anything formacion products you might say that oh my god I love the way you did this but what's that what do you usually first saying to them what is it usually what are you first thinking or saying or why you would want to meet somebody that you have light because why because who they are that's the connection so you know you said something to me that made me so happy at lunch time I was just you know honored that you said it and thrilled and that's it wasn't about the content it was about who I am that's that's what people first focus on not everybody's going to love who I am but we make that connection so you got to remember that that is the most important ingredient so somebody will say well michael they'll say I have this idea to do this book like the person uh online there but I guess it seems like other people have done it do you think before I wrote book yourself solid they were any books on marketing for small business or service professionals of course there were but when you bring when you choose your role and you bring yourself to that role your voice is making a connection with the people your men to serve like I love john's book, john is going to connect with other people they're going to be things that overlap, which you'll see you'll be cool and there'll be some things that he'll focus on mawr because he hit to him those air more important and there's things I focus on more because to me those are more important I don't think you'll find too much that contradicts but it's the style it's the tone is the personality that needs to move into any kind of product or service you sell, so if you don't want to make information products antonio or you don't think information product sir for you what I am talking about is one hundred percent relevant to any service you said think about it, what am I selling? What am I created? What's the promise of that what's the role on playing you know, for a photographer are you just the photographer or do you have a particular role that you play with the people you shoot? This is a really good question what roles might a photographer play? Yes, you have to make you well, I think the photographer's sort of the person that's almost outside of all the other wedding planning because they just do one service for one little particular part and they're not part of their part of everything but their separate person they're more accessible and so they're sort of your safety blanket if it's all coming apart you the photographer is likely to be there yes, so you might not say to somewhere I'm playing the role of the safety blanket but you might you know, you might have another way of articulating that you know, you might be play the role of the best friend who causes you no stress because your best friend is going to cause you a lot of stress around your wedding for whatever reason I don't know why they just do I mean, I saw the movie bridesmaids, right? So so what other kind of role might you play? Right? You know, are you the grandfather who takes you under his wing and what role do you play? Storyteller? Yes, that's great and I think mentor you've been at these weddings before and if you see the bride's going to fall apart you khun, you can be the one that said I've seen you know, I've seen this take a breath, okay? You could be that and you don't necessarily have to say I'm going to play therapist to you, but that perspective we'll go into your marketing materials and the way that you interact with them they'll see it and you will now have a particular focus that you will bring to the way you develop the dynamic of the relationship any other questions before we move on I think we continue move on roger that jenna susan ate a please come on down come on, come on let's go come on, come on just take a seat. Eight a ladies and gentlemen, eh let's start with you. All right, jenna what type of product that you create? I think I wantto create some sort of step by step guide a step by step guide to what teo overcome your fears of stepping outside your comfort zone so overcome your fears and getting more confidence exactly who's the target market nutritionists who are holding themselves back because of their lack group do you see again how this target market question keeps coming back up in all of these things? Do you know the target market in the foundation? How do you do all this? Good number three one of the benefits maybe the red hot benefits of consuming this information product click they'll feel super confident so that will give them the fire to just go out there and get it done so that's delivering on the promise that big promise any other benefits that might come on the financial benefits yeah definitely they would be able to put themselves out there more in their business so they'll be able to get more clients fillmore programs everything like that so you could even be more specific with a structure what put themselves out there means john you're now do you understand what I'm saying, right? Yeah, any other emotional benefits besides just confidence but what else would they get it? They'll feel happy I feel like I'm really living my purpose and doing what I love to be doing excellent what about the look and feel so this is interesting because, you know, in the old days when I started back in the old days, you know, we actually made information products like actually on cds in cases and we mailed them so you wouldn't have to think about what I want to look and feel what's the design look what's the what's, the feeling I want people to get when they look at it or touch it isn't important part of any kind of product development, but now you're doing a lot of this online, so do you just want it to be like there's a bunch of words on a page? No, you wanted to have another kind of feeling what kind of feeling do you want it to have? Like colorful and fun? Yeah color phone fun so fun is they're feeling right I wanted to look colorful or to feel fun this is a way to start thinking about the design elements even before you create so you can incorporate those elements in the creative process in the content creation process yeah, yeah, what about how will you leverage this into lots of different types of information products? I could see it becoming a larger programme with actual modules that it just becomes even figure no is that good? We give her a round of applause right on. Let us note her watch matches her shirt very nicely done. Susan let's do you? What about you? What type of product do you think you would want to create? Because remember you create the product you need now you don't create the product you need four years from now if you do not have a lead generating product you creatively generating product. If you have a lead generating product, then maybe you create a monetized product and maybe you're reaching, figuring that lead one and turning it into one that you can monetize if you have those two well, maybe it's now time to do something big maybe you are a the stage where you could do a book again photographers guys, you've got this so easy because you have to picture books ah picture with like five words or five lines or a quote you can make this on apple, right? Apple books we make apple books at home so these kinds of information products are a snap to you then I know one or two of you guys like to keep putting yourself outside of this oh, I couldn't do that I wouldn't do that I couldn't do that and the answer is yes, you could absolutely. My former wife has a facebook page that within I think was three months she got over thirty thousand likes and three months you know, all she did she takes a picture with the you know, the artist's permission and then she writes a couple of words about it a couple lines and people share it and now artists all over the world are sending her pictures to put up there and she's been working on this big book he's got a thinks he's wanted to do for a long time and I said I would forget about that just make a picture book just take all the stuff from this page put it into a book with your lines, publish it yourself people by in a heartbeat why packaged the facebook pages great, they can follow it but something's they'll miss it and there's a lot of things from the past they might not wanna scroll look now it's in a picture