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Social Media Hot Seats

So now we're gonna move into some hot seats. I know, after lunch I had to, like, I had to gear things up. I have to keep people on their toes. (laughter) Okay, so let's go back to the requirements of what I was looking for as I went through these hot seats. Now, the thing for me that was really important is I was looking at these strictly as what I would experience walking through as a real client. I only went to your social platforms that were linked to your websites. I didn't go digging for your stuff. I'm not trying to harpoon anybody. I'm just saying, hey, I'm here on your website. I wanna hire you for sweets. I wanna hire you for real estate. I wanna hire you for planning. Let's see what happens. So the criteria. Are they sharing value-based content? All of it does not have to be value-based, but at least every so often something is really helpful. Are they respecting each platform? And I'm gonna talk to you a minute about what that means. And do they match the brand's message? So...

let's dig in first. Let's get into ROAR events. Hi everyone! I'm at ohsoinspired this week and we're competing in styled shoot. This is the invitation suite we styled and I would love for you to head on over to the ohsoinspired Instagram page and give our Bali-inspired suite some love. I'd be so grateful. This gorgeous suite was designed by @ideaemporium, hashtag #roarevents, and she got two likes on this post. So to me, the most valuable thing that you can do for your business is to respect the platform, and this was not respecting the platform in that the photo was not uploaded to Facebook directly. This was imported from Instagram, which made all the links null and void. So when people read this on Facebook, they know that this conversation's not happening on Facebook. You simply pressed a button to sync your post. People think that they're eavesdropping on a conversation happening on Instagram from Facebook. This exact same photo could be uploaded directly from your phone in the Facebook Pages app and you could be tagging ohsoinspired. Furthermore, you asked your Facebook audience to go over to the ohsoinspired Instagram page without linking to it? Ain't nobody going. This post was dead in the water, not because it wasn't beautiful, not because it wasn't good, because you made it hard. And oftentimes if you're having, hosting a contest on Instagram, I highly encourage you to keep it on Instagram. Unless you think that your tribe on Facebook is so hell-bent on supporting you, you could put it there and see what traffic you gear from it, but they're not... I'm, like, 99% certain that they didn't get more than two people to move from Facebook into Instagram, which just further buttress the idea that these conversations aren't happening. What's happening, what I see is happening, which is gonna lead us to the next example, is that for ROAR events, they're doing the most of their social media engagement off one platform and feeding it into others, but it appears disingenuous to the people who are engaging on the opposite platform. This same photo, this same text could exist in the platform it should've been designed for. Which leads us to, again, going back to ROAR events on Twitter. In day two of the hashtag #bringingbasicsback, we don't know if this hashtag exists on Twitter, but we can be certain that it exists on Instagram. So if somebody was on Twitter and they click on this hashtag, it might not exist, so it goes nowhere. As we suppose, we are supposed to show our work and a lesson that we learned, dot dot dot. So Twitter truncates at 140 characters, so we don't know really what's going on. And studies have shown that only 17% of the people... So Twitter now is algorithmic. It's showing people what they wanna see more of. So not only is less of her audience seeing this as a lack of interaction on other tweets, only 17% of the people who actually click on this link will actually go to that link, or see this link will actually go to the link, versus if she were to get this exact photo uploaded to Twitter, 46% of the people click on that photo. So posting an Instagram photo to Twitter is basically pointless. That's the thing we have to make sure of. And we have to make sure that we're keeping, like, so here again, interesting mix of my 2006bestnine. Bestnine doesn't exist on platform. Where does bestnine exist? Instagram. Camellia just shook her head. It's all good. I'll get you there, boo. I'll get you there. So bestnine exists on Instagram. This is the best nine photos of your year that you show to everybody, and these, it calculates how many likes you got. Basically a yearbook for grown adults. okay, so we have to know that these photos, these exact photos, nothing has to change except for the fact that she needs to truncate