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Branding Basics for Social Media Marketing

Lesson 6 of 6

Optimize Your Brand on Each Platform

Daymond John

Branding Basics for Social Media Marketing

Daymond John


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6. Optimize Your Brand on Each Platform


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Optimize Your Brand on Each Platform

your social media profiles are your digital first impression, you may have heard that statistic that you have somewhere between 7 to 10 seconds to make a first impression on social media it can happen even faster. Think about your scrolling habits. Do you ever go to someone's page and immediately leave when you're uninterested? That's okay. If the person is not your ideal audience though, we want to ensure you have a magnetic profile that attracts fans and followers when your ideal audience does land on the profile page. Optimizing your profile is not just about your avatar picture but also your post and activity in social media and how it tells a story for your audience. It's the whole story that you're trying to tell now, think of your profile page as Prime Real Estate to showcase your brand and in this lesson I'm going to share with you how to optimize your social media profiles to become compelling for your ideal audience. When you combine what I teach you in this lesson and some o...

f the other lessons in this training, like engaging with hashtags and in groups, you'll draw people to your page and make it so they've got to follow and engage with you here. The important aspects of your profile to focus on your username, your profile, photo, your bio activity, how it looks on desktop versus mobile and what people see and take in from viewing the entire picture from your username, it's ideal if you get the same one across multiple platforms, ideally you can get your business name so it's easier for people to find you, But if your business name has taken some options are to add co or C. O to the end of your handle or at a space or a period in the name. If you prefer to grow your personal profile, choose your name or a nickname that you want for the long term, like at the Shark Daymond for your profile picture, I recommend you use the same picture that's ubiquitous across all of your platforms. I understand that some platforms like linkedin, you may want to use a more professional photo than instagram and and that makes sense to but overall you want to make it easy for followers to know it's you right away from the photo for your bio, you want to add a tagline elevator pitch or some kind of introduction that shares your credibility and sparked interest from your ideal audience. These users found their way into your page somehow make sure that this bio locks them in and makes it so they have to follow you for your activity ideally you want to share content, articles, photos and videos to align with your content pillars and interest your ideal audience before you post your next piece of content. I highly recommend you actually look at your activity on your platforms and archive content that no longer lines with your brand. For example, if you posted photos of breakfast or of your dog, but it no longer lines with your brand or has no particular part in your overall narrative. Archive the photos or delete the posts for how it looks on desktop verse mobile. A lot of people mess us up where the pictures are not formatted correctly or face is cut off in the photo on desktop. Just be mindful of how people are consuming your content across all these different devices last. How what do people take in from viewing the photo of your profile when you post a photo and caption? Take a moment to be mindful of what someone will take in when you post. Take the time to think through this. Especially if you want to weigh in on something that may polarize your audience like politics or current events, things like that. Every time you post, remember that the post may be a first impression now that we broke that down for you. Let me tell you how we optimize Damon's profile in a highly strategic and regular cadence. Hopefully it gives you more insight into how you can do similar things with your own profile. Let's say Damon is being featured on a show. Like the view with a demographic of mostly women. We know when Damon is on a show like this, the number of profile views on his account goes up just like that and it makes sense because the new audience sees him and then they want to check them out. So they head over to social media to check out his page. So the question we have to ask is given these users are going onto our page, what content can we put up that is entrepreneur focus but really resonates with them. So what we do is we post a photo or video where Damon talks about how his mom inspired him throughout his business career. On the other side, Another example, if he goes on a sports show, we may post a motivational photo or quote from someone like Michael Jordan. So when we know a certain audience or demographic is coming to our page, we dress it up, kind of like putting on your sunday best. So hopefully we can convert them now. It's your turn to optimize your brand on each platform. In the resources section, you'll find a cheat sheet to help you make progress, Then join me in the final lesson, the fireside with Damon to turn what you've learned into an action plan.

Class Description

Are you creating tons of content for social media but are still not getting the type of engagement and return for your efforts? You can create all the content in the world, but if you don’t clearly establish and define your brand, then your message will get lost. While having a great brand is not unique to social media, it is where most small businesses struggle in their marketing efforts.

Identifying and establishing your brand is the foundation to a successful social media marketing strategy. Having a strong brand on social media will allow you to develop deep and lasting relationships with your customers. And by doing the branding work upfront you will have a consistent voice across all the different ways you communicate with your customers.

Join The People’s Shark and CEO of Fubu, Daymond John and the CEO of his consulting agency, Ted Kingsbury as they teach you:

  • The fundamental of branding
  • How to identify your ideal audience
  • How to optimize your brand on each social media platform


Daymond John is the CEO and founder of FUBU, the iconic global lifestyle brand that went on to have more than $6 billion in sales. A New York Times Bestselling author, Daymond is one of the original cast members of two-time Emmy Award winning series, Shark Tank, which airs Friday nights on ABC. In 2015, Daymond was named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and has joined the President and his staff at summits in Kenya and Cuba.

This past January, The Power of Broke was released and became an instant New York Times Bestseller. The Power of Broke takes readers behind the scenes with country’s most celebrated entrepreneurs to show how starting a business from broke forces you to think more creatively, use your resources more efficiently, connect with your customers more authentically and market your ideas more imaginatively.

Daymond continues to serve as CEO of the marketing firm Shark Branding which specializes in brand strategies, brand development, artist relations and marketing. He continues to anchor the company’s celebrity brand management division where he has worked with superstars such as Muhammad Ali, the Kardashians, Pitbull, Idris Elba, Lennox Lewis, Stan Lee and more.


alana cabrera

This class was very helpful. It helped me realize what my team and I have to fix as well as giving me confirmation of what we are doing right. This class was very quick and straight to the point. Overall going through these videos was a great little learning experience. I cant wait to share this with my team!