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Brand Your Creative Business

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Sharing Your Customer's Stories

Megan Auman

Brand Your Creative Business

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

11. Sharing Your Customer's Stories

Lesson Info

Sharing Your Customer's Stories

And now, as you kind of work through and create these stories for the moment, they're going to feel like they're just hanging out like I just made this story. Now what do I do with it? And we're gonna we have many segments devoted to that yet, so we're gonna we're gonna talk about that. I know that's probably a question that's starting to come up, but again, these are things that you can start to think about, because there they're literally as obvious as they see it could be a story on your block. It can be a card that comes with your jewelry, esos were telling these stories, the idea is first that we're going to collect them and then we can share them, but they're not. They're not hard to share, and actually, you know, you could jump on a facebook now if you've created a great customer story and share it or call, start to collect those stories so again, it doesn't have to be held to be perfect before you can put it out. So the other thing that we can dio in encouraging stories for cus...

tomers is that we can think about the kinds of stories that people might tell about their purchases, right? So we've created these stories where we kind of understand the customers world, and they might then talk about these stories but they're also were just apt to tell stories about their purchases, and if we know the kinds of stories that they're telling, we can actually encourage these and make them easier to tell. So how can you help them tell more interesting stories about their purchases and what are the emotions behind those stories? So if you make the purchase process or the product or the experience more interesting, it gives them a better story to tell, and that increases the odds that they're going to talk about your product. So what kinds of stories to people tell they might tell acquisition stories, stories of where or how they got something? Right? So my customer might say, I bought it at the barnes foundation when I was in philly last year, right? So it's a story about where she found it, how she how she got it, someone might say, you know, I got it on one of these places that are now people are realizing at sea founded on instagram, I found it on pinterest, so they might. So some of these acquisitions stories are about online discovery, right? And there's, another category of acquisition story, which is probably not going to apply to us, but it's that I got it on sale story, all those are great boots. Oh, yeah, they were forty percent off that's an acquisition story that people tell but it's probably not the one that we want we want the other ones we want to give them that kind of great experience oh, I found it in a great boutique, you know or my friend recommended it to me or something like that. So what motivates people to tell these acquisition stories people want to be seen as savvy or unique or adventurous so they tell acquisition stories fits in with the way they want to be seen so my customer might say like I got it at the barnes foundation when I was in philly and if she lives on the west coast it's a way to communicate that like, hey, I travel and I go to these amazing cultural destinations and I find cool stuff right? So what can you d'oh to make the acquisition process mohr story worthy so how two people find your products right now so monica right now people are finding them in a couple of boutiques what kinds of stories they tell about finding it? Well, we're in a couple of different types of boutiques are in, um gift boutiques and we're also in the traditional baby boutiques so someone might your story might be about I received it as a gift, right? Um are there any other kinds of you think acquisition stories? Um well, there have also been stories of just mom's going into in a store, asking, looking for a product along the lines of what we provide and loving it and buying it. S so, in your case, the acquisition story, maybe I was already seeking out a solution to this problem. And then I and then I found this. Yeah. Do you think about you, kathy? Where, um, people see my artwork and my other bloggers web sites. And then they guessed they like that image that that blogger portrays, like, lifestyle image. And then they go and try to find that particular painting or artists and let's how I usually yeah. So you could always try to think about things that make the acquisition process kind of where people feel again, those things that like savvy or unique or adventurous. So they might say, like, I found it on the block. But you could also play with this or say, you know, surely releases so many year and I got one, right? So I only found kind of so much and, you know, surely releases so much. And I snagged one. I think that's a good kind of way that people might also tell an acquisition story, so in your case, like limited edition prints might be really great acquisition story. They walk into their home oh, I love that oh yeah surely released twenty of them and I got one so that's a great story um you know, I think in the case of west like you might have um you know, like years a product that is found to begin with so how does the story behind it was telling you earlier? You know, just make it more interesting by having the story the acquisition um cso another kind of story that people might tell our connection stories and and we started to talk about that stories of how people are connected to you or the brand because people want to feel like they're connected to people who are famous or important or creative or interesting right and you guys as the designers are famous, creative, important, interesting you might not think you are, but other people think that you are so people might tell a connection story like I heard the designer speak at a conference last year and I had to get one of her necklaces and then don't don't kind of discount the connection story of loose ties in your business so we went to college together we went to high school together people that you may not even have interacted a lot with in school if you doing something interesting with your brand in your business then I want to be part of that story now those girls that maybe you weren't really friends in high school but then your work