down to 140 characters and upload the JPEG to Twitter. Are we all on the same page? Cool. Now let's get into Vintage Herbals on Facebook. So let's go through the basics. If you want engagement, you have to be consistent. Consistency is key again and again. So here we have sharing a doctor's post on November 16th. So she's sharing a post. Sharing a really excellent article on November 28th. She posts a picture of her butterfly pea flower tea. And then on December 30th, new information that is getting shared. Please read and be empowered. So between November 16th and the 28th, 12 days. Between November 28th and December 5th, eight days. And between December 5th and December 30th, 25 days had passed between a social update on Facebook. You are gonna have a very hard time having people engage with content if they don't ever think about going back. Now, also what gets indexed in the algorithm is activity. If people are active on your page, there's a higher likelihood of your page being shown to them again throughout their Facebook experience. If you are not posting anything and people aren't interacting with anything, it can be really hard to get your stuff shown. Cool? Do you have any questions so far? Okay. I feel like I'm being really mean! Okay. So this is Hang2dry. We have Inbal Horovitz here visiting from Florida. Hey. And I really admire her. I did some research. So I really admire that you're a hustler. I really admire that you just go out and you just get what you want. Like, I dig it. I appreciate it. So this is the home page of her website Hang2dry. And I didn't see a description. So when I saw these photos, I thought, okay, she sells clothes online. Then I scrolled down the website, and this is exactly what I thought right after as I scrolled. We see beach bags, fine jewelry, and apparel. And I was like, okay, so she does a mix of apparel goods. But then I scrolled down a little bit more, and what I saw on that lower left-hand frame was nine must know practices and products for troubled skin listed in August of 2016. And then I saw 10 back-to-school tips for success, and that was listed in August of 2016. And then without a photo, never be basic with beachware fashion trends. And I thought to myself, I can't figure out what's being sold. So if I don't know what's being sold from the website, I will have a very hard time buying from the website. But I'm not doing a website critique, right? I'm thinking if I was really, I met Inbal at a networking event. I'm like, I just really wanna know what she's about. I'm gonna click on over to her Instagram that was listed from her website. Hang2dry has 26,000 followers and it says fashion for those who get it. I still don't know what is being sold. And based on the previous photos from the website where we see lifestyle beach-inspired, I couldn't tell, these are the first two, the first set of 18 photos that I saw on Instagram, and I needed to make sure that Inbal knows who she's attracting. First and foremost, what are you selling? Secondly, who are you attracting? Because the first photos were, like, lifestyle beach, ethereal, very light pastel, and what I see here is fluorescent. And to me, I got to the website and I was like, oh I get it, she sells purses. Had no idea when I was on the website. And they sell purses to people who like Donald Trump videos, Disney characters, purses, bright colors. I don't have a problem who you're targeting. I just need to make sure that your social media matches your brand message. So we gotta peel it back, go back to the website and think what is your tagline. What are you selling? Who are you selling it for? Niche out that market, create value on why your stuff is different. When they go to Instagram, they know clearly it's a division from website to social media. Cool. Okay, so just another example of respecting the platform. If you don't use a platform, please don't feel the pressure to use a platform. So I clicked from Holly's website to Twitter, and we have one post from November 5th, 2016, and then the next post from April 13th. So these are, like, almost a full year old. Do not click to social platforms because... And I don't mean this just for kicks and giggles. If I love Twitter and that's who I communicate with people who I wanna communicate with online, and I follow Holly and I send her a message on Twitter, or I give her a shout-out, and she's not on the platform, that makes, that indicates to me that Holly was ignoring me. That's not the case. She's not on it. But anything that you don't want people to communicate or spend time with you, like, here's one thing. I'm not your average Pinterest girl. I'm just not. I know it's, like, the coolest thing and it's all the rage. I'm just not into it. I use Pinterest. I have a Pinterest account. I will never link to it because I'm inconsistent. I