book me seth golden took his blogged and made it into a book this big he just like here this is my block for the last ten years by the book and people bought the book you could go to the block and you could read every single one of those things but you still bought the book why it's packaged so what type are you going to create? Um, I was thinking about some type of idealist maybe I'm always coming up with ideas I toward the authors like ideas of waste that they could really maximize their message in there, but ah, so it's like a a certain number of of clever ways to pull money from your book, right? But I see two different angles with them, and so I'd love your feedback on it because the other thing is that there they're doing this solo, so they're traveling there speaking, they're doing all these things, so maybe there's also an idealist of how they could really streamline or developed some systems within what they do doesn't make it it's not it's, not this or that it's both they're both great ideas for content so let's, just take one of those now and we'll move it through the process, okay? And of course we know the target market, the authors who write for moms and with the benefits of which one of you going to choose for this let's let's, go with the monetize that mess of the benefits of monetizing their message from a financial, emotional, physical, spiritually perspective, well, they discovered new ways that they could maximized their thoughts promise so she's delivering on that on and emotionally that would help them just to feel more alive and excited about what they're doing again instead of the drudgery of all the travel physically I'm sure the stress level goes down oh yeah yeah especially from not having a travel truly really I mean for some people that kind of travel is painful really, really difficult yes and they feel less less connected so I know that you're talking about being on purpose is part of the spiritual right and they get to reconnect with their community and their own what? Their home base right on it's great right does this process help you organize your thoughts say yes if it does you good really nicely done give a round of applause you guys will actually be back in a minute questions? Comments from thie internet yeah, we have a question I think a lot people may be curious about this one's calling from paul on our chat room he says how is this relevant michael to those of us who do b to b business to business over not looking toe work directly consumers but there are clients out of business absolute the same thing because the people who are on b two b are looking for services from you and they want information that relates to those services so you know you're not going to put together some you know but maybe you would put together a workshop for that maybe you would put together a product that brings industry experts opinions together right because then you're the go to person with all that information so absolutely lots of different ways to leverage this whole concept and I'm assuming with your work even book yourself solid your work probably isn't limited just to consumers and you work with organizations as well sure we bring book yourself solid into large organizations so that's business to business I guess I don't really you know I try to stay away from too many labels like that I think who needs to buy this who needs to use it well if I look at a real estate agent said kelly keller williams or something and we'll all the realtors who works with keller williams need this by look at uh insurance companies well they have all these agents who are independent underneath the umbrella of that so they needed I look a fitness organizations I say well this fitness organization they have clubs all over the country well they have hundreds of thousands of person trainers who need to book business inside the clubs they need so you can go and sell it directly to the consumer or you can sell it to the business and they can bring it to the people inside that business so there's no shortage of amount of people or businesses that can give you their cat there's no shortage of shorted out all of you guys in to the audience now there you probably get some ideas of who these potential clients are beyond we thought they were yesterday we first arrived well, you know essentially you say that antonio this I had this idea of no shortage I really do see the world in that way the idea uh well the economy is kind of doesn't exist anymore that's done whatever economy we're in we're in a period that's just at this point it's an excuse if your industry that you worrying is no longer there find my industry is no longer there I need to do something else but the excuses do not get us anywhere I mean this is most obvious statement I could make why do we still do them? Maybe we don't want to do the hard work trying to figure out howto apply something that we've learned maybe we're scared that if we try it and it doesn't work we wasted our time but let me tell you something if I had a nickel for every thing that didn't work that I tried I would never need to work again if hollywood knew what made a hit they'd only make hits they wouldn't make most of the movies they make same thing if publishers knew what would make a hit they would only buy those books so even the ones who are the experts the big name publishers the big hollywood producers ridley scott he's had some clunkers they're the experts there supposed to know well, not everything works but when it works when something becomes ahead it stays ahead so if I could go back and do everything all over again I might actually have not written the additional books that I wrote they bring business no doubt about it they sell no doubt about it but it took so much work to do all of that I think part of the reason I did all of that is because I wanted to make sure everybody knew I was smart you know there's the looking for approval thing but if I go back now and look at and say should have been focusing more on results and I should have taken book yourself solid and continued to leverage it and all the different ways I'm doing now I should've been doing back then you see so when you find something that works pretty well, stick with keep improving it find ways to continuously improve find ways to reconfigure it find ways to bring it to new markets find ways to build your brand around it. Anything else from home you have a number of questions coming in one from jennifer kent who is wondering how do you define the promise if you are just starting and you don't have proof that it actually gives you that benefit? Well, you know this is one of those kind of gray areas you know I think for most all of us who provide services, we can never guarantee an exact result for them as I said before but I can give you all the information you got to do something where they didn't do anything with it not a lot I can do, but I know that it has worked in the past now her situation is well, I don't know that it's worked in the past, so you keep the promise a little bit more modest like I feel very comfortable that you could say here are five things you can do to increase your confidence and that you could deliver on that promise even if you haven't worked with one hundred clients because there are certain things that make sense to people that if they do, they will in for example, if you make a commitment he knew fulfill it, you're probably going to increase your confidence you feel good about yourself that you can follow through on something would anybody argue with that? No. So there is a promise I can make it if you do that because it's common knowledge to a certain extent and if some of us do have empirical data, I would say you're not my ideal client, right? Because, you know, I'm half joking here, but you understand what I'm saying so this is what if she goes back to the world we did earlier where we looked at, what does it take for you to a feel comfortable saying, you're an expert in your field and b if you don't feel one hundred percent comfortable yet, what do you need to learn? Or due to feel comfortable saying, I'm an expert that I can deliver on that promise and what's your plan for making that happen? How do you plan that out over specific, certain period of time?

