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Outro of Boudoir on the Edge

So basically closing thought is this we all know that you get burnt out we all get burnt especially if you're a wedding photographer by the end of the season you're super burnt out um you know you're wondering why you worked eighty hours a week for the last few months and you've gained ten pounds and you haven't seen your family in a while um but one of something that I always say to that is again our friend aaron who shot us in paris he lives outside of toronto and his studio is in toronto and he commutes in and when he goes in he's super happy because he gets to go and do what he loves but he talks about the other communities that air going in and they are miserable he says they all look at the ground and they just walk into the into the train and that's it so we're really privileged to do what we do even though it sometimes seems really hard and you get burnt out and you're wondering why you're doing it and we had that moment in our career it is way better toe work for yourself to t...

he work for anybody else any day of the week um and so just to go out and be yourself, you know that's what we really want you to think about, go out find your voice, be yourself really push yourself hard and the industry isn't going to change for you. You need to change what you want to see in it also, um, we are privileged because we get to have an effect on people's lives. A lot of people only have effect on maybe their family. We get to have effect on a lot of people's lives and that this great privilege for us and as well I always a t end I I always say, you know, if the world was going to end today and always left was your work, what would your work say about you? And so I really want you to leave thinking about that we also it's very important for us. That boudoir keeps building as a community. I know we've mentioned it a couple of times. There is a wedding community. There is a portrait community. We're trying to build the boudoir community and make it a c support of place for everybody. So I encourage you to follow yuen's last point there, and also you encourage you to reach out and connect with the boudoir community there's some amazing people out there.

Class Description

Join Ewan and Brianna Phelan for Boudoir on the Edge and learn about their unique approach to shooting boudoir photography.

Brianna and Ewan see creativity as a planned process rather than the result of spur of the moment inspiration. In this class, they’ll discuss how they apply this philosophy to their work and how it shapes the way Ewan shoots. The pair will also discuss how they’ve integrated their wedding business and boudoir shoots, while protecting the artistic integrity of their work. Ewan will examine a selection of images and explain how he came to that pose and what each element in the image does to promote what that photo is trying to say.

You will walk away from Boudoir on the Edge with a new appreciation for the art of boudoir and skills for integrating an artistic sensibility into your business.


Hassan Hussein

This is an amazing class. The best I have seen so far on the art and business of boudoir photography. Brianna and Ewan covered very difficult subjects in this class in a very effective, professional, informative, and entertaining way. I loved how they addressed the human sexuality in the most beautiful way in relation to art of boudoir photography. It was fascinating to see how Ewan was able to get the models to pose into very sexy and beautiful poses by providing clear instructions in a very respectful manner. Brianna was very informative on how to run a successful boudoir business. I sincerely believe that both Ewan and Brianna shared many of the secrets of the trade that they learned over many years which made their boudoir business a success story.

a Creativelive Student

I bought this as an online course, and I was very pleased with it and felt like it was worth the investment. From reading other reviews, you can see that other students have their own opinions based upon their own expectations and interests, and my review is the same. I was more interested in the art of the photography and the posing of the models, and I was very pleased with that part and would have liked to have seen a little more of that and less of the business side. However, I thought the information on the business, marketing, contracts, legal etc. to be very informative and helpful if I wanted to do this commercially. I would recommend that they shorten the first lesson by editing some of their own personal journey and opinions, the latter appearing unnecessarily defensive. I thought one reviewer was unfairly critical of Ewan's "control". I appreciated his directness and instructions, and I think this reviewer may have reflected some of her own issues about either males or control issues. Overall, it was highly informative, and I highly recommend the course. Just go in knowing you're going to be exposed to the business side, as well as the creative side.