don't want people following me 'cause I do it for random stuff. I do it for recipes I'll never bake. (laughter) I collect, like, cement tiles for my future master bedroom, whenever that happens. Like, it's just a hot mess, and I don't really feel like it's a representation of my brand, I'm gonna be really honest. I have bad taste. The only reason why my house is cool is because of my husband. So I don't want people there. I don't link to it. So there's that. Okay. Now what I wanna do is let's take a second and I'm gonna call up Patricia, and I'm gonna have a conversation 'cause I wanna go a little bit deep, we're gonna do a little bit of a deeper dive. So as Patricia makes her way, the thing I want to clarify is what we've seen so much so far with social media is talking about ways that we can grow, things that we can do. And what I feel like my strength is is leaning in... Patricia, go ahead, sit down. Go sit down. I feel like my strength is going to be about talking and relating and engaging about how we can take things to the next level. So wherever we are, I'll just, I pulled this screengrab a little bit ago when she had 440,000 followers. Since the, I don't even know, couple days this happened, she's now over 450, which is a good indication, and I went through, and I went through her metrics, and I was like, this girl's legit. These are tons of people interacting, a ton of views. This is not, this is all good stuff. But this is not about getting a lot of followers. We're talking about how can Patricia take it to the next level? So I just met Patricia today. We're having a conversation that I would have in real life. I'm gonna first go through and I'm gonna assess a few things that I see, and then we're gonna dig in, because what I learned today is that she has made a few changes. So I'm gonna talk about what I'm gonna talk about without any preconceived notions, then we're gonna talk about the changes that she made, and then we're gonna see if they align to ensure that we're on the same page, cool? Let's walk through this. Okay. Okay, Patricia. Hi. Hi. (Patricia laughs) I have to probably start, I have to start by saying, when I was getting ready for CreativeLive, and if you're like the average girl, you wanna make sure, if you're gonna be on camera, you gotta do your hair. Yeah. (laughs) So I set up an appointment with my hair stylist, and we're talking about CreativeLive, and she was just like, I was like, hey, do you know anybody with the name paintedhair on Instagram? She's like, yeah, why? (Patricia laughs) And I was like, oh, she's in my CreativeLive class. She's like, (gasps). And let me tell you, my average appointment's about two hours. Homegirl took, like, three and a half hours. Oh my gosh. She was like, if Patricia's gonna see your hair, I'm gonna do it up. No, I was, like, I was looking at your hair, I'm like, wow, she did a really good job. Oh, good, I'll tell her. She's gonna die. She's really gonna die. Yeah, tell her she did a great job. She's gonna die a thousand deaths. Okay, so this whole thing that I wanted to note. So, let's see, we're gonna walk through this, then we're gonna open it up to conversation. Sure. So she has over 450,000 followers on Instagram. My critique has nothing to do with what she's doing, right? 'Cause we know, even if it's something I understand or I don't understand, it's clearly working. A lot of people leaving comments, a lot of people leaving likes. So this critique has nothing to do with her methodology. If it ain't broke, you do you. (laughs) Yeah. Okay, so here's the thing. I don't know Patricia, but I can tell how Patricia's adding value, because there's a lot of people who are hairstylists, and there's a lot of people who do the techniques that she does in some variation. Yes, yes. Whether or not they're approved, but yes. They say this is what I do. And I looked at this and immediately knew that her value proposition was help. She's not empowering and she's not diminishing a fear. She's creating daily multiple tutorials. She talks about the products she uses. She posts videos. And I'm like, I get her angle. She's great at what she does, but part of the reason why she has a tribe is she's out there sharing everything she knows. This is proof that of everything that I've been saying really does work. Creating value. Okay. Now let's back things up a little bit. So her husband and business partner Josh applied to become a member of the studio audience. He filled this out, and he talked about, he completed the application, talked about all these amazing things that him and his wife are doing and that her business is growing and it's soaring and she travels and she teaches and she does all these things. And I was like, wow, like, I wanna check this girl out. And he listed the website. (laughter and groans) And so it's that. Okay, so, first