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Michael will teach you:

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If your business is just getting off the ground and you need help finding the perfect client, this workshop is a must-see.  


a Creativelive Student

What marvelous three days those were! Michael Port is unbelievably generous and nice. A real blessing to the folks in the studio audience and us at home. I watched all three days, but felt compelled to own the videos as well, because it's by practicing and revisiting this content that we can all get booked solid. I want also say that Antonio and Kenna were great hosts. Book Yourself Solid has been my mantra for the last month and I hope it continues to be for years and years to come. Read the book (it's important) and watch the videos (they complete your view of the whole system). Thanks Michael Port. Thanks Creative Live. Good luck to us all!


I would recommend this for most. I loved listening to Michael but as a photographer I felt a lot of his applications and exercises did not apply. I heard reference to "Wedding Photography" more times than I would have liked. Since Creative Live is such a big photography learning site; I would have liked to hear more reference to where this would work say for a Day In The life, Pet or fine art photographer. I suppose just more photography relation's would have been nice. All in all I had fun doing the exercises and there was a lot of phenomenal info in these videos. I'll be watching them again soon.


This is an amazing course, this is what a lot of marketers are teaching but with even more clarity and with his personal systems added that help with your work in the world. This information is so easy and clear, he takes you step by step, and the workbook is essential and extensive and easy and fun to follow, I've been listening over and over again, because there is just so much info that you have to hear it numerous times, at least I did, if you follow all the steps this course is better than courses that cost thousands of dollars. And he's a great presenter!