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Boudoir Posing with Lady Tatas

Wei have two models that air coming in. I'm just gonna be showing you posing today. Ah, and like I said before the break, I'm really going to be sort of breaking it down and showing all the little details and sort of work arounds of things. So to help you as well as just showing you how easy it is to sort of it doesn't seem unnatural to get himto a point of warrior. When people are looking at my work, they think, how the hell am I gonna get to do that? Um, so this is sarah uh, sir, if you could stand up and come over here leaves the robe. So when I started shooting, I had the same talk that I tell everybody. So big things are is popular, but I actually even showed them which is the opposite of thrusting forward thrusting back. He needed arch in the lower back and shoulders are back and down on you haven't arts that whole way. But the stomach goes forward when you do that. So then I asked them to think tight, not suck in one. I never want to ask somebody to suck in because that play som...

ething but two more think tight abs and up so well pointing the toes they always pointing in this direction not this direction uh if I was shooting I would say when you're looking at me, look at my lens not my one eye that's sticking out when I tell them the look down I asked them or look straight down but not dropped their chin so almost like look at their own lips no matter what position they're in a swell as I explained implied nudity is a given s o we are going to fake implied nudity today because she's wearing skin colored underwear under her this underwear so I say even though you feel like your crotch is right out there and I'm shooting it it's not you've seen the work you see the shadows you see that it's pointed in the other direction things like that I I ask from their comfortable with showing nipple and that's completely up to them. I don't it's like we said, we don't force them that's completely up to them in terms of showing nipple other than that I asked them to think about this thing I asked him if they have a significant other if they say yes, I asked him to think about it some people laugh at that because they don't want teo s so then I asked them if they have a crush like a celebrity crush so think about that if it goes through and they don't have anything that I asked him eventually I just say okay, I just really want you to think about sex because I want that look to come to their eyes also explain if I asked them to look off into a direction to pick something specific to look at so their eyes don't go dead so just run their eyes over a detail over and over and over again on dh then little smart smart with no teeth are a little bit of teeth or open mouth awesome may I'll tell them I'll probably ask them to breathe through their mouth feels dumb but it looks good and that's pretty much it that's how we start then they would go in I pick all their lingerie for them they will bring their own in we have a closet with over three hundred pieces on dh so I I'm the one that picks it and one of the ways another way to break sort of through that barrier with your client is touched there peace is, um I touch their underwear and so I'm probably the first man other than their significant other that is touching their underwear that's a very intimate thing but it breaks that wall down right away and they have to become comfortable right away so that's just a small thing to be able to do that so so if you can come right there so a few small things, uh, legs right together, great drop a leg dropping me and then when you do that, but let all the weight go perfect. So it's a big difference. So do what you originally wanted to do. You don't get much of a curve going and then do drop all the way and he had way more of a curve no matter who I'm shooting, I wantto big curve on them. I don't care if they're ninety pounds. I don't care if there's three hundred pounds I'm going to do the same thing with, um because I want a curve I want as much as possible also has some pop your butt to a swell great and then shoulders back and down. Great so I want this big arch everywhere I want curves. Another thing just to soften the look would be just tilt your head a little bit to the side just slightly great, not so much. Come back a little bit perfect with the tilt them that head thing it's not actually just tilting the head because then you get that weird muscle thing going it's just letting the whole head go over the whole neck that goes over. So this would just be a very standard standing pose but she has to do something with their hands right? So there's plenty that you could do with hands and this is where it goes you've seen that I've already told her what to do from head to toe on this so then the simple thing about getting her to take it to the next level is things like grab your straps with me and then pull them off to the side and hold them great something small like that it just gives that it's a very small instruction they don't even think about it and that's how you that's one of the ways pretty stripes back on another thing put both sums in the middle of your underwear and pushed down great again another very simple thing but it's very suggestive of where hands are and it very much just it's just a simple thing it's a simple instruction it's just very detailed of what the instruction is I'm not barking at her I don't have super the way I'm talking right now with this sort of