things first, and we're gonna get to this, 'cause I know some changes have happened since I did this, like, in the past couple days, which is amazing. But when I came to this and I saw that there was some stuff done. I understand that everybody goes through tech changes and updates. If you're in the point to where you want a website and you do not have one, if you are going through tech changes, the thing you should have on your website is something to guide somebody somewhere. Because I went to the website wanting more and nothing was given. So suggestions, and I'm not saying for Patricia. Yeah. For anybody who's going through a website phase. So social media links. If she wants to book more clients, how is she gonna do that? Email address, a phone number? If people, now, she's having two clienteles from what, only because I knew from the application, she has two basic clienteles, her in-chair people getting their hair done, and you are an educator. Yes. Okay, those are the, basically the two arms. And by her being an educator, she also has sponsors coming in funding her endeavors, which is pretty swag, right? This is, yeah, it's pretty awesome. Okay, so we know that this is happening. But if I were the hairstylist and I went to paintedhair, I would want a way to find out more information, to connect in somehow. This'd be the perfect opportunity to put a tiny little widget, sign up for your free paintedhair five-step guide. And what is she doing? Getting their email, 'cause they're not a customer now, but they will be in the future. This isn't about paintedhair. This is about your website. It's under construction. Point them to where you want them to go. Give an opportunity to have people put in their email address to stay abreast of the changes that are coming in the future. One, a couple more things and then we're gonna dive into... Oh, this is what Josh wrote on his application. He's awesome, by the way. (laughs) He is awesome. I talked to him at lunch. I currently create content and manage social media page for my wife @paintedhair on Instagram. She's an award-winning hairstylist in the beauty industry and is recognized as one of the first pioneers of the trending hair painting techniques that are used all over the world today. We are currently involved in product development phases and have focused our efforts on branding her signature proprietary technique in hair coloring through PaintedHair education classes. And I was like, heck yes, heck yes. So imagine my, like, surprise when I went to I was like, what? Okay. I would've been, like, one sentence, and he's just, like... This is great. That's why everyone needs a manager. That's great. If we all can get one. So this is what he wrote, and now that's why I felt so important that there was a missed opportunity going to the website. Now that I know what this is, and he told me his wife was on Instagram at @paintedhair, so my next course of action was to go to paintedhair on Instagram. Now, before we get there, I want Instagram, which is her largest vehicle, 'cause I checked out her other social platforms. Instagram is the place where she's driving most of her traffic. So if this is her quote-unquote money maker, what are we gonna use with this to parlay that from followers, I always say from likes to dollars. How can I transfer the social credibility to dollars in the bank? Because as much as she likes helping people, it takes time and energy... Yeah. ...from her being a mom and a wife. Yeah. But I love the hustle and she's doing it right. So now we all know what Josh wrote about her business. Now I'm gonna take you to her Instagram profile and we're gonna talk about whether or not her bio does the exact same job of selling her the way that her husband Josh did. Okay, what we see. Facebook: Patricia Nikole. PaintedHair. Sacramento, Cali. Emoji, emoji, emoji, Josh. Hashtag #paintedhair. Business, emoji. Paintedhair@gmail. Healthy Hair Specialist, emoji. YouTube video. Do we get the sense of everything that Josh had positioned from this bio? We don't. So there's a massive opportunity to make one tiny change... Yes. result in more money. Oh, gotcha. Okay, so. Your bio on Instagram is limited to 150 characters. Yeah. You want your bio to do three things. You want your bio to list your purpose. Who you are. You want your bio to list your benefits. What you do. And not just what you do, remember? It's what you do that benefit those people from following your account. What do they get? What's your value proposition? And third, how can people connect with your business? Your bio has to do all three things or else you're on Instagram for kicks and giggles. So first thing that I would change is she, I, okay, Facebook: Patricia Nikole, which to me, I'm pretty smart on social media. I went to Facebook and I searched Patricia Nikole, which