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Lesson 22 from: Brand Strategy and Design for Small Businesses

Haylee Powers

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Lesson Info

22. Next Steps

Lesson Info

Next Steps

next steps in this lesson, I'll talk to you guys all about the next steps after you have those three core brand elements after you have the core elements of your brand, the logo typography and the color palette you are then ready to start finding the other touch points. You need remember guys, a touch point is any point of contact between a buyer or a seller. What touch points do I need to figure out what touch points you need, Find someone in your business or industry that you look up to and see what kinds of touch points they have as an example. Maybe you're selling skin care and you want to look at lush. When we examine lush, we see that they have their core bread elements which are logo typography and color palette in place. We then look to see what other touch points they have in place that help the customer see and feel their difference. So some of luscious touchpoints are a great website that displays their difference and communicates their unique selling proposition. They also ...

have great package design and stickers to indicate freshness and quality. They have fun branded names for each product and they also have really cool mailers and magazines for marketing. They also have a fun social media, quirky products and fun copyrighting. Take some time to look at a brand in your industry and see what kind of touch points they're using as an example so that you can figure out what kinds of touch points you will need to execute your difference. You will also find the touch points in the checklist. This will help you decide what kind of collateral you need to get started. Examples of touch points you can buy on fiber are graphic design, which includes package design, brochures, business cards, banner ads, web design, t shirts and more digital marketing, which would be email marketing, SEO video marketing and social media writing and content. You would get website content, product descriptions and even sales, copy, video and animation includes things like product photography, video editing and even video ads under programming and tech. You can find touchpoints like Wordpress, website development, e commerce, mobile apps and more so take a look of brands just like yours and see what kinds of touch points they're using to use as an example for your brand.

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Malik Muzamil

Haylee Powers' "Brand Strategy And Design For Small Businesses" is a must-try. Highly recommended! 👍🌟 Plus, she looks absolutely gorgeous💕. The conversational tone and practical advice make it a game-changer for small businesses.

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