I'm not super excited I'm not a super excited person anyway, but I don't pump them up like I play music when I shoot but it's not like this big party like where we're gonna have so much fun because they're going to be distracted by that and so what I want is just to have to be able to get very simple instructions to be able to get to that point okay uh take your hands out another thing we spread your legs and then just let all your weight goto one side and keep your leg straight go to the other side for me okay go back so everybody has a natural side that their hip you saw when she went back and forth it looks better on this side three other thing that you will get with this is they will try and bend their leg you want it straight on dh with her foot here is they will try and pointed out for me they will try and do that that is a fitness pose on and it looks weird to me so don't do that read it back again in this you can do all the same things like it's not like I have this huge catalogue of poses that I have it's all about the little details that allow me to take one pose and just do the same thing she could pull the straps up again she put her thumb in the underwear she put her thumb in the side of the underwear and pull it all the way down there's a ton of things you could do she could look down the sides turn your head this way and look down the side, reach your hand up and grab your hair just really lately perfect and then put your thumb in your stocking great so they're like totally new pose right there right off the bat like it's just very yes oh I just wanted teo teo asked a question about when you said one person each person has like a natural hip when you shift it what exactly were you looking at to see which was you said this looks side looks better what were you looking at? Okay so drop your hands for me go to the other side and then go back it's the curve and that's the way her legs street so go back it's awkward right there I know it's a small thing and it takes a while to see but it's just there's an awkwardness of her being on this side go back to the other side it looks way more natural and her butt pops a lot easier on this side as well thank you um so other things so that would be standing things but there's different things like turn sideways towards me great but your feet right together so somewhere along the lines I've heard in everybody brings it up in my workshop that the front light gets bent no, I don't believe in that at all um bend the back leg so what happens is you see and pop your butt is you get a nice curve here right switching your legs you lose all that she's got a flat but so why would you want to have the front like curved like that so we do it the opposite way so go back the other way great and then look at them look that way great. Grab your ships again pull him off. Great. So there's all kinds of in this position all kinds of angles like you have to approach it as I know a lot of people shoot and very small spaces but you have to be able to you look at a small space and see all your angles you need to learn where your lights coming from so you're not fighting against your late but you also need to learn how to work in small spaces to be able to get as many angles as possible out of this pose alone. I probably say I could easily get six shots out of this for my clients I might not pickle of them, but at least I want to take them so that their options for me to choose from that um so if you I'm gonna do that come on over here for me. Go down on your knees. Keep your knees right together great. And sit on your feet said okay with your heels okay, so sometimes the heels really hurt and I'll let them take their heels off but I just asked them so here's the difference between sort of just a normal pose and pushing it that much further eso again grab your straps wearing but just hold them like, look at me right here. Just hold them like that and, like, sort of push in a little bit. Great. So here's this pose she could be looking at the camera I could have her look down to the side I could ever look, uh, turn your chin just a little bit this way and then looked out great. So great it's a nice pose if you want to push it just that bit further spread your knees more great. There it becomes much more inviting, it's obvious what you are now having to look at when you look at the look at her on dit takes that simple it's just those simple things and your client is never going to think anything of you saying, can you spread your knees? If you say, can you spread your legs? Yes, they might think that's weird. If you say spread your knees, it doesn't even compute with, um, like they do it, and because they're giving them so much instruction. By the time you're doing this, they don't even think about what you're asking, they're just following instruction, and so again with this shot you could do a million things with it again the other thing is that I like to do a lot of sort of first person feel to it so something I would do if you look up at me and then give me your hand just like that and I look right here for great so I would be that's where I would be shooting it right and it just gives this sort of very much is this first person feel and then touch her lip for me as well and then just go back and forth like that and then stop so I'll get them to do movements because a lot of people like your clients they don't know how to pose right so you say grab your hair and their lives just like grabbed a mash of it and so I