brought me to Patricia's personal Facebook page, which is not where I wanna be, 'cause though your kids are cute and I know who you had Thanksgiving with. Yeah. And Christmas. And I saw your wedding photos. Yeah. (laughs) Am I creepy or am I creepy? (laughter) That's not gonna sell you, right? Yeah. Yeah. That's not gonna make you more money. Right. So if you were going to link to something on Facebook, I understood you're on paintedhair1... Yeah. ...on Facebook. Yeah. But I didn't know that. Oh. (laughs) Because what we're linking here is your personal page. But since we're on Instagram, let's respect the platform. Right. Let's toss it out. That's 150, we only have 150 characters. Chuck it. Yes, yes. Not important for us. Okay, so next thing we're gonna do is I changed her profile using 150 characters to see if I can mesh what Josh wrote and who she is, and this is what I ame up with. Award-winning hashtag #PaintedHair stylist, emoji. Sharing tutorials and inspirations, emoji. PaintedHairStudio, emoji. Sacramento, abbreviated California, paintedhair1@gmail, free hand, free hair painting guide. So purpose, who you are. Award-winning painted hair stylist. Benefits, what do they get. Tutorials and inspiration. Yes. How can they connect with your business? Email and your city is searchable on Instagram and she lists that there. So how is Patricia gonna use Facebook to grow her list? 'Cause she's not on there for likes. She's there to turn likes into dollars. Have them opt into a free five-step or whatever the heck you wanna do painting guide. You can promote your sponsors and if you have affiliate fees, you can get them by people that are already on your list. You're gonna build trust. You're gonna give more information, which is just an aggregate of information you're already sharing on Instagram. Yeah. You have their email address, and then you're gonna start emailing them with valuable stuff. And when you start traveling, 'cause Patricia travels to teach classes, but we would never know that based on anything that she has online. When she starts traveling, people are loyal to her and they trust her. So these are small, tiny ways that she's gonna grow her list, make more money, tell people what she does in 150 characters. But there have been changes in the past few days, and I wanna talk about those. Yeah, sure. Okay, so... Where would you like to start? (laughs) You told me during the break, just probably an hour ago, you told me that you launched a new website. We did. Actually, my husband's brother is a graphic designer, so, and a web designer. Oh, cool, cool. So he had been working on it. I'm pretty much to blame for me not having a website up because I didn't know really where to go with it because clientele-wise, I'm maxed out. Like, I can't take any more business. It's just me. I don't have an assistant and I work by myself, and I kind of, the way that I work my clientele is that I'm able to have the time with each client to be able to produce the material that I have for social media. So it just pretty much eliminates me being able to get any more business that way. And being in the product development stage and in the class, you know, figuring out our class schedule and things like that, we kinda didn't really have anywhere to go with our website because I don't need more business as far as in-chair clients, and not having products yet and not having a class schedule yet, so I was like, we don't really need a website, you know? But now that it's, you know, 2017 and we're getting more focused on our education and our product development and our branding, they've really been working hard to create a website where it can showcase what I do, who I am, and my purpose. And so I... So based on what we've gone through so far, do you think that your website is where, are you gonna apply anything that we learned, or do you feel like that was already innately, like... Well, I love the website. I mean, he did such a great job. But I'm looking at what your... Promise. Promise? Yeah. Yeah. And I'm like... Well, this is it. You know what I mean? No, this is great. I don't know. Everybody in this room, myself included. Yeah. Myself included, feels like I need to go home and make changes to my website. Wait, 'cause I'm a stylist. That's what I do. And my husband, he, you know, if everybody could have a Josh, I mean, but, you know, I mean, a lot of us are out there, we're doing the grind, we're working with our families, we're putting our business, we're trying to balance everything and wear all of these hats, and sometimes it's really hard, and that's what limits us. Right. So I feel like moving forward and having him be the guide for my business, I look at the website and I'm like, how can it, I want this website to help me help him be stronger as my manager, and I, the, I'm the creative, he's the