appears in a magazine and suddenly oh yeah, I went to school with her, right? So people might tell those stories people also just might tell connection stories based on those social media ties I follow her on instagram it's amazing how that makes you feel like you know someone, right? You know that first night you never met them, but look, I follow her on instagram, right? So there's a connection so that you want to feel like you have part of that connection. So then you have the product, and then you talk about it, so people want to be associated with that greatness with that creativity, and they also want to feel like they're part of community, so connection stories also make them feel like they're part of a like minded group. So I told that story about my friend who was at her doctor and the doctor was like, oh, are those mega nomine earing so that's like that's been a connection that they get like I know that brand, you know, that brand too right that's really powerful, it gives people that sense of of connection and community that people are craving, so how can you make your customers feel more connected to you and your product? So, sarah, like what what kind of some ways that you could make customers feel more connected to those stories that you're telling so they turn around and tell those connection stories well, I need to get those stories out there like write the book I don't know that's gonna happen it's a plug there forcibly blog's air a lot more doable earlier sarah did you say at one point she lived in japan and that's what inspired you? I lived in japan yeah because someone see I'm just because somebody pick that up in the chairman that that means major immediately made the connection to you because they live there too. So I think it is little anecdotal information about yourself that could help you connect with your customer. Yeah, and and I think this is a case where you know instagram becomes this really amazing tool to create that that connection or people feel like they know you and the brand here laughing because just that you'll actually speaking of sierra says connection has been huge for my business instagram is crucial and you say exactly love it I love it when that happens so you can use these kind of social media platforms and this is that opportunity you know, we were talking a couple segments ago about this like you is the personality right? And how much do you put out and how much do you do you share and this is a case where you can use something like instagram to share those little snippets they're going make your customers feel more connected so you sarah you might you're probably not gonna post like a technique or like here you know, I'm like struggling with my red patina today, but you're not gonna post that because that's not gonna necessarily appeal to your customer but you could dio eh you know throwback thursday post here's an image from when I lived in japan six years ago right? And you're like what you lived in japan six years ago I didn't know that that's so cool and then you're like, oh yes well, I actually study jewelry ally was there and you know, so then you start to kind of give people those little little bits and things that they can share with um so, monica, are you guys using instagram right now for your business and how are you using it time with keeping up with all the social media? But yes, we use it a lot to be like here's a sneak peek at the next you know thing that's coming or here is a product like our product being used on the move type of thing yeah, I mean in years is maybe a case where you could use a pot from like that too actually highlight, like the other stylish moms, so, you know, freshly picked does a great job of highlighting the kids, and I think that's such a part of her brand, but I think you're a brand, you get to be like, you got to focus on the mom, right? So you're goingto highlight the, like savvy, stylish mom who, you know, is on the go and and and doing those things, but you also want to enhance that connection with you. So I think it sounds like maybe you're missing a little bit of that personal connection, and I think especially if you are going to tweak the brand name so that I think having that name it's based on people's names is going your kid's name is going to feel more personal, and then you can figure out ways teo and I'm not saying, like, plaster your kids over instagram, because I don't think you shouldn't do that, but maybe it becomes about, like, highlighting little snippets of how you're relating to your kids. So, like, for example, maybe you're thinking of, like, I think you took a picture of your shoes or your bag, and you're like, oh, look at how I only had like for you, I'm guessing you have a lot of purses, right? How'd you guess? I don't know just right so maybe it's something where you know every day or a couple of days you're showing what percy you use right? So that's that stylish mom thing and you know that in there the diver conscious stuffed in there totally but that reinforces the brand x feel feel connected and they're like oh, I have a lot of purses too it's not just me like monica's like that too so that starts to really reinforced that connection loving on actually was something like instagram that kind of perspective works real well so you don't have to shoot like here's me like you could be like bag shoes click that's that kind of feeling like you're with the person that works so well on instagram that builds that strong connection we get anything else from our line group well veronica has just joined us on and she was looking at sarah's business and she said she made the japanese connection of the word into fish for evolution in japanese is shankar so she's running about sarah schenker designs probably not taking it I love that they're all on their marines storm well we're talking that's amazing all right so then other stories that your customers are going to tell our use stories right and this is how the product fits into their life and I think it's important to note that different product categories are going teo highlight things differently right? So sarah's customers are probably more likely to tell an acquisition or a you know, connection story probably not going to tell you story they might but you know there's not a lot of things that happened with the piece of jewelry it's not like oh, it does this and this and this and that monica's customers are very much going to tell you stories right that's they're going to talk about how if it's in their