let them do movement and then when I find the spot that I like I get them to stop so something like this is it's just vary again it's sort of first person that that I'm looking down under you don't see my body at all but it does give that illusion of sort of breaking that fourth wall and so the viewer is feeling is confronted by it and confronted by this pose she's on her knees it's very obvious what even with the hand up it's very obvious of what I'm trying to imply with that um okay can you turn around like that great. Grab your, uh, feels great, and then look over your shoulder and down. Great. Don't tell your head, though for me. Great shoulders back now, relax limb. So it's something if you put someone in a position and you don't like it it's okay to say no, I don't like that, like go back if you're doing it like every pose that maybe that's a problem? S o something like this again. It's, I'm just taking the same posing, shooting it from the back instead. Um and having your look back, it brings your eye to that attention. So if you're looking at this photograph, I know her hair's a lot in the way, so I would probably move it just a little bit. I have no problem, um, touching my client's hair ever. Um, if I have to touch a grange anything of with their underwear or something, then I'll say something, but in terms of their hair, I just go up and move their hair because if they're in a position, I don't want them getting out of a position to move the hair and then trying to get them back in that position, and the hair is just going to go back anyway, something like this, like you're looking, you see her you're going to see your face that's going to bring she's looking down is going to bring you back to her butt and you're just going to get recycled with it especially however you play with light as well lights a huge factor in here you know it's a pretty solid light so there's not really I can't show you like shadow and things like that but what this allows you to do with light as well is it just allows you to make focus exactly what you want them to see what you can also do with this with this pose is it could be bottomless this post onda again that just hypes it up even that much more ok let's go on the bed and just sit on the bed when you sit down though like squat a little bit great okay so one thing if you're going to keep the legs together when you understand I bet so put your legs together mean back with your hands great but turned them like this great let one foot come on a little bit more than the other switch it on your tip toes for me great so I like to have my legs at different lengths reason for this is it makes the legs look longer so bring your front leg beside your other like and makes her look very short bring the leg it just even more a little bit it just stretches her out because there's something to compare it to and it gives her that look, look down to your side or me. Great chest way up but popped great. So this you know, I could shoot this from any angle that I want. I like to come in like I showed earlier. I'd like to come in for detail so I would come in and shoot just her mouth. Another thing drop your head back all the way just relax, close your eyes and open your mouth and breathe through your mouth. So then that just took that photo, which was just sort of a nice photo and I'm totally especially if I had a backlit on so is mostly shadow. I was just catching the highlights which you see a lot of my work this completely makes it a new photo and suggest something very much if I want to take it even further, spread your knees for me a little bit more great. Go on your tip toes more and bring your feet closer. Great. Bring your hands a little bit closer in like sideways. So are behind your back. I mean, but then further away from me there you go now, arch everything great opening the legs again, it just suggests that much more so that's what I'm always like I said before always shyness that make people think about sex so I've been doing this pose that's what they're thinking about they're not gonna look at this pose and that's exactly what they're going to think about they're gonna wonder why your head's back wire mouths open her legs are open all of it does I'm not actually asking her to do anything in this picture I'm not there's no self pleasure there's nothing like that but it's very much makes you think about sex in this post um okay sit up for me go right to the corner of the bed for me put one leg on each side and put your hands right in the middle great lean forward a little bit pop but great so this one's a good one keep your arms straight for me I'm a big guy about arms straight I know some people find it too harsh but I like it a lot better the thing you have to worry about you actually show on me because I have hyper extension um is so some women a lot of women have hyper extensions so like that would be normal how my elbow is where it's supposed to be when they go to put their arm down it goes like that which makes it look like it's broken so you have to be careful with that. You have to watch for that because it's gross looking so that's just one thing is people with hyper extension I would say eight out of ten of my clients of hyper extension it's very common in women to have hyper extension uh relax your fingers a little bit for me great. This shot is a great shot for basically any body type because the hands the arms allow you to hide things and allows if you come up look in the hand here great allows me