entrepreneur. He's the one who's like, I can see what we need to be doing in a year, so... Okay, this is great. So that's what I really want my... And just being able to keep track of everybody who visits my page. You know, it's really hard for me, and I get messages, sometimes I get a million views on my videos and I get, like, thousands of comments, and, you know, I'm at work, like, I'm doing the labor. Like, I'm working every day, you know? And then I get home, I have to cook dinner. So I really try to be good about getting back to people, but I'm like you. Twitter, forget it. That's not gonna happen for me. Facebook, I have it there for inspiration, but I don't really connect on it. So one thing that has helped me in my business is, yeah, it's great to put my hair up, but I do, I don't have a personal Instagram, but I like to have a little bit of my face on there. So people have seen snippets of me and my family and me getting married, and they're just like, oh my God, you do hair and you have a family and you're this and you're that, and you're not just a hair stylist, you know? Because when I was starting to go out and meet people, nobody knew who I was. So I was, like, the Wizard of Oz of hair. Yeah. You know? And, like, they're like, what, you're paintedhair? Like, they didn't know who I was at all because I tried to keep it business. But I was like, you know what, people need to know me. Absolutely. We're gonna, okay, so thank you. Sorry, that was, like... No, this is great, this is great. I have to keep going, like... (laughs) No, this is great. Please help me thank Patricia. (applause) Thanks for everything. Thank you, babe. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Okay, so that's gonna be the objective when it comes. Like, she just voiced what I think a lot of entrepreneurs across the board face is balance. And so she has been lucky and blessed enough to have a partner to step into that role, but where she is and where I clearly see as a massive growth opportunity is she, like many businesses, are limited on time and effort in the thing that she does. She can only fit so many clients in and only fit into so many days that she wants to work. Now, she has an online opportunity that I feel is so highly. She can start with a free opt-in and then before she actually goes and goes to physical locations to teach classes, she can have a videographer film her stuff and sell microvideos. If they like what they see in 60 seconds, they're gonna like what they see in 60 minutes. There's a lot of opportunities to leverage what you're doing with social media, and you clearly see that there's an opportunity for her. And this is where I want us thinking. Whether or not you're at that point in your business, you could see the growth opportunities and the way to leverage it in the future. So thank you, Patricia, so much.

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Are you frustrated because you feel invisible no matter how much work you do to grow your business? Are you willing to do the work, but not sure which tactics will provide the best results?

Beyond taking risks, Jasmine Star understands the challenge of thinking like a creative, being a manager, and dreaming like an entrepreneur, and will show you how to balance those competing roles. In this class, Jasmine coaches you (ideally the entrepreneur with two to three years of experience) on how to reach the next phase of your business. Get ready to feel genuinely excited again about your business and build momentum by learning: 

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Too often the instinct to grow your business is to be like everyone else, but the truth is you need to stand out to be successful. Gain clarity, encouragement, and confidence in this class to increase sales, visibility, and exposure. 


Lisa Jurkonis

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Wow, where to start. When you come to a class you're hoping you can learn just one thing, and it will be worth it - and I can tell you, in just the first 30 MINUTES of the class I had furiously scribbled down so many takeaways that everything else was gravy. And there was a LOT LEFT (that was all amazing). But let's be specific: the biggest thing I learned from Jasmine is how detailed and purposeful her ideal client is. Absolutely everything was chosen for a reason, and watching someone at this level talk about that was incredible. Also, I know what you're thinking: "Ideal client" is not a novel idea - HOWEVER! she makes it accessible. Her honesty and hard work shine through, and I can safely say I'm walking away from this class as a changed entrepreneur. I have a direction. I have a goal. I finally have a way to be purposeful about growing my business. THANK YOU Jasmine!!!!!!!!!11!one!!


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