life how it function, how their dad used it disney land they're going to talk about all of those stories so you know and they might say a few things like it's my hair a monk for coffee or I never leave home without it but the more functionality your product has, the more likely they are tell you stories your customers probably aren't you tell them cathy it's more about, you know, the again acquisition in the connection, but so what makes people tell you stories? Quite frankly they tell it because they're excited about the product and it works well, so if you have a product that has those use stories, then it's really great if you can actually make it sort of more exciting for people to talk about it so I can remember if you guys have like a ton of video on your website monica but this is a case where you creating video that has a lot of I would call it flourish and showmanship is really going to make it easier for people to that and talk about it. So in your case, instead of, like the solo kind of methodical, like rollout and flip out maybe like, look, how like boom it's there, because your customer is going to take that and they're going to tone it down a little when they tell it, right? So you want to make it so exciting that they can't help but then repeat it for their friends, like, let me show you how it works, right? They're going to be so excited that they're goingto want to change the diaper, they're going to be waiting for the dirty diapers and that they can show their friends how it works, right? That's what, you really want your dead doing it so it'd look, even men will be, oh, so you want to make people really excited about using your product, and then they might also tell emotional stories, write stories of how the product makes them feel. And again, these air probably the least likely that people will tell and it's partly because we're kind of uncomfortable talking about our emotions, right, so but they might say these things, you know, I wear it with confidence boost or makes you really happy to drink from this mug so they might tell them, it's, the least likely, which is why we're kind of gonna focus on those other ones, the acquisition, the connection in the use, because those are stories that people are gonna be really excited to tell, but you could also give your customers cues to help them talk about those feelings, so they might not know that what it actually makes them feel is confident or put together or whatever. So if you give them that language, they're more likely to talk about it then, if you hadn't given them that language. So we've kind of been doing this with the group, um, but what other stories my customer tell about your product and I love for online audience to share maybe a quick story that a customer is going to tell could be an acquisition. It could be a connection, it might be used. What are people going to say about your product, kathy? What do you think? You know what else? People say? That what stories they tell about your product, or what is one story, that they had a party at their house, and they invited some new people over and, um they were talking about it like that specific piece and people started liking it too and expect an interest of conversation so she was kind of able to just express yourself in a different way or just talk about it's just a conversation piece and it kind of gets her happier too since the moon I like that so it's a conversation starter and it actually like it creates more engagement in connection uh sarah what else might they tell about your product? Oh my husband gave it to me for my anniversary yeah that's I mean that's a big one and what's nice is that then they're telling stories about milestones in their life, right? So that may associate it with a great milestone as well. We get anything online we are landlocked sailor saying that something that they've been told is this reminds me of the summers I spent sailing growing up on cake carte de vocs a memory from something from the younger life perhaps k p a jewelry says my friend shared my jewelry lincoln facebook just to say how excited she wants to see the collection because she was with me and barley when I was shopping for the baby well very strong one there baby brother studio says I have a calendar last year on dh and a customer had it in his salon so his customers pre ordered for this year high very helpful, excellent yeah, I know and I think that the one who kind of said about the bali and shopping that's something that you could also create on instagram so if you are doing those kind of exciting things to develop your brand whether it's you know, sourcing materials or just traveling for inspiration people are interested in that they're not interested in that if you post like fifty times a day or if you're like all your posting about is I'm at the beach while you're in like gray crappy new york city or something but if you're like I'm here looking for this inspiration or shopping with this collection or you know uh maybe you're out of the fabric store sourcing fabrics for the next collection that's really interesting too, because then people feel invested in the process you know, something I think that cathy could do that could be really great is like maybe you let people vote on the next phrase so you might generate ah couple of them and then get people to vote on social media and now then it comes back and they're like I helped pick the winner right that's a really strong connection I have to buy this now because I helped pick the winner I actually have a very interesting customer story I actually have customer who bought my necklace were at the casino and won big wow she rolled me back to say thank you the necklace so that's a really powerful story, so she really was that's awesome. Yeah, we're getting other stories online. We've had quite a few come in. Yeah, anna apples was welcome to throw this. In the past. She says she repeatedly here's that once he was the hit of the big baby shower or my child war, that t shirt, until it was bursting at the seams, so she likes hearing those stories about being, you know, they see their absolute favor. Yeah, and I love that I love that, like, hit of the baby shower thing, because it's, you know, a lot of times, people by her presence is gifts. And so, like there's, a little bit of competitive gift giving, like you want to win the baby shower, right, like your gift, not everybody. Else's. Gift out of the water, that's a great story.

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