to come in and shoot down again and allows you teo again the legs air open she's looking up with camera open your mouth for me uh, you know, opening the mouth she could play with militia could play with her hair. It allows you to do so many things with this pose that's very easy and then there's a quick switch of that would be put your one hand behind you. Great and there you just movinto one pose a lot of people that are at our workshops are always like I just freeze and I don't know what to do it's all about small movements you don't have to have I when I go into a shoot I usually liketo have about thirty poses in my head of something I want to do I like tio we always ask for photos of our clients before they come in to shoot because I need to know what their body type is I need to know what I'm going to be able to do with um and so because of that I still like to have something in my mind I kind of say it's like jazz you sort of have a plan there's a song but there's a solo that's going to go anywhere and you don't know where it's going to go and it comes back s o that's how I sort of shoot I like to have an idea of what I'm going to do but I have to be available to what they could do a lot of woman cannot pop there but if they're runners they can't because they're strings or two tight eso you have to work around that um but it's all about the small movements um okay, so if you could get off the bed first sick so I'm big on having a messy bed because our studio is, um the loft of the barn and we've set it up to look like a loft department. So um when baseball sheet when, um when I'm shooting it makes knows it feels to studio like if I keep the bed perfect, you know, if I'm supposed to be implying sex, then the bed should be messed up um so if you could land your stomach ling please head down here great. So there's a few different things don't cross your ankles. So this is the thing I see a lot in boudoir. Cross your ankles when you cross the ankles, it shortens the legs extremely uncross them now and drop one a little bit further than the other. And point your toes. This gives length. Why would you eat the minute you cross? I see to get across your wrist for me, make a cross the wrists its star is shortens her arms to the point of a risk so uncross them. I usually like to do just a couple fingers over lined. So just go like this for me. Great, just to keep her hands relaxed if I'm doing something, I also get to grab at the bed and then try and pop your button here. So the trick to popping the button here is to bring the knees in as close as possible if they cannot pop it up, asshole aya's you want instead till your butt that way for me, and then push it as much as you can and let your arms straight. Now you're you're so your legs free now, both of them. So from this angle, it allows you anybody that can pop there, but because they just don't have the muscles to be able to do it. You could get anybody to do this. Any size doesn't matter. They can do this so it gives them that. But everybody wants that butt shot. Uh huh. And then look over your shoulder and back and then look down on them with this as the viewer, you're then drawn even mohr towards toe look at her, but because she's even looking back at it s o you really you're forced toe look at it, stretch your arms all the way even more and then put your butt straight again and then get up this high as you can. Great turn to put your chin on your shoulder for me. Go the other way for me, their chin up a little bit great. So this if you keep the chest on the ground, this is also an easy way to get them to get there, but higher if they can't do it when they're sort of up on their elbows like she was before. This is the way that you could get her butt up in the air. Um the other way is, khun, go on your elbows like almost like you're doing a plank and then put your butt, get your whole body up, put your hands closer together. And this is the other way point was for me. So what happens is now she can do it so it's not really that big of an issue but a lot of women it will go straight from here to here there is no curve whatsoever. But if they get into this position, you get that curve so it allows you to have the whole curve there. Um the thing with the hands go up on all fours. Now, the thing that with a handsaw was talking before was see how white her hands are apart. It makes you feel sort of boxy, bring the hands right together automatically she gets smaller, so especially if you have, say, a plus sized clients this is very important keeping the hands together because it makes an a for her. Um so this again easy way to go from just having a very simple pose kill if one foot in here great and pushed the button back if someone's not understanding um how to position there, but I usually try and explain try and get your bottom of your butt to the ceiling thie other thing is, make it so your legs are a hundred r ninety degrees in here, but some accents even more okay, so I'll see this a lot it shortens her body too much to me and so what I do is now back your legs up, move forward just a little bit and then push you but come forward again and then pop your but great street that'll and then lift your one foot near this allows her to lengthen out, and it also loves for a better curve because of it, the whole having them just be this sort of box. You really always want to be thinking about stretching them out, giving him as much curve as possible, and then if I just want to take this one step further with the client is spread your knees and then push her butt back lift both feet in there, and I look back over your shoulder. There is very obvious connotation what I'm trying to do here by having her spread her knees it's very obvious with the position that I'm putting her in. I never at one point, so this is where he is, what I always get the question of how do you get people on all fours without sounding like a pervert? Because I didn't ever say get on all force, I didn't say, you know, getting I didn't use the word doggy style, I don't have to use those words to imply with the client what we're doing, they understand what we're doing. On dh, they don't even question it because it's small details that small changes, I'll do the legs together and then asked them to spread their knees. They don't even think about it, they just do it. Okay, relax. Yeah. Do you ever give them a break? So you're doing awesome. You're not shaking, you're anything. But do you notice that? Like, if they start shaking, you're okay now relax things like that because I noticed that sometimes clients, they just start like like they're holding their butt in the air and they're flexing their keeping tight and she never likes your face and then they want to, like, fall over yeah, s o I tell them before we start shooting, if there's any pose that you can't hold, tell me don't feel like you have to hold it and yeah, I pay attention like the whole point is body language, right? You have to pay attention to what they're doing, so if they're in a pose and I can't like I'm watching them struggle with it, then yeah, I'm just going to relax on we do talk a lot like that's, the big thing also, you need to be able to talk to your clients. Typically my shoots will last anywhere from two to three hours I choose them to be that long because that's how long I want to shoot but the reason for that is also I want to talk to my clients I want them to be comfortable with me on dh so if I just go in there and just start telling you to do this this this and this they're never going to really get comfortable and they're not going to have the experience this is an experience for them it's more than just a photo shoot in means something like brando was talking about earlier um okay, if you stand up for me, anybody have questions? Well, she's doing that? Yeah, it did have some questions were coming in even though we're just focused on the opposing? What kind of lenses are you using in this sort of bed scenario? I always shoot with a fifty fifty the only time I should with a thirty five is if I go into a hotel, but I typically never tried to book a hotel a try and book airbnb ce one thing about rv in these recent got kicked out of one is don't rent one where they live on the property it was in a city that is known for doing a lot of film work and production work and I paid them they've got money but they felt like I should have paid them like a thousand dollars a day to do shoots in it which so they kicked me out only lost one shoot so it wasn't that big of a deal but so if you could but I like using their being these I want to be in someone's home I don't like using hotels you very rarely see work of mine that's done in the hotel you always see it in either our studio at home okay come on over here. Okay okay so this is where we get into doing ah bottomless stuff. So the first like I said the easiest way to do it if you were worried about your client not going to do it the easiest way is put them in a dress first with no underwear and asked them to pull the dress up when they're on the stomach even if they sort of hesitate be like it's just like you're wearing a string thong like a you're seeing the same thing and then we'll do it the minute that they do that they are relaxed minute that there but sort of just out there you will watch it on their face like it can happen in the first five minutes of the shoot and then you have them and you can do whatever you want sort of thing s o this grab your top underwear and pull it under your butt grave and then pop your butt great. So this is a very keep your leg straight great really push it back great. So this is a great another easy way to sort of started they're not completely taking the underwear off, but it's getting into a position so this could be shot so many different ways can be shot sideways. I usually if I'm trying to get a butt shot, I come down a little bit to about here so I can get all of the curve uh, we're getting, um a cz well, you can shoot it from the front if you could turn for me so they could see because she's not pulling it all the way down and she's still covered but it's giving your right there instruction and I would give to tum is pull your underwear down until I'm going to see something on dh that way, they they're still comfortable, they're still covered, but I really gives use thinking you're looking at something on then I would just say spread if you could spread your feet and then throw your way to one side again. So you see, I'm doing the same post dated before, but by bringing in pulling the underwear it makes it that much more another one that I would do come lay on your back head here, your feet down there for me so flip okay, turn your head that one great. Lift your chin up great pull uh, knees up in the air but keep your feet down great. I'll pull your underwear to your knees great and then hold it right in the center great spread your feet perfect. So again, this was shown earlier bring it down just about here instead. Great our twila great. So this is an example of what I showed you earlier because of the way I was shrieking over here you're wondering where handsworth this is the exact post that I was doing earlier and what this is a great again it's a great sort of starter to sort of getting comfortable um and in terms of how they look up at you try and put your head at the back your shoulder like look at me this way they don't get that look in their forehead of looking up it's very awkward it kind of hurts a little bit and sometimes you have to actually move their head for them because they don't understand putting the back of the head to their shoulder but it allows you to get their necas well it's not just this floating head in the photo with a body attached to it and so that a major thing and then you just there's a lot of things you could shoot with this open your mouth look down towards your lips great so I might crop it right here and only get lip shots and then have that in the background go on the top of your head now great open your mouth and close your eyes great that even takes it further again it's just it's such small details that such small changes there's no sort of magic solution to getting your clients to do what they are the solution is small movements you put them in one pose and just tweak that pose and then there's push it a little bit more to what you want okay you get relax okay uh a lot of folks they're coming in now in this scenario you were helping her take offs in the lingerie or adjust her stockings or what have you do have a conversation with clients about that do you do that with clients then you address that a little bit yeah I do it with clients when it's small things like that where it's like I'm just touching a stocking or something yeah I might say sorry right before I do it but that's a canadian thing we say sorry about everything that could be feeling feeding you a meal and I would say sorry while I put it in front of you and you it's just about confidence like I've been doing it for so long that I don't it's second nature for me so I don't really think about it like I didn't think about even fixing her stocking for undoing your gutter. Most women don't know how to do gooders up, so I'm the one doing it up for them, and they're comfortable. At this point. They're pretty comfortable at this point with it. Like I said, I have no problem touching their hair. Um, it's. I would never go up to them and touch their boobs or something like where it gets crossing a line. But if it's just a small tweak, yeah, or if I need to grab their foot because they're not doing a position properly, and I'm going to do that.

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Join Ewan and Brianna Phelan for Boudoir on the Edge and learn about their unique approach to shooting boudoir photography.

Brianna and Ewan see creativity as a planned process rather than the result of spur of the moment inspiration. In this class, they’ll discuss how they apply this philosophy to their work and how it shapes the way Ewan shoots. The pair will also discuss how they’ve integrated their wedding business and boudoir shoots, while protecting the artistic integrity of their work. Ewan will examine a selection of images and explain how he came to that pose and what each element in the image does to promote what that photo is trying to say.

You will walk away from Boudoir on the Edge with a new appreciation for the art of boudoir and skills for integrating an artistic sensibility into your business.


Hassan Hussein

This is an amazing class. The best I have seen so far on the art and business of boudoir photography. Brianna and Ewan covered very difficult subjects in this class in a very effective, professional, informative, and entertaining way. I loved how they addressed the human sexuality in the most beautiful way in relation to art of boudoir photography. It was fascinating to see how Ewan was able to get the models to pose into very sexy and beautiful poses by providing clear instructions in a very respectful manner. Brianna was very informative on how to run a successful boudoir business. I sincerely believe that both Ewan and Brianna shared many of the secrets of the trade that they learned over many years which made their boudoir business a success story.

a Creativelive Student

I bought this as an online course, and I was very pleased with it and felt like it was worth the investment. From reading other reviews, you can see that other students have their own opinions based upon their own expectations and interests, and my review is the same. I was more interested in the art of the photography and the posing of the models, and I was very pleased with that part and would have liked to have seen a little more of that and less of the business side. However, I thought the information on the business, marketing, contracts, legal etc. to be very informative and helpful if I wanted to do this commercially. I would recommend that they shorten the first lesson by editing some of their own personal journey and opinions, the latter appearing unnecessarily defensive. I thought one reviewer was unfairly critical of Ewan's "control". I appreciated his directness and instructions, and I think this reviewer may have reflected some of her own issues about either males or control issues. Overall, it was highly informative, and I highly recommend the course. Just go in knowing you're going to be exposed to